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Second Semester Chapter #31: Tempests — January 10, 2018

Second Semester Chapter #31: Tempests

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Chapter #31: Tempests


Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

July 7th, 2028-CE


Unlike most people, it was not too hard to convince Angela to take a camping trip to the woods to just think. The only thing she needed to do was make sure that it was slow enough to warrant taking an impromptu vacation at this point. As it turned out, Jena’s suggestion to go today was a good one. She was able to close up shop after looking up the analytics for her store to see that a lot of people weren’t buying a lot after Alban Heruin. That did make it a good time for her to get away.

She slipped out of the house early in the morning and headed up to Swamp Lady Pool camp ground. After the fourth of July festivities, it would be torn up from all of the dirt bikers but they would have left and the area should be relatively quiet. When she got there, it was still early in the day. It didn’t’ take her long to set up her small dome tent and get her padded sleeping bag unfolded. After that she started working on the fire pit.

She wasn’t intending on using the fire pit right way. She wanted it ready in case the weather started to get colder or later in the night when she would use the light and heat. Her intention was to walk down to one of the lakes she had a pass at and catch some fish. She had some food but she always liked eating fresh trout. Especially if that fresh trout was cooked over the fire absorbing some of the smoke along the way. She went to her car to grab out the fishing supplies and made sure everything else was stored in the tent when someone walked up behind her.

She spun around and saw the man. She looked to be his age and she asked, “May I help you?”

The man glanced around, “Where is everyone else?”

She shrugged, “Are you lost? Are you expecting someone?”

The man shook his head and took a step toward her, “I was thinking that you would be in a group. If you aren’t maybe you and I could have some alone time.”

“Excuse me?” Angela stated and pushed the man back, “You aren’t my type. Buzz off before I have to do something you will regret.”

The man pushed her back towards the tent where she tripped and fell over the threshold onto her padded sleeping bag. Within a second he was crawling into the tent and almost on top of her. She kicked at him as her Nwyfre reached for the sky and started to turn the weather.

The first kicked propelled him out of the tent but did not deter him from his goal. As he scrambled to get back into the tent, Angela turned and reached for her backpack. Inside of it was a bowie knife. If she had to, she would use it against him. She would not go quietly. The man pulled at her just before she got the pack open. He growled, “What are you trying to get, girlie? Is there something in the bag that you want to use against me. How naughty of you to do that—Ack!”

His collar tightened around his neck. Angela didn’t have a chance to use her powers against him yet, she was till readying the tempest to stir enough Nwyfre for her to use her powers against him. She glanced passed him as his torso was thrust back away from her, “Hey!” A familiar male voice stated from behind the man, “She doesn’t like you. How about going away now!”

Lone Wolfe shoved the man back and placed himself between Angela and the Man. His arms were crossed and his gold eyes bared down on the man daring him to get up and make a move against either one of them. The man rose to his feet, his teeth clenched with anger. Lone Wolfe’s eyes narrowed and the man froze up. Lone Wolfe took a step forward, “Forget about us and go home!”

The man nodded and walked away as fast as he could. Lone Wolfe waited until he was sure the man was away. The man abandoned his gear and headed straight for his car. He sped off. Two miles later, Lone Wolfe let out the breath he was holding and started to walk away. Angela rose to her feet quickly, “Wait, where are you going?”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I am going back to my tent. I figured you would want to be alone. Especially after that ass hat.”

Angela shrugged, “Sure, men aren’t on the top of my list of companions but you are a friend. You also saved me. What are you doing here anyway?”

“Camping,” Lone Wolfe replied. He glanced back at her, “I assume that is what you are doing here as well.”

Angela nodded, “that was the plan. What brought you here? What told you I needed help? Was it just your clairvoyance?”

A crack of thunder off in the distance disturbed their conversation. Lone Wolfe glanced up to the sky and saw that the blue summer sky had quickly clouded over and was now dark gray and getting darker. He glanced back to his gray eyed raven-haired friend, “That and the weather changed suddenly. I don’t know why but I knew it was you at the moment.”

Angela pointed up to the storm threatening to break at any moment, “You took a look at the weather changing and knew that was me? How could you have known that?”

“You don’t listen too well,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I don’t know how I knew, I just knew that I did know it was you. Am I wrong? Is the storm a natural event that just happened to pop up out of nowhere?”

Her jaw dropped, “Why would you attribute that to me?”

“That is a lot different than ‘you are an idiot.’ So, you are responsible for the storm?”

The first drops of rain started to hit them. They were big drops and signaled the fact that the storm was going to open up on them at any moment, “We better move this conversation to inside the tent.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and followed her into the tent. She zipped up the opening as lone Wolfe sat down on the tarp, “So, are you responsible for the storm?”

Rain tapped on the fabric rain shield as she answered, “yes. What confounds me is how you know this. No one except for Scarlet would know what I am.” She glanced at the young golden eyed boy and asked, “Did you communion with her after that night she and I shared together?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “No. Our last communion was before that time. Like I said, I have no idea how you affected the weather. I just knew that you did.”

Angela took a deep breath, “I am about to tell you something and you need to keep it a secret.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “It’s not like I have a lot of friends. If you aren’t comfortable with telling me, just tell me to drop the subject.”

Angela shook her head, “I am fine with it. For years now I have known how to do things like affect the weather. My mother and grandmother were raised as pagans and druids. I learned shamanistic magic as a child. I didn’t learn from my mother or grandmother but from someone else. What I was taught went far beyond what they would have taught me and it does have serious affects like the storm you see.”

A blast of lightning close by blinded them for a moment and the sound coming a split second later made them jump. The storm was getting worse by the minute. The rain was now pounding away at the tent as opposed to just tapping it before. Lone Wolfe glanced around and said, “okay, you can stop it now.”

“I haven’t been channeling energy into the storm since before you dismissed that guy,” Angela replied, “After a certain point, the storm gains a life of its own. There isn’t much we can do but wait it out.”

“Do you think we can wait it out when it sounds like it is going to start throwing ice at us at any moment?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

Angela shrugged, “I’m not sure to be honest. There isn’t much we can do right now except maybe see if my weather radio is working. If it is we can check and see if we are in any sort of flood warning.”

“You can’t just stop the storm?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“I am not sure if there is anyone alive that knows how to stop this once it starts. Nature is a pretty powerful force once you get it going,” Angela shook her head in response as she started rummaging through her pack. She glanced at the younger teen as she went through her bag, searching for the radio, “you didn’t happen to leave your tent open, did you?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “No. If I did, it wouldn’t matter anyway because it’s probably a lake now.”

The pounding on the tent started to get deafening at that point, “That would be hail. Are you sure your tent will hold up to this punishment?”

Angela shrugged as she found the radio, “I’m not really sure. If it rips, we can head to the SUV. Just grab something hard to shield yourself with while you do that.”

She fiddled with the radio for a moment. It powered on without issue. She had trouble finding a station that was local to them. After several minutes of nothing but the constant pounding of hail against the tent, she found a station that had local weather. They listened as they reported the thunder storm warning for the Red Feather lakes area. There was also a flash flood watch in effect since they were in a mountainous region. He glanced to her and asked, “Do you know where we can head if this gets worse?”

“Up hill, captain obvious,” She replied, “That’s what you do during a flash flood.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “yes but trying to go up a hill while being pelted with hail?”

“We can use my sleeping bag if we need to. It will hold up better than the tent will because it has a built-in pad. The only problem with it is it will get heavy as it gets water logged,” Angela replied as she headed towards the door and unzipped the screen flap enough to see out the window. Through the small slit of screen, she could see the hail was not as big as she expected. It just sounded loud as hell against the fabric of the tent. It was as if someone was pelting the tent with pebbles, “We should be fine in the tent unless we see signs of flood. Keep the radio going until the rain starts to slow. I will keep an eye on the weather out here. If it looks like it’s going to start to flood then we can move to higher ground. We shouldn’t have to take the sleeping bag with us.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “If you say so. I have seen what even small hail does to crops before.”

Angela nodded, “I’m not saying hail isn’t bad news. I’m just saying it shouldn’t hurt us or bash our skulls in if we don’t have protection.” She glanced over and could see the corner of her car. It didn’t look damaged and instead looked like it was weathering the assault of ice well, “Well the car looks okay. As long as your tent was maintained okay and you closed the entry flap then you should be good to go once the storm settles down. That is unless you want to grab your stuff and bunk in here, in your own sleeping bag.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “That doesn’t sound too bad. I can call my father after the storm goes away and see if he will let me stay as long as you want to stay.”

