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GPFriday Second Semester Chapter #22: Christmas Eve — December 8, 2017

GPFriday Second Semester Chapter #22: Christmas Eve


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Chapter #22: Christmas Eve

Greeley Colorado

December 24th, 2027-CE


Lone Wolfe and Robin awakened in the morning. The snow had stopped in the morning before but plows and cars were hard to be found. They had no power coming from the city. While they enjoyed the time they could inside, Lone Wolfe did have to shovel the way to the shed so when the tank emptied they could change the tank. It hadn’t happened yet but he expected it to happen at any moment because it had been nearly two days on the generator.

He walked towards the utility room and saw a green light on the indicator. They were retrieving their phones from the charger. He smiled and glanced back to Robin and smiled, “The power is back!”

“Fantastic! I wasn’t looking forward to going into the generator room to change out the tanks,” Robin stated in response.

“We still have to go out there,” Lone Wolfe replied, “We are going to have to shut off the generator now.

He raced over to the breaker panel and flipped off all of the circuits in the house. He shrugged on his jacket and shoes and made sure he had his keys and raced out to the generator room. Robin followed close behind, “What’s the rush? It’s colder than Frosty the snow man’s balls out here!”

“Colorful as always,” Lone Wolfe stated as he made it to the door, “While it is cold out here, the generator has been running for a while, it will be quite warm in there.” He opened up the door and was greeted with a wave of heat that could cook food, “Holy crap, fire meets ice. It’s hotter than fireworks on the fourth of July in here.”

He made his way down to the generator hit the cutoff switch. Right after that he closed off the flow of propane and hit the purge button releasing a little hiss of fowl smelling gas from the line. He hoped that the power was on for good. He knew that sometimes the city power would come on then go out as soon as people started applying a load to the grid. Usually common in summer when it happened. He was sweating by the time he got back up to the top of the shed, “I think the generator will be okay. I didn’t notice any warning lights on it. Hopefully the power is back on for good.”

He closed the door and the two made the way back to the house. He glanced at the panel and saw the power indicator was still lit. He flipped the cutoff back to the city power and turned on the circuits in the house. Everything came on like it was supposed to. He shrugged off his coat and hung it up. Robin glanced at him and asked, “If that generator switch is a cut off, why did you go out and shut off the generator before flipping it back to the city power?”

“Not quite sure on that one,” Lone Wolfe answered, “The answer my father gave me was he didn’t want to risk overloading the main to the house and blowing the breaker panel. If that happened then we would have to call an electrician out here. He told me a story about when a building he worked at lost one leg of power going to it. Their backup generator kicked on, they had an automatic cut off. It was supposed to switch to generator power only but the second leg of power stayed on. They blew out the ballasts that control the lights, blew monitors, fried computers, everything in the two minutes it took for them to shut off the generator. There is also the possibility that there are still city workers working on the line and we don’t want to send any feedback to them. Getting zapped can hurt.”

“But the switch is supposed to keep that from happening, right?” She asked in response.

“Things don’t always work like they should,” Lone Wolfe stated as they headed into the living room, “I imagine that he wants to play it safe and not get a call from the power company saying that they detected feedback on our lines.”

They sat down on the sofa, “So what happens now?’ She asked.

He glanced out the living room window. He could see that the streets had been somewhat plowed and there was some traffic moving through but not nearly the level it would have been normally. Even if it was Christmas eve, there would still be a ton of traffic on their street. He glanced back to Robin and stated, “I think our short stay is probably close to over. You should call your father and see if he will be back home. We can call Angela and see how she and Ray have held up over the past couple of days. You might get to go home and sleep in your own bed tonight. Have Christmas with your family tomorrow.”

She didn’t seem as thrilled with that idea as he expected. The truth was, he wasn’t happy about it either. It was amazing how the city dealt with almost four feet of snow. They were able to get power on after the storm ended in just under a day and they were able to get some of the roads plowed. In a few days, it should be back to business as usual. He felt sorry for the city workers who had to work over the holiday break but it couldn’t be helped. She shrugged, “Yeah, sure.”

“I know, you wanted this to last a little bit longer but would you prefer your father to be sleeping in a car on Christmas day instead of sleeping in his own bed. He probably is worried about you and thinking of ways to get away with castrating me right now. Probably also ready to give his son a high five for him staying in the storm with a girl,” Lone Wolfe replied, “While I want you here, I know my dad probably wants to get home and get a shower.”

“We will have to see,” She replied.

“You know if you don’t call they will risk themselves for you,” Lone Wolfe replied, “If you call them, then you can find out if they are even going to get back to the house today. Your father may just go home and not want to risk driving all over creation just to get you two.”

“What if your father gets here?” She asked in response.

“While it sucks, I will sleep on the couch,” He replied.

