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Unknown forces move throughout the world with their own agendas, careful to stay out of the way of humanity at large. Sometimes those forces threaten to rip the fabric of reality apart. The universe is conscious; it speaks through the balance. When reality is threatened it calls upon those who can see past the veil to the workings of how the universe really works. those scions call themselves “Keepers of the Balance” but because one of them happened to be a part of the Knights Templar, the Mages and vampires call them Templars.

Two chosen scions are Lone Wolfe and Jena. Pulled in separate directions, they must figure out what draws the Magi and the vampires that call themselves Lilithians together before those two groups enact a sequence of events that will destroy the world. Lone Wolfe thought the worst of his problems was re-occurring dreams about someone he has yet to meet and an urging to save her from an unknown fate. The waters are muddied for him when he is thrust into a world of intrigue and magic because of a fire proof book and a man sent to find it.

Jena was reluctant to accept an offer from her uncle to work with him in Montana as that would take her from her childhood friend. The balance influences her to go anyway, in doing so, she learns that he is not her uncle but her great-grand-uncle gifted with long life. He isn’t human, he is a Lilithian. His job offer comes with a condition, submit to his master and become a Lilithian. This thrusts her into a world of political intrigue and lust for more than just blood but power that can come with it.

If falling into the company of mages and Lilithians was not bad enough for two of the chosen seven, Lone Wolfe is given visions by the balance of five cataclysms. The timing of the first also coincides with the timing of a wanderer crossing which robs the Keepers of the Balance of their power for a short time. During that time the Count of Jena’s house learns of their deception and orders the death of Lone Wolfe. Will the young mage survive? Can friendship overpower the Lilithian beast within Jena?

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