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No matter how many wards and defenses a mage makes to protect themselves, they can never protect themselves from random acts of fate. Kota and Corinna learned this the hard way when their friend, Felicia, died in a car wreck. As masters of magic, the two remaining mages would not give up on their fallen friend and loved one.

Mages have the ability to bring back the dead in many ways. Some just reanimate the bodies creating zombies and such. Most would prefer to bring back the spirit and restore the body. If Felicia was a normal human, the story would end there and it would be a happy ending. Felicia was a mage, normal means of resurrection would not restore the link the fallen mage had with her avatar, her power would be diminished, if not destroyed. Kota will not bring back Felicia to live life as a normal human with only the ghost of her former talents.

Kota seeks out the help of his Avatar, Kali, who knows far more about magic than any human alive. She tells him she will bring her back from the dead and teach him forbidden magic if he builds Kali a body for her to inhabit in his world. The prospect is dangerous, if an enemy mage finds and kills Kali, Kota would lose his powers. In time, it is his only choice to bring Felicia back.

After bringing Felicia back, his training begins but something is wrong with Felicia, her spirit has touched the AEther, the energy of the spirit world. Her human essence starts to decay. They must release her spirit. Kota refuses to accept this and learns of a forbidden Grimoire that has the answers: the Reaver Arcanum. The arcanum tells of a mage that took on too much magical backlash, instead of being killed from the tainted energy, the mage falls into a mental world called the shadow scenario. He beats the beast embodiment of the backlash and obtains powerful knowledge.

Determined to save Felicia, Kota undergoes this shadow scenario. Knowledge gained this way tends to be corrupted and it corrupts more than just the mind. This is why when a mage falls into a shadow scenario, the Balance calls upon its Keepers of the Balance to find and kill the mage before the mage can awaken. If the mage awakens with the knowledge from the scenario; they could become the next Reaver; the spirit eater, the spirit killer that almost wiped out life before.

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