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Going solo with spelling errors

IWSG October: Have you ever slipped any of your personal information into your characters, either by accident or on purpose? — October 4, 2017

IWSG October: Have you ever slipped any of your personal information into your characters, either by accident or on purpose?


The IWSG is filled with wonderful people that love to help out, be sure to check out their blog and sign up! You will meet a lot of wonderful people along the way.

Have I ever slipped information about myself into a character. Yes, sort of on purpose. the facts have been changed to make it mostly fiction but its still there. it was posted on here recently. Children of Legend chapter 1. Now when you read that; you may think “a teacher attacking a student? Impossible.” Wouldn’t ever happen.

Wrong. Now my second grade teacher didn’t choke me like what happened to Lone Wolfe but I have severe food alergy. She shoved that food into my mouth and laughed as my throat started to close up and I started to choke. I figured a reason and anger as well as being choked would be a better turn than a food allergy and laughing. I don’t remember much after seeing her laugh but my friends did grab a teacher (who happened to know my mother) and they got me medical help.

Unlike the novel: my parents weren’t contacted by the school and I didn’t say anything either. What is a seven year old supposed to say about such an event. Parents; “Hey dude, how was school today?” me; “Oh you know, teacher attacked me with food and I almost died. the school took care of it.” M mother didn’t find out until later in the night when the other teacher mentioned above found out the school was going to sweep it under the rug and took it upon herself to call her friend and my mother to let her know what happened.

My mother asked me at that point what happened. I told her what I remembered. I missed school the next day because my parents were in a conference with the principal and superintendent to figure out what to do with the situation. My mother wanted to have the teacher arrested and to sue the school. We were poor and couldn’t afford to hire an attorney. The school agreed to switch me classes and make sure the teacher had no further contact with me. That was the best the parents got. Justice denied.

This happened all the way back in 1992. Yes, to this day, despite counseling, i still have problems with authority figures of any kind except the police (never figured that one out). There are times that reality can suck. Fortunately, I had friends that helped me when I needed it most. To this day, it is always easy for me to trust my friends and those close to me. If anything good came out the experience, it was that trust in my friends.

IWSG: What are my pet peeves when reading/writing/editing? — August 2, 2017

IWSG: What are my pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?

Good morning everything, it is the first Wednesday of August which means it is time for another Insecure Writers Support Group blog post. It is a very friendly site with very friendly people: you can find them here:

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I feel like I answered the first question before. I go it easy when I see grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Not everyone can afford an editor and even the best editors can mist stuff. It doesn’t matter how many eyes are on it, it will be missed. As long as the story is good, I will keep reading. I have a hard time reading on a computer screen so I prefer a kindle. It is easy on the eyes like paper. I can read for longer on those screens than a computer, tablet or phone screen.

Writing: That one is pretty simple: music and chai tea followed by copious amounts of other caffeine sources. Preferably, some peace and quiet too but that isn’t always possible.

Editing: That is a hard one. Persistence. That is the best practice for me. Just be persistent and keep working at it.

That’s it; see you next month!


IWSG: What is one valuable lesson I learned since I started writing — July 5, 2017

IWSG: What is one valuable lesson I learned since I started writing

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This month’s question: What is one valuable lesson I learned since I started writing?

The first thing that comes to mind is that we each have our own different writing styles and that style can make some people fall in love with our world and our writing and it can grate on someone else’s nerves.

A good example of this is me and my best friend. She is a fellow writer. We have different writing styles. She could like my work, she does like what i put into my world but how I write, my writing style, drives her nuts. During the re-write of Templar: Order and Chaos, I was having a wording problem with a sentence. My wife didn’t have an idea how to fix it. My mother in law, an English major, was not available. I turned to the next best person for help; my friend and fellow writer. She told me how to re-write the sentence and naturally, she fell into her own style when she told me how to re-write the sentence.

I shook my head and told her “that doesn’t work, it doesn’t fit with the entire paragraph, the tense is different, the flow is different. there isn’t one shred of me in that sentence.”

She read the paragraph and told me how to re write the paragraph. Again, she fell into her own style with it. I shook my head and said that doesn’t work, “We write so differently that anyone reading this would be able to tell that someone different wrote that paragraph.”

All she could do at that point was shrug and say, “I tried. You are on your own.”

God bless the editors. I don’t know how they can edit other people’s work and keep their own individuality out of editing other people’s work but they do it well! I just hope that I will make enough money someday to put a professional editor on retainer.

Now my wife likes my work. I have heard from friends of my writer friend that they love my character development. It seems to be the biggest stumbling block is my formal written language. an English major friend of mine said it was actually refreshing to see that in writing but it could drive some people nuts.

As for my wife; what is driving her nuts right now is GPFriday is only dropping one chapter at a time of Children of Legend; the Serial about the main characters of Templar: Order and Chaos before they grew up.

IWSG: June: Did I ever say “I Quit?” and what made me come back to writing… — June 7, 2017

IWSG: June: Did I ever say “I Quit?” and what made me come back to writing…

It is the first Wednesday of June and hopefully summer is around the corner. Welcome new writers and if you haven’t been to the site yet, be sure to visit the IWSG support group…/iwsg-sign-upinsecure-writers-support-group-badge

The June question is: Did we ever say “I quit?” If so, what made us come back to writing.


Since I go insane if I don’t write and my mother proved that this is a life long thing by pulling out a picture book i drew and wrote when I was 3, I never said I quit per se.

I am ashamed to admit it but I am a former smoker. I have been vaping since 2009 (since before it was infamous, before it was cool, before it was trendy, before it was weird, before it was awkward, before a lot of people knew about it). that was the best way i knew of to put down tobacco for good. I have made many attempts to quit smoking

chantix… If you are like me DON’T TRY CHANTIX!!

the patch, doesnt seem to work if you STILL SMOKE WHILE WEARING IT


They resorted to other anti depressants. One worked but it also took away that link in my brain between my creative writing and my hands. It’s called Wellbutron. I didn’t smoke, i didnt crave, didn’t even think about smoking for 3 weeks. I also couldn’t put pen to paper in a creative way for 3 weeks. I couldn’t type a limerick or prose, let alone work on a novel during that time.

This is how my wife learned I really do go crazy if I don’t write. before, she thought I was making it up, i just really wanted to write and just used my mental health as an excuse. Nope, something goes wrong with my thought process if I cannot write. I can try to go without writing but sooner or later I am COMPELLED to write. if something blocks me from it then it is like normal people without sleep. I go BANANAS!

At the end of the 3 weeks me and my wife came to a critical decision. throw the wellbutron away and if I go back to smoking we will find something else. If i have to try anything that messes with my brain chemestry we have to make sure it is nothing like wellbutron, we want that 3 week period to be nothing more than a fuzzy reminder.

at least a few days after the last dose I was able to write again.


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