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The Second Semester afterward and 2018 outlook. — January 23, 2018

The Second Semester afterward and 2018 outlook.

As most people who know me can attest, I don’t make new years resolutions. I think it is a silly idea to make a resolution to change a behavior or make a goal just because the year on the calendar has changed. we lack the connection to the root cause of the behavior change and thus the reason for the goal and the challenge we set ourselves to falls apart quickly. we rarely keep our new years resolutions without the connection that we need to change that behavior or keep that goal. I wanted to throw this paragraph out there since this is my first discussion talking about 2018. i will get to the why later.

I have finished Second Semester on the site. That means I should have already moved from editing and should be posting a link here so you can grab the free e book copy… well… about that. I have the feeling that 2017 was a hard year for most of us. I saw a lot of blogs where people went through hard times. On the surface, i was rather fortunate. I was laid off of my previous job but through dogged determination I found a job and didn’t have to apply for unemployment. What’s better, this job has a whole bunch of benefits and pays a lot better than my old job. I should be happy and my personal life should be on the ball.

There is a “But” there. Since starting this new job, i have regularly worked between 48 and 60 hours a week. i am on call, there is also a 45-60 minutes commute each way. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for family life or writing. the Writing is keeping me sane but it is taking its toll on everyone here. I feel like i am going to run into a brick wall of a nervous breakdown sooner or later. I need to take a step back and think.

I made some promises on the last page of Templar: Era Walker when it came out last year. promises about when books would come out this year. Before those dates lapse I want to take a moment to apologize. I do not think I will be able to keep those dates. Including Second Semester, I might be able to publish 3 books. I have those 3 books lines up and am trying to edit them: they are Templar: Forgotten and Templar: Schisms. I don’t think Ascendant is in a state to publish yet; to get the size down, i had to cut a lot out of the book and I need to re read it to make sure I didn’y mess up continuity. I don’t want to commit to dates yet but I want to publish those templar novels this year. If Possible, I want to publish Templar Resonance as well I don’t know if I will be able to do that with a Job that eats up a lot of time and has me on call a lot.

About that last chapter of Second Semester: Someone told me that it doesnt fit with the rest of the book. There is a reason for that. The first 2 children of legend stories are prequels for Templar: Order and Chaos. That last chapter takes place after the core story of Templar: Order and Chaos. It is there to signal the end of the children of legend saga hence the name of the chapter “we are children no more.” I wanted to tie it into the rest of the Templar series since the two stories do add dimension to all of the stories that follow it. I had plans for more prequels (spirit killer prequels and templar: darkness post scripts) but with the limited time I have I don’t know if I have the time to write them right now. I have 3 novels that need to be edited and 25 total that are calling my name to be written.

My 2018 statement: I want to deliver more content for my readers. I cannot guarantee that there will be a regular GPFriday blog, I cannot guarantee that I will be posting blogs regularly. I will post when I have something new to share (good or bad) I will shoot for good but if the bad affects my readers, i will share it as soon as I know something. I have a vested interest in my readers.

Thank you for sticking with me and my craziness!

Second Semester Chapter 24: The End of Break Ritual — December 15, 2017

Second Semester Chapter 24: The End of Break Ritual

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Chapter #24: The end of Break Ritual


Greeley Colorado

January 3rd, 2028-CE


As had been their ritual since grade school, when Curtis and Jena returned they set up a date to head to the bowling alley. They were surprised that it was open the Monday after new years but it ended up being a good thing since they had to return to school the next day. Lone Wolfe sat down at one of the table and waited for everyone else to join. Robin was the first to arrive since she was excited to come. It was her first time participating in their little ritual. She frowned slightly when she saw Lone Wolfe sitting there, “how long have you been here? You said this wouldn’t start for another half hour.”

“Why pout?” Lone Wolfe replied, “You are early too.”

“Because I wanted you to not be alone here,” She replied and sat down next to him at the table.

“You don’t have to worry, I have been here about five minutes,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I did miss having you around the past week but it is good that you are here now.”

“Yeah, my father didn’t want me going out for a while after that,” She replied, “He wanted me to spend some time at home with the family and cavort with Ray. Slightly boring but he got to see me in makeup.”

“I want to share that picture with Jena and Curtis,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You are the best looking girl in school and no one can come close to holding a candle to you when you were wearing that makeup.”

“You are just saying that because you are my boyfriend,” She replied.

“Doesn’t make it any less true,” He commented with a smile.

She leaned in and kissed him passionately for a few moments. They broke apart and she commented, “I know your father isn’t home and mine isn’t expecting me home for a few hours. Do you want to blow this popsicle stand and get some bonding time with just the two of us.”

“Oh that is very tempting,” Lone Wolfe replied then shook his head, “But I have been looking forward to seeing the both of them for a while and catching up.” Lone Wolfe smiled at her, “it is a ritual we do every year and we set the whole thing up a couple of years ago. They are probably on their way now or will be on their way shortly. It would be rude to leave and not let them know. Would be rude to cancel at the last minute for something that isn’t an emergency.”

Robin sighed. At that moment she spotted the two presents he took with him, “Oh, I see now. You got them gifts too.” He noticed the slight tone of jealousy in her voice.

“Don’t worry. They aren’t as good as the one I got you. He got a flash drive and she got a small compact of makeup. Unlike my father, I don’t really care where I am spotted in a store so I picked up her favorite compact for her,” Lone Wolfe replied.

She smirked, “Well, I wonder what they will think of my pendant?” She said as she made sure it was visible. With most of her shirts and blouses that she wore, the pendant sat above the shirt line on her cleavage.

“I am sure it will draw Curtis’s attention all night and might make Jena a little jealous of you,” He replied, “I like where it sits on you. I did that by accident, I had no clue what length of chain would work for you.”

She smiled and glanced down at it, “You managed to guess just the right length. It’s not chocking me and its not sitting between my boobs and smacking them around so you did a good job on that. I really love the silver rope chain you managed to get for it, by the way. It hasn’t caught the hairs at the back of my neck once.”

“I kind of wish I got you two chains so you would wear the other pendant I got you this summer,” he stated in response, “It reminds me of the happy summer I had despite everything that happened at the start.”

“If you know where you got it, I wouldn’t be opposed to another one,” She smiled.

“Another what?” Called out the voice of Curtis from behind the both of them. Robin and Lone Wolfe glanced around to see him strolling up with a smile, “I see you guys got a ton of snow while we were gone.”

“All at once,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“If there is a god then he answered my wish and gave me a white Christmas at just the right time. It made for an excellent break. It couldn’t have been better if we planned it,” Robin mentioned.

“Odd way of looking at it,” Curtis shrugged as he sat down next to Lone Wolfe, “From how everyone else tells it, it was a nightmare and we were lucky to be away from the state when it struck. You were aware there was a power outage and the roads were shut down inside the city. They declared a state of emergency and everything. Where were you two during all of this.”

“At my house,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“What happened to your house?” Jena questioned in a concerned tone as she entered through the door. She crossed the distance to the three of them right away and stood between Curtis and Lone Wolfe.

“Nothing happened to my house that didn’t happen to the rest of the town,” Lone Wolfe replied, “We were just trapped there and ran off of generator power for a while.”

“You and your father?” Jena questioned.

Curtis and Lone Wolfe shook their head, “Me and Robin. My father was stuck at work,” Lone Wolfe replied.

She seemed shocked by his statement, “You mean you and your girlfriend were alone in a house during the storm with no one around to watch over you? What did you two do during all of that time?”

Curtis smirked, “I know what I would have done if I were him.”

