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GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter #12: Perception of Energy — July 28, 2017

GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter #12: Perception of Energy

As this story draws down on the site, my own story starts a new. I intend to have Children of Legend up for free on amazon about a week after chapter 15 comes out on the site. I can’t use KDP as they won’t do it for free so I will be releasing this one through smashwords.

It is impossible to find a picture of a girl with silver eyes and black hair but I always imagined kid Angela fishing at a pond like the below graphic for today’s chapter. Enjoy!

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Chapter #12: Perception of Energy


Greeley Colorado

July 9th, 2020-CE


Angela glanced downstairs. She was usually not allowed down there very often. Her room was on the main floor. There was only one room on the main floor. Angela thought it was odd that she was on the main floor. Usually, with one room on the main floor and her nearing adolescence she figured her grandmother would have put her downstairs. Such was not the case. Her grandmother had taken the downstairs room since before her mother was born. Her room was her mother’s room when she was Angela’s age.

Today, she felt adventurous. Her grandmother was tending to the store and she was curious as to what went on down there. Her mother always forbade her from going down to the basement. She never could figure out why. While her grandmother never forbade her from going down, she did ask that Angela respect her privacy and leave her room alone unless her grandmother was there.

July was a warm month. The upstairs living room and her room each had a room air conditioner. Considering that it had managed to reach 108 today, everyone in the city had their AC’s running which caused a power outage in their area. The inside of the house was already starting to heat up. She needed to escape the heat in the power outage. The basement seemed like the logical conclusion

She was right. The basement felt nearly thirty degrees colder than the upstairs. She wished she grabbed a glass from the upstairs kitchen on the way down. She shrugged and figured that she would go back up into the furnace that was the main floor if she got thirsty enough.

She also wished she remembered to take a light. Despite her new sight, it was far darker than she expected in the basement. She caught movement out of her left eye as she started to turn back to the stairwell, “Mentor, is that you?” She questioned in response.

“Yes. You have been keeping up with the exercises but it will still take you some time to adjust to the darkness down here,” Mentor replied, “This place is older than you, of course. It is also older than your grandmother. If you extend your Nwyfre, you can feel it.”

“Is that why it is so dark down here?” Angela questioned in response.

“That was how they constructed root cellars in the early twentieth century. There wasn’t so much a need for windows. Windows let light in. Where there is light, there is heat. People used to have store food down here so it wouldn’t get cold. They also used to store coal down here. Sniff the air, you might still be able to catch a whiff of it, if you are careful,” Mentor explained.

Angela took in a deep breath through her nose. She didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary at first. She caught the strong scent of sandalwood and sage grass in the air from previous rituals her grandmother must have performed in the basement. The smell of many different incense clung to the wall and formed a cloying scent that wouldn’t leave her nose no matter how many breaths she took in through her mouth and out her nose afterward.

She didn’t catch the smell that Mentor was talking about. She didn’t know if she was being taught another lesson or if this was a trick that the spirit was pulling on her. Her gray eyes looked around. When mentor didn’t move, Angela could hardly spot her. In the darkness, she was next to impossible to see unless she was moving. At the moment, Angela surmised that the spirit was standing still and studying the human.

Her eyes slowly adjusted to the light as she walked to the back corner of the basement. There she saw a room that had a dirt floor. The rest of the basement had a concrete floor. She was confused why this room had a different floor than the rest. She wondered if the rest of the basement once had a dirt floor and this room was left unfinished for some reason.

She knelt down and touched the soil on the ground. At that point, she finally smelled the faint carbon of coal on the ground. She didn’t see a trace of it on the ground but she could smell it, “Do you know what this part of it is?” Mentor questioned, “Why the floor with this part of the basement is bare?”

Angela shook her head, she sensed a trap, “I do not.”

“That small window in the corner faces the street. It used to be a coal chute. This part of the basement has never been paved,” Mentor replied.

She felt the ground. It was cool to the touch and hard. She expected it to be soft instead of firm. She glanced around to see if she could see the spirit but she could still see nothing. Instead, she heard Mentor’s voice again, “While you could perform Telluric Nwyfre cleansing while standing on the concrete floor, there are many who prefer standing on the ground.”

Angela glanced around, trying to see where Mentor was, “So grandmother Nwyfre cleanses? How come I have never seen it?”

“How early to do you get up in the morning? She is down here when she cleanses her Telluric Nwyfre so you don’t know when she would do that.” Mentor replied.

“There is nothing else for you to do here,” Mentor stated, “As you would state; the power is out. It is way too hot to play outside. Nothing else to do but to cleanse.”

Angela rose to her feet, “I don’t have any shoes on and I don’t want to run upstairs.”

“You don’t need to have shoes to cleanse,” Mentor stated, “In fact, some would argue that you should have your shoes and socks off when you cleanse. In either case, the room with no floor is a perfect place for your cleansing, don’t you think?”

Angela nodded and placed her feet on the dirt. She could feel the cool temperature of the dirt soak into ankles and legs as she stood there. She spread her feet along the bare floor to take her stance. She held her hands at her side and closed her eyes. She breathed out then took a slow breath in after a moment. As she took the breath in, she raised her hands up over her body. She breathed out and threw her hands into the air and back down to her side.

The cold of the floor spread through her body as the Telluric Nwyfre washed through her body. It made her feel calm. It made the remaining sweat clinging to her body feel cold despite the heat around her even in the basement. She took a few more of these breaths, each slower and calmer. Each with her eyes closed and her mind clear of thoughts.

When she was on the ninth cycle of cleansing, she heard Mentor’s voice, “You must be getting thirsty. I have some other exercises for you to try.”

Angela opened her eyes and glanced around, “Should I get some water first?”