Robin sighed and pulled out her phone. She dialed her father’s number and when he answered she said, “Hey dad, the power came back on over here. How have you been holding up?” There was silence as he spoke to her, “Don’t worry, he has been treating me like a lady, been very kind and giving me more space than I want.” While it was the truth, it wasn’t specific but if there were no questions asked then they were in the clear, “So you will be home tonight? Will you be coming to pick me up?” There was more silence, “I don’t know if Lone Wolfe’s father will be able to take me home. I don’t know if he will be able to get out. He works in a job that deals with emergency services. I imagine that he might still be a little busy. They could keep him over the holiday.” She waited as he spoke, “There is four feet of snow, it was hard enough for Lone Wolfe to shovel the walk to the generator yesterday after the storm stopped. He didn’t let me shovel, there is only one shovel here.”

Lone Wolfe wasn’t sure if he should say anything so he took out his phone and hoped that his father had managed to score a charger while he was at work for the past few days. He sent his father a text message, “Hey, the power is back and the streets are being plowed. Any chance you will be home tonight?”

“So, you won’t come and get me but you want me home tonight. You don’t want me to walk there through all of the snow. Did you manage to find a working teleporter on your way to work this morning? One magically fell out of the sky and teleported to the ground intact?” She giggled as he made his response, “Then can I stay here if his father doesn’t come home or doesn’t want to venture out in this mess after getting home after two days stranded at work. Unlike you, his father has been working for most of the time.” She rolled her eyes as he made his next retort, “I know it was rude but you aren’t leaving me with any other options. Sure, I want to see you and Ray but what options do I have? You can always come get me.” She rolled her eyes again, “I will ask Mister Carter if or when he gets home but if he doesn’t want to get me, can I stay here? It will be the same sleeping arrangements as before, I get my own bed all to myself.” She nodded as she heard the response, “Cool, I will let you know as soon as I get some information. Later, Merry Christmas.”

Robin hung up as Lone Wolfe got a response from his father, “The roads are clear here as well and we are starting to do better. I will be home tonight but I don’t know what time. Let me know if she goes home or not.”

“About that,” He texted back, “Her father is coming home tonight but he wanted you to take her back home. I don’t think that is going to be possible if you come back late. He doesn’t want her trying to hike through the snow as well.”

“Yeah, if he wants her back at his place he should really pick her up. I don’t blame him about not wanting her hiking through the snow. That is a lot to shovel. I don’t think a lot of people are able to do it in one day.” He texted back, “Just let me know. Let him know I am not going to be in any shape to drive when I get home.”

Lone Wolfe glanced up to Robin and said, “There is no way that my father is going to be able to drive you back. He is coming home tonight but it’s going to be late and he must be tired. Let your father know that if he wants you back, he needs to pick you up.”

“Yeah, with how my father sounded, that will go over about as well as a fart at a presidential address,” She replied.

Lone Wolfe couldn’t help but smirk at the comment, “Well. Be yourself when you deliver the news.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She asked in response.

“You know, be your usual self,” He replied.

“Which means?” She hissed.

“Be as subtle as a brick through a window,” He commented, “You don’t want to pussyfoot around on this one. Don’t give him the wrong idea. If he doesn’t want you to walk but he wants you home then he has to pick you up.”

She rolled her eyes and redialed her father’s number, “Hey dad, Lone Wolfe just spoke with his father. He has been working most of the time since the storm began. He won’t be off until late at night and won’t be able to drive me home after he gets off work. I can either walk home or you can pick me up.”

He could hear the exasperated sigh over the phone. She listened as he made his reply then she said, “Yes, he will be here tonight.” There was a pause, “So I can stay then?” She nodded as he spoke, “Okay. I will see you tomorrow sometime. Love you daddy.” She hung up.

She beamed with happiness, “Well I get to stay here one more night!”

“I wouldn’t be happy if I were you. You could still be grounded until the second coming.”

“I thought you weren’t Christian?” She asked in response.

“I’m not which is code for forever,” He replied.

“Well, if this is the last hurrah, what should we do to pass the time?” She asked with a devious smile on her face.

He could feel what she wanted over their empathic bond, “I know what you want to do but we can’t screw all day. Shoveling has to be done. Dad needs to get into the driveway.”

“Lame!” Robin exclaimed.

“Well, both of us can’t be in trouble,” Lone Wolfe stated in response.


*        *        *


It was warm and comfortable and having Robin’s body pressed up against him was beginning to feel normal and expected. What was not normal was a voice booming through the darkness and vivid sensual dream of the two of them, “Don’t you two look cute? Good thing you are on the sofa because if I caught the two of you in bed like that, I would have no grandchildren to look forward to.”

Lone Wolfe’s gold eyes opened in a panic. He glanced around and saw he was on the sofa. Robin started to move and pull away from him. Lone Wolfe glanced up. It was dark in the living room but the TV was on and splashed enough light in the room for them to see. He glanced down, “Sorry, we fell asleep.”

“I don’t blame you. You managed to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. Quite a feat. I didn’t expect much of it to be done at all.” His father stated, “thank you for that. I expected to have to find some place close by to park. That makes it better.” He glanced around, “Sean, can I talk to you in your room, alone for a minute?”