Lone Wolfe glanced to Robin then back to his two best friends, “I’d rather not kiss and tell.”

“Only because she is right here,” Curtis stated.

“I wouldn’t tell you if she wasn’t here,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Jena grabbed Lone Wolfe’s hand and started to flow her own energy into his body. Unlike how it felt before, when she would heal him, it felt cold and unusual. He pulled his hand back. Jena looked shocked, “you two are bonded now. What did you do? Tell me the truth.”

Curtis seemed confused, “Wait, I’m missing something. They have a telepathic link. You knew that. They had it since their first date in the summer. What is so unusual now?”

Lone Wolfe glanced at Robin. She shrugged and said, “You can give them a general version of events. Jena pretty much figured it out already.”

Lone Wolfe glanced between the two of his eldest friends. They were waiting for a response with different emotions written on their faces. Curtis seemed to be very interested in what they were up to while Jena and he were away. Jena seemed slightly annoyed but otherwise just waiting for the news so she could move on with her day. Curtis couldn’t stand the wait anymore, “Can you just tell me what you did? The suspense is killing me!”

Lone Wolfe chuckled nervously, “We heeded the urge to merge?”

With that remark Jena did something that no one, not even Jena herself, expected. She raised her right hand struck Lone Wolfe with the back of her hand hard enough to whip his neck around. He jumped out of his seat, holding the side of his face with his right hand, and backed away from Jena quickly with fear and rage mixing in his eyes. Robin glared at Jena in anger at that moment. Curtis shot up from his seat and rushed around Jena to place himself between her and Lone Wolfe. He didn’t seem to register the shock in Jena’s emerald green eyes, “What the hell was that? What’s wrong with you Jena?” Curtis protested.

Jena glanced down at her right hand. The back of it stung, she hit him hard enough to make her own hand burn from the impact. She glanced back up at the three of them, “I’m sorry.” She shuddered, “I don’t know what came over me.”

She took another step towards Lone Wolfe with her left hand outstretched, “I didn’t mean to hit you! Let me heal it.”

Lone Wolfe backed up, “No!” He exclaimed, “I don’t want you touching me! I don’t want you anywhere near me right now!”

Those words nearly brought tears to her eyes. She glanced between her friends. Aside from the shocked expression on Lone Wolfe, most of them were fixing her with their ire, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!”

“I don’t care if Lone Wolfe put it in a way you didn’t like!” Robin hissed, “You don’t have the right to strike him like that!”

Lone Wolfe turned to leave, “There are Christmas gifts for you two on the table.” He glanced to Robin, “Come on, Robin. Let’s go some place else. I don’t want to be here anymore.”


*        *        *


Jena watched with confusion as Lone Wolfe and Robin crossed through to the vestibule. Robin never looked back and neither did Lone Wolfe. They stopped in the vestibule and Robin placed her hand on the spot Lone Wolfe was struck. She must have healed him as he didn’t reach for his cheek anymore after she dropped her hand. They held hands and left the bowling alley after that. It looked like they were going to walk home or catch a bus to get home.

Curtis glanced between his two friends leaving and Jena, “What has gotten into you? Why did you hit him? I know you were never a fan of him dating Robin but you didn’t need to smack him over it!”

Jena sat down at the table and glanced at the present from Lone Wolfe, “I really don’t know what came over me. I was going to give him a verbal thrashing for being stupid but I didn’t expect that my hand would move on its own and hit him. It’s almost like someone used a geas on me at that moment.”

Curtis sat down next to him, “What is a geas?”

“Someone taking over your body and making you do something you wouldn’t normally do,” Jena stated, “The problem with that is the only one who could do that in this town is Lone Wolfe and he was genuinely shocked that I did that. Robin was pissed that I did that, I could feel it coming off of her. I also didn’t see her look back at all. I would have expected a smug expression on her face if she used a geas on me.”

Curtis shrugged, “Well, if she didn’t geas you and Lone Wolfe didn’t geas you then there is one answer to it.”

She glanced to him and asked, “What’s that?”

“You were more upset than you realized when you heard he slept with her,” Curtis replied, “You slapped him for it.”

She rested her head on the table, “Maybe you’re right. I can’t believe you can be right about something that a telepath would miss. The worst part was how he announced it. He couldn’t just say that he slept with her, he had to use that stupid analogy!”

“If you notice, he doesn’t like to talk about personal stuff like that and you did put him on the spot. The only reason why he said something was because Robin said it was okay. If she wasn’t here he would have said nothing.” Curtis mentioned.

“How do you know him so well?” Jena sighed, “I have went through telepathic communions with him many times and I seemed to have missed that but you caught that right away.”

“He is my best friend. It took me several texts just to get him to send me a picture of her this summer. I can tell that he had her permission because they were together when they took it. That means he talked to her before hand. If he is that up tight about a picture, he wouldn’t talk to you about something like sleeping with her,” Curtis explained, “You have known him for longer than me. I thought you would have caught that by now.”

Jena shook her head, “I have been keeping my space since those two started dating. She has been aggressive towards me from the beginning and I didn’t like the speed at which she was moving their relationship. I know he wanted to move things slower but she was speeding things up. Even if they were stuck in a house with nothing to do for a couple of days I don’t think he would have slept with her on his own accord.”

“Maybe,” Curtis shrugged and started playing with the box that had his name on it, “On the other hand, he might have just gone along with the flow so she would be comfortable. I don’t think her pace with the relationship is the problem here. I think you are jealous of those two. I think you wanted to be the object of his affection.”

“Can you not refer to me as an object?” Jena asked in response, “I am a human being, not an object to be had.”

“I’m sorry, poor choice of words,” Curtis waved his hands in response, “What I am saying is you wanted to date him but he found her instead because you and your family were on vacation.”

Jena shook her head, “If there is anything about her I am jealous of it is the fact that she is bigger in the bust than I am.”

“You will come to your own eventually,” He replied, “you are fifteen, after all.”

“After all!” Jena glared at him, “What the heck does that mean?”

“I mean you will probably look like her eventually,” Curtis jumped back, “Please don’t hit me too!”

Jena blanched, “I won’t.”

Curtis glanced back at the presents Lone Wolfe left behind, “How about we open the gifts Lone Wolfe left us.”

Jena glanced down at her purse, “I got him something while I was on vacation. I was going to give it to him today.”

“Give it to him tomorrow at school,” Curtis suggested, “He will have had a chance to calm down by then.”

Jena nodded, “That will be a good idea.”

Curtis slid the box over to her, “How about you open yours first?”

She shook her head, “I want to see what he got you first.”

Curtis shrugged but took the present and unwrapped it. He opened the small white box and smiled, “He got me a half terra thumb drive.”

Jena nodded, “you should be able to free up some space on your computer with that.” She glanced down at the box, “I wonder what he got me?”

“Only one way to find out, open it,” He stated.

She glanced down at it and opened the wrapping paper slowly. Just like with his present. He put her gift in a small, plain, white box. She opened up the box and saw a compact of makeup. Below it was a small pendant. It was a triskal over a circle. It looked similar to the one he wore but the circle went through the arms of the pendant as opposed to the points. A tear ran down her cheek, “Damn it Lone Wolfe! Why do you have to be so nice and know what I have been eyeing at Angela’s shop! I was going to pick this up the next time I stopped by the store.”

Second Semester Chapter 17: Collapse and Problems — November 23, 2017

Second Semester Chapter 17: Collapse and Problems

Happy Holidays!