With her eyes adjusted, she could just barely make out the outline of a figure leaning against the wall. Mentor shook her head, “I don’t think you have to do that. There is plenty of cool water in the ground beneath you.”

Angela arched an eyebrow and asked, “Who am I supposed to get to this water and what am I supposed to store it in?”

“Not many people can do this but I think you can it,” Mentor commented, “Your goal will be to fashion a cup out of the sand, make it as hard as rock and polished. After that, pull the water through the ground and place it into the cup. You should be able to drink it after that. It will be filtered by the sand if you do it right. If it doesn’t look clear then ask me for next steps and I will help you out.”

“Assuming I get that far,” Angela commented in response.

“Well, you won’t get very far with that attitude. You have to be determined and you have to perceive that you will succeed. There is a movie where they make a good comment about the difference between doing, not doing, and the myth of trying.” Mentor responded.

Angela nodded and her gray eyes glanced down at the sound beneath her feet. She knelt down and held her hand over the sand. She pulled with her Nwyfre and hoped that the sand would move or start to pile up below her hand. She cleared her mind and focused on channeling her energy through the ground and into the soil then back up through her hand again to attempt to accomplish it. She opened her eyes a moment later and saw that nothing changed.

She glanced up at mentor, “I can feel the energy moving into the earth and back out of it but I don’t see anything happening. I can feel myself picking up some other energy as I do it. I don’t understand why nothing is happening, however. What am I doing wrong?”

“There is more to it than just drawing energy. Your body is also the channel, not just the mind and the energy. You can direct most of the flow of Nwyfre with a disciplined mind but the rest of it You will have to offset with movements. Try moving your hands like you are fashioning a cup from clay. Only the wad of clay is much bigger than the up you are fashioning.” Mentor explained.

Angela thought about what the spirit teacher meant. She had worked with clay on a pottery wheel in class once. There were slow and subtle movements that helped shape the clay. In this instance, the sand was like water without the clay. The difference was once someone added water to the dirt down here, it would remain dirt and just turn into mud.

She placed her hands down and by the ground. She envisioned that the Nwyfre she controlled and channeled was the spinning wheel and the clay was the dirt beneath her. She tried to mold the dirt upward but the dirt refused to bend to her will. She heard a slight chuckle from her teacher, “What are you trying to do?” She asked.

“You told me to work the dirt like clay, that’s what I was doing,” Angela answered.

“Be more forceful. This isn’t a pottery wheel at the moment, a lump of clay, you have to work it before you can get into the precision stuff,” Mentor advised, “Pulse your Telluric Nwyfre down to your hands and punch down at the ground when you do that. Imagine a block of dirt rising to the surface when you do that to guide the Nwyfre.”

Angela thought about what the spirit said for a moment. She bunched up her hands into fists and reared back to punch the ground. She punched the ground, just before her fists connected, she pushed her Nwyfre forward mentally. The result was a small square slab of the dirt rising up out of the floor. Angela was disappointed with the result, she wanted an entire cube of dirt to rise out of the ground, not a small square lob of it.

Mentor, however, became slightly more visible with the result. There was excitement and joy on her face, “Not bad. I didn’t think you would be able to get that much so quickly. A few more pushes like that and you should have enough to work with to make a stone cup.”

Angela shook her head and pondered what went wrong, “No, that wasn’t right. It only bent to my will because I forced it. I should have been able to do much more than that with the amount of energy I put into it.”

Mentor glanced up at the young shaman, “What do you think would be a better way?”

Angela shrugged and was asking herself the same question when she thought about her science class in school a few months ago. They did cover plate tectonics and how the earth moves. Earth quakes happen when a point along the fault line between two plates becomes stuck. As the plates continue to move, the plates store up energy along that point until it reaches a breaking point. That was when an earthquake happens.

With everything she had been taught so far, shamans channel energy and that energy was supposed to work with nature to help bend it to the shaman’s will. While what Mentor suggested did work, it seemed too forceful which was why the result was so weak. She had to rush nature, not counter it.

She was surprised that Mentor was not pestering her as she sat there in thought. She wondered if the spirit could sense that she was working the situation out in her mind. In either event, she was close to an answer. Earth was supposed to be solid and unmovable in most situations. Time allowed wind, water, and its own forces to eat away at it and change the landscape. What she needed to do was to speed up and control that process, not force a mound up through sheer will.

She spread her arms out and held the back of her hands parallel to the ground. She mentally pulled the Telluric Nwyfre in the ground into her body mentally. She envisioned a heavy load in her hands, she wanted to lift it up. In doing so, causing a shift to make that column of dirt come up to about cube level.

She didn’t move until her feet and legs felt like they were made of stone and unbreakable from the Nwyfre. Slowly, she started to lift. The ground beneath the entire house, and she was sure the entire area, started to shake. Her eyes opened wide when she stopped and the shaking stopped with it. She glanced at Mentor. She was more visible now than she had been before, “I think you reached too deep with that one. You might back off on whatever you are doing.”

Angela nodded, “For a moment there, it felt like I was the Earth.”

She pushed some of the Nwyfre that she collected back into the ground. Her legs didn’t feel unbreakable anymore but they still felt like they could support the world. Again, she concentrated on lifting a heavy weight. There was no shaking, this time, as she pulled up but the square slab moved up slowly becoming more cube shaped like she hoped.

Mentor was mostly visible now, very clear to see compared to before. She leaned in to inspect the cube, “Nice. Now the easy part is done. You have to shape the cube into a cup of polished stone now.”

Angela glanced at the spirit in disbelief, “You call that easy?”