Lone Wolfe shivered but he nodded and rose. He glanced back to Robin and she seemed slightly panicked as well. He wondered what could have given them away as they went into the room and his father closed the door behind them. Lone Wolfe sat down on the bed as his father flicked on the light. He glanced up at his father as his father asked, “Before you try to say otherwise, there are too many fresh piles of snow in the yard for you to say that you were shoveling the snow during the storm. Did she help you with that feat you pulled out there?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Sort of. I did the lifting. She soothed my muscles and gave me the strength I needed to carry on.”

“I don’t think her using her empathic powers would be enough. Sooner or later, both of you would have petered out before you got just the driveway done. His father sat down next to him on the bed, “I am going to ask it; do you have an empathic bond with her?”

Lone Wolfe nodded. His father sighed and broke his blue-eyed glance with his son, “Unlike telepathic bonds, empathic bonds are formed through physical acts. Now I have to ask a question I didn’t want to ask in the first place; did you have sex with her?”

“What! No!” Lone Wolfe stated in response. He pointed to his headboard, “It’s not that I didn’t think about it. I admit, on the advice of a friend, I did buy a box of condoms but I didn’t use them. They are in my headboard if you want to check.”

His father leaned over to the headboard and slid the panel back revealing the box. It was unopened like he stated. He put the box back and slid the headboard back. On a second thought, he leaned back and pulled the panel back and removed the box and slid the panel shut and pocketed the box, “Confiscated,” He said, “But thanks for being frank on that. At least you had the forethought to plan ahead. May I ask why you didn’t?”

Lone Wolfe sighed, “She is a virgin. I don’t want to hurt her.”

His father smirked, “you are more like your old man that you care to admit.” He glanced at his son, “When I was your age, if I was stuck in a house, alone, with my girlfriend, I would probably have sex with her unless she was a virgin. She would leave the house that way. Like you, I don’t want to hurt people either.”

“TMI, dad,” Lone Wolfe shook his head in response.

“The point remains, you have an empathic bond with her. So, what did you do with her?”

“Do you really want a blow by blow description?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

His father shook his head, “No, that is beyond not necessary. Generalized terms will suffice,” His father answered.

“Such as?”

“Baseball terms,” He mentioned, “You know, first base, second base; that sort of thing. Don’t tell me it was just kissing. There would be a lot of empaths in trouble if that was all it took.”

Lone Wolfe sighed, “About third base, nowhere close to home.”

“What does that mean?” His father asked.

“Do you really want a blow by blow?”

“No,” His father replied, “I guess that is enough. That would do it. You and her probably passed energy to each other while doing that. That would form the bond for sure.”

Lone Wolfe glanced down to the floor, “How much trouble am I in?”

“With me?” He asked, “None. I feel you have been frank with me so far. However, if you two break up and that bond breaks, you will feel like poo for a while. You need to think about that in the future. She is a powerful empath, stands up there with Jena but could use some training up to control her gift. Much like you and your telepathy. Willingly breaking the bond will be very emotionally painful and stressful; you may end up feeling physically ill from it. If that happens then maybe you will practice some restraint next time.”

He got up to leave but Lone Wolfe had a question for him, “hey dad, why are you being so nice to me? I would have thought that you would have punished me for sure after what I just told you.”

His father shrugged, “To tell you the truth, Robin’s personality reminds me of your mother, especially her mouth; the way she talks.”

Thinking about how Robing spoke and how his mother was while he grew up didn’t jibe. He couldn’t contrast the two very different images in his mind, “What? Get out of town! Mom was nothing like that!”

His father chuckled, “To say your mother mellowed out over the years is an understatement. When I first met her, when I was not much older than you, she was a firebrand that had her own opinion about everything and had a grudge against the world. She may have been a psychic and proud to be one but even my family had a problem with her at first. There was something about me that slowly worked on her and allowed her to calm down and change her ways. She tried to impart that on you.”

“I never knew that,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I just assumed that my mother was always kind and considerate.”

“I am glad that is how she turned out to be but you remember that day you got attacked?” His father questioned and the son nodded, “You remember when she chucked the principle’s laptop out the window? That was the classic Sylvia showing herself. When the principle was continually dismissing her, she decided to leave and see some of the family that didn’t think she was some sort of outcast and take you with to see your favorite cousin.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I remember all of that. I wonder what would have happened if she didn’t throw the laptop out the window. It was still pretty funny that she did.”

“I don’t know but I doubt anything would have changed. I was smiling inside even if I displayed a shocked look on the outside at the time. I couldn’t let the principle know that I actually agreed with what she did at that moment. Still, she should have shown more control over herself then. I might have just taken the laptop away from him.”

Without any further word, his father opened the door to the room and stepped through. Lone Wolfe rose and stepped through the doorway, following his father. He waited until both were in the living room before he said, “Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I want to sleep more than I want a shower. I suggest we all get to bed.”

Robin nodded and headed into Lone Wolfe’s bedroom. Lone Wolfe headed to the sofa and started to lay down. “What are you doing?” His father questioned in response.

“You said it is time for bed,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I am getting ready to go to sleep on the couch.”

“You have a bed,” His father replied.