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Chapter #17: Collapse and Problems


Greeley Colorado

November 11th, 2027-CE


Angela walked around looking like she was in a haze. It was all she could to keep up with the online orders, keeping the business open at night and keep up with her homework. She was managing to keep up but something was starting to take a toll. She had been getting up too early in the morning to do any solar Nwyfre cleansing and she had been having a hard time finding an excuse to get out and do cleansing rituals during any of the passing periods. She did so whenever she caught a chance and that seemed to keep her going but she had a feeling that she was running on empty and it wasn’t something that food alone could help her with.

She stepped outside and noticed that the day was starting to get cloudy already. She had come to hate cloudy days. It made for a difficult time for Nwyfre cleansing. If she were at home it wouldn’t have been a problem, it would have just taken her longer to do. However, with only a few minutes ding a passing period, she wouldn’t have time to get what she needed from the ritual. She tried anyway, something was always better than nothing, Where are you, Mentor? She asked more to herself than to the world around her. It had been so long since she had her spirit guide with her to help with this. If she had some guide, someone to help her, it would make her life easier. She hated being an adult and relying on herself.

After a few minutes she headed indoors. As she walked down the hall she spotted someone familiar as the hall started to twist and spin. It was Jena. She was thinking about inviting her and Lone Wolfe and his family to her house for Thanksgiving dinner in a couple of weeks. She didn’t want to be by herself for the holidays and she knew that none of them wanted to be by themselves as well. She raised her hands to wave hello and said, “Hey Jena…”

Jena looked concerned and Angela couldn’t figure out why. She ran towards Angela as darkness clawed at her vision from the sides. She never had a chance to figure out what was going on as the darkness swept in from all sides and took away all of her senses.


*        *        *


“Oh geez! You’re heavy!” Jena replied as she made it just in time to keep a pale Angela from collapsing to the ground like a sack of potatoes. She used her empathic powers to subtly pull strength from the people around her to lift Angela up and cradle her in her arms, “Lone Wolfe in the spring and you in the winter. What is with the people in my life and pushing themselves too hard?”

She spun around and marched toward the nurse’s office. The people started to crowd in as the passing period started to come to a close. She had to do something but balancing the amount of power she was taking from the people around her in a way that they wouldn’t notice or be harmed consumed her attention. Instead she came up with a clever idea from a friend of Lone Wolfe’s from middle school, “Wet paint! Wet paint coming through! Wet paint!”

Using herd mentality to her advantage managed to get people to move out of her way enough to maneuver them to the administration wing of the building. As they went by, people glanced to see a person who couldn’t weight more than 110 pounds lifting someone who clearly weighed more than her through as if she were cradling a small child. Jena sighed, she knew rumors would spread from this but it couldn’t be helped.

She made it to the nurse’s office a few minutes later, “I could use some help!” She announced. Her pool of people to draw strength from was starting to dry up.

The nurse glanced around and saw the situation then wheeled a bed out for Jena, “Here you go, how did you manage to carry her?” the nurse questioned.

“Determination,” Jena replied. It would be good enough, she wouldn’t believe that she had psychic abilities that allowed her to borrow a tiny bit of strength from those around her, “She is a good friend of mine.”

“What happened?” The nurse questioned as she wheeled her back behind a curtain.

“Not really sure. She just collapsed right in front of me. She was waving me over to say something,” Jena replied.

“Well, thank you for bringing her to me. I will write you a note to your next class,” The nurse said.

“I would rather say with her until she wakes up,” Jena replied.

“That won’t be possible,” The nurse stated as she took out a notepad, “I will have to call her parents to pick her up and take her into the doctor. You can call her later or on your next passing period.”

“She has no parents,” Jena replied, “She is 18 and both her mother and grandparents are dead. Father is nowhere to be found.”

“Then I will have to call an ambulance and take her to a hospital,” The nurse stated in response, “This is for her safety. Now can I get your name please?”

“Jena Beckhart,” She replied. Sorry to do this to you but I have to play with your memories a bit. She entered the nurse’s mind as she finished the note. The nurse handed her the note then walked off as if she had something better to do leaving Jena alone in the office. With the alteration in place, she could have a few minutes alone with Angela.

She stepped behind the curtain and knelt down next to the raven haired woman. She placed a hand on her forehead, slight fever and weak. You ran yourself down too much. You need some sleep but I have a short term solution. Jena funneled some of her own metabolic energy into Angela’s body. Her color came back and her silver eyes opened up a moment later. She glanced up at Jena and smiled, “What happened?” She asked.

“You fainted,” Jena replied, “You’ve been burning the candle at both ends for too long. It’s time for some rest and relaxation.”

Angela shook her head, “I can’t. I have to run the store and I have to go to school. There isn’t anyone else that can do it for me. The store isn’t pulling enough money for me to hire someone to watch over things for me while I go to school. If I could hire some staff then I could do it but there is no way.”

“You only have so much time in the day to do what you need to do. Something has to give eventually,” Jena replied, “Now, you can keep going like this and I can keep you going when I can but eventually you will deplete my ability to heal you as well. When that happens I won’t be able to help you anymore and you will land yourself in the hospital. Speaking of which, you may want to talk to the nurse before she remembers she is supposed to call the hospital and get you to the hospital by the ay of an ambulance.”

“Ambulance! I can’t afford an ambulance ride!” Angela shot up from the bed.

“How much do those cost? I wasn’t aware there was a cost to that,” Jena replied.

“Thousands!” Angela replied as she raced.

“Wait, talk to me after school before you run off! Let’s figure out a permanent solution to your problem!” Jena replied.


*        *        *


Jena didn’t think she would be able to trust Angela to hold up her end of the bargain so after school she quickly walked home and spread out her mind to find where Angela was. Once she found where Angela was and that was not home where she was supposed to be she managed to grab some money for bus fare from her parents and headed to the downtown district. From there she walked into the store.

It wasn’t too hard to find Angela, she was at the front desk looking like she was about to fall asleep, “I told you I wanted to talk to you about your problem and find you a solution to it before you headed back to doing what you were doing before.”

“Before I told the nurse that I didn’t want an ambulance ride to the hospital you sounded like you had a solution,” Angela replied, “I thought the case was solved.”

Jena shook her head, “You are wrong. I told you I could keep flooding you with energy but that has a cost to me as well. If I do that too often it will drain me just as much as you going without sleep drains you. I am not a battery!”

“I didn’t think there was a cost to you using your powers like that,” Angela replied.

“Normal use of my abilities doesn’t hurt me and short bursts of powers is okay as well,” Jena replied, “but doing that for a long time is too much for me to handle over the long term. Have you tried to push your telepathy too far? You get a headache if you do it for a little bit and you get a nose bleed or bleed out your ears if you push way too much. If you go past that then you could really hurt your brain! It is the same for Empaths but we hurt our bodies as a result of overextending our abilities.”

“I never thought about it like that,” Angela replied, “I never tried to overextend my telepathic abilities.”

“You are lucky, you have never been in a fight with another telepath. That is when you overextend your telepathic abilities.”

Angela slumped down on the counter, “Not sur what to do then!”

Jena glanced around, “Is it always this dead in here?”

Angela shook her head, “Usually most of my customers come here in the middle of the day or close to closing time which is probably around the time I would normally go to bed.”

“Do you do any business online?” Jena questioned.

Angela nodded, “I get orders from the bigger sites on a weekly basis and send them the orders to keep their inventories up. After that I usually get payments from them every month or so. I also make orders to my suppliers and have to receive stuff from them often. I usually hit the post office after school to pick up what I ordered.”

“You may want to close your brick and mortar place down for a while,” Jena suggested, “At least until you graduate in May.”