“Well turning that cube of hardened dirt into rock without rushing it into a pile of sand first will be a lot harder than brining the hardened dirt to the surface like that,” Mentor stated in response. She put her hands around the edges of the cube, “You will have to turn this into a circle and then compress it. Make it a vessel. This would be where that clay working like method you tried might come in handy.”

Angela nodded but her face carried some annoyance, “Why didn’t you tell me to make it circular from before I started this?”

“I thought you knew what you were doing,” Mentor replied, “You can still make it work, you will just have to re shape the cube now.”

Angela glanced down at the block and tried to figure out how she would plan this next part out. She would have to turn the cube into a cylinder then compress it down into a hard rock. After that she would have to hollow out the inside and make sure it was water tight. The final part would be polishing it. She had to do it quickly.

She placed her hands around the cube. She started to circle her Nwyfre between her hands and started to work her hands as if the cube of dirt was clay. The cube started to obey and slowly started to transition into a cylinder. It was slightly taller than before but that would work when she started compressing it down.

When it was to the point where she was satisfied, she envisioned a cylinder of energy around the column of dirt. She pressed her hands up to the cylinder of energy and willed it to compress and tighten around the cylinder of dirt. She placed one hand over it to compact the top so it would not spill out of the top of the field.

As she worked, surrounding the column with energy on all sides and compressing it, the column of dirt shrank and looked more like a carved small stone column. It didn’t take her long to finish. When she released it from the Nwyfre she used, she could suddenly feel the heat coming off of the stone she had made. She reached back with her hand and started to pool some Nwyfre into her hand when Mentor reached out, “Stop! What are you doing?”

“The stone it hot, I was going to blast it with air to cool it off,” Angela answered as she reversed the flow of Nwyfre in her body.

Mentor shook her head, “If you cool it off to quickly the stone could fracture or shatter. You don’t want to do that, you have come so far. Take the heat out of it, swap the Nwyfre in your body for the Nwyfre in the stone, that should quickly cool it down without fracturing it.”

Angela nodded. She couldn’t put her hands near or over the stone. She placed her hands on the ground around it and rested on her knees. She started to mentally perform a similar cleansing ritual that she had done earlier. Instead of cool earth feeling filling her body, her entire body started to sweat as if she was put into a steam cooker. After a few minutes, she managed to sweat through her white shirt.

She stopped pulling Nwyfre from the stone and glanced up at Mentor, “Am I done yet? I feel like I am in a blast furnace!”

Mentor nodded, “You should be able to grab the stone now.”

Angela rested herself against the concrete floor of the rest of the basement. She was now too far away from the stone cylinder she made but she didn’t care. She needed to cool off first. She rested there for a few minutes before she felt like she was okay. Her clothes now felt sticky against her skin from all of the sweat. If she was thirsty before, she was definitely parched now. She couldn’t wait to finish this task.

She sat up and grasped the stone cylinder. It still felt a little warm to the touch but heat was not radiating off of it like it was before. It was about the size of a normal glass except that it was a solid column at the moment. She sat it back down and placed her hands high over it. The last part of this task was to make the glass hollow and polish it.

She pushed down, funneling Nwyfre down and into the sides of the cylinder as she did. The center was pushed down and the glass widened as she did this. When she was done, she had the rough image of a glass that needed to be polished. It was also radiating heat again.

She went to work using her Nwyfre to polish the glass, moving over it fast as if it were wind without it actually being wind. The outside of the glass became smooth and shiny in a few minutes. She placed a hand over the inside and did the same thing with the inside and bottom of the glass. Soon after, it looked like a professionally made but plain looking stone glass.

The heat was not radiating from it anymore. She carefully touched it. It was cool to the touch. She picked it up and looked at it, “I’m going to go upstairs for some water, I am exhausted.” She glanced around. None of the night lights along the lower outlets in the basement were on, “I am surprised that they haven’t gotten power on yet. It must have been over three hours by now.”

Mentor ignored the comment about the electricity being out, “You could go upstairs for water or you could learn how to draw it from the ground. The water in the aquafer is pretty good, you could also learn how to pull water from the water table and filter it through the sand.”

Angela shook her head, “It will have to be some other time. This task of making the cup, it has wiped me out. I need to rest or grandma may find me on the floor when she gets home from work.”

Mentor nodded, “Sometimes the best thing to do is to know your limits. I also wanted to see if you knew how to say no, that you have reached your limit. Let’s go upstairs for a drink.”

Angela took the glass and rose to her feet. She led the way upstairs into the 108-degree house. There, she crossed the short distance to the kitchen sink and filled the glass she just made with water. She took it to her lips but before she could drink Mentor cautioned, “You might want to take some sips. You could be dehydrated and the last thing you want to do is make it worse by making it go down then back up again.”

Angela nodded and took a couple of slow drinks. As always, her face blanched at the first taste of city water. She was suddenly thinking it might have been a good idea to learn how to at least filter it before drinking it. She took a few more sips and could feel the cool water sitting in the bottom of her stomach. She sat the glass down and glanced outside, “Why does it have to be so hot today?”

“It’s summer,” Mentor stated in response.

Angela walked over to the back door and opened it up. She walked outside. While it was hot outside, it was slightly worse inside the main floor of the house as the sun had been beating down on it all day. It normally wouldn’t have been too much of a problem except the power outage had kept her from running the air conditioners.

There was not a cloud in the sky, “If it would only rain…” she said to herself.

She glanced around to see if other people had the power out. She could hear that there was nothing running on the sparsely populated block but she wanted to make sure. She saw nothing as she stepped through the gate separating the front and back yards. Most of the cars had also gone since it would be cooler to drive around or find a place with running power as opposed to sitting in their houses that had turned into ovens.

“If it would only rain,” Angela stated.