She cocked her head in confusion, “You are here by yourself too?” She asked.

“I needed some time to clear my head after Robin broke up with me,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Angela glanced back to the storm only out of necessity, “I’m sorry to hear that. You two looked lovely together. If she wasn’t so straight, she was cute enough for me to make passes at her. Why did she break up with you?”

Lone Wolfe sighed, “Because I decided to take summer school to get ahead in in classes and graduate early. She decided to cheat on me instead of following my lead.”

She shook her head, “That’s a shame. If I liked boys that way I might have gone for you. She doesn’t know what she gave up.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “Doesn’t matter now. I just need to fine my own way.”

Angela glanced down, “Maybe you just need a friend.”

Lone Wolfe glanced towards the radio as it continued to play the same set of messages again, “You might be right. I need a friend, nothing more or less. I guess it is a stroke of luck that we both happened to be here at the same time.”

“I think you have more than one friend who cares abut you but if you want someone who you know won’t sleep with you then I guess I am your girl this go around,” She glanced back out the narrow screen slit, “Well, the hail is completely gone now. It is just heavy rain now. Hopefully it will let up soon and we can go get your things before we have to start scrambling to get up a hill somewhere. At least we won’t be pelted while we are getting soaked.”

“That’s always a plus,” Lone Wolfe nodded, “They aren’t mentioning anything about a tornado up here. Just a severe thunder storm on the radio.”

“Not likely to get a tornado in the mountains,” Angela nodded, “Not impossible but highly unlikely. Not enough sky and the terrain isn’t conducive for the formation of one. It will hit a mountain and break apart and that is assuming it has enough space and time to form in the first place. Really, flooding and lightning are our two big worries right now.”

Lone Wolfe didn’t want to move up next to her and make her feel more uncomfortable. Instead, he sat by the radio and asked, “How does it look out there? Does it look like we might have to make the trek up the hill?”

Angela shrugged, “With as hard as it is coming down it is difficult to say. That means we might have to book it or if it calms down soon and everything drains off we will be fine. It coming down so hard makes it look worse than what it is. At least it makes it look that way initially. It if keeps this up then we will be in trouble.”

“Anything I can do that can help you to control the weather at all?” Lone Wolfe offered, “Drain my energy to help you channel yours as an example?”

Angela glanced back to him, “You’d rather I kill you so the storm clears?”

“Not kill but drain me of energy,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Leave enough for me to live but I will sleep like the dead for a while.”

Angela shook her head, “in either scenario, it wouldn’t work. We would still have the storm to contend with. As long as you take care of it, nature gives you all the energy you need. You just have to know how to channel it and direct it.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged. He sat back with almost nothing to do. He thought about taking out his phone but he wasn’t sure if he would end up going through old pictures from his relationship or just surfing the net. Angela glanced back at him and noticed the boredom and sorrow both glowing on his face, “I can open the flap a little more without it, I think. You can watch the rain if you want.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I was figuring that you needed some space.”

“You let me be the judge if I need space or not,” She replied.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Beats trying to figure out if I wanted to sit here and play with my phone or not.”

She unzipped the flap a little more while he stood and walked over to the doorway. He watched the rain fall and hit the ground. There were numerous puddles splashing manically with droplets of water as they hit. They were coming down with enough force to make this mist of almost rain going up at the same time. His eyes widened at the sight of the rain covering just about everything in sight, “Don’t you think we should be going for higher ground?”

Angela shook her head in response. The rain slowed only slightly. It wasn’t anything to do with the time as the splash of the drops against the water also lessened as opposed to the same splash being slowed down. She thought back to her childhood and the first time she made a tempest. Just like back then, the rain seemed warm and she was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. She smiled and glance back to the inside of the tent and kicked off her shoes. She glanced to him as she went to take off her socks, “Take off your socks and shoes! Also, empty your pockets of anything that can’t stand getting wet!”

He cocked his head in confusion, “Are we making a run for higher ground? Why do we care about socks, shoes, and electronics if we are?”

“It’s not going to flood,” Angela replied, “The rain is starting to die down.”

“Okay, so what are we doing?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“We are going to play in the rain!” Angela replied.

Lone Wolfe nodded and kicked off his shoes as he emptied his pockets. He glanced at her in confusion, “So if we are going to do this, why keep the rest of our cloths on? They are just going to get wet.”

Angela shrugged, “I have a change a clothes so it doesn’t bother me to get these wet. If you want you can strip down but you will be the only one.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged as he pulled his socks off. She unzipped the door and stepped out into the rain. She zipped up the tent as Lone Wolfe stepped out. His feet sank into the wet grass and mud. Despite the slightly cool rain, the ground still felt warm from being baked in the sun from earlier in the day. The ground squished between his toes as he walked.

It didn’t take long for his clothes to hang on him like a sticky wet mess as he walked out in the heavy rain. He glanced to Angela who took off running for the nearest puddle and jumped right into the middle of it splashing water everywhere and giggling as if she were six. Lone Wolfe shook his head, “You are acting like a kid!”

“Exactly!” She nodded, “There are no other adults here to tell us what to do! When was the last time you were allowed to splash in a puddle and act like a kid! Join in! The water is fine!”

Lone Wolfe shrugged and took off for the same puddle and jumped in. The splash enveloped them both and exposed exactly what she wasn’t wearing underneath. At that moment she didn’t seem to care. She looked around as if there was something starting to happen to the rain around them. Lone Wolfe didn’t seem to notice yet. She smiled and charged him. Pushing him.

He started to fall over but the fall felt slower than normal. He had enough time to crouch down and plant his foot back to keep himself from toppling over. He blinked, why is my precognition kicking in? I didn’t will it to. He asked himself. He waved it off quick enough. He saw the rain drops were moving slower than before. He figured the rain was letting up.

In his crouched position he cupped his hands and shoved them into the puddle and thrust them forward, covering Angela head to toe in muddy water. She laughed from the fun they were having. The water started to drip off of her muddy white shirt. It was dripping far slower than it should, what’s going on here? Everything is moving slower now.

Seeing that he started to notice and was distracted by it. She was determined not to lose the moment, Angela ducked down and leapt forward sending them both down into the puddle of water and splashing it everywhere. She glanced down to him as the rain slowed even more from their chortling, “This is called a perfect moment. Look around. Time is moving slower but we aren’t.”

He glanced around. The rain drops were falling so slowly it was almost as if they were drops of gel falling through water itself. They splashed and he could see the ripples and tiny drops dancing around. He glanced back to her and said, “I tried to do this on my own once but it didn’t work. How did we start this together?”

Angela rose to her feet and pulled Lone Wolfe up to his by his arm. In the ever slowing rain, Angela ran over to a near by fir tree and pulled down on a branch. She let go of it after a moment and both of them watched as it snapped back slower than normal. It shook off droplets of water in the rain. Some combined with falling rain drops, hanging in the air like gel. They could see the shock waves of the water droplets bouncing off of each other and combining.

The rain and droplets from the tree were now falling so slow that the two of them could run over and flick at the drops and change their course without getting wet. They could destroy the drops if they wanted or they could combine them into larger and larger drops. They glanced at each other, “How much slower can we keep pushing this?” Lone Wolfe asked in response.

Angela shrugged, “I don’t know,” She answered, “I was wondering if you knew how any of this worked. Is there anything after this?”

With those questions, they both fell out of the moment. The rain resumed its normal pace and surprised them both with a sudden barrage of rain and sound. Both of them laughed more in shock than anything else. Lone Wolfe glanced at her as he chuckled, “What happened?”

“We fell out of the moment,” She replied.

“How do we get back into the moment?” He questioned in response.

“Stop questioning why and have fun!” Angela replied.

Both of them giggled and chased each other to a different puddle that had not been as disturbed and muddy as the last one. Both Lone Wolfe and Jena slipped as they reached the puddle and feel in back first as their feet came up. With a big splash, the water mixed with the soggy sand underneath turning the clear water in a light brown mess quickly. Both of them laughed again as the time started to slow down. Both of them noticed but as they threw mud clods and splashed water at each other.

