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Lone Wolfe was forced to Live a life far longer than he intended when Jena turned him. He still considers himself human but afflicted with a condition. He needs no blood thanks to his talents as a Keeper of the Balance. However, he still has to live and die from either old age or illness in order to obtain his last life and his reward for service to the balance. If someone kills him or he kills himself then his spirit will ascend and he will be robbed of his reward from the balance.

Nearing the end of his life, thousands of years in the future, he lives among humans that fled Earth during a time when Earth was threatened on a planetary scale. Legend says that Earth should be fine now, the threat passed, but no one knows where Earth is. The only thing they know for sure is it lies on the other side of the Lilithian Reaches; the nation of Lilithian planets.

It was a secret Lone Wolfe kept well. Now, he feels a calling to return to Earth. An urging from the balance to go back to his ancient home. Someone is waiting there for him. That someone needs his ship and needs to return to the United Terran Expanse to perform a mission. The Last mission of the Balance by the Last Keeper of the Balance.

Templar: Era Walker will be Available on 10/22/2017