She got an idea at that point. She went back into the back yard and closed her eyes. She reached out into the air and felt the hot air around her. She could feel the wind high above her head and the slight moisture in the air. She pulled on the wind and moisture. After a couple minutes of concentrating on that, she could feel the sun’s rays diminish as they hit her face.

She opened her eyes and saw that big, fluffy clouds were starting to form all around them. It definitely felt cooler around them now. The wind had started to pick up. A couple minutes later and the clouds became dark and gray. She could feel a couple of drops of cool rain hit her skin.

A hand touched her left shoulder. She glanced around and saw Mentor standing there, she felt solid now, “You must stop. The storm will get frighteningly stronger as you fuel it.”

The rain started to come down hard at that point. She nodded. Mentor glanced around as the rain started to come down harder, “You should go inside.”

Angela shook her head, “The rain feels nice and I already sweated through my clothes anyway. I think I will stay out here and enjoy it. If the storm starts throwing hail at me then I will go inside.”

Templar: Era Walker Available on Amazon for Pre order! — July 26, 2017
GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter 11: First Communion — July 21, 2017

GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter 11: First Communion

Happy Friday, here is another chapter.

the Children of Legend chapters have been finished. As a result, there has been a discussion with my wife and family about what to do with them once chapter 15 is posted. In response to those discussions I will be making them into a free ebook available on amazon after chapter 15 comes out. I will post a link on a future blog. I will also stop posting links to the previous 5 chapters.

Children of Legend v2.jpg

Chapter #11: First Communion


Greeley Colorado

June 28th, 2020-CE


There was a park close to Lone Wolfe’s house called Farr Park. There wasn’t much there to entertain a seven-year-old. There was a climbing wall, some trees, basketball courts, tennis courts, a grass field, some trees, a gazebo and a swing set. It was there that Lone Wolfe sat alone and waited for Scarlet. His friends had left on vacation. There was no one else around for him to hang around with.

Scarlet came around and saw him sitting on the swing set. He looked forlorn and lonely. In the summer heat, she had her red hair pulled back in a ponytail. She sat down on the swing seat next to him, “What’s wrong?” She asked.

Lone Wolfe glanced around, “I hate summer and I hate Christmas. Every time those times of year come around, my friends leave on vacations. They see other friends and family and I am left alone. I have no friends around at the moment.”

Scarlet hissed, “What the hell do you mean by that? I thought I was your friend?”

Lone Wolfe glanced at her with shocked gold eyes, “I thought you were my teacher and I also thought older kids didn’t want to be seen with little kids?”

Scarlet rolled her eyes and sighed, “It’s now clear to me that you can control your telepathy far better than just a few months ago. You don’t know me that well. If you did, you’d know that I will take all the friends I can get.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and smiled. There was still shock in his eyes. He glanced at the rest of the playground and said, “I’m glad to count you as a friend. It seems like you are the only one around right now. So, I have finished my training then?”

Scarlet shook her head, “I wouldn’t say that. It just may be moving to a different phase. As long as you remember your basic tenants. You must never use your abilities against normal people unless they give you a very valid reason not to trust them. Again; that means something like them attacking you. Lies are not enough.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I understand. What is this new phase of training?”

“I have taught you how to control your telepathy so you don’t accidentally read the minds of normal people. You will have to deal with other telepaths, however. That will require you to know how to defend your mind against telepaths and if necessary, how to attack them. You will also need to know some more than basic communication with them,” Scarlet mentioned.

He glanced at her, confusion only deepening in his eyes, “I don’t understand. I thought you were only going to teach me how to control my abilities?”

“That was before,” Scarlet shrugged, “This is now.” She rose from the swing and offered her hand to Lone Wolfe, “Come, I have a new lesson for you but it will take several hours. It is not something for a park.”

Lone Wolfe took her hand and stood, “Where are we going?” He asked.

“We are going to take a walk to my house. My mother is home but she won’t disturb us during our training,” She stated as they started to walk.

“We always conducted our training out in the park or the playground outside of school. Why the change?” Lone Wolfe asked as they walked.

“There are some things that will leave us vulnerable,” Scarlet stated in response, “I don’t think someone will do something to us because we are telepaths but if we are to do this technique it will leave us in a position where an unsavory person may take us away. Who could resist an unconscious seven-year-old and fourteen-year-old?”

Lone Wolfe stopped in his tracks, “What do you mean unconscious?”

“This technique, if we can perform it, will leave us passed out for a short time,” Scarlet stated.

“What technique is this? Is this some form of attack?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

They stopped before a house before she answered, “It is not an attack. It is the exact opposite of an attack. It is perhaps the most sacred thing two telepaths can do with each other. The deepest of links.” She glanced down at him as she fished in her pockets for a key to the door, “There is no accurate word for it in the English language. I am not sure that there is any word for it in any language. Some call it the Bonding. A bond deeper than any bond you have known so far. Some call it the joining, for a brief moment, two minds are joined. I call it a Communion.”

“Have you done one of these before?” Lone Wolfe asked as she unlocked the door, “With anyone else?”

She shook her head and opened the door, “Not yet. You would be the first.”

“Then how do you know what to do?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

She ushered him into the house, “I know how to do it. If you communion with me, you will see how.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and walked over to the sofa. He sat down as she sat down. In the cooler air-conditioned living room, she took out the hair tie and let her red hair fall down to her shoulders. He glanced around the dark room then asked, “So how do we start this off?”

“As you have learned over the past couple of months, telepathy is tied to a couple of other senses. We will look at each other. We will see with both our sight and our telepathy. We should see something within the other, a light. We will reach toward the light and pull it into ourselves. We will feel tired when the light is pulled. If you flinch at that point, the process is broken and we will have to start over.” Scarlet explained.