Angela shook her head, “I can’t do that! I have some customers that will not buy anything online! That will cut them off! I will lose them as customers!”

Jena scratched the back of her head in thought, “You may want to write a note on there giving them the cliffs notes version of what’s been going on recently. Let them know it is only a set back and maybe set up Saturday or Sunday as your day you will keep the storefront open and maybe get a burner phone and have that as your business line that they can call with special requests. That way you only have to keep this place open as you need it instead of all the time. That way you aren’t running yourself to the point of exhaustion again.”

Angela sat back and thought about it for several minutes. She tapped the glass as she tried to run through various scenarios in her head. Jena seemed to have the idea down solid for a quick suggestion. She glanced at the younger teenager and said, “you know, you are pretty smart for being just fifteen. How’d you get that way?”

“Over a dozen communions with over a dozen different folks,” Jena replied.

“You trust that many people?” Angela shrieked in response.

Jena chuckled, “Maybe the first four or five people with my secrets but there is a trick with communions.”

The raven haired woman with silver eyes leaned forward, “What is it?”

“Don’t think about what you don’t want them to know at all for several hours before the communion. The inactivity of the pathways keeps them from being used during the communion. A lot of people dwell on their darker feelings and desires when they think about a communion and that is usually what comes through but if you don’t think about it for a while before hand then it usually doesn’t come through or if it does, they won’t retain it.”

“So the trick is to not think about it all?” Angela smirked.

Jena nodded, “I am not sure if Lone Wolfe has figured it out consciously but he puts it to practice too.”

“I think he just compartmentalizes things,” Angela replied.

“That too,” Jena nodded, “that usually works well.” She glanced around, “I suggest you get to work on that note then get to bed.”

Jena turned to leave but Angela reached out, “Before you go!”

Jena turned around, “Yes?”

“I was wondering if you would like to have thanksgiving dinner with me? This would be my first thanksgiving by myself and it would suck if there wasn’t someone else there.”

Jena’s smile faded, “I’m sorry but my family is planning on flying out to Montana to see my uncle for thanksgiving. You might want to try Lone Wolfe and his father. In fact, his father is a cook and you would probably be able to bring a dish over there. You wouldn’t have to slave away over a turkey for hours. Knowing his father, he probably already bought a turkey big enough for four people just before she died anyway.”

“I just wanted to share the holiday with someone I really cared about,” Angela sulked.

“Lone Wolfe is a good friend of mine and if my memories of my last communion with him are correct, you were close to his mother. You could probably share memories of her with him and his father and make the moment a little more tender,” Jena suggested.

Angela shrugged, “That would probably be really painful for them.”

“Not for Lone Wolfe,” Jena stated in response, “If anything he would try to find a way to have a communion with you so you could have more memories of her from his point of view. He was trying to work out a way making it so you could have one with one of us more powerful psychics when we had our last communion. He doesn’t like to accept things as they are. His father, on the other hand, is a bit more delicate.”

“Why do you say that?” Angela asked.

“His mother was empathic. That is where Lone Wolfe got that ability from. I have the feeling that his father and mother had an empathic bond. Only one person has to be empathic to form the bond but either can break the bond willingly. If the bond wasn’t broken willingly, if one was killed, it puts the other person in a fragile state. His father was awakened suddenly that night, possibly at the very moment of the wreck. Lone Wolfe was awakened about fifteen minutes afterward, when they found out who was on the scene and died and they were notifying next of kin. Lone Wolfe kept him from committing suicide that night. He has been in a fragile state since then.”

“Why have an empathic bond if it makes a person that unstable?” Angela questioned in response.

“Both can do more than a single person can on their own. They can also feel each other’s emotions and share their resolve. They become more, together, than they do separately,” Jena replied, “The person who killed her was lucky it wasn’t something done in cold blood. If that he would have happened then he would have gone into a murderous frenzy determined to kill the person who killed her.”

“I didn’t know it could override a person’s free will so willingly,” Angela stated, “It makes me a little fearful to ever attempt to have one.”

“You are free to enter and leave an empathic bond any time,” Jena replied, “It’s only when the bond is broken through a death that those conditions happen. In an accident, like what happened with Sylvia Carter, the emotions are amplified by the individual. When someone is murdered in cold blood, we all want revenge for what was done, the fear and apprehension the person feels before they are killed is carried over in the bond. That is why he would be driven to kill the one responsible for her murder in that case.”

“Oh, I get it now,” Angela nodded, “In that case, I could see why someone would be driven to find and maybe kill the person who murdered their lover. One thing I don’t get is how you know all of this?”

“After my first communion with Lone Wolfe, while he was still sleeping, I had a chance to see memories of that night and I saw Lone Wolfe save his father from killing himself. I scanned his mind and found out everything else at that moment. Lone Wolfe believes that he awakened at the moment his mother died but his clairvoyance showed him an echo. It happens when someone close to him dies and the information doesn’t travel as fast as it should.”

Angela nodded, “I had an echo. In my case it wouldn’t have matter if knew about my grandmother’s aneurism beforehand because it wouldn’t have saved her anyway.”

Jena nodded, is that what Scarlet and Lone Wolfe sensed? That your grandmother had an aneurism and you aren’t sure if you will become victim to one in the future as well? She glanced back at the door then back to Angela, “I’m sorry. That must suck to know that you couldn’t do anything to save her. Has that been what’s bugging you for the year?”

Angela nodded, “I found out that the last four generations of my family all died of it. My grandmother and great-great grandmother all died in their seventies but their children all died when they were young. It’s like having a ticking time bomb inside my head.”

“Lone Wolfe hasn’t seen your death yet and I don’t think you have,” Jena stated as she walked closer to the counter, “Also, when I used my abilities to check you out earlier, I didn’t sense anything wrong either. If there is something wrong with you it won’t happen for a long time.”

Angela smiled, “That does make me feel a little better but I don’t know if I will pass this onto my children, if I choose to have them. I am not sure how my grandmother or her grandmother dealt with losing a child so early in life. My mother died just before I turned eleven. I don’t know what I would do if I had a child then find out that they died around the same time my mother did.”

“Well, you are still really young and have some time to think about having a child,” Jena stated in response, “In that regard; why deny your future son or daughter the chance to live, even a short life, just because they might succumb to this? You never know, science might come up with something to counteract this by the time they are born and you would have denied them the chance to live without realizing science came up with a fix.”

“You have a point,” Angela nodded.

“In either case, you don’t have to make up your mind about children right now, you have years of child bearing life left in you. You’d also have to find someone that you would be willing to raise a child with and find the genetic material, if you know what I mean,” Jena smirked.

“As far as someone, I think I found that someone but I let her go this summer,” Angela mentioned.

“Scarlet?” Jena questioned.

Angela nodded, “Sorry about that,” Jena stated, “Too bad I didn’t know about you sooner Iwould have had this talk with you much sooner and you could have had a better relationship with her. You still have to figure out your next obstacle for children but that isn’t something you have to figure out now.”

Angela nodded, “I have too much on my plate right now. Children will have to wait.”


*        *        *


Lone Wolfe was about to fall asleep when he received a call on his phone, ”Hello?” He answered.

“Hey! I know you wanted us and our fathers to get together for thanksgiving but I have bad news. Ray and I have to fly out to San Diego that week. We are supposed to have thanksgiving with our mother and her side of the family. Our father will be going with but will probably bum around town while we are there. We will be back after that though. We will have christmas here, I swear!” Robin answered.

“No problem, sweetheart,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I pretty much figured it would be just the two of us. Thanks for looking into it, though.”