“Maybe you have been up for too long but it is occupied?” Lone Wolfe replied, “Unless I just hallucinated.”

“Just don’t do anything with her. As they used to say in the military; don’t ask, don’t tell. Behave and you can have the night with her,” He said then walked into his room.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged and stood up. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him. Robin sat up and glanced at him, “My, aren’t you brazen tonight.”

“I’m actually doing what I’m told,” Lone Wolfe stated as he crawled into bed next to her.

“Huh?” Robin muttered.

“He suggested I come in here,” Lone Wolfe replied, “As long as we don’t do anything he didn’t have a problem with it.”

“What happened to your dad?” She questioned, “He was sergeant serious when I first met him but now he is almost urging you to obey the urge to merge. What were you two talking about in here?”

“He knows that we have the bond,” Lone Wolfe replied, “We did too much work out there. I tried to say it is because you were using your powers to heal me and empower me but he said that wouldn’t have been enough. He also explained that it takes intense physical actions to form the bond. That is how we formed the bond. The things we did the other day.”

“I told you we did too much work and should have stopped with the driveway,” Robin replied, “You just had to be the over achiever.”

“I thought he would have been upset if it wasn’t all done,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I didn’t think he would notice that the piles of snow in the yard were all fresh instead of being snowed upon.”

She snuggled up next to him and he could feel the pull of sleep start to tug on them both again, “It’s a good thing I love you, you sounded stupid right there.”

“I love you two and there are times you sound like a smart ass,” Lone Wolfe commented in response. Soon after they were both asleep resuming their shared dreams.

Second Semester Chapter 21: Playing house — December 7, 2017

Second Semester Chapter 21: Playing house


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Chapter #21: Playing house


Greeley Colorado

December 23rd, 2027-CE


Lone Wolfe loaded the dirty dishes from dinner into the dishwasher. It wasn’t a big dinner, some spaghetti and sauce. It was after midnight since they slept until well after dark. He glanced back to Robin and asked, “How was dinner tonight?” He didn’t know what else to ask considering the events of earlier in the day.

She smiled at him and said, “It was very good. I don’t have homemade spaghetti sauce that often. Usually what we have comes out of a can or a jar.”

“That sounds vile,” Lone Wolfe replied, “My father taught me how to make that sauce. He calls that a quick spaghetti sauce. He makes several different sauces. Some of them take over an hour to make for the spices to release all of their flavors in but this one is the easiest to make.”

“If your father’s work is mission critical, I take it he isn’t a cook?” She asked in response, “I bet he could make some good money as a cook.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “He said he did some time as a cook in the marines and didn’t like cooking for hours on end. He does something with technology but I don’t exactly know what he does. Some sort of specialist with emergency voice systems as I understand it currently. He started that job shortly after Mom died. Before that he was an IT technician for a company.”

“I don’t think being a cook in the marines counts as being a cook,” Robin replied, “My uncle was a cook in the army and he told me they basically take stuff out of cans and packages and heat it up for the soldiers. If that was what turned him off of cooking then he might want to look into a real cooking job in the future.”

“It might be a little late for him to start,” Lone Wolfe replied, “He is starting to make some decent money in the technology field. If he starts over as a cook then he won’t make much money. He likes technology and solving problems with it. Look around. We have power thanks to him.”

She nodded, “That we do.”

Lone Wolfe fished his phone out of his pocket, “I don’t know about you but my phone is running low. I need to plug in the phone. To save the propane I need to plug in the phone in the utility room so we only have the one circuit running. There is a four port charger in here.”

Robin fished her phone out of her pocket and said, “It’s not too bad but I don’t think I could get away with watching a movie on it. I guess we should charge it.”

They headed into the utility room and fished out 2 USB cables from a drawer. They found the charger and plugged it in then plugged the cables into it. He plugged the phones in and grabbed a flashlight, “Are you ready? I am going to cut power to the kitchen.”

“Will the food be okay in the fridge if you do that?” She asked in response.

“If we don’t touch it then it should be okay until morning,” Lone Wolfe replied.

She grabbed a flashlight from the door, “I won’t be wandering around in the dark.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Here we go.” He flipped the switch and the lights went out in the kitchen. He glanced around, “I wonder what the neighbors are thinking with us having power but no one else having any.”

“Lack of planning on their part doesn’t constitute an emergency on our part,” She replied, “Maybe the next time they find themselves up a creek, they will have the presence of mind to take a paddle with them.”

“Careful throwing rocks in that glass house,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You were close to being one of those people up the stinky creek without the paddle.”

“True,” She nodded, “My father would have thought of something. Glad he decided to just sleep in the car. At least he will have heat and power.”

“I wonder how many people have chosen to do that?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response, “I bet when my father was a kid there wasn’t as much of a need to have a generator. In this age of cell phones and internet it is a must.”

Robin nodded. She clicked the textured rubber button on the flashlight and shined it around the room. She spotted something she didn’t recognize right away and fixed it with the beam from the light, “what is that?”