Lone Wolfe nodded and took a deep breath. He glanced into her green eyes, “Ready when you are.”

She glanced at him. Soon after, he saw a light within her, just behind the eyes. With his telepathic abilities, he reached out towards it and felt the warmth of it. He started to pull it towards himself as she did the same with the light she found within him. As she described, he started to feel tired and weak, as if he had stayed up too late watching TV and shows on the computer. He sucked in a deep breath and lost his concentration. At that moment he flinched, letting go of the light within her.

Her eye lids snapped open. They both felt fully awake again, as if they had been hit by adrenaline. His face flushed red, “Sorry. I must have flinched.”

She shook her head and smiled, “it’s okay. We can try again.”

They again glanced at each other with both their eyes and their telepathy. They wrapped their abilities around the light they saw in the other. As they started to pull and he started to feel sleepy, he started to panic again. He sucked in his breath and his gold eyes widened in panic. The panic caused the connection to be broken for a second time.

He scratched the back of his head, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I am doing wrong.”

“This is an exercise in trust. One of the telepaths will flinch if they don’t trust the other one. I trust you. If you need time, we can do this some other time. I can figure out something else to teach you,” Scarlet explained.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “That’s okay. I do trust you. I just feel weird when we start the process.”

Scarlet nodded, “That is normal. That is why I didn’t want to try this in the park. We are safe here. My mother is home and will make sure nothing happens to us. If this place doesn’t work, we can go back to your house.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “There is no one at the house. I am not allowed to have anyone over when they aren’t home.”

Scarlet blinked for a second, “Wait a second. You are a seven, right?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Yes.”

“You don’t have any older siblings?” She questioned in response.

He nodded again, “Correct.”

“How could they leave you alone at home?” She asked.

“They can’t afford a baby sitter or daycare. They say as long as I make sure I am safe, I can go to the park. They make sure I have breakfast and that there is a lunch in the fridge that I can eat or heat up in the microwave. One of them is usually home in the afternoon for dinner,” Lone Wolfe mentioned, “None of my family lives in the city. The only thing they could do is send me away to stay with family for the summer but Relena and her father are on the farm getting ready for harvest. While my mother and father trust Relena and her father, they don’t trust the rest of the family. They don’t have a lot of choice in the matter,” Lone Wolfe explained.

She was starting to see why he hated the summer. There was no one around for him to associate with. She started to see why he was so mature for his age. She didn’t know, yet, how long this had been going on. She was suddenly afraid of something else happening to him. Something that was out of his control. She had to help him out, “This won’t do. You are far too young, in the eyes of normal people, to be left alone. If the police would have caught you wandering the streets by yourself they would have taken you away from your parents. They wouldn’t have accepted not affording child care as an excuse. Until I can find something more permanent, I am going to show up at your door step and baby sit you from now on.”

“They can’t afford a baby sitter,” Lone Wolfe protested.

“I never said I would charge,” Scarlet mentioned, “I said I would make sure you are looked after. Your parents must be worried about you. When we find something that will work better for everyone then they can make the choice at that time. One way or another, I will be calling your parents tonight to make the arrangements for tomorrow.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and sighed. He sat back on the sofa and glanced away from her. She saw worry on his face, “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I’m afraid that they will be upset when they find out about this,” Lone Wolfe stated, “your mother is a teacher.”

“I will tell her that your baby sitter up and quit on them,” Scarlet stated in response, “if you think about it, I have already been looking after you somewhat. You can just look at it as we will be spending more time together. If you don’t like thinking of me as a baby sitter then maybe you can think of me as a big sister or something.”

He glanced back at her, his eyes seemed to warm up to her, “Do you mean it?”

“I’m an only child too,” Scarlet nodded in response, “Even if my mother gets pregnant now, the kid will be little until I am off to college. If I am to have anything close to a little brother, you are it.”

Lone Wolfe smiled but the smile faded quickly, “Thank you, I appreciate it. There is one problem, though?”

It was Scarlet’s turn to be confused, “Oh?”

“Jena thinks of me as her brother,” Lone Wolfe stated in response.

“I don’t see the problem. You two are like twins in a way. If she would let me, we all could be a happy family but I would have to get to know her first,” Scarlet noted.

“You will have to ask her,” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “I can’t speak for her.”

Scarlet nodded, “I will ask her when she get back.” She glanced over to the clock then back to her charge, “Are you ready to try again?”

He nodded, “I am ready.”

The looked at each other again and reached out for the light they found within each other. Again, Lone Wolfe felt sleepy as they both pulled on the light they found in the other. He fought his panic as he continued to drag on the light. He let the light he was pulling be his entire world. He let it consume him until there was nothing left of the world around him.

It was as if their two minds were slammed together. Two minds joined and became one. Two individuals became one. Memories became disjointed and jumbled. The mind couldn’t discern order or who was who anymore. Thoughts became distorted; They couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. The was no way to call for help, there was no world around them anymore. All that was there was the one mind, one set of memories, one set of thoughts, and one set of emotions.

They watched as the mind started to assemble itself the best it could. There was a young child on the first day of school. She was not dressed in black and done up in pale makeup and dark eye shadow. She looked much like any other child was. Her red hair was not straight, it was wavy and curly. In her head, she didn’t hear hundreds or thousands of voices, she heard a constant buzz. Every now and again a voice would float up above the minutia and become clear. The other kids made fun of her as she sat there with a blank look on her face. The buzz in her head made it so hard to concentrate on what was around her.

The buzz was ever present. Only now did all seem quiet. The girl was now older. The girl was being bullied by the other children, being called names, being called retarded because she didn’t respond like a normal child, she was always lost in her thoughts. They started hitting and kicking her, she didn’t understand why. She didn’t know how to defend herself from her attackers. She eventually lashed out with her telepathic abilities.