“You know, it was weird for you to suggest our families get together,” Robin stated, “Usually the guy is pretty hesitant for that.”

“It was my father’s idea actually,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Considering that was the first time he showed interest in you and us since we started dating I decided to not squash his hopes like a bug. If he warms up to you it could lead to better opportunities for us in the future. He might trust us more. He might get your father to trust us more. Things can be worked out. We would be free to move more at our own pace.”

“I didn’t think about that,” Robin replied, “I guess you earned another picture!”

“You know your pictures are getting more risqué,” Lone Wolfe stated, “You are starting to tiptoe that line between clever with seductive, and pornographic. While I don’t mind the pictures, I don’t want either of us to be committing any crimes.”

“Are you saying you don’t want any more pictures?” Robin questioned with a seductive tone.

“No, I’m just saying to be careful,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I don’t want to be the next case of us going to jail because we sent each other naughty pictures.”

“Speaking of naughty pictures, you haven’t sent me any!” Robin hissed, “I’m starting to think this is a little one sided.”

“While I appreciate the pictures you send me and cherish them, I did not ask for them. Also, everything that I can legally send you in a photo you have seen at the pool many times over. There isn’t that much more I can show you without committing a crime and frankly, I don’t think my naughty bits are photogenic,” Lone Wolfe argued.

“I will be the judge of that!” Robin stated excitedly, “There is also plenty more you can show me. You can take a picture of yourself in a banana hammock!”

“There is just zero chance of that!” Lone Wolfe argued, “I wouldn’t ask for you to try to support your naughty bits ins small triangles of clothing, and I won’t do the same to myself!

“You’re right,” Robin chuckled in response, “You could take a picture of yourself in a bathing suit, though.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and rose from his bed, “You are right.”

“I love you,” She said.

“I love you too!” Lone Wolfe replied, “See you soon.”

She disconnected the line. He sat the phone on his bed and quickly stripped himself down to his boxers then grabbed his phone and climbed back into bed. He got an angle of his body into view and took a picture. He attacked the picture to a message and typed out, “keeping myself warm by thinking of you,” and sent the message.

He sat the phone on the charging cradle and pulled the covers over himself to go to sleep. A couple minutes later his phone went off. He reached up and grabbed the phone. There were two text messages already. The first one said, “You are so cute! I love you!” The second one was a picture with an attached message, “Something to keep you even warmer.”

To say the picture was seductive was an understatement. She was on her elbows and knees. She was naked but everything was obscured by either her body or her bedsheets. He was biting her lower lip and her eyes pleaded with him. His gold eyes widened and he breathed, “Holy shit!”

He typed a response back to her, the first time he ever did so as she usually went to bed right after send those messages, “Now I know the real reason why Icarus flew too close to the sun.” He typed before sending the message.

It didn’t take long for him to get another response, “Maybe next time you won’t use wings made of wax,” The message was attached to another picture of her. She was still naked but nothing was shown in the shot that wasn’t supposed to be. She cut off the angle just before anything that wasn’t supposed to be seen was seen. She smiled and was blushing and her eyes were still begging.

He laid the phone on the charging cradle and sank into bed, “Do you want me to die of a heart attack before anything happens between us?” He asked himself. He was asleep a moment later, dreaming of what happened if she were right there with those same begging eyes and he dared to answer the question she begged with those eyes.

Second Semester Chapter 16: homecoming — November 22, 2017

Second Semester Chapter 16: homecoming

Holiday week so expect an extra chapter this week for your enjoyment!

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Previous Chapter:

Chapter #16: Homecoming


Greeley Colorado

September 24th, 2027-CE


One of the things that Lone Wolfe didn’t think he would hate so much was homecoming week. It was one thing to celebrate the team’s football team and attempt to get into the team spirit for the occasion. It was amazing how fast the schools “spirit committee” could whip the student body into a frenzy over something as inane as school spirit. It got to the point where they would almost punish anyone who was not feeling the spirit. It felt like they were all brainwashed, with the few psychics in the school not convinced that it wasn’t entirely innocent team spirit building.

There was only one thing that could make the week end on a good note. It was something that he didn’t know he should be looking forward to for the school year until Angela had brought it up, “Who are you going to take to the homecoming dance this weekend? I bet you already asked Robin or Robin asked you.”

“I didn’t know there was a dance,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“You should probably ask her for tomorrow night. It’s not like the prom or anything but it is as close as freshmen get to it,” Angela mentioned. She smirked and asked, “Do you think anyone has asked your slender friend out?”

“Which one? Jena?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

Angela nodded and he replied, “She hasn’t told me anything. I would have thought that she would have told me something if she was going to the homecoming dance with anyone.”

“Do you think she would go with me if I ask her out?” Angela questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I haven’t given that much thought. She might. Give it a shot. The worst she could say is no.”

“So you don’t know if she likes girls or boys?” Angela asked in response.

“I can only go off of what she went through communions with,” Lone Wolfe shrugged, “That being said. She went through communions with both. Maybe she bats for both teams.”

“I thought you didn’t put a tie to romantic interests and communions?” Angela questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I don’t but I may not be in the majority about that. Robin definitely puts a romantic twist on her communions. Scarlet does not. She prefers space with no physical contact. Jena seems the same way.”

“You have only went through communions with girls?” Angela questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “That isn’t by design, though. I haven’t met any male telepaths that are close to my abilities and that seems to be a requirement for our abilities to allow it.”

“With all due respect, that is not true,” Angela stated, “You are forgetting a person.”

Lone Wolfe cocked his head in response, “Who?”

“Robin’s brother, Ray,” Angela responded, “He is telepathic, right?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I never thought about it.”

Angela smirked, “You may want to ask him. Why would you want to have a communion with a guy anyway?”

“It’s a little hard to explain,” Lone Wolfe replied, “When you go through a communion, both of you merge into one person for a period of time. When your mind tries to figure out who you are it tries to find something different about you and uses that as the catalyst to rebuild you as you. When people of different genders do this, it figures out who is who quickly and does this. I want to see what happens when it doesn’t have a clear difference to work with. Jena is still Jena even though she went through this with another girl so it finds something else.”

Angela sighed, “Sounds like fun. Hopefully I can find something to try that with someday.”

“If Robin didn’t put such a romantic twist on it I would suggest to ask her,” Lone Wolfe suggested.

Angela cocked her head in confusion, “Why?”

“The communion working seems to be based off of raw talent,” Lone Wolfe replied, “They don’t have to match up perfectly. The two people just have to be close to each other. I am stronger than Robin but I can communion with her. She is close to average and if what I learned from Jena is true; you are pretty much the average telepath so she should be able to initate a communion with you.”

Angela nodded, “You would be okay with it if I asked her?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Why now? It isn’t an empathic bond. There is only one purpose for an empathic bond. There are many benefits to a communion. She could use some of your stability.”

“I may just have to ask her sometime,” Angela nodded, “Until then, I will have to find Jena and ask her out before someone else does.”

“Well, we meet up at the north parking lot to walk home after school, you can meet up with us then to ask,” Lone Wolfe suggested.

Angela sighed, “I guess I will have to wait until then.”

“I have a question for you in the meantime,” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

She seemed shocked, “What is it?”

“Win or lose with Jena, Can I ask you for a ride to Homecoming? For Robin and I?”

Angela nodded, “Consider it done.”


*        *        *


The sun was already making its final descent when school was let out. Lone Wolfe and Curtis got out of their class soon enouh and waited for their three friends in the north parking lot. Lone Wolfe glanced to Curtis, “Have you asked anyone out to the Homecoming dance tomorrow?”