Lone Wolfe took off for the trail he headed down on. He wanted to check to see how his camp ground was faring while in this alternate flow of time. He laughed as he did. Angela followed behind him, “It is hard for you to run and hide when you are leaving a trail!”

He glanced behind him and saw that when the waster splashed up and away from his feet it hung in the air for a while before slowly falling to the ground. He smiled, knowing that they were back in the moment and continued to run down the path, “Too bad there is no one else around! I can sense any person around for two miles and there isn’t anyone else here. I would almost like to know what we look like to normal people?”

Angela shrugged, “Why question the moment?”

“I’m curious,” Lone Wolfe replied as he ran through the slow falling rain. He continued to run through the rain and down the path as the rain slowed even more.

As the two ran they noticed that they more hit the rain drops as they nearly stood still in the air as opposed to falling down on them now. He glanced back to her and asked, “Aren’t you curious now?”

Angela shrugged, “I guess. If there were other people around, would we be able to do this in the first place? Would we be noticed by them and if we were, would they be able to notice us at this speed?”

They laughed as they got to his closed tent. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the tent was closed and the stuff inside appeared to be fine. HE glanced back at her and something heading up to the clouds. He pointed towards the object in the distance.

It looked like the faint trail of a lightning bolt only in reverse. Once it connected with the cloud, it released several flashes before the entire thing dissipated. Both of them stood in awe for what felt like several minutes until the thunder came which sounded bizarrely slow and distorted. The sound surprised them so much that the moment ended a moment later. They glanced at each other in bewilderment. It took a moment before either of them could speak, “I wonder what would have happened if the moment continued on for any longer?” Angela questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “How slow did things go when you found out how to do this before?” He questioned.

“It didn’t slow down too much. It was just enough for us to notice. It didn’t get slower as we continued on. Come to think of it; while we were in the moment, I tried to stop the ability and start it up again slower but I didn’t have that urge this time. I wonder if it was something the both of us were doing without noticing it that caused that. It was as if each tick of the clock took a little longer than the last.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “So we can start this with other non clairvoyants but we can only progress this far with each other. I wonder if we could progress at all with other people watching us. Were you doing this in a public setting?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

Angela nodded, “Now that you mention it, we were.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged as they started to walk back to her camp ground, “When we have a chance to dry off, we will have to come back for my stuff.” He glanced at Angela as she followed, “As far as what happened with the moment you had the first time, it is possible that the feeling you had was the public scrutiny. There is no one around to witness what we are doing.”

Angela nodded, “It could be, there is a lot we don’t know about our abilities.”

Lone Wolfe nodded in agreement with her as they walked, “That is what Jena was saying all along. I don’t know enough about these abilities to say with certainty if we are doing anything right with them.”


*        *        *


With Lone Wolfe knowing that Angela was a shaman she was okay with pulling the water out of the firewood using her powers after the rain stopped. She had intended to do that with their clothes as well but the energy they both spent in the perfect moment left them drained. Their minds were wired which kept them up but she couldn’t muster enough Nwyfre to pull the water out of her clothes let alone his. Lone Wolfe did have enough energy to fashion a makeshift clothes hanger. They stripped out of their clothes and hung them up after she started the fire so their clothes would have a chance to dry in the morning.

Lone Wolfe glanced to the fire to keep his mind off the fact that Angela did not have a bra on, “Why didn’t you wear a bra if you were going to run out in the rain?”

Angela shrugged, “I don’t know. I didn’t think that far ahead. It’s fine. For some reason I actually trust you around me even if we are both in nothing more than our bottoms.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I think you would be more comfortable if I was still dating someone.”

“Oh, if she were here, I would be trying to jump her bones right now, dating you or not,” Angela flashed him a smile, “She is a cute one. Her loss for letting you go, however. You are the one that lesbians can trust themselves around.”

“I’m not sure if that is a compliment or not,” Lone Wolfe stated after a moment.

She smiled, “I would wrap my arm around you but not without at least a bra on. Take it as a compliment. I wouldn’t show off my body to just anyone. I might show it off to someone like Scarlet because I like her. I might show it off to someone like Robin or Jena because I want to sleep with them. But because we have to wait for our clothes to dry off I don’t mind if you see what you see. Now if you pull out your phone and start snapping pictures we might have problems.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “That would be the least of my worries if I were in your shoes and you had a fifteen year old boy sitting next to you.”

She arched an eyebrow, “Oh. What little evil things are going through your mind? Thinking about any sort of flogging activities while I am around?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head and blushed, “What the heck? You have a smutty mind!”

Angela giggled, “You know, boys aren’t the only ones allowed to be perverts. I know plenty of girls who think perverted thoughts. We just aren’t as cavalier about sharing them in public. We share them with people who we trust when others aren’t around. So, if you aren’t planning on that, what did you have in mind?” Angela questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe held out a hand to forestall any comment like that, “I had nothing like that planned. No snuggling, no attempting to explore how serious you are about who and what you like, no touching, no fondling, none of that. My concern is what if a forestry service person comes up her in the middle of the night and sees us sitting here in just one garment more than our birthday suits?”

Angela giggled, “You are sitting here next to a topless pretty woman with no one to stop you from imagining anything and no one to tie you down and the first thing your mind goes to is the cops?”

“It’s a valid concern,” Lone Wolfe replied, he was sure his face was far redder than the orange glow of the fire would give to it on its own.

Angela shook his head, “You know there are several things wrong with this situation. The first one is our underwear is soaked. I left them on because I thought we might have problems if we were naked but now I am starting to think you aren’t looking at me and giving me any sort of compliments because I’m not pretty!”

Lone Wolfe sighed, “That’s not true but you put me in tough spot. If I say you are pretty then you might get creeped out by me. If I don’t say anything then you will think that I think you are ugly. That isn’t true in the slightest. What do you want and what would be an acceptable answer?”

Angela giggled, “You can say I am pretty if you think so. You can say anything you like as long as you follow it up with if I wasn’t a lesbian.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “Okay but don’t hold it against me. You are pretty. If you weren’t a lesbian I might be tempted to take pictures of you if you gave me permission. I might be tempted to ask you if we could have our way with each other if you liked boys. However, I just need a friend right now. You just need a friend right now. One of the best things I think we can have as friends together is girl watching. We can trade notes and you might have some insight as to whether or not that girl would be my type or your type if you know what I mean.”

Angela nodded, “That is an acceptable answer and it doesn’t really change anything between us.”

“What does that mean?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“That means that we can girl watch together when we get some free time. Maybe next year we can go to the carnival together, if we both can work up the courage to go and see who is there. Find each other dates and the like,” Angela replied.

Lone Wolfe nodded and at that point he had the strange urge to say something. It came with a premonition. A premonition with her living for a very long time. He couldn’t see her death but this was the furthest he could see. He could see her having a child and having adventures he couldn’t fully understand yet. That lack of understanding clouded the vision and made it hard to see. He could also see his children playing with her child as they got older. He glanced to her, knowing there was urgency in what he had to say, “Maybe you will understand this more than I. I cannot see your death but I can see you living a very long life. I can see you having a child of your own and our children playing together. Almost as if we have become life long friends and raised our children together. Maybe you can explain why my clairvoyance urged me to say that. Do you have a fear of death or something?”

Her jovial expression disappeared but it wasn’t filled with fear or anger. It was surprise followed by an odd sense of relief. She nodded, “If you didn’t have that bewildered look on your face I would have swore that Jena told you to drop that in there when the moment was right. I would have told you the moment would have been right during the perfect moment. However, seeing that look on your face I can see that you really did just have that epiphany. Yes, I do have a fear of death. It isn’t a normal fear of death like everyone has. Most of the members of my family fell to some lurking time bomb in our heads. Jena took a look with her powers and didn’t see anything wrong but that doesn’t mean that she found it or that it is there to be found yet. She could have been wrong and she could have missed it. However, I know you have powerful abilities and if you saw that then you have my confidence.” She smiled, “Thank you! You are one of the best friends I could have hoped for. I only wish fate had brought us together a lot sooner than I did.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Better late than never.”