Lone Wolfe glanced up at the spot she shined the light on, “That is an emergency weather radio. It has a dynamo in it that you wind up which charges a capacitor. That allows the radio to function when there is no power. There is a newer model somewhere around the house that should be hooked up to power with a lead acid battery and is supposed to go off with a weather alert but I can’t remember where it is. We keep this one around so we can have weather radio handy when we have no other source of power.”

“Is your father in the survivalist movement?” She asked as she turned off the light.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I wouldn’t go that far. He believes in being prepared but he doesn’t have a hobby about it. As I understand it, he lived in Pueblo as a kid and whenever they had disasters happen there he and his family had to suffer though it. He decided long ago to not have his family suffer through that like he did. Mom grew up in Colorado Springs and her family were from a whole bunch of farmers so she was used to growing up and making sure that they had all of the essentials. As I understand it; both of them were prudent in making sure we had what we needed when things went sideways.”

He walked through the kitchen into the living room and glanced out the window, “it is still snowing but the wind has stopped.” He reported.

She looked out the window at the snow, “It’s still coming down pretty hard. Do you think it will let up by morning?”

Lone Wolfe shrugged in response. He kept gazing out of the window. He couldn’t tell where the yard ended and the street began. No one had driven on the street in quite a while. It was impressive that he could now see to the street considering he couldn’t see the tree in the front yard earlier. She stood next to him and wrapped her arm around his waist as he stood there.

Through their new empathic bond, he didn’t feel any of the urges he felt from her earlier. He just felt warmth and love coming from her. It seemed a relief, a burden being lifted. He placed his arm around the small of her back and smiled. The storm threatened to make Christmas a wreck but it didn’t seem to matter at this point. He felt better about being here, now, then he did in the past. He glanced to her and smiled, “I love you. I can’t wait for life after high school.”

She returned his smile and her dark amber eyes seemed to sparkle in the dim reflected light from the snow, “Only a couple of years then we can start to make our own life and future. Make something like this permanent.”

They both glanced back to the snow storm just outside the warmth of the house, “Look at us, already planning for a future after this.”

“I think we all do it more than you think,” Robin commented, “I don’t know how often people talk about it with each other in the beginning but they definitely think like this.”

His smile seemed to grow, “It’s funny. We have become a normal couple.”

“Is there anything normal about us? You are one of the most powerful telepaths I have ever met and your clairvoyance can border on the preternatural at times. I am a powerful telepath myself and I have problems controlling the awesome power of my empathic abilities. What will our future children think if they heard you call us a ‘normal couple?’ I bet they would think you have lost it. I can hear them now; ‘come, let’s help daddy find his marbles so he can realize he is closer to something very different from normal.’ You realize they won’t be normal either.”

He arched and eyebrow and glanced to her, “You’re already planning for children?”

“It will happen eventually,” She replied, “But there won’t be anything normal about them. If you have gold eyes and I have amber eyes, their odds for having normal colored eyes are pretty slim. Plus, they could be born with two out of control abilities, not one like you and me.”

“I have seen your father to know he has brown eyes,” Lone Wolfe replied, “How about your mother. What color are her eyes?”

“They are brown too,” She replied.

“Odds are, they will be brown,” Lone Wolfe stated, “Not sure how I came about my yellow eyes. My mother and everyone on her side of the family has green eyes; it is a dominant trait. My father has blue eyes.”

“Sounds like whatever powers that be decided to mix yours,” She smirked.

“Maybe.” Lone Wolfe replied, “I would say the odds are good that if you and I have children that they will be born with brown eyes or green eyes. They will probably wonder how they got normal eyes if they had two odd balls for parents.”

She glanced back to the storm, “How many kids do you see in your future?” She asked.

He closed his eyes and tried to focus on the question. He opened them a moment later and glanced out to the storm, “I see three kids in the future. Identical twin girls and a younger son.”

“What color are their eyes?” She asked.

“They start off green and the girls turn gold as they get older,” he answered as he closed his eyes again.

“What color is their hair?” She asked in response.

“Brown, with just a hint of red,” He replied.

“I wonder where the red comes from?” She asked.

“My mother had reddish brown hair,” He replied.

“Wait, identical twins?” She seemed panicked.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “It runs in my family.”

“Do you know how hard it is to raise twins?” She questioned in response.

“I am sure you are an expert on the subject, you being a twin and all,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“There is a reason why we don’t have any little siblings,” Robin stated in response, “Twins are sanity breakers.”

“Depending on the person, any child is a sanity breaker,” Lone Wolfe smirked.

She leaned against him, “I have the feeling you will make a good father.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I don’t know. When I stop to think about it, being responsible for the wellbeing of another person scares me. It is an awesome responsibility. I don’t know how people can do it.”

“They learn how to do it,” Robin stated, “No one just knows how to be a parent.”

Lone Wolfe nodded. It seemed to remind him of something she said earlier, “Speaking of learning. If our children are going to have two out of control abilities, you are going to have to train up on how to use your empathic abilities. I know how to use my telepathy and can impart my training upon them if they don’t know how to control their abilities. You will have to teach them how to use their empathic abilities. I don’t know how to use mine.”

