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GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter #9: Spirit Flight — July 7, 2017

GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter #9: Spirit Flight

I may have been on vacation but no, that is not a typo from the previous chapter

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Previous 5 Chapters

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Chapter #5 Holistic and Connected

Chapter #6: Extending the senses

Chapter #7: Stairs of Rocks

Chapter 8 Spirit Sight

Chapter #9: Spirit Flight


Greeley Colorado

May 15th, 2020-CE


Angela had placed one of the sets of stones in her room. She placed the piece of coal in a corner behind her dresser. The other two she placed in the corners in the back of the top shelf of her closet. With the stones in place all she needed to do was think about them when she was in her room and before dozing off. It took over a month before the stones had the effect she wanted and expected.

She had awakened in the middle of the night and glanced around. Sitting before her on the end of the bed was another woman dressed in a gray robe. She had red hair and freckled skin. She recognized the woman as the same spirit that inhabited the mirror more than a month ago because one eye was blue and the other was gray. Angela smiled and said, “I didn’t know if I would see you again. My grandmother made it sound as if all spirits would be ushered away by the stones.”

“Normally, it would have. I am a bit different,” The spirit nodded in response.

“May I have your name?” Angela questioned.

“For now, call me Mentor,” the Spirit replied.

“No other name, Mentor?” Angela questioned in response.

Mentor shook her head, “No other name that I can share now. Did you happen to speak with your grandmother about Nwyfre?”

Angela nodded, “She told me it is like something from a science fiction movie we watched. An energy field that is in everything and is a part of everything.”

“There is truth to that.” Mentor nodded, “Nwyfre is energy and it is in everything, it also moves through everything. It is change and lack of stasis; the force that drives change in everything. Did she tell you anymore?”

Angela shook her head, “Not really.”

“There are three different base types of it,” Mentor explained, “Telluric Nwyfre which comes from the Earth, Solar Nwyfre that comes from the sun, and Lunar Nwyfre that exists in the air.”

“Wouldn’t you call it Air Nwyfre if it is in the air?” Angela questioned in response.

“The moon is a perfect example of that type of Nwyfre,” Mentor shook her head in response, “Lunar Nwyfre is a mixture of Solar and Lunar Nwyfre. Moonlight is sunlight that is reflected from the moon.”

“Then doesn’t that mean there are only two different types?” Angela asked.

Mentor shook her head, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Moonlight is sunlight that is reflected off the moon but it is different, it doesn’t feel the same as sunlight and it doesn’t warm you like sunlight. It is different. You are a collection of matter and energy yet you are different than from other people that are made the same as you. Humans are more than the sum of their parts and it is the same way with Lunar Nwyfre.”

Angela nodded, she could see the meaning in the spirit’s words, “I get it. So, if we mix any more of the three together do we get other distinct and different Nwyfre that is different from before?”

Mentor shrugged, “The truth is a bit more complicated than that. Think of Lunar Nwyfre as living Nwyfre. The three can be mixed further from there and that is part of how the balance is maintained between nature and a shaman. Life on this planet is infinitely complex yet all living things are based off of carbon that isn’t that different from one of the rocks you should have used for the set of spirit stones. It is the same thing; things can mix and change forms but there is still the basis of the three things I just told you about.”

Mentor stood up on the bed and offered a hand to Angela, “Enough about Nwyfre for tonight. I want to show you around. This world will seem like the world you fell asleep in but there will be some differences. Eventually you may be able to see them with your real eyes but now you will see them with your spirit.”

Angela rose and took Mentor’s hand. She glanced back to the bed to make sure that her body was still there. She glanced back to Mentor and asked, “are we going anywhere specific?”

Mentor shook her head, “For right now we are just going to walk around. The place will look familiar to the normal world but after a while you will pick up some differences.”

Mentor started toward the window, “Aren’t we going to go out the door?”

“Right now, we are just spirits,” Mentor replied, “We don’t have to go through doors. It sometimes takes ghosts time to figure that out. That is, if a ghost is not anchored to an area.”

“How could a spirit be anchored to an area?” Angela questioned in response.

They passed through the wall and were on the ground next to the house an instant later, “Remember how you concentrated on the stone just before bed for the last month? You altered the flow and Nwyfre of the stones by doing that. That is what created the spirit stones and they serve as an anchor to get you back to your body, should something happen to your spirit. Humans do this all the time with items or places. If they die unexpectedly, those objects become anchors that tie the ghost to this side of the spirit world. The Material world.”

“So, I didn’t need the stones to make the spirit stones you wanted?” Angela asked as they started to walk away from the house.

Mentor shook her head, “You needed the stones. You were having them serve a very specific purpose. Things that would anchor a spirit to this plane are created by accident and wouldn’t serve as spirit stones.”

Angela looked around. When she went to sleep, there was no fog. Around her, there seemed to be a subtle fog but when she concentrated on it, it always seemed to clear up. She glanced at Mentor, “Did the fog roll in while I was sleeping?”

Mentor shook her head, “That is the gauntlet. It keeps people dreaming from crossing into the spirit side of the astral plane. Since you are projecting right now, you can pierce the veil, with a little bit of concentration but we will save that for another time.”

They walked at a brisk pace and were able to sustain it since she didn’t have a body to speak of. She noticed that certain sections of the city seemed to have more fog than other places of it, “I take it the gauntlet is not an even thing?”

