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In Templar: Order and Chaos; you are given names of people and some descriptions of past events. Children of Legend revolves around the childhood of Lone Wolfe, Jena, Curtis, and Angela. Their backgrounds are revealed in children of Legend: how Lone Wolfe got his name, why he was trained to control his telepathic abilities, who taught Angela to become one of the strongest shamans in the Templar saga.

Children of Legend also introduces characters that are talked about in the first two Templar novels but never revealed: Scarlet, Relena, and Sylvia. Scarlet is the unusual telepath who trained Lone Wolfe, Relena is Lone Wolfe’s second cousin and one of the only other members of his family that he associates with until her death, and Sylvia is Lone Wolfe’s mother.

The last part of Children of legend introduces Mentor: someone never mentioned in the Templar Lone Wolfe series. Mentor is the spirit who trains Angela to become a shaman. Mentor is a spirit that named herself. This is a tie in to Templar: Schisms, the first novel in the Jena’s Blood Legacy series.

The Children of Legend chapters were compiled based off of the Dosiers and backgrounds created for the first two Templar books with some additions made for Templar: Schisms. Enjoy!

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