The children fell down and screamed in pain. Some grabbed their heads. One of them started bleeding from the nose and ears after a few moments. She kept up the attack until one of the teachers grabbed her. The pain stopped for the other children. With no other explanation, she was suspended for fighting. She didn’t understand, she didn’t touch them. She only used her mind to defend herself. They were hitting her.

Her mother took her to a doctor. The doctor diagnosed her with attention deficit disorder and prescribed some medication to her. The medication only made her feel hyper and made it so she couldn’t sleep. The buzz got louder and almost hurt. She complained to her mother and acted out in class. The doctor said she had Bi polar disorder and put her on Lithium.

The lithium made her numb and smoothed out the sound of the buzz. It also made the buzz louder. She felt numb. Didn’t feel anything. Didn’t want to do anything. Instead of getting better, becoming normal, she became worse than before. She wouldn’t answer at all and it would take many desperate attempts to get any reaction out of the girl.

“No! I don’t want to be showing you this!” A familiar voice screamed in the mind, “Why are these memories playing out? I want something better! There are so many other good memories in my life! Why these?”

The images continued. The mother took the daughter off of the medicine and took her to the psychologist. There, the daughter revealed to the psychologist that she could read minds. She delved into the mind of the psychologist and revealed his secrets. The psychologist called her a liar then kicked her out of the office. In tears, the daughter told the mother about her powers and learned of her real father.

She started a quest. She used her gifts to reach out to other psychics to learn how to use her abilities. Learn to quiet the buzz and to find out what happened to her father. She became a gifted telepath but she never found out who her father was. She wondered if her father had gifts like her, able to reach out to others around the world when other telepaths could not. If he had that kind of power, he had learned how to mask himself from her. She thought she would have found him by now.

The memories transitioned to that of two children playing at the sandy beach of Horsetooth reservoir. Giggling and splashing each other with water as they went about. The girl there, with green eyes and reddish-brown hair just below chin length looked a lot like Jena, only a couple years younger.

No words were spoken but plenty was being communicated. Images from the girl with green eyes about times at the beach with her uncle in Florida the previous summer. Smells of briny air mixed with sea foam and water-logged plants filled his mind. He had never seen an ocean beach before and the image filled him with wonder. Unlike the lake, the beach from the girl’s memory was crowded with people sunbathing and others playing in the water.

His next memory was that of the farm, running through a field of golden wheat that climbed up to his neck. A red head with green eyes was chasing him, laughing. They were playing tag in the field of sandy smelling wheat. It was almost harvest time. The air felt hot and dry. Again, nothing was said but plenty of thoughts were being communicated.

At some point along the way, the voices and thoughts stopped. The memories stopped soon after. There were two personalities inside of one physical mind. The body decided that this could not be. Something had to be done. One personality had to assert itself and become dominate. The question for the conjoined set of personalities was which one?

The mind reached out to the body which lay dormant. It was young. Far younger than one of the personalities thought possible. It was also the wrong gender. It was a boy, not a girl. It helped figure out who the dominant personality should be. It was the young boy, not the teenage girl.

The memories of both individuals came into order, those of the girl started to fade except for the harsh dark memories that both had recalled in vivid detail. All of the memories the boy had lived, good and bad, were relived and ordered in the correct sequence. From birth to just before the start of the joining, the memories all seemed stronger.

It was soon after Lone Wolfe’s memories fell back into place that he could feel his body. There was a cool breeze blowing over him. Compared to how it felt earlier, it brought a chill to him. He shivered. He opened his eyes. It felt like a grand undertaking to do that much. When he did and his eyes finally came into focus, the light had changed. It was far darker than it had been earlier.

He glanced at the clock, almost three hours had gone by. He didn’t feel like he had been out for that long. At the same time, he was surprised that the entire experience of reliving all of those memories and emotions only took a few hours.

“Welcome back,” Stated a voice in a stern tone. He recognized it immediately.

He glanced over to see his mother glancing over at him, “Oh crap. What time is it?”

“Well, it’s after six,” She stated, “I called over here figuring you would be over here. Her mother is panicked because she couldn’t rouse you two. What were you thinking?” His mother questioned in response.

“She wanted to show me something new,” Lone Wolfe stated, “She called it a communion. A joining of minds. She said there isn’t a word for it in English that gives it proper meaning.” He glanced over and noticed that Scarlet was still out. She looked like she was asleep. He glanced back at his mother, “Why is she still asleep?”

“Still putting her mind back together, I assume,” His mother stated, “That was a stupid thing to do, Sean!”

“Wait, what?”

“I know what you and Scarlet did. A complete joining of minds like that. It is traumatic to the mind. It destroys the ego and personality of those involved. They have to put their minds back together after one of these ‘communions.’ You could have told her mother beforehand. You go catatonic when you start these communions.”

Lone Wolfe shivered, “Why is it so cold in here.”

“I covered for you two,” His mother stated in response, “I suggested that if she turned down the air conditioning that you two would come out of it eventually. I think she cranked it down all the way.” She glanced bitterly at Scarlet, “I think your training with her is at an end.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “She still has more to teach me. I don’t think she knew about being cata… cata…”


Lone Wolfe nodded, “That.”

“Either way,” Sylvia commented, “You are done.”

“She also mentioned that I am too young to be left alone. She offered to babysit for free,” Lone Wolfe mentioned, “Either here or at our place, it doesn’t matter. She said if the cops catch me alone that they would take me away. Don’t let them do that!”

Sylvia sighed, “I can’t afford a babysitter.”

“That’s why I can do it for free,” Scarlet stated weakly.