Second Semester Chapter #30: Broken Bonds — January 5, 2018

Second Semester Chapter #30: Broken Bonds

Second Semester 3.png

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Chapter #30: Broken Bonds


Greeley Colorado

June 30th, 2028-CE


Lone Wolfe awakened the next morning feeling like death had warmed in. He didn’t know why and he didn’t feel physically ill but he felt like the energy had been trained out of him. He didn’t know what had happened from before. It took him a moment to sit up. It like it needed twice the effort as usual to do anything including breathing. It didn’t take him long to realize several things had happened.

He couldn’t feel the empathic bond with Robin anymore. It was a horrifying and sickening feeling at the pit of his stomach. The absence of the bond seemed to drag on him like lead weights. His blood felt like it was jelly being pumped through his veins. The light shining in through the window stung like fire. Each breath seemed to take a monstrous effort to achieve.

The second thing he noticed was the lack of her voice. He sought out the telepathic link the two of them shared. It was gone as well. It made the room seem much bigger, much emptier. The world seemed lonelier without her voice interlacing its thoughts with his. Fear ran through him like a shot at that moment. It was the only thing that made him move so fast. No! He thought to himself, what happened to her? There is no link, there is no bond, something bad must have happened. Please tell me she is okay!

He reached to his phone and dialed her number. She answered a moment later, “Lone Wolfe,” She sounded upset, “We have to talk. Can you meet up at the school?”

“Sure, what’s going on?” Lone Wolfe asked in response, “Did you break the bonds between us?”

“Yes,” She replied. She sounded as sad as he felt.

“Why?” He asked as the energy seemed to leave his body as suddenly as it had come.

“I will explain when I see you there.” She said and disconnected the line.

Lone Wolfe gathered all of his things and shoved them into his pockets. He headed out the door. His father wasn’t home so he didn’t bother saying anything on his way out. He raced to the school as fast as his legs could take him. It was funny how he seemed to have no energy a moment ago but the thought of beating her there and maybe fixing whatever happened gave life to his legs.

She was already waiting for him at the school when he arrived there. She rested against the wall. Her hair wasn’t brushed. Her eyes were swollen from crying all night and amber eyes were bloodshot. Her skin was pale and there were circles underneath her eyes. If she had slept at all, she hadn’t done so for hours. Lines ran down her eyes where the tears flowed. They still flowed but they had slowed as her ability to make tears had been taxed, “My love,” He said quietly, “What happened to you? Please tell me so I can fix it?”

Robin broke her gaze with him “There is nothing for you to fix. The problem is with me.” More tears started to flow, “Lone Wolfe! The problem is with me! I have to break up with you!”

Those words slammed against him like a hammer. He would rather have been hit by a truck than hear those words. He tried to tell himself that he didn’t hear those words and that he heard something else. He told himself the broken bonds must have made him crazy for a moment. As soon as he made that thought he knew it was false. The bonds were broken. That meant she was serious about this and had been thinking about this for a while. He glanced up at her as tears started to fill his gold eyes, “May I ask why? What did I do to make you break up with me?”

More tears started to flow out of each of their eyes and Robin shuddered, “Trust me, you have done nothing wrong! It is me!” She whimpered, “It’s me. I’m sorry. I have to go!” She ran past him and sprinted towards her home at full speed.

Lone Wolfe turned around and tried to chase after her, “Wait!” he cried, “Let’s talk about this!” She didn’t reply and pushed herself to run faster.

He didn’t bother trying to catch her at this point. He turned around and sauntered toward the wall. The life had been drained out of him at that point. He punched the wall and collapsed onto his knees at that point. There was nothing more for him to do. Hot and bitter tears flowed out of his eyes. The only thing he could do was cry.


*        *        *


Jena watched most of the scene unfold at a distance. Robin texted her when he was on his way so she would be waiting in the wings. She approached when Lone Wolfe collapsed against the wall. She walked up beside him, “a birdie told me you would be here. Want to talk about it?” She asked.

He glanced up at her, tears running down his entire face, “Robin just broke up with me. She severed the bonds and everything! I don’t know what I did wrong! What could I have done that made her that upset with me.”

He shifted where he sat against the brick wall. Jena sat down to his right, “Listen. I will show you what’s going on. All of it. You did nothing wrong. If anyone is to blame, it’s me.” She opened her mind and projected her memories of the previous night to Lone Wolfe. Her finding Robin kissing another boy. Jena driving him off, the fight, the ultimatums, all of it. She was sure that he would explode at her when it was all done.

His eyes widened and she was sure that he was about to unleash his fury upon her, “You said I did nothing wrong?” He questioned, “In the beginning she said she did that because I was in class too much and studying too much! It is my fault!

Jena was perplexed. He had somehow stopped listening to all of it after that moment. He was finding something of himself to blame in the event that led up to it. Jena was hoping to shift his sorrow away from the breakup and expecting him to blame her for it. It was her fault, she did force it and she was ready to own up to that fact. Still, that didn’t register with him, “did you see the rest of it? The fight she and I had? Me forcing her to breakup with you? Why aren’t you angry at me?”

He rose to his feet, “Because I could have prevented it. I can still prevent it!”

Jena shot up to her feet. She slammed Lone Wolfe against the wall and pinned him against the wall with her right hand. She slammed her left hand against the wall just beside him, “No Lone Wolfe! Out of everyone here, I know what you are capable of and that you intend to use it! I also know all of your fears about it and what you have to go through to use it! You can’t use it! You can’t risk it!”

“I can jump back and make it so I never signed up for these classes,” Lone Wolfe replied with a shudder from his crying, “She is right. I should have been a normal teenager from the start! She had been saying it all along. I should have listened to her! If I go back I can still fix this!”

“You don’t quite know what you are doing!” Jena hissed in response, “I know what you know about this! I know that if you mess up, you could die! I won’t lose you! I won’t lose someone who should have been my brother! I will not lose someone I love!”

“You think I want to live now that it’s over between Robin and I?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response, “I think death is a risk I should be willing to take!”

Jena shook her head as tears started to well up in her eyes, “You don’t know enough about that ability, no one does! You have used it twice now! The first one was just you playing with your ability to see how fast you can take your precognitive reflexes. The second time was a noble act to prevent something from happening that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. What if the third time is what finally does it? What if you can only use it three times safely and the fourth time is the one that kills you? What if you have to change the outcome that you came back for or ending up in the same place results in your death? There are too many questions for you to risk using this ability so lightly!”

She backed away from him, “You should face it, you can only use that ability if it is worth risking your life for. You will graduate early in this future. Sure, you might have this summer, maybe two more summers with her but what if it ends up the same way only several years later? What will you do then? Get stuck in this cycle of risking your life to fix a mistake before it happens just to try to keep her? Who will be doing all of the work in that relationship then? It should be about partnership instead of one person doing all of the heavy lifting. Each person using their strengths to help the other and protecting the weaknesses of each other.”

Lone Wolfe sighed and took in a shuddered breath, “You might be right but you never warmed up to her. You aren’t afraid of losing her.” He glanced up at Jena, “You don’t see spirits like I do. You don’t see them in the living like I do. You don’t feel the connections to each other like I do. There is a connection between all of us, Robin, Ray, Curtis, you, and I. Can’t you feel that? Isn’t that something worth protecting?”

When she thought about it, she did feel that connection. She could feel it between her and Lone Wolfe. She could feel it between them and Curtis. She could even feel it when she thought about Scarlet who was absent this summer. Her mind refused to attribute those feelings to Ray and Robin. She didn’t know why. When she thought about it, she couldn’t riddle out why she would refuse to acknowledge the connection fully.

When she thought about it, her argument seemed wrong. She would have told him to forget about her if it were anyone else. She would have told him that he would find someone better. She would have offered him a distraction in any way. She would even have offered to go out on dates with him until he felt better just to make him feel better. She didn’t know why she wasn’t doing that in regards to Robin.

One question did pop up in her mind, “Which connection feels stronger? The connection between us or the connection between you and Robin?”

Lone Wolfe cocked his head, “They’re different. However, I know that you and I have lived before and we have found each other before. I know, in my heart, that we have friends in many past lives. I can’t tell you how I know this but I know that you and I have lived before. The connections between us, childhood friends, is old. As old as the ground that’s been carved up to make our cities and roads. It may be different now but it was here before anyone alive was born and it will be around after we are gone.”

She glanced up at him and smiled, “Please don’t meddle with time this go around? If you do, you and I won’t have this conversation and I won’t have any of the things that I have realized. Even if you share these memories with me later, I still won’t have the full epiphany like now. When you meddle in time, anything that the others would have gained would have been for nothing.”