“Bull,” She said, “With how you make me feel when you push your energy into me.” She held her free hand out and he took it. He could feel her wanting him to flow energy in through her hand. He did as she asked and she pressed herself against him more, “You can’t tell me you don’t know how to use your powers if you can do that to me.”

“I can’t heal you. I tried that already,” He argued, “You know how to do that, you just need to learn some finesse with it. You also need to learn some more control with your empathic projections.”

“We’ll send them to Jena,” She glowered.

Lone Wolfe sighed, “I was not trained by a family member and you know that. While I cherish the time I spent with Scarlet and she is a dear friend to me, it did hurt a little to know that the rest of my father’s side of the family all has their own training and I never got that. I think it would mean a lot to them if they were trained by their parents.” He got an idea at that point and stopped flowing energy into her, “maybe something changed with our new link, try doing to me what I just did to you. I bet you might be surprised with the results.”

She let go of his hand and caressed his cheek. With that touch came a warmth that penetrated his skin and headed straight to his core. It wasn’t the electric tingle like before. None of the harshness when she tried to heal him in the past. It felt like he would melt into her at that moment. He held his hand to her hand and flowed energy through to her at that moment. They found themselves kissing before either realized what they were doing, overcome by their own energy and essence at that moment.

They stopped and pulled back, “Wow, that was intense!” Robin remarked, “I didn’t think I could do anything like that before. But still, I can only do that to you because of the bond we have.”

“You might be able to do it to other people,” Lone Wolfe replied, “It just might take time. Not saying to do that to everyone you meet but if you need to heal someone you can learn their resonance quickly and instead of forcing it upon them, you can work with their energy. You can do that with me because of the bond now but you can learn from us and apply it elsewhere.”

“That’s a hard sell,” She replied.

“Have some more faith in yourself,” Lone Wolfe stated, “I used to think I wasn’t that good of a telepath but after seeing some of what I can pull I know better. You are the same way. You have strong and potent abilities. You just have to learn to wield them correctly. You just have to learn to turn down the volume on them and not cut against the grain all the time.”

Robin smirked, “You have done well grasshopper.” She squeezed him tightly, “Your wordsmithing has improved.”

“I had a good teacher.” Lone Wolfe nodded.

She looked back out the window, “With no power in the living room or anywhere else, what are we supposed to do for entertainment? It was stupid of us to snooze through the afternoon! Now I’m wired with nothing to do!”

“I can turn on power to the living room and we can see if there is a movie we can watch?” Lone Wolfe suggested.

Robin nodded, “That sounds good.”

He took out the flashlight and flicked it on. He stepped through to the kitchen and into the utility room. He shined the light into the panel and found the circuit for the kitchen. He flicked it on then shined the light back through the pathway he took into the living room, “Okay, the power is on. Go ahead and switch on the light then we can find our way around and find the remote.”

Robin switched on the flash light she took as Lone Wolfe flicked his off and made his way back to the living room. When the light came on it nearly blinded them both, “Got too used to the dark,” She hissed, “The light is way too bright now!”

“Kind of like when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. You flick on the light and feel like a vampire for a moment because the light threatens to kill you,” Lone Wolfe nodded in agreement as he shielded his eyes. He glanced down to the coffee table and found the remote for the TV. He grabbed it and turned on the device, “if you want to turn off the light now, you can. I found the remote.”

She turned off the light as he sat on the sofa with one leg running the distance of the sofa. Robin crossed the distance to the sofa and sat down with her back to him. She back up to him and rested against his chest. Her natural scent made it hard for him to focus on what app to open on the TV or what channel he wanted to watch as he focused on the TV. She glanced back to him and asked, “Are you okay?”

He smiled and in the blue glaring light of the TV she couldn’t see his blush but through their bond she could feel the emotion behind it the same, “I’m fine but you are still intoxicating.”

She smiled back, “I might have unlocked a monster earlier.”

He shook his head, “Don’t say that, you make me sound evil.”

She chuckled, “No one is good or evil.” Robin faced the TV, “those are just human constructs. Vague and fragile abstracts that people use to judge each other. One person’s good is another person’s evil. One person’s savior is another person’s evil incarnate. One person’s god is the other’s Satan.”

Lone Wolfe nodded. He wasn’t sure how such an innocent moment took a dark turn all of a sudden. He wished he didn’t mention the word evil at all. Still, it did allow him to focus on the TV enough to select an Anime channel app on the smart TV menu, “While that is true, most of us can agree on a generic set of rules. I like to think that most of us have some sort of stronger set of ethics even if we can’t agree on what is good or evil.”

“So, you are saying that the struggle that we all face is not the struggle of good against evil but the struggle of ethics?” She questioned in response as he started to find an Anime that both of them would like to watch at this time of night.

“Ethics and sanity,” Lone Wolfe nodded in response, “You have to admit that when people genuinely believe that someone has to die because the world would be better off for it that there might be something wrong with their outlook of the world. If they honestly believe ethics don’t apply to them in that situation then they might just be crazy.”