“Correct,” Mentor answered, “It varies from one location to another.” She glanced around as they walked, “Usually, in urban areas, the gauntlet is so strong that spirits cannot cross over, no matter how ready they may be. There are other areas where the gauntlet is so weak that a person who astral projects by accident can cross into the spirit realm without noticing. There are said to be areas where there is no gauntlet at all. Verges where humans can cross with their bodies, into the spirit world. Channeling and stirring the Nwyfre keeps these verges sealed. That is one of the duties of shamans; to keep the worlds separate.”

“I take it grave yards are places where the gauntlet is so weak that a verge would be created?” Angela questioned in response.

Mentor shook her head, “While it is true that the gauntlet would be lower in a grave yard than in the city square, it is stable and not usually a problem there. Usually it is places where energy and life are low. Think of the desert. While the wind could sweep through there, that isn’t always enough to keep the Nwyfre stirring. Life has to exist in order for the gauntlet to maintain itself.”

“What will happen if there are no shamans?” Angela questioned.

“There are always some,” Mentor stated, “They don’t need to be strong, they just need to be receptive.”

Angela stopped dead in her tracks as they approached a building. Her gray eyes widened and her mouth dropped, “This place closed down before my mother died! Why is it here instead of the empty building?”

“The astral realm is slow to change,” Mentor noted, “Eventually, the place may reflect the empty building you now know. It may also change to a new business instead of replacing it with an empty building. It all depends. If there is a new housing development in your world then you could probably see the empty field here. At least for a while.”

July 3rd, 2017; the cycle, another journey comes to an end and another begins — July 3, 2017

July 3rd, 2017; the cycle, another journey comes to an end and another begins

So before I get to the title of the post; I will hopefully have some free e book promotions going from now to July 7th. Definitely for Templar; Order and Chaos and hopefully for Templar; Spirit Killer if the updates go through in time. the links are below:

Templar: Order and Chaos

Templar: Spirit Killer

Feel free to read and enjoy. I made the free promotion as a celebration of personal good fortune. I hope you enjoy. The second book is still going through another round of content editing so bear with me. I did upload some revisions which is why it may not make it in time for both books to be free at the same time.

That being said: About the title.

You may have noticed some tweets and some mentions in my blogs in recent weeks about work. There is a story behind that. Right after we got back from our Memorial Day holiday, I and a co worker were delivered some bad news. This was followed by a number of people getting the same bad news. We found out we were being laid off.

IT was a sad blow. I enjoyed the last nearly three years at HPE. I enjoyed the worked I was doing, I enjoyed the people I was working with. We were doing good work. Times change, The business changes. Priorities at the top changes.

I will miss the people I worked with at HPE. I will miss the work.

That said. it did cause a lot of stress. From waking to sleep, I spent the month of june applying for jobs, working, making calls, and trying to find gainful employment after my end date with HPE. I tried to make it so I wouldn’t have to rely on unemployment. Writing took a backseat to this. It just about drove me insane. I found that employment finally. I won’t have to file for unemployment. I should be able to take a short vacation, just like my family wanted, and be back to work in early July.

See you next month. Enjoy the books!

#IndiePrideDay — July 1, 2017
Sayings from Work… — March 24, 2017

Sayings from Work…

Ever have a job or Career where you catch yourself saying things that sound like one liners for short stories? Things like “It’s a prototype, what do you want from me?”

Don’t get me wrong, being a system engineer and working in an R&D lab is a blast. It is the best job I have ever had. There are weeks where I feel like my brain is being pulled in too many directions. I get home, I want to write but as soon as I sit down, i see the cursor blink at the end of the last sentence I wrote and my brain draws a flat line. The next day at work, you troubleshoot an error on a prototype, you figure; “the Cache module error is because the prototype has no cache battery, just install a cache battery and the error will go away.” You install the cache battery and then it gives you a BIOS system error about the mezzanine cards. the fellow you are helping asks you why it is suddenly giving you this error and your brain draws the same blank as you get when you see the cursor blink. fortunately i am friends with this guy so he laughs when i say “it’s a prototype, what do you want from me?”

It also helps that an hour later we are vaping outside and trading insights into problems and he asks me, “So, when did you become a test engineer?” and an innocent bystander cracks up laughing.

One thing is for sure, after close to three years of working on various prototype equipment, it has changed how I write science fiction. In the first few renditions of Ascendant, Serrah had prototypes spun up quickly and they worked well. Now, you see the prototypes being planned out but not being used right away. the latest chapter, even though she has a prototype new form ready to use, she falls back on a trusted form. Blade Prime plans the proof of concept for a new tek form that will not be seen for three books. Seeing things come from proof of concept to Development Prototypes, to validation prototypes to Manufacturing validations builds, engineering samples, test samples, and the like, has been interesting.

My job started out as being the person setting up an end to end environment consisting of servers, blades, network, storage, and making it all work. support the test engineers when their prototype software comes up with an unexpected result or when the equipment breaks for some reason. Now, we have prototype hardware that adds complexity to the mix. we have to support that, and test it out. It has been awesome and I found that what I have experienced has made its way in how I write and how I see things coming out in the world.

People expect things to work perfectly and are critical of companies when they discover a problem. they don’t seem to understand the development it takes to get the equipment to the state it is currently in. they also don’t get to see how bad the proof of concept and the DP/VP equipment that came before the finished products were. Also, there is so much testing that can be done before a product goes into the wild. Knowing what some of the products we supported went through and what they started off as, i have a new found respect for a lot of equipment currently on the market.

I wonder what kind of stories were inspired by the phrase “It’s a prototype, what do you want from me?”

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