She could tell Lone Wolfe had not thought about that. She could behind his gold eyes as he processed her statement. To prevent tragedy, the sacrifices everyone made including the risk to his life, would be worth it. To jump back just to fix a teenage mistake, that would result in a loss for others around him. Even if he lived, Jena would lose out on what she had learned today. Even sharing the memories through a communion would only share his perspective of the event. Something would be lost in the translation. He nodded, “You win. I won’t go back.”

He pushed himself off the wall and started to walk away from the school, “where are you going?” She asked as she started to follow him.

Lone Wolfe glanced to her and said, “No offense but I want to spend some time alone. I just need a little bit to heal from this.”

Jena nodded, “I understand. Do you think you can convince your father to take you up to the mountains for a little camping trip? Something for you to do by yourself? I heard just meditating in the mountains can be a little cathartic especially when you need to heal from something as devastating as this.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I guess I can try. He probably will only want to leave me there for a night or two.”

Jena nodded, “That should be fine. Just let me know when you go.” She gave him a warm smile, someone will be there should you need to talk. I don’t think I will be the right one for you to talk to in this instance.

Second Semester Chapter #29: Fractures — January 4, 2018

Second Semester Chapter #29: Fractures

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Chapter #29: Fractures


Greeley Colorado

June 29th, 2028-CE


Jena didn’t know how but her family had decided to skip this summer vacation. She knew her father had been working on some important items at work and the delays in prototyping might have contributed to the delays in summer vacation. Her mother offered to have a mother-daughter type vacation but Jena wanted a full family vacation or stay in the state. She could hang out with Lone Wolfe and Robin if they weren’t doing anything anyway. Lone Wolfe was in summer school most of the time which meant she had the luxury of living in his shoes for one in her life.

Jena hitched a ride on the bus to head down to the stampede. Angela agreed to close up shop at her usual time and head over there tonight to hang out and have a good time despite the crowds. Angela had been hard to break from her shell since graduation. Jena showed up in the afternoon with some extra funds from her mother. She had a few hours to kill before meeting up with Angela so she decided to wander through the midway, bazaar, and food course.

The smells of food drifted around as different food carts were set up between the various rides, ticket stands, and play games. The carnival workers manning the games yelled at people to get their attention and take their money for their troubles. She was sure a few of them were yelling at her but it was easy enough for her to ignore them as she walked. It didn’t matter what they said, she wouldn’t meet the again for some time or if she did and they were rude, she wouldn’t give them her business again.

She didn’t suffer the problems Lone Wolfe and Angela had about the massive crowds at the stampede or any crowded area. She could understand why they suffered that issue, however. The crush of people around her made the noise she heard in her mind that much louder. Jena had nearly the range that Lone Wolfe had. The voices never seemed to bother her. She understood Lone Wolfe’s problem as he used to have issues with controlling his telepathy. Angela was alone for a lot of times so her problem wasn’t so much with telepathy but with the amount of people crowded in some place.

As she walked around and headed towards the bazar, the smell of various foods being cooked there started to call her name. She headed over to the food area and started to hear familiar voices in her head. One she knew right away, it was Robin. She thought it was interesting that Robin was here even though she couldn’t hear her brother. Usually she was alone when Lone Wolfe was around which meant Lone Wolfe should be here. She sought out Lone Wolfe’s voice in the ocean of voices but couldn’t hear his voice or feel his presence anywhere.

Jena wondered why Robin would be here alone. Normally she wouldn’t have ventured to a place like this without her brother, or Lone Wolfe at all. She couldn’t have been alone. Someone had to be with her. That was when she realized that there were other familiar voices. She did dismiss them, at first, as voices from their high school. It wouldn’t have been that uncommon for high school kids to be at a carnival which is why she didn’t pay them any mind. Now she started to wonder if she was hanging out with anyone else.

She decided to trust Lone Wolfe, at first. Robin had other friends aside from the inner circle of Jena and Lone Wolfe. She decided to get some corn dogs as the food would help her think. She sat down and devoured the first corn dog after waiting in line for a short time. The second one didn’t smell as delicious as the first so she ate it slower as she searched for the voices of those familiar students.

It wasn’t so much them that she sought but people who would be hanging out with Robin. Those people would be thinking about Robin and talking to her. One by one, she narrowed down the people that she could be hanging out with. With each bite of the hotdog, she found another student that was not thinking about, seeing, or talking to Robin. Another tick off the list. When the con dog was gone, she found one person. Only one person, spending time with Robin.

Her blood ran cold and her green eyes narrowed. They weren’t talking and their thoughts were far away from the normal things a teenager would be doing with a friend. She took the empty paper plate and sticks and threw them in the trash as she headed towards them. They had secreted themselves away from prying eyes. It could be just some temptation and she would arrive just in time to save Robin from a mistake. That is what she tried to tell herself but she knew it wasn’t true.

When she found them, they were holding each other in a tight embrace and kissing passionately. She didn’t know the man personally but there was no mistaking Robin. Jena seethed with rage. Had it have been anyone else she would have called them out on this act right away. As it was, she felt bad for Lone Wolfe.

Doing the best thing she could think of at the time, she reached out with her empathic powers and secured the man with vicious attack. The man backed away and doubled over in pain. Robin’s amber eyes widened in shock, are you okay?” She questioned.

The man straightened up and his eyes seemed glazed over. Jena took a step forward and glanced at the man, “Take a walk!” The man nodded and started walking off away from the two women.

Robin’s face was a mix of emotions. Part of her was angry almost to the point of rage that Jena had dismissed her tryst partner in such a manner. The other part of her was horrified at who was standing before her and the display of power she just saw. She now knew how Lone Wolfe felt at that moment and was glad that she showed more restraint with no one else around than Robin would have if Lone Wolfe had not been there a year earlier. She glanced at Jena and saw the rage boiling within the slender teenager. The only thing Robin could think to ask was, “Did you geas him?”

“Really, Robin?” Jena hissed, “I just caught you cheating on my best friend and the only thing you have for me is that question? No guilt? No remorse? No fear?”

Robin glanced down, “I do feel bad.”

“That you got caught,” Jena added.

“So, you don’t know everything that goes on between Lone Wolfe and I!” Robin railed back, “If you did you would know that he hasn’t been up to sleeping with me and it has been really hard to get any time with him since he has been wrapped up in his studies to get ahead!”

Jena crossed her arms, “Is that any excuse to go and find another lover behind his back? What would he think? Do you know if you and that boy did anything that he would feel that over the bond? Lone Wolfe wouldn’t know why he was feeling the flood of emotions and euphoria over that link you two have! Your personal feelings about what is going in the relationship aside, are you actually trying to sabotage his work during the summer? You are aware that if he fails, he has to pay for those classes? You should be ashamed.”

Robin glanced down, “I didn’t know he would feel that over the link. I wouldn’t have done anything if I had known.” She glanced up at Jena, “What are you going to do now?”

“Lone Wolfe needs to know,” Jena replied.

Robin shook her head, “No! Nothing happened beyond what you just saw!”

“What’s to stop you from doing this again?” Jena hissed, “you violated his trust. While you have been jealous since day one, he has been nothing but kind and considerate to you. If you wanted to hang out with other boys, he didn’t have a problem with that! If you wanted space, he gave it to you! For god’s sake! He gave you his virginity! He had this plan to fast forward his future since his mother died. The only thing that changed between last summer and this summer was instead of him wanting to do that for something to do, he was doing that for you! He wanted to have a secure future with you and for you! This is how you repay him? You can tell him any reason you want for why you did it but you have to tell him!”

Robin shook her head, “No!”

“Fine, I will,” Jena replied and turned around to leave. She could feel a wave of empathic energy come over her. Her barriers came up right away and deflected the attack with no effort at all. It was powerful but nothing she couldn’t handle. The attempt by Robin enraged her and she turned around and fixed those rage filled amber eyes with cold green eyes on your own, “You are out of your league if that was your best shot!”

Another wave of empathic energy was shot toward Jena. Jena blocked with no effort at all and shot one attack of her own which doubled Robin over in pain. Even with a block, Robin could not shield herself from the force of the attack. Jena took a step forward and unleashed another attack that made the girl vomit in front of Jena, “You think that just because you are powerful that means you can do whatever you want and you can make people do your bidding? We may be matched as far as raw power but as far as skill goes, you have no talent! Give up!”