Both of them glanced at her, her eyes were barely open but she was glancing around. Her words only seemed to anger his mother more, “Do you think I will trust you again after this?”

“I don’t think we will be doing this again,” Scarlet mentioned, “I didn’t expect this.”

“Please give her another chance?” Lone Wolfe pleaded, “I need to finish my training.”

Sylvia sighed, “Okay but no more shenanigans or the training will stop.”

GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter #10: Alban Heruin — July 14, 2017

GPFriday: Children of Legend Chapter #10: Alban Heruin

Happy Friday, Happy summer

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Previous 5 Chapters

Chapter #5 Holistic and Connected

Chapter #6: Extending the senses

Chapter #7: Stairs of Rocks

Chapter 8 Spirit Sight

Chapter #9: Spirit Flight

Chapter #10: Alban Heruin


Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

June 20, 2020-CE


Angela was used to camping in Red Feather Lakes but it was the first Summer Solstice since her mother died. Her grandmother had a small camper trailer. Angela and her mother used to sleep in a tent to give the camping experience during their holy time a more rugged feel. While her grandmother packed the tent in the closet in the trailer but Angela did not feel like setting it up.

Angela crossed over to the back of the trailer to the generator. Her grandmother was meditating in the sun. She had brought a small marble slab and set up her altar on it. In the center of the altar was a knife. On the west end of the altar was a bowl of sand. On the east end was a candle which had been lit. On the north end was an incense burner with several sandalwood cones lit. On the south end was a bowl of salt water. Each station of the compass belonged to an element. Each element brought together the energies that her grandmother needed.

Angela could not meditate at the altar. Normally she could, but this was the first major holiday without her mother and her memories were distracting her from it. As soon as she placed her hand on the red generator at the back of the trailer she heard her grandmother call out, “Do not start that generator!”

“Grandma, I’m bored! What am I supposed to do?” Angela griped in response.

“You can get some firewood for tonight,” Her grandmother suggested, “you can read a book.”

“I finished the book I brought yesterday!” Angela sighed, “I don’t want to roam around with a saw and get firewood again! I got enough for a bon fire the day before, we haven’t used most of it yet!”

“You can write a book then, you can take a nap,” Her grandmother suggested in response.

“I’m not a baby,” Angela stated in response.

“No but you are a child.” Her grandmother commented.

“Maybe we should have taken other people with us. Someone who had other kids maybe? There isn’t anyone out here. I can’t hear anyone else around and the only other voice I can hear inside my head is you. You could have invited Sylvia and her family,” Angela stated as she leaned up against the side of the trailer.

“You think I didn’t want anyone else to come with us? I’m and old woman. I would have wanted you to have someone else to play with,” the elderly woman replied, “I did invite Sylvia, her husband, and her son to come with us but Sylvia and her husband had to work. Do you think you would have gotten along with a seven-year-old anyway?”

Angela shrugged, “It would have been better than doing nothing all day.”

“Give me an hour or two of meditation then we can go fishing,” Her grandmother suggested, “if we catch anything then we can use the guts as a sacrifice tonight.”

“Isn’t that kind of like cheating?”

“Do you want to go fishing or not?” Her grandmother asked in response.

“It’s better than nothing,” Angela nodded.

“Then don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!” her grandmother patronized then turned her attention back to the altar and closed her eyes.

“Not far from here is a clearing, perfect for a new trick,” Came a voice over the subtle warm breeze. Angela recognized the voice right away. It was Mentor. She glanced around but did not see the spirit there. She glanced to her grandmother and saw that her grandmother didn’t seem to hear the words of the spirit that was somewhere in the area.

She thought about replying to the spirit directly but thought against it. She was just old enough to know that speaking to the wind would generally be seen as a bad thing. She thought about something better which would also keep her grandmother from panicking, “Grandma, I am going to go to the clearing on the other side of the trailer. Come get me when you are ready.”

“That’s fine dear, don’t wander too far,” Her grandmother replied.

Angela strode off into the woods. The woods seemed to go on pretty deep for a moment then opened up into a sudden clearing. Angela glanced around in amazement. She didn’t know the place was so close to the camp ground they had been going to for so many years. Quietly, so her voice wouldn’t carry, she asked, “Where are you Mentor? I can’t see you.”

“I am around,” Mentor replied, “You don’t need to see me for this ritual.”

“What will I learn today?” Angela questioned.

“Assume the stance and close your eyes. Face south,” Mentor instructed.

Angela did as the spirit instructor requested. She faced the south and closed her eyes. She stood with her feet at shoulder distance apart and her hands at her side. Knowing that Mentor would instruct her to slow her breathing and start meditating she did her best to comply. It seemed easier, now that mentor was there instructing her. Her mind cleared itself as if wind had come to blow the cloud of thoughts away and her breathing slowed and steadied.

“A month ago, I taught you how to cleanse your Nwyfre through a Nwyfre cleansing ritual that you can do any time of year. I will teach you a Solar Nwyfre cleansing ritual. During Alban Heruin you can do this while the sun is out but most times of year you will have to face east and do this in the morning, before ten in the morning if possible.” Mentor explained, “on your next breath in, raise your hands into the air and on your next breath out push down with your hands and imagine that you are pushing the Nwyfre in your body out and to the ground, replacing it with energy from the sun.”

Angela did as she instructed. She took a slow and deep breath and raised her hands from her side to above her head. When her lungs were filled, she pushed down with her hands as she exhaled. She expected to feel something similar to what she felt when she made the breakthrough with Telluric Nwyfre cleansing; a clearing of thought and increased focus. All she got was nothing.