Robin laughed, it wasn’t the reaction he was expecting. She glanced back to him, “That actually makes a strange kind of sense. It also makes sense if someone steals a loaf of bread to feed their starving kids. It becomes an ethical gray area but it’s just as gray to punish the parent who stole the bread.”

Lone Wolfe nodded. He was browsing through the selections on the channel as he replied, “That is my thought exactly. I find a lot of fault with society in general that would allow children to starve when others throw good food away every day. Ethics are something we can generally agree on, however. We agree that murder is wrong, that stealing something of value is wrong, that lying is wrong, and that rape is wrong. Agreeing on other issues like pre-marital relations is a religious construct and something that falls in your so stated flimsy good versus evil ideals.”

Robin smirked but he couldn’t see it, “I have an odd ball question for you; what do you think of plural marriage?”

“What?” He asked.

“What do you think of plural marriage? Unless I was hit in the head recently I don’t remember stuttering.” Robin replied.

“Not for me,” Lone Wolfe replied, he couldn’t see a future with anyone aside from her.

“But in general?” She questioned in response.

“Who am I to say what other people do in their bedrooms? As long as everyone is okay with it they can do whatever they want,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“But it’s not for you?” She questioned in response.

“I don’t want to sound possessive in any way but I don’t want to share you with anyone else,” Lone Wolfe stated in response.

“You didn’t look at it the way I thought you would,” Robin commented, “I thought you would have envisioned having multiple girls but you jumped into me having multiple guys. Any reason why you did that?”

“You brought up the subject,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I thought you might have some sort of motive behind it.”

“Just trying to get to know that gray area in your head,” She replied, “We have had many communions by now but I can only seem to recall the light you show me, I don’t get any of the darkness or that gray area. You seem to get a lot of my gray and dark areas. Why is that?”

“I guess I don’t ponder that side of me that often,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Why not?” She questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “It’s just not something I dwell on. I got close to it once. When that guy was trying to rape you. I almost made him shoot himself but I saw the fear on your face and I thought about the damage I would do to you and everyone else if I actually had him do it which is why I had him run instead. At that point, I realized that ending a life is much worse than simply correcting the problem and sending them on their way. If they aren’t alive then they can’t learn and potentially grow into something better.”

She turned back and glared at him, “I would not have been so generous with that guy. I don’t care if you saw the fear on my face that day. The fact that there is one more of those people out there scares me.”

“You can be scary yourself. Remember our first date?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

She nodded, “I do.”

“Why didn’t you do it to him?” he asked in response, “You could have stopped him dead in his tracks and made him all sorts of sick from that moment but you went with it, why?”

“He had a gun and I got scared,” Robin replied.

“You should have more confidence in your abilities, you ran off an entire gang of people!” Lone Wolfe replied, “One man with a gun should be no match for you.”

“I didn’t see the gun until it was pressed up against my back. I didn’t think I could react that fast,” Robin argued.

Lone Wolfe shrugged. He wasn’t getting anywhere with the conversation. He switched back to his first subject on the matter, “I think what the world lacks is forgiveness. We are so quick to come to judgement against other people but aren’t willing to forgive the wrongs of the past and move forward. People are afraid of us because of wrongs that have been committed against them in the past by our kind. They take it out on all of us in general, never willing to forgive the past. That man probably has been looking over his shoulder ever since that day I stopped him, knowing full well that there are people like me that can turn him into a puppet before he has a chance to think. I bet he won’t cross the line again.”

“What if he does this to some other girl?” Robing questioned in response, “She will have you to blame for that.”

“That guy will be to blame,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You can’t be held responsible for people you cannot control. Are you afraid that he will find you again?”

She shuffled uncomfortably, “Maybe. Let’s change the subject, what’s your worst fear?”

“Being alone,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I hardly had any family to begin with. My mother’s cousin won’t speak with us anymore. The last time we saw him was at Relena’s funeral and since then he will not give us the time of day. He unfriended my father on social media. I think he unfriended me as well. Aside from that; my mother and Relena are dead. I never got to know members on my father’s side of the family and the rest of my mother’s family think of me as a freak just like they did my mother. That leaves my dad. I had the feeling, the night my mother died, that he was going to commit suicide. I somehow reached through that dark emotion and got him to stop. I can tell you this; he has never been the same since her death. A big and good part of him died that day as well. I fear that I will eventually be alone and there will be no one around. That is one of the reasons why I used to hate summer and winter breaks. My best friends would leave on their vacations and they would always say they had so much fun they didn’t want to come back.”

She turned around and hugged him at that point, “I thought it was going to be some stupid fear like a fear of snakes or something. I didn’t know that you had a fear like that.”

“I actually envy you and Ray,” Lone Wolfe commented in response. He held her tightly and replied, “you always had each other when you were growing up. Curtis has his sister and Jena is really close to her extended family. I never had any of that. It feels like I was always left to twist to the wind. If you weren’t in this town this summer, if I never met you, this would have been the worst year ever. Everything about you has made this that much better. When I say I love you, I mean it with all that I am.”