Jena unleashed a devastating assault on Robin. It felt like the gravity of the Earth had been tripled in that moment and the woman could not get up from the ground. It was all she could do to pull her legs underneath her body. She shuddered, “Fine!” She squealed, “I will tell him!”

Jena shook her head, “That’s not good enough anymore!” She kept the attack up, “You also have to tell him that you attacked me!”

“What you are doing to me is worse!” Robin groaned in response.

“You asked for it, you started it, this is what you get. What would happen if you attacked a superior telepath? They would do the same thing to you mentally!” Jena replied.

“I can’t tell him…” She stuttered, “Not you…”

“Then break up with him, you don’t have to tell him why, sever the bond and break up with him,” Jena replied and let up the attack.

Robin glanced up as she pushed herself up to her hands and knees, “What? Do you know what that will do to him?” She asked.

Jena nodded, “It’s just about as bad as telling him that you cheated on him and you attacked me. You can break up with him, tell him all, or I will show him everything that you did tonight. It’s your choice.”

Robin slowly rose to her feet and glanced at Jena. Tears started to form in her eyes, “Were we ever friends?”

“Hard to say,” Jena replied, “I wanted to like you. Lone Wolfe was so happy with you that I tried to work things out with you. The problem is you never liked me in return.”

“Do you love him?” She asked in response.

“As a brother,” Jena replied, “The same way he loves me. I’m not sure that will ever change. You never listened to the stories about us, you never glimpsed those memories of us. We have known each other all our lives. Our first memories of anyone other than our parents were each other. That isn’t something that jives very well when you mix in these romantic feelings.”

Her tears started to stream down her face. Jena could feel the bond between Lone Wolfe and Robin breaking at that moment. An action that did take will power and concentration to do. It also took a lot of emotional pain on the part of the other empath, “He’s going to feel it! He’s going to know something’s wrong before I see him again! Be there for him.” With those words, she walked away.

It wasn’t until she was out of Jena’s sight that Jena had second thoughts about this mess. She said those things, threatened those things, out of anger and hostility. Seeing the pain, grief, and depression on Robin’s face and the plea she made before she walked away made her realize that she may have forced something horribly wrong to happen. She still believed that Lone Wolfe needed to trust his partner, that he needed to know what she had done that night, but maybe there was a better way for it to work out.

Tears started to come to her eyes as she realized the mess she made and would have to clean up, “What have I done? Why did I make this happen?” She asked herself.

“Hey,” A familiar voice called out. Jena glanced over and saw Angela approaching. Her jovial expression melted as she saw the horrified look on Jena’s face, “What happened?” Angela questioned.

“I think I have done something horribly wrong,” Jena cried out, “I am not sure what Lone Wolfe is going to do when everything else happens?”

Second Semester Chapter #28: the Prom — December 29, 2017

Second Semester Chapter #28: the Prom

Second Semester 2.png

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Chapter #28: The Prom


Greeley Colorado

April 28th, 2028-CE


Jena never expected to be going to this event so soon. She had her dress pulled on and her hair curled up which framed her face better than she expected. The dress was a dark purple one that she and Angela picked out a few months ago. Unless something had changed, they both would be going in the dresses. She headed down the stairs and fitted her feet into the shoes she would be using for the evening. She preferred to be on time.

So did her date. She answered the knock at the door a moment later. Angela smiled. Most of her long black hair was done up in a long pony tail at the top of her head and the bangs were curled the same way as Jena’s which framed her silver eyes. Jena returned the smile, “You look awesome tonight. Makes me wish I grew my hair longer.”

Angela gave her a hug and shook her head, “you look fine as you are.”

Jena stepped outside and closed the door, “Thank you! Now off to this shindig!”

Angela smiled and led the way to her car. She hit the unlock button on her fob to unlock the door and opened it up for Jena to climb in. She shut the door after Jena situated herself and headed to the place the prom was being held at. It was a hotel that had a small event hall with it. The students were using the event hall and couldn’t check in to any of the rooms for obvious reasons. It was common for them to use hotels and resorts for proms if the school could afford to rent the place for the night.

They pulled up to the hotel awning. Angela climbed out of the car and opened the door for Jena before handing the keys to the valet. They walked inside at that moment and waited in line to take pictures.

Angela curled her nose as she was hit with an assault of different colognes and perfumes as they waited. She glanced to her date and noticed Jena was displaying a similar grimace, “It would be nice if they didn’t have to bathe in their favorite stuff.” Jena commented, “A spritz or two is all you need.”

“Or just a shower,” Angela commented, “People don’t usually smell bad on their own.”

Jena nodded, “true. I put a little perfume on but you won’t be able to tell because some of the people in line smell like they rubbed those car air fresheners all over themselves.”

Angela chuckled, “Their cologne turns the corner before they do.”

The line proceeded about as fast as it would if they were taking school pictures. As they got closer, it was surprising because the photographer was taking several shots of each couple after they signed up and paid for a package of photos. However, since it was couples shots, it did make more sense. Their turn came as soon as the couple in front of them was done taking their pictures.

The photographer took the form that Angela had just completed and read it over. He glanced at the two of them and said, “Okay I will take a picture with the red head seated and the black haired on standing. I will then switch them and then have a final pose of both of them standing and holding hands.”

Jena glanced to Angela and asked, “My hair isn’t red, is it?”

Angela shrugged, “More of an auburn if you ask me. I guess there is some red in it, however.”

Jena shrugged as they walked up to the backdrop. The assistant pulled out a stool for Jena to sit on. They set in the center of the castle background and Angela stepped behind Jena. She placed her hands on Jena’s shoulders as the photographer stepped behind the camera. He glanced up and said, “Get closer, you two! You aren’t sisters, unless you are…”

Angela smiled and placed her chin on Jena’s shoulder next to her cheek. She wrapped her arms around Jena’s upper chest. Jena reached up and squeezed her arms closely and smiled. At that point, the photographer snapped a picture. He glanced at the image he just took and smiled. He glanced up and said, “perfect, now switch!”

Jena rose and walked behind Angela as she sat down on the stool. Unlike Angela, the shorter woman wrapped her arms under Angela’s chest and rested her chin much closer to Angela’s face. Angela hugged her arms and the picture was snapped. They both rose and stood in front of the stool at that point. They wrapped one arm around each other and held their other hands. They put their heads together as the last image was snapped.

The photographer smiled, “You have been wonderful, ladies, I will have that CD and the photos out to you in about a week.”

Angela nodded as she led Jena away and into the dance hall. While the atmosphere felt much like other dances the two had been to so far, the decorations were more elaborate. The pillars had been done up with carefully painted cardboard and Styrofoam to look like castle brick pillars and gossamer like fabric hung between the pillars. There were less tables and less people than at the homecoming dance but that was to be expected. This was just the junior and senior class and their dates, not the entire school and their dates like before.

Jena and Angela found a table soon enough and sat down. She glanced around to see if there was anyone around that she knew despite the fact that she knew there wouldn’t be any underclassmen there. She didn’t know why, she figured it was habit. It didn’t take long for Angela to come back with refreshments for them both. Angela sat down and slid a glass over to Jena, “Just about the same other than the pictures and fancy dresses.” She commented.

Jena nodded, “Everyone around here seems to have mixed impressions about what to expect here.” She glanced to her gray eyed friend, “What do you think they are expecting?”

Angela blushed as she thought about it. She didn’t want to reach into people’s minds for specifics and in truth, she didn’t need to. If Scarlet had been around, she would have been expecting the same conclusion for the night, “Well, there is an after party after this where people can enter drawing and possibly get stuff. It is more like a rowdy school dance, the after party, that is. Then there are the private parties that some people are expecting.”

“Which is?” the emerald eyed girl questioned in response.

“Will you hit me if I use a euphemism to answer that?” Angela questioned in response.

Jena smirked and shook her head, “I promise I won’t. I take it a few people around here also feel the urge to merge tonight? Is that what you are getting at?”

Angela nodded and Jena questioned, “Do you also have that urge?”

Angela shook her head, “Not particularly.”

“Why not?” Jena questioned with an arched eyebrow.