Curtis nodded, “Of Course.”

“Who?” Lone Wolfe questioned.

“There is this girl in third period that I had my eye on for a while named Amanda. I asked her out,” Curtis answered.

Lone Wolfe breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t know he was holding his breath until that moment. It was then that he remembered that Curtis was interested in Jena, back during their reunion at the pool in the middle of summer. Curtis gave him a curious look to which he answered, “I thought you would have asked Jena by now.”

“Well, I did ask Jena at the beginning of the week but she said no,” Curtis answered.

“Did she say why?” Lone Wolfe questioned. He hoped that Angela didn’t wait too long to ask her already.

“She just said she didn’t want to go with an old friend,” Curtis replied, “She didn’t want to feel like a charity case.”

“She didn’t mention if she was already was going with anyone else?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

Curtis shook his head, “I asked her that already but she said no. She said she might go alone. She said she thought you asked me to ask her. I told her that she was free to look into my mind but she refused to go in and take a peek. I wonder why she wouldn’t take a look?”

Lone Wolfe could guess as to why she wouldn’t. They had a couple of communions by now. Usually on a Friday or Saturday night. Afterwards, they would talk about the communions. It was apparent to Jena that Lone Wolfe’s telepathy was different from most people’s as well. It was because the aspect to telepathy that allowed people to communicate with spirits of the departed functioned with Lone Wolfe to see the spirits of the living. Curtis was different from most of the people around him. There was a different darkness about Curtis, different from that of telepaths and normal people. While Lone Wolfe refused to read the minds of other people around him out of principles instilled in him rom Scarlet, it would be easy or Jena to confuse that with fear about Curtis’s spirit and would could be found within.

Jena didn’t always follow Scarlet’s principles but she did so more often than most telepaths around them. He chalked it up to the lack of negative experiences she had with normal people. They shared the one negative experience he had. More often than not, if a telepath is found out, people would treat them as mentally ill and place them in a sanitarium and drug them to suppress the voices they heard. If a telepath was smart or clever, they would pretend that the medicines worked before real damage was done to them to get out. That was what Scarlet did. Many telepaths were not so lucky.

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “She takes privacy seriously. We can’t always control where we go when we are in someone’s mind and you are a teenage boy.”

“So are you,” Curtis replied.

“Yeah but I have went through communions with women that are older than me so I have borrowed some experience,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Some would say that’s cheating,” Curtis smirked.

“Some but not I,” Lone Wolfe stated proudly.

“How about you?” Curtis questioned, “Will I see you and Robin at Homecoming?”

“I didn’t know there was a dance until today so I planning on asking Robin the moment I see her,” Lone Wolfe stated, “I thought they were going to do another pep rally today but apparently not.”

“No but there is a game tomorrow followed by the dance,” Curtis replied.

“Don’t care much for the game,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Just care about the dance.

“I wonder if they will have a bon fire?” Curtis questioned, “My father told me that they used to do bon fires at the homecoming dances.”

“They won’t,” Angela replied as she strolled up to meet the group, “They did away with that years ago.”

“What!” Curtis griped, “I wanted to dance in front of a roaring fire!”

“There was a college that had a bonfire that collapsed and hurt a bunch of people and there were other safety issues on top of that. With all of the safety hazards, as well as the costs associated with the fire, they did away with the tradition,” She explained.

“Where’s Jena and the twins?” Curtis asked, “If you are out then they can’t be that far behind.”

Lone Wolfe glanced towards the building to see if he could find them. He spotted a single figure by the building walking towards them. The shoulder length reddish brown hair and green eyes with a slender build told Lone Wolfe it was Jena right away. He pointed to Jena’s spot, “Don’t know about Robin and Ray but Jena is coming right now.”

Angela faced the direction Lone Wolfe pointed and waited there. Curtis faced that direction as well but his eyes were focused on someone else. He eventually couldn’t contain himself and raced across the grass field to the girl he was walking towards. When he caught up with her, both of them started walking in a different direction. Lone Wolfe sighed, “Well, there goes Curtis. If you don’t want an audience, I can go find Robin and Ray myself.”

Angela shook her head, “That’s fine. You can stay. You need to ask Robin out anyway. I want to make sure you don’t chicken out and we get our ride situation sorted out anyway.”

Jena glanced to the two of them as she approached, “Weird that you two decided to wait for me while Curtis decided to leave right away with whoever that girl was.”

“Well, I have a question for you,” Angela stated in response, “I want to take you to the homecoming dance.”

Jena glanced to Lone Wolfe, “Did you put her up to this?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “She came up with this all by herself. She specifically asked if you had a date or if you would go out with her. I suggested she ask you herself.”

“Very well,” Jena stated then glanced back to Angela, “I will accept.”

Angela’s gray eyes lit up, “Really!”

Jena nodded with a faint smile on her lips, “Why not? I wasn’t really interested in most of the homecoming activities but the dance should be fun.”

Angela smiled, “That’s good. As soon as Robin and Ray get here we can figure out our ride situation.”

“Why do we have to wait for them? It’s our date, right?” She asked in response.

“Well, Lone Wolfe asked for a ride if Robin said yes,” Angela answered.

Jena glanced back to Lone Wolfe and chuckled, “You didn’t think to ask her out until just now?”

“We don’t have the same classes at the same time,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“You could have asked her earlier in the week,” Jena commented.

“I didn’t know about it until Angela asked me if anyone asked you out,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Kind of hard to ask her when both of our phone are in our lockers.”

“You could always carry yours on your person and keep it on silent,” Jena commented in response as she pulled hers out of her pocket, “That is what I do. I check it during passing periods.”

“If I had my phone with me I would be too tempted to check it during class and that is a sure way to get it taken away from me during class,” Lone Wolfe replied as he pulled out his phone from his backpack. He checked to see if there was a message waiting for him but didn’t see any. He glanced around and finally saw the twins coming his way. He smiled and said, “Doesn’t matter now. They are coming this way.”

Robin raised her hand to them. She smiled but could tell from the vibe coming off of her that something was up, “Hey Lone Wolfe! If you ask me any other question other than taking me to homecoming you are going to regret it!”

“That was going to be the first question!” Lone Wolfe called out, “Other than perhaps, how your day was?”

“Good, Yes, I will go out with you to homecoming! Took you long enough! My day went fine. I can’t believe I had to wait all week for you to ask me out to the dance.” Robin replied.

“I didn’t know about it until this morning,” Lone Wolfe replied, “No one told me anything about it. Don’t kill the messenger.”

“Your dad didn’t tell you anything about it?” Robin questioned with a confused look on her face.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “If it involves a date I am sure he wouldn’t tell me about it if his life depended on it. He probably thought I would figure it out when all of the pep rallies started. Anyway, better late than never, right?”

Robin sighed, “I guess but there will be a penalty the next time you make we wait.”

“You know sometimes no one tells him these things and he has no other family to talk to. Instead of punishing him, how about you ask him about it, next time,” Jena suggested, “That or you don’t get a ride to the dance.”

“You mean we already have a ride to the dance?” Robin glanced over.

Angela nodded, “As long as you aren’t mean for no reason. Jena and I are going to and I happen to have a ride so I can take you two as well.”

Robin glanced to her brother, “How about you and your date? Are you covered or are you going to need a ride as well?”

“Hey, I never thought I would be picking up more than just you and Robin,” Angela replied.

Ray scratched his chin in thought, “I think her parents were going to pick me up so I think I am good. I can change things if you want?”

