The cover will be revealed when this novel is in its final draft and ready to be published


Accounts need to be settled.

It has been ages since Lone Wolfe died. on the planet of Proxima Centauri, the twins Brendan and Breanne learn that they have a brother. A brother that was supposed to be adopted out to a family on Mars. Feeling a drawing out to Mars anyway, Brendan and Breanne lead their friends to Mars to find out what happened to their brother.

Selena feels a call out to a faint blue star that can only be seen at certain points of the martian year. outside of the settlement the gravity of the planet is such that she can hike the mountain of Olympus Mons in just hours. whenever possible she glances up at the stars, the Proxima Centauri star in particular wondering what draws her there. She feels the pull until one day. It was a day she happened to bump into a bunch of tourists from Proxima Centauri.

That is when all hell breaks loose. groups after Brendan, Breanne, and Selena break into the settlement dome hell bent to get them. the Guardians, led by Reina, the last to see Lone Wolfe alive, protect the young ones until the meta mages get the best of them and kidnap Brendan and secret him off to a place unknown.

Throughout all of this; Cory, the brother of Brendan and Breanne shows up with an adopted sister, not of human origins, helping the meta mages.

Templar: forgotten is coming soon.