“I’m not looking for a long term commitment except I might,” Angela replied then held up a hand to keep her from commenting, “I know, that sounds like a contradiction. Let’s say that there could be something wrong with me and I could drop dead at any moment. For that reason I don’t want to tie myself down to someone. I don’t want to cause them pain if I should die on them. At the same time, I don’t want to end up being alone. I won’t pass up the opportunity, if it should present itself but I won’t force it to happen either.”

Jena nodded. She was pretty sure she understood what was going on, “You are here just because it is a right of passage then. As far as what makes you think you could die at any moment. I remember that you lived with your grandma until she died. Did your mother die at an earlier age?”

Angela nodded. Jena could tell that it was hard for her to talk about but Jena needed to know what it was, “Do you mind if I ask you what makes you think that you will drop dead at any moment?”

Angela shrugged, “Both my grandmother and mother died of aneurisms,’ She replied and took a deep breath, “My grandmother must have known that his was coming. She left a video for me to watch. She said in that video that her mother and grandmother also died of the same things. With four generations of that, it makes me think that there is something wrong with me and that I will die of that too. It was bugging me before I saw that video and I made sure that I wouldn’t fall in love with anyone after that video.”

Jena nodded. It made sense. With four other generations succumbing to that malady then she could have the same problem. There were a couple of ways that Angela could be sure that wouldn’t happen. She glanced to her friend and said, “Lone Wolfe was troubled by his mother’s death. She was a gifted psychic. Had powerful abilities including clairvoyance. She had seen her own death but it wasn’t from what took her life. Lone Wolfe said that clairvoyants usually see the natural conclusion to their life so other things can take them by surprise such as murder or a car crash. An aneurism is a natural death. Have you seen your own death yet?”

Angela shook her head, “Then you know you aren’t dying anytime soon.”

“You don’t know how fickle the future can be. I don’t know how well Lone Wolfe sees the future but there have been times I was sure something was going to happen and nothing did,” Angela stated in response.

“Well, there are problems with him seeing the future,” Jena commented, “First off; he can’t see past anything he doesn’t understand. If he sees a war in the future but not why it started then he doesn’t know how it is going to end or how to change it to keep from happening. Also; when it comes to seeing the future of someone else, he can’t nail down a time frame. He can either see a time and anyone during that time or focus on an individual and see a random time. He has also said glimpsing into the future can change it. He said there are three different types of futures that he sees; fragile futures where the observer changes it by seeing it, more stable futures that come into play with limited options of it changing and fixed events where things have been in play long enough that knowing it will happen doesn’t change it, you can only change how the outcome will affect you. I have the feeling the first kind is really common.”

“Where are you going with all of this?” Angela questioned in response.

“A natural death is that second type of future; hard to change but it can be changed. You haven’t seen it yet so you won’t suffer an aneurism any time soon. In between now and that time, there is the possibility that you could go rock climbing and slip or die in an earth quake or of a lightning strike. That means you live the with same uncertainty that the rest of us has,” Jena commented.

“You may think that helps but it doesn’t help as much as you think,” Angela replied, “What if my clairvoyance doesn’t show me how I will die? What if I never know how I will die? I could drop dead tomorrow and never get any warning about it.”

“Welcome to being human,” Jena replied, “That is what the rest of us live with everyday. Any of us could die of something tomorrow and we would never know it. Stop living as if you have the sword of Damocles hanging above your head. Enjoy the moments you have and don’t let your worry of the moment threaten what you have. If you think you will die tomorrow then so be it. Live for today. That is what the rest of us do. We may plan for a tomorrow but in the end we always take every moment we get as if it will be our last. If you love someone then let yourself love. Don’t shut yourself down because you are afraid that you will hurt them even more if you die. Did you think of the pain you might cause them if you never gave them the chance in the first place?”

Angela shook her head, “No but if they fell in love with me and woke up next to me after I died then they would be crushed. They wouldn’t have to go through that pain if they fell in love with someone else.”

Jena sighed, “There is another way we can see if you are worried over nothing. It is something that I can help you out with. You know I have empathic abilities. I can check and see if you have a ticking time bomb in your head. If you do, I might be able to fix it. If nothing else, I can tell you how long you might have left. Give you time to feel love and then kick whoever it is out to the curb so they don’t have to go through what you are fearing. How does that sound? There is no harm in looking for that? You can’t argue this with me, can you?”

Angela sighed and shook her head. She glanced flatly to the younger empath and replied, “You’re right. What do you need me to do?”

Jena took her seat and arranged it to face Angela, “Pull your seat as close to me as possible. I need to touch your head in order to get the best use of my power as possible.”

Angela did as she requested. Jena placed her right hand at the nape of Angela’s neck and the other on the temple of her forehead. She gazed just above Angela’s gray eyes. Normally, Jena would have been quick about it but she knew that if she was anything other than slow and methodical that Angela wouldn’t trust what she was doing. She also flowed more energy than she needed into the connection. She figured that if she felt any kind of energy flow as opposed to the normal precision control she normally could do, than Angela would trust her words more.

“Look, those two are about to make out!” Someone called out.

“No PDA here! Save that for after!” Someone else called out.

“This is a jerk-wad free zone, kindly fuck off please!” Jena replied without missing a beat in her search.

“Kindly?” One Person questioned.

“Please?” The other person questioned.

“Politely,” Jena stated. She broke her glance with Angela at that point and glanced to the other two with a look of sheer rage in her green eyes. The two people jumped, suddenly filled with a kind of terror they never knew before. She dipped her head down where she was glaring up at them, “Now can you leave us alone before I have to deal with you?”

The two males nodded and ran off as fast as they could without drawing any more attention to themselves. Jena sighed and glanced back to Jena. Angela glanced up at her as she started to work again, “I can tell that wasn’t normal fear. What did you do to them? Was that something telepathic or empathic?”

Jena glanced down as she answered, “It was mainly empathic. All I did was give them the strong impression that they were going to get their buts kicked by the both of us if the continued to mess with us. They have no business making comments about things they don’t understand anyway.”

Angela nodded, “Makes sense but you shouldn’t put the fear of god into people. Some people would think that’s not nice.” She glanced around then back to Jena and asked, “Did you find something wrong? You seem to be taking a long time at this? I thought you would have been done by now.”

She had forgotten that she was dealing with a clairvoyant. They sometimes know more than just things dealing with time. It seems like she knew how long it would have really would have taken her to do a good job at finding anything wrong. Instead of trying to assure her that she did a good job of looking and finding nothing, she was now starting to worry her friend. Jena shook her head, “I haven’t found anything. Just being thorough. Although, if you keep driving yourself like this then you will kill yourself from exhaustion!”

Jena released her hold on Angela and sat back. She had funneled some energy back into Angela to keep her from feeling the exhaustion the young shaman felt from burning the candle at both ends. She had been taking it easy but it didn’t seem to affect her like it did back a few months ago. Angela nodded, “I can take in the power of the sun now so I can make sure that I am getting what I need from it.” She glanced back towards Jena, “Besides, I only have a couple of months left before I graduate. Once that happens, I can run the store on my own full time without having to worry about it too much.”

“Good luck,” Jena nodded, “I will have to make it a point to visit you there every once in a while.”

Angela rose to her feet and grabbed Jena’s hand. She pulled the younger empath up to her feet and said, “Let’s go dancing!”

“But it’s not s a slow song,” Jena replied as she was pulled onto the dance floor by the senior shaman, “The DJ is better about playing songs than they were at the last dance. How about we just wait for the next slow song?”

“I don’t just want to wait for the slow songs,” Angela replied as she grabbed Jena’s other hand and started to swing her around on the floor, “You don’t have to have a slow song to dance!”

“I gave you a little extra energy and I have created a monster!” Jena chuckled as they danced.

Angela chuckled and twirled her around. They both attempted to dance something like a quick waltz but it turned out nothing like what they were planning. Jena smiled a bit and asked, “Do you know how to dance?”

“No, I’m just making crap up as I go along! As long as we are having fun, does it really matter?” Angela replied as she swung their arms around in a quick sway.

Jena shrugged, “I guess not but we look like two monkeys on steroids.” She commented in response.

“I don’t care!” Angela laughed, “Just let loose and have a good time!”

“You know creepers say that too to the people they are trying to get with,” Jena replied as she went along with the spastic dance moves.