Everyone glanced to Angela. She did a mental count in her head, “Six people means I would have to take the SUV. I guess I could swing it if we wanted to. It’s not like it would be more than one more stop. Go ahead and change your plans I will pick you guys up. I will pick up Jena and Lone Wolfe first and swing by to pick you and Robin up at around six. From there, we can pick up your date and head over to the school for the date. Sounds good?” Everyone nodded and she forced a smile, “Now just make sure no one leaves me alone at the dance or we might be in real trouble.”


*        *        *


Greeley Colorado

September 25th, 2027-CE


Lone Wolfe waited on the porch for Jena and Angela to show up. The air was getting colder and it was now more comfortable for him to wear his mother’s old leather jacket. He knew they would be here at about this time. His father had offered a sports jacket for the occasion but the smell of old tobacco smoke and sweat proved to be too much for him. It also fit him like an elephant skin. Instead he went with a gray button up shirt and help from his father with a black silk tie. He ticked in his shirt into his black trousers and then waited outside.

He received a text from Jena saying they were on the way. He sat on the porch with nothing to do. He texted Robin saying that they will be on their way to pick them up as soon as they got to his place. He was expecting a response soon but didn’t get anything right away. He wondered how long it would take for her to respond. He wished he had her brother’s phone number at this point so he could relay the message to someone in the house.

A few minutes later a gray SUV pulled into the driveway with familiar figures sitting in the front. Lone Wolfe walked over and climbed into the seat behind Jena. She glanced back with a smile and said, “okay, let them know we are on our way.”

“I already sent them a heads up but I haven’t gotten a response from Robin yet,” Lone Wolfe replied as he settled into the third row.

“So text her brother so we can get there and be ready,” Jena stated in response.

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I don’t have his number.”

“Swell,” Jena replied, “Well, let’s get over there. We can just have you knock on the door when we get there and that should get them in motion.”

Angela put the car in motion and pulled out onto the road. It didn’t take them long to get to the house. From there, Lone Wolfe dialed her number and let it ring to voice mail. When there was no answer after the second call, he made his way to the back door and said, “Okay, I guess I will have to get to the door and see what’s going on. I hope she is okay.”

“She probably is just taking forever to get ready,” Jena commented in response.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Lone Wolfe mentioned, “It is just a little dance at the school. Nothing too special. Nothing that should take all day to get ready for.”

“I wouldn’t have pegged her as the type to be so picky about how she looks for a dance as well,” Angela nodded.

“Sometimes people can surprise us,” Jena stated, “You have been going on dates where there aren’t a lot of people that know her. This one is different so she might be a little more concerned with how she looks as opposed to normal. That might be the delay.”

“Why would she be more concerned when there are people there that she knows?” Lone Wolfe questioned as held the back door open, “They see how she normally looks on any given day. What would be so different about a dance?”

“No offense, Lone Wolfe, but she might want other people to look at her see how lovely she is,” Angela stated, “It is nothing about you but it is part of being human. She just wants to turn a few heads.”

Jena crossed her arms, “I think it is stupid, personally.”

Lone Wolfe said nothing and shut the door to the car. He headed to the house and rang the door bell. After a moment, Ray answered the door, “Oh, Lone Wolfe, you are here already. Robin is still getting ready. Let me see if I can speed her up.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “You might want to tell her to hurry, the natives are getting restless. They might leave the three of us behind if she doesn’t hurry.”

Ray nodded then closed the door. Lone Wolfe glanced back to the car to see a glare from Jena and a nervous smile from Angela. He had a feeling his comment wasn’t far off the mark when he said that they might be left behind if she didn’t hurry. He waited there long enough for Jena to text him saying that she had five more minutes before the door opened behind him. He turned around to see both of the twins there.

He blushed. She wore a blue dress cut to a v in the front and the skirt ended just above the knees. Her hair had been done in slight curls and make up accentuated all of her facial features including her dark amber eyes. She smiled and turned around showing that the dress had no back to it. Lone Wolfe gulped, “That was well worth the wait. You look lovely. Now, let’s get to the car before we are left behind.”

Robin nodded, “I wonder how long Jena took to get ready.”

“I don’t know, how about you ask,” Lone Wolfe replied as he led the way to the car.

When they climbed in, Angela twisted back to get a look at them. She smiled and a faint blush rose to her cheeks, “Hey Lone Wolfe, let’s trade dates. She looks far too lovely for you!”

“I’m straight, thank you!” Robin huffed.

“Can I at least have one dance?” Angela questioned in response, “For being your ride at least?”

“I don’t see why she should get some extra attention just because she took extra time to do herself up like a doll!” Jena sighed.

“Please say your date is going to take as much time as Robin?” Lone Wolfe glanced to Ray, “This might be a long night otherwise.”

Ray shrugged, “I hardly know her so I don’t know.”

“Well, give me the address and I will drive us there,” Angela stated, “Make sure you let her know so we get to the dance before its over.”

Ray nodded and pulled up her address. He sent her a text message then went back to the map and handed it to Angela. She glanced at it and handed the phone back to Ray. She drove over to the house and stopped the car on the curb. Ray jumped out of the car and headed to the door. He rang the door bell and waited until it was answered by the girl’s father. The father closed the door and they waited for a few minutes. Lone Wolfe breathed a sigh of relief, “Looks like I am the only one who has a date that takes forever.”

“He probably texted her to take her time to take the pressure off of Robin and you,” Jena replied flatly.

“I can tell you for a fact that he did not,” Robin retorted.

They waited for about the same amount of time before his date came through the door. She was dressed in a red dress that did have a back but she did have her make up done similarly to accentuate her face and outfit like Robin had done earlier. All things considered, she did look lovely. Lone Wolfe thought that, all things being equal, she was still in last place in the car with Robin and Jena coming up as the top two women in the car as far as bearuty. He could see why Jena was upset. Jena didn’t have to work at it and the girls which did were taking all of the attention.

Ray and his date climbed into the car and closed the door. He could understand why Jena seemed upset because Angela was already trying to deal for a second dance but he couldn’t understand why Robin was so upset. Lone Wolfe was not giving her the time of day. He figured if she wasn’t giving him the time of day and instead paying attention to Ray and anyone who talked to her then he would be safe. He leaned in and whispered, “What’s up? Why are you jealous? You are still the prettiest one here.”

“She is getting all of the attention right now,” Robin hissed quietly.

“She’s not getting my attention. I’m all yours,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Robin sighed then kissed his cheek, “You always know what to say.” He could tell she wanted to say more but now the car was occupied with one person who was completely normal so she stopped there. It might have been that which made her so upset. Up until now, the car had been filled with psychics and the normal girl was the one getting the attention from her brother, from Angela, and some politeness from Jena.

The trip to the school didn’t take too long which was good for most of the occupants. As the doors opened, Jena and Angela jumped out pretty quickly and waited as Ray and his date climbed out. Lone Wolfe climbed into the middle row and shut the door for the car. At that point Jena announced, “Angela and I are going to be in the bathroom for a little bit. If one of you four can find a table for us, that would be great!” She took Angela by the hand and led her into the school.

Lone Wolfe glanced to Robin and asked, “There are tables inside? I thought this was a dance.”

“Of course it is a dance, silly,” Robin nodded, “But there are still going to be tables around the side of the dance floor for refreshments and places for people to sit. Did you expect to dance for several hours?”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I never danced before so I don’t know the first thing about dancing or how much energy it would take to dance.”

Robin took him by the arm and led him towards the school, “You are so funny sometimes. Don’t worry about the dancing part. I doubt many people know how to dance anyway. I can lead you through it but you won’t want to dance for a few hours. You will want to take a break anyway.”

