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Warning: Rant about the first amendment — July 5, 2017

Warning: Rant about the first amendment

So I just got done watching a documentary on Netflix called Nobody Speak; Trials of the Free Press. I recommend that everyone who writes fiction and non fiction alike watch it and speak out about it. It reminds me of something that has been bugging me ever since late last year and ever since high school actually.

When people ask me which amendment I think is under the greatest threat, I have a hard time with that one. The second amendment seems like the obvious choice but when I think about it; it is pretty secure. There are minor gains by one side on one election run and reversals on another election run. The reason for that is simple: every time someone tries to go after the second amendment to either protect and expand it or limit it there is MEDIA COVERAGE of the event. The press are all over it, covering it from every angle. We have the first amendment to thank for that.

Good or bad; if we all write something, we should be very concerned with what is going on with the first amendment right now. Our freedom of speech, as writers, is dependent on whether or not our front line soldiers, the Free Press, remains protected under law and allowed to thrive. If too many journalists are afraid of judicial attack from people who have nothing to gain other than silencing another voice and making the rest toe the line they draw in the sand, we won’t know the rest of our rights will have been taken away until it is too late.

At that point everything the writers have written will be scrutinized and come under attack. Anything that could make them challenge the rule of authority will be banned (for real, not the banned lists that we all read anyway because we could!) and repeated publishing of our works that continue to challenge the authority will eventually be punishable by real jail time. It won’t happen now but it is a slippery slope and we won’t actually be aware we are at the bottom of the heap until it is too late.

We have to support the free press and we have to make sure our FIRST AMENDMENT is not taken away. Without it, it doesn’t matter how important (and they all are) the other amendments are, we won’t know that we have lost them until they are already stricken from the rolls. Like them or hate them: we depend on the Free Press to remain free ourselves.

that’s all for this rant. Sorry to bother you with but it has been bugging me!

Templar: Order and Chaos 2nd edition in the works. — May 31, 2017

Templar: Order and Chaos 2nd edition in the works.

Well, today is in DESPERATE need of some good news. The second edition text of Templar: order and Chaos has been out on Kindle for a little bit but I have a new cover and I have changes in review for the second edition Templar: Order and Chaos on Createspace. the covers for both the E-book and the physical will now match AND they will now have the second edition text in print. Here is the cover for Templar: Order and Chaos going forward. it is much better than the garbage that was available through the kindle cover creator and through Createspace.

Templar- Order and Chaos.png

Additionally: there is a new One liner and Synopses for both the E-Book and the Physical editions:

“There are forces in the modern world that could unwittingly destroy it, fortunately, there are some talented people to defend it.

For Lone Wolfe, he wondered if his biggest problems were the strange dreams of a person he had not yet met or the strange powers that he and his best friends seemed to suddenly possess. He never imagined that he lived in a world wehre arcane magic existed and Vampires were more than fiction.

Jena would like Nothing more than to stay in her home town but other forces have other things planned for her. She falls head first into a world of Lilithians and their dark ways pulled along by lust in intrigue.

If the world is to be saved, these two, trusted with the secrets of the Keepers of the balance must find out what draws the mages and Lilithians together before both sides inadvertently end the world.”

The ebook edition is available on Amazon now (old cover is still on there last I checked but the text is new):

GPFriday: Psychokinetics — May 6, 2017

GPFriday: Psychokinetics

It’s Friday and uncertainty waits in the wings. It could be a two day weekend or it could be a very short weekend and a lonely Sunday at work, working on prototypes to help the project with a deadline if everything comes together. Luck doesn’t seem to be on your side this week; the system feels like it is crashing, its against you at every turn. It’s spring, it’s warm outside, you want to frolic like a kid and you don’t want to shoe horn yourself into that clown car with no A/C anymore but every time you go to try to get a the car you are looking for, the broken system of luck bites you in the A$$! what to do…

I missed last week because deadlines are looming and as deadlines loom on a department level, my anxiety goes through the roof. I bottle it up to keep calm at work so I do my best to keep sane by writing when I get the chance. Instead of a blog post last week I wrote some bonus chapters for the Templar line that I can post on here in a couple of weeks. This week was filled with even more anxiety so I haven’t had time to research anything dealing with psychokinetic lore. most of that section will be short and come from memory. Sorry for the rushed feel.

Psychokinesis and Telekinesis are typically used interchangeably to describe the same set of powers which may, or may not, be different. I have divided them into two categories. The first category is Psychokinesis which I define as the mental control of energy.

That seems to be a broad term but it is accurate. There are tales of people that can control fire and lightning which are all forms of energy. While they can control Kinetic and potential energy, they are not to be confused with Telekinesis which will be covered next GPFriday. They can choose if an object accelerates through space or stops, they can trade out the potential and kinetic energy in an object but they cannot control precision movement (such as picking up an object and causing it to float still and silent in the air).

Well, unfortunately life is busy this week. There won’t be a GPFriday next week on account of Mothers Day weekend. Depending on how some other projects at work go the week after that, we may not have a blog that following friday as well. It all depends on what happens.

Okay, no Mobile app developers either please, (no other app developers either). — March 29, 2017

Okay, no Mobile app developers either please, (no other app developers either).

Okay, either they read the last blog and stopped or I happened to catch a lull in the web developer requests. eitherway, yay!

so, i have been getting a new set of calls and emails. ones for mobile app developers. I have no need for mobile apps right now, no thank you. If i happen to get money to afford placing into products i own it will go into getting an editor followed by advertising for my novels. As such, the budget for that is falling short at the moment. Please no app developers, no mobile app developers and no web developers. I don’t have the budget for that right now. if that changes I will look for one if I don’t have enough time to make these things myself. thank you for your time.

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