“Then consider me a dancing creeper! I say that to people I want to dance with,” Angela joked.

“That isn’t as funny of a joke as you think,” Jena replied but she did chuckle at the comment just the same.

“It got you to laugh,” Angela smiled as she let Jena spin her around this time, “Now if we did know any dance moves, what do you think we would dance to with a song like this?”

Jena shrugged, “I don’t know. My family never really thought about setting me up with any dance lessons growing up.”

“I am sure my grandmother would have had me doing that if she could afford it,” Angela replied. It was out of habit. Knowing the amount of money her grandmother really had, she was sure that if she expressed as serious interest in dancing, her grandmother would have come up with the money for lessons. It would have been anything that would have kept her from working in a dead end job in some call center or burger joint in the city. Anything that would have given her a future her grandmother would have invested money in.


She paused at that moment. Jena caught on right away that something was bugging her. She cocked her head in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong? Why did you stop dancing?”

“It’s just,” She started and glanced away, “My grandmother always led a frugal life and I assumed that was because we were poor. Because of that assumption I never asked her for a lot of things growing up. I never knew that she did have a lot of money socked away for a rainy day or something like that. It never occurred to me that I could have asked for something and she might have made it work somehow. I just got to thinking what the future would have been like had I not made that mistake.”

“There is no use dwelling on the past and all of those what ifs,” Jena replied, “Right now you are dancing and I would like to see you dancing and having fun!” Jena beamed as she started their spastic dance back up again.

As they continued to dance, Jena noticed that time almost seemed to slow. It was a subtle effect. She knew the song that they were dancing to and it seemed slightly slower than it should have been. She had heard of the affect before through communions from telepaths she had dealt with before. She couldn’t help but think is this what they call a perfect moment? She questioned to herself.

As soon as she thought that, they seemed to fall out of the moment and time resumed its normal march toward eternity. She glanced to Angela and asked, “What were you doing at that moment?”

Angela cocked her head at that moment, “Do you want a technical term? I think it is called being a goof ball.”

“No! Not with the dancing, with your clairvoyance,” Jena replied, “I wanted to know what you were doing with making the time around us go slower for a moment.”

Angela shrugged, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Jena glanced around, “We were dancing and everything just started slowing down. The moment I thought about it started running normal again.”

Angela looked dumbfounded, “I wasn’t even aware I was doing anything. I was just really enjoying myself at that moment.” She blinked a couple of times. He gray eyes washed over with realization, “I did look over toward you just a moment ago and you looked like you weren’t having fun.”

That must be how we fell out of the moment, Jena thought to herself, I didn’t think just my thought would have ended the moment like that. Jena shrugged, “Like I said, things started to move funny and as I picked it up it moved normally again. You must have picked up on me picking that fact up and confused it for something being wrong. It wasn’t anything wrong. I just didn’t ever see anything like it before. I probably would have ruined it anyway by asking you about it just like I did.”

Angela shrugged, “Let’s not worry about it. Tonight, we aren’t psychic. We aren’t different from everyone around us. We are just two normal girls at the prom dancing with each other. Let go and have fun!”

Jena nodded. She couldn’t argue with that logic any more than Angela could argue with her words earlier. She started to dance with Angela again as the song ended and the DJ transitioned them to a slow song. Her left hand connected with Angela’s right hand and their other hands went to each other’s waist. They attempted to waltz slowly to the rhythm of the song and ended up in a more coordinated sway as a result. Still, both of the seemed to enjoy themselves.

The music started to slow down a little bit, just like last time. With the beat and rhythm being slower, it was easier for them both to notice what was going on. They glanced at each other as the music slowed down a little more. Neither was sure what was going on but it wasn’t normal. They glanced around and saw that no one else seemed to notice. In fact, they all seemed to be moving at the same speed as what the music should be.

Afraid to disrupt this moment, Jena reached out with her abilities and tried to slow her projection down enough for Angela to hear, “We are the only people moving fast. I never did anything like this with my empathic powers before. This has to be something that your clairvoyance is doing.” She projected.

Angela glanced at her with a confused look on her face and the music started to speed up in response. She was about to respond when she focused on Jena and started dancing, the song, and time around them, seemed to slow down again, “Okay. How am I doing all of this?”

Jena shrugged, “I am not sure on the how. Not a lot of psychics have witnessed this. I know some telepaths that have heard about it call it a perfect moment. When a Clairvoyant can slow down the time around them. It’s like how their precognitive abilities work for them when they are in the middle of a crisis but in reverse. Instead of speeding the clairvoyant up, it slows time around them with the exception of one other person.”

Angela nodded as they continued to dance to the slower music, “That person being you in this case. You noticed this happening first. I have never done this before. Have you experienced it with Lone Wolfe?”

Jena shook her head, “He doesn’t have any memories about this and he doesn’t talk about it. If he had a moment like this it either never registered or he keeps it a secret for some reason.”

Angela glanced around and took a breath, they fell out of the moment and the music started up normally again. Jena glanced at her and asked, “Why did you stop it?”

“I don’t know. I wanted to see if I could control it or play with it at will,” Angela replied. Her gray eyes showed her frustration after a moment, “I can’t seem to get us back into that moment.”

“I am not sure if it is something you can do consciously,” Jena replied, “There is so much about clairvoyance that you and Lone Wolfe don’t do with deliberate effort. It is possible that you have to just be in the zone for it to work,” Jena replied.

Angela nodded and as the song ended, they started their walk back to the table. Both of them felt a little more tired than normal. They didn’t know if was the effort they put into dancing for the first couple of songs or if it was the perfect moment they shared that drained them. When they sat down Angela asked, “I wonder. Since I didn’t notice it the first time, do you think that we have these moments more often and just don’t realize it?”

Jena shrugged, “That would be a question for Lone Wolfe. You would have to make sure that you aren’t referring to your precognitive abilities in order for him to understand the full meaning of your question. I don’t know if he would remember having a moment like this. You might also be able to figure out if you had these moments before if you meditate and focus on your memories for a moment.”

Angela nodded, “I can try that. Do you think you can have these moments with more than one psychic? Do they have to be psychic? Can I do this by myself?”

Jena shrugged, “I don’t know enough about this to answer that question. If this moment works like Telepathic Communions and Empathic Bonds, I would say you need to have one other person. Those two acts can’t hold more than one other person and have to be with one other person. However, with Empathic Bonds; the person doesn’t have to be psychic. Just one of the people has to be special in order for it to work. Since I’m not clairvoyant, maybe you don’t need a psychic for this to work too?” She thought of another question as she took a drink of her punch, “Just curious, why did you try to play with the moment?”

Angela shrugged, “Seemed like the thing to do at the time. I felt like I should.”

Interesting, Jena thought to herself, Maybe you don’t need to have another clairvoyant to start a perfect moment but if you want to develop it you do need another clairvoyant. Something like this being stage one and the second state being something different. I wonder what would happen if you could force those two to have a full perfect moment like that? Jena thought to herself.

Jena leaned back in her chair, “What do you plan to do after high school? Especially with your friends?”

Angela shrugged, “I know a lot of them are planning on going off to college. That was my plan until my grandmother died. I intend to stay behind and man the store for the time being. At least until I get to a spot where I can do something local for a business degree. I don’t know if I will be keeping touch with any of my friends.”

Jena looked dejected and forlorn by the words her friend just said, “Please say you will keep in touch with me. I would also like it if you keep in touch with Lone Wolfe. I don’t know why I feel this way. It might have been something with that perfect moment we had but I have the feeling that he will need a friend soon.”

“You do know I don’t like boys more than just being friends, right?” Angela questioned in response.

Jena nodded, “Yes and Lone Wolfe knows that as well. He won’t try to do anything with you and he won’t try to seduce you. I really think he needs you just as a friend. You two have things in common. You both have lost parents and you are only children that have been isolated from your families. That gives you two a lot in common and a lot to bond over. Plus; he is clairvoyant. The only clairvoyant outside of your family. Maybe the two of you can figure out how to use your abilities together?” She explained.

Angela shrugged, “I don’t know. I will have to get to know him better. I do trust you and you have known him all your life so I know you are trying to vouch for him.”

“If you allow it I think you will find that he will become a valuable friend,” Jena replied, “Keep that in mind as you think about it.”

Angela nodded, “I will.”

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