Ray stood in line behind them, “I don’t know Robin, with a partner like you, I am sure you can make him dance for the entire night if you really wanted to.”

Robin glanced back at her brother with a leer on her face, “You shut up about that or I will make you dance like a mannequin!”

Ray jumped back, “Sorry sis!”

They paid their way into the dance and walked into the gym which had been laid out like a dance floor. Gone were the days where a band was usually hired to play music for those coming to the dance. Now, there was a DJ playing music at the far end of the hall. Lone Wolfe was pretty sure he recognized the man as an upper classman and the equipment looked pretty old which meant the student council probably put the equipment together and had a member of the audio club put together the lineup for the dance tonight. It was pretty standard anymore. It was getting to the point where a lot of schools were cutting whatever they could to make the dances more affordable for their students.

Lone Wolfe found an open table quickly and led Robin to it. They claimed it before anyone else could. He sat his jacket down on one of the seat then glanced back to Robin, “Would you wait here and I can get us something to drink and maybe something to snack on?”

Robin nodded, “Sure, some punch and some cheese and crackers?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Will do.” He walked towards the refreshment stand as Ray and his date headed towards the refreshments table. He grabbed two empty cups and filed them up with a ladle then grabbed a plate and piled on various crackers and cheese cubes before picking up the drinks and heading back to the table. He sat down next to Robin and sat the plate between them before handing her one of the glasses of punch.

She took a drink of the punch, “Hmm, lemon-lime soda with fruit punch. Not bad.”

Lone Wolfe took a sip of the drink savored the bubbly fruity drink. He took a second drink and said, “Beats water. With how they are starting to cut everything, I’m surprised they gave us punch.”

“We had to pay our way in,” Ray glowered.

“Doesn’t beat the fact that the DJ is part of the audio club,” Lone Wolfe replied, “We don’t even get a real DJ.”

Robin snacked on a cheese cube before replying, “I don’t see what the big deal is. They just play songs. Nothing too complicated or special about that.”

“Except that a real DJ sometimes has their own songs and they usually have their own remakes of other songs. They also have a whole bunch of mixes of songs that are well known. They are excellent at judging the floor and seeing if they want fast songs or if they want slow songs. There is more to being a DJ than just playing music for people to dance to,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“For someone who doesn’t go out much you seem to know a lot about being a DJ,” Ray commented in response.

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “Sometimes I just know stuff. I also have friends who know things.”

“Speaking of friends,” Robin commented, “I wonder where Curtis and his date is? I haven’t seen them when we came in. They could be at another table somewhere. I would have thought that they would be here and just at another table but as I look, I don’t see them.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I don’t see them either. They either aren’t here or they are somewhere else.”

“They could be exploring the school for hiding spots and probably making out,” Ray smiled, “Something I would be inclinded to do.”

“I wouldn’t be caught dead trying to make out with Robin in the school,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“No duh, I’m right here,” Ray commented.

“Not only that, I don’t have any keys to any of the locks,” Lone Wolfe replied, “If I can’t ensure my privacy then I won’t do it.”

Robin stood as the song ended, “Hopefully this DJ will play a slow song.”

She was disappointed and sat down. Lone Wolfe glanced around and didn’t see a lot of people on the dance floor. Those that were there were dancing around raucously. There was no rhyme or reason to their movements other than the fact that there some couples who were dancing together. He glanced back to Robin and said, “This is what I mean by earlier. Clearly a lot people want some slower music and the DJ is not providing it. He is either going off of a list or is just clueless to what is going on.”

“Maybe I could just go…” She glanced to Ray’s date and her words trailed off, “make a request.”

“Make it on paper,” Lone Wolfe replied. Her thoughts came through the link loud and clear even if they didn’t make it to word form.

She remained seated and glared at Lone Wolfe for a moment, “we will see where these songs go. If they don’t play any slow songs soon…”

“You’ll burst,” Ray interrupted.

Robin was about to make a comment when Jena and Angela strolled up. While their clothes were the same, they now wore make up which enhanced the features of their faces. While Jena seemed at ease and comfortable in the makeup, Angela looked distinctly out of sorts. Both of them did look much better than before, “I like what you did with the makeup,” Lone Wolfe nodded, “I take it you are the master behind your transformations?”

Jena nodded, “Not to bad if I say so myself.”

“Why didn’t you just do yourselves up before coming to get the rest of us?” Robin questioned bitterly.

“Because we were operating under a deadline and were trying to be considerate unlike some dates,” Jena responded.

“I’m going to go grab some drinks,” Angela stated nervously and walked away before anyone could say anything more.

Jena sat down on the other side of Lone Wolfe. Lone Wolfe glanced around again and asked, “Did you happen to see Curtis and Amanda on your way here? I don’t see either one of them.”

She shook her head, “I wonder if he was able to get a ride here or if he is dithering around somewhere with her. He has never been one for tradition if that tradition didn’t involve fire.”

Robin got an idea and shared it with Lone Wolfe, “Couldn’t you use your power to scour the town for him? I mean if you tried and spread out your presence you could find him quite easily. After that little display at the pool multiple times you should be able to find him no matter where he is in town.”

Lone Wolfe thought about it for a moment, “I would rather not. There are a lot of people in this town and if I spread myself out that much it will be like drowning in an ocean of voices. I have been in Scarlet’s mind enough as a kid to know how frightening that can be. It is all I can do some days to keep myself stable with the minds of those in my sympathetic range.”

“You’d still be able to find him,” Robin urged.

“Just because I would be able to hear him doesn’t mean I would know where he was if I spread myself out like that,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“But you knew where Jena and I was at the pool pretty often,” Robin argued.

“You were in my sympathetic range. If he is in my sympathetic range then I might be able to home in on him as well. If he is outside of it I might just be able to tell you he is close by but further than a couple miles out. I never tried to find where someone is outside of my sympathetic range before,” Lone Wolfe explained.

“You two are being rather quiet over there,” Ray stated, “Are you two going to sit out all of the songs or do you not like this slow song.”

Robin glanced up then grabbed Lone Wolfe by the arm and dragged him out of the seat and onto the dance floor, not quite giving him time to get his feet under him as they went. When they stopped, She placed his hands on her waist and her hands around his shoulders. She placed her head next to his, “Just follow my lead, we are just going to sway to the music.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Is that just what everyone else is doing?”

“Strange that after Jena showed up he starts playing slow songs,” Robin nodded but pointed out, “Almost like that little vixen took my idea away from me!”

“Are you sure it was her?” Lone Wolfe asked as he saw Angela drag Jena to the dance floor. Jena looked about as comfortable dancing as Angela did wearing makeup.

She cocked her head in confusion and spun them around, “Wait, you don’t think Angela would have used her abilities to do this? She sounded just like you and your restrictive rules with psychic abilities!”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “Jena and I have the same range, if we wanted to, we could have had him babbling like a monkey before we reached the parking lot. She doesn’t seem comfortable with this idea of dancing but Angela is really go for it. She is an average telepath so she wouldn’t have the range to do something like that until she was at the table.”

“She could have spread herself out and extended her range much further,” Robing suggested.

“Yes but that would encompass many more voices,” Lone Wolfe stated, “She doesn’t like crowds and that would be letting in a massive crowd into her mind. On the other hand, she would have waited until we were out here and started playing him like a flute, just this once, since people wanted slow songs anyway.”

Robin hugged him tightly and he returned by pulling her close around the waist, “Do you like the dance?” She asked.

He nodded, “I do. I love you.”

She smiled, “I love you too.” She breathed.

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