He didn’t mean to bring her to tears but he saw them running down her eyes. She glanced up to him and said, “If I can help it at all I will never leave you. If we get separated by our parents, by distance, or whatever, I will do all I can to keep in touch with you and make sure you know you are not alone. I share your feelings; I love you too. I love you with all that I am.”

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter 20: Winter Storm — December 1, 2017

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter 20: Winter Storm

It’s already December? here are some December chapters to start with. Enjoy!

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Previous Chapter:

Chapter #20: Winter Storm


Greeley Colorado

December 22nd, 2027-CE


When Lone Wolfe awakened the next day he still couldn’t believe that his father had allowed him to invite Robin over to hang out while his father was at work. Cleaning the place up and making dinner must have really impressed him. That or the look on his face, guilt that was confused for loneliness which was typical for him at this time of year, convinced his father that he needed some extra attention. After his father had left, he noticed that it started snowing, big fluffy flakes were falling to the ground. It was unusual for it to snow this time of year in Colorado. He was figuring it would be over before midday.

An hour later, Robin texted him, letting him know that she will be on her way over. He pulled the curtain back to look out the window and noticed that not only had the snow fall continued, it had gotten much worse. The snow was blowing and he couldn’t see the street from his window. He called her, “Hello?” She answered. He could hear the wind in the background.

“I think you might want to stay home today. I can convince dad to let us have this time another day,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I think this is going to be a doozy of a storm and I don’t want you to freeze on your way over here.”

“Are you saying you don’t want me over there?” She replied then he could hear the smirk forming on her face, “You getting cold feet?”

“I want you over here but I don’t know how much experience you had with the snow considering you are from San Diego,” Lone Wolfe replied, “It might look cool but it suck when you are trapped in a blizzard. Especially when you are trapped in a blizzard and you are outside.”

“I brought a spare change of clothes,” She replied, “I was thinking ahead, thinking that this would be a one way trip. I will be as quick as I can.”

“Just be safe. I love you,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“I love you too.” She replied and disconnected the line.

It didn’t take long for Lone Wolfe to get another phone call. He figured it would have been Robin telling him that he changed his mind but he didn’t recognize the number calling him. He answered it, “Hello?”

“Sean, this is your father,” the voice stated. He recognized it as his father, “I just had a chance to look out a window and I don’t know how it is by the house but its snowing like crazy out here where I work. You may want to call Robin and tell her to stay home. You can invite her over later and maybe the two families can get together for Christmas later in the week to make up for the cancellation.”

“I already tried calling her and telling her that,” Lone Wolfe replied, “She is hell bent and determined to get here today.”

“Well, don’t go out once she gets there. You remember the process to start the generator just in case the power goes out?” His father asked, “I only ask because the wind looks pretty bad out there too.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Start with the cutoff switch because electrical workers don’t like to get zapped by feedback. After that make sure the main is on then heat, kitchen, and whichever two rooms we need. That is all the power the generator can provide.” He knew he would have to repeat the steps to him anyway so instead of just answering he repeated the steps.

“Then go out and, turn on the propane and hit the start button on the generator,” His father finished.

“Are you coming home?” Lone Wolfe asked, “If the weather is already this bad then you should probably get ready to get home.”

“I can’t leave right now, there is too much to do. If it isn’t too late for me to leave, I will hit the road after I am done here. Work already said they will put us up somewhere if we are stranded,” His father stated, “Stay safe and stay warm.”

“You too,” Lone Wolfe nodded and disconnected the line.

He waited by the door and watched as the wind whipped clouds of snow around. He couldn’t see too far past the door so he didn’t know how long it would take for Robin to get here. He knew she would rush in bitter cold and wind like this. She hoped that she would find her way. He remembered how different the area looked as a little kid during and after a snow storm. He hoped she wouldn’t get lost.

He grabbed his coat and grabbed a blanket before returning to his vigil by the door. He wanted to make sure she got warmed up as quick as possible once she got inside. He wasn’t sure why he grabbed his jacket, it seemed the thing to do at the time. A big gust rocked the house and he could hear the branches of the trees scrape the roof of the house. A moment later the lights inside went out and the heater inside of the house went silent.

He could hear the panic of the minds all around him as his neighbors lost power as well. It wasn’t just him and it wasn’t just his neighbors. Everyone around him had lost power and they all felt a bit of panic when they realized it was just a little bit of insolation and materials now to protect them against the cold. Everyone around him was normal but at that point their thoughts all seemed to resonate with panic. It sent a shiver up his spine.

He reached out with his mind to find Robin. She was close by, within a mile. When he touched her mind he could tell that she was having a problem getting there. Without a second thought, He zipped up his jacket and tucked the blanket under his arm and opened the door. He jumped out into the snow without a second thought and pulled the door closed behind him. The snow and the wind hit him. The snow stung like sand in a raging sand storm.

He held his free hand over his face to try to get a better view and only managed to look down, “It already snowed over a foot and a half?”

He walked out past the tree line and got blasted by even more snow. He faced the direction she was in and tried to walk forward. Unfortunately, that was against the wind and he was having a hard time moving through it. He