She repeated the process a few more times. At first, she made sure she did not rush the process as that would have gotten her nothing for her efforts. As the time progressed, she started to breathe faster and her movements lost sync with her breathing. She opened her eyes and sighed, “It’s not working! I don’t feel anything! It doesn’t feel at all like it did when I cleansed with Telluric Nwyfre!”

“It’s not supposed to,” Mentor replied, “Solar Nwyfre is nothing like Telluric Nwyfre. When you get it right, the effects will be strikingly different. Now, clear your mind and start again. This time, clear your thoughts of any expectations of what you are going to get out of this exercise.”

Angela nodded and closed her eyes and tried again. She let go of all expectations, all frustrations, everything around her. It was just the exercise. She repeated the process over and over. She didn’t feel any different for the first dozen cycles. Slowly, as she repeated the process, she felt like she was taking in a revitalizing energy, as if she had drunk a pot of coffee and it was just starting to slowly kick in. She felt charged and energized. Her body started to tingle with energy, as if she were standing on a live wire. It didn’t hurt. In fact, all of her scrapes and bruises she got from cutting lumber from the previous day felt like they were melting and falling away.

She stopped and opened her eyes. She had expected the world around her to be brighter because her eyes were closed but there was definitely something different now. There seemed to be extra colors now. The air carried the scents of all of the plants around her. She could hear the animals and insects scurrying around in the underbrush at the edge of the clearing.

In the air a short distance, she could see a shimmering distortion, something that she didn’t see before. She glanced over and focused on it. It looked almost human, “Mentor? Is that you?”

“You can almost see without me forcing the projection,” The shimmering distortion nodded, “This is the power of the sun. Solar Nwyfre heals and revitalizes. Your cuts and bruises are diminished and your senses are sharper.”

“I can see new colors!” Angela nodded, “Everything has been turned up a notch.”

“If you do nothing else then the effect will be temporary and will wear off with time. The cleansing worked a little faster on you than I expected. It seems to have given you a fourth cone already. You can now scrutinize a forth primary color,” Mentor explained, “This is just the beginning, however. If you perform a Telluric cleansing ritual at night, it will sharpen the abilities and give them more focus.”

“What can I do to make them permanent?” Angela questioned.

“For the rest of your time here, for the rest of Alban Heruin,” Mentor replied, “perform a Solar cleansing ritual during the day, for as long as you can, and at night perform the Telluric cleansing ritual. Then, every day if possible, perform a solar cleansing in the morning and a telluric at night. Eventually, they will become permanent and the real training can begin.”

“I better tell grandma to continue to meditate and cancel the fishing trip,” Angela noted and started to head for the clearing.

“Go fishing, enjoy the finer things with the new senses,” the spirit commented, “You won’t lose them from taking some time out to fish. You still have to eat.”


*        *        *


One of the things that Angela loved to do at night up in the mountains was to stargaze at night. As instructed, she performed her Telluric Nwyfre cleansing ritual after dinner and after the sun had gone down and waited until night to stroll back into the clearing. She expected to feel cold as it still dropped to near freezing up in Red Feather even in the middle of the summer, after the sun went down. The cold didn’t seem to affect her as much as before. She could also see in the dark a lot better than before. It made her wonder how the stars would be.

She laid down on the grass and gazed up at the stars with her new gray eyes. The expanse before her looked even more amazing than before. This was a view she could never get from Greeley. The galaxy stretching out before her. Clouds of dust looking like a natural cloud covering pin pricks of light in the sky. With her new eyes, they shined brighter and with new light. There seemed to be more stars than before.

She drank in the new colors as if she were a child again, looking at the clear night sky for the first time again. There were wonders to be discovered both on Earth and out there. Everything seemed to call at her. She wanted to take it all in. It felt like she could almost reach it.

“Should I get your sleeping bag or will you make your way back to the trailer soon?” her grandmother asked.

She didn’t hear her grandmother approach. With her new hearing, she should have heard her approach but she was too engrossed in the view before her to notice. She reluctantly broke her glance with the night sky and focused on her grandmother, “I’m sorry, I must have lost track of the time.” She turned back to the stars, “Have you ever seen the night sky with new eyes? Seen it with new colors?”

“Did you eat some mushrooms you found in the woods?” Her grandmother sounded worried.

“No, I meditated and took in the energy from the sun. Since then I have been seeing new colors. Everything seems better than before. Better hearing, stronger smells. The fish tasted like stronger fish,” Angela replied, “I can’t explain it any better than that.”

“Who taught you how to take in the energy from the sun like that?” Her grandmother asked, “I know what you are talking about. I didn’t teach you that. Your mother didn’t teach you that. She never went on camping trips for the religion. She went on the trips because she liked camping. She liked seeing the stars at night. She liked telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows and hotdogs over the fire. She was never a shaman, never a druid. Who taught you?”

Angela was unsure how to answer. She stretched the truth once with her. It was a dream when she learned about the spirit stones. She learned how to use them for astral projection and her room has been mostly clear of ghosts since. Now, she has learned how to cleanse her Nwyfre, she was starting to gain from the training Mentor was giving her.

“I’m waiting for an answer, young lady,” Her grandmother stated.

“Dreams,” Angela answered, “I can’t explain it any better than that. Just like the stones, I learn this stuff in my sleep and I try them out the next day.”

Her grandmother was silent. Even in the dark, she could still see the old woman’s face. She didn’t know if her grandmother was trying to decide if she was lying or if she was deciding what to do next. She shrugged, “Your mother never had your talents. I can gaze into the future as well but as I have gotten older, the abilities seem to have faded. I don’t think I was able to glean this much from my dreams. Maybe you are the next step, maybe your children will have talents too. If you ever want me to teach you, let me know. Otherwise, I will leave you to your solo studies as long as you don’t dabble in anything dangerous. Once that happens, I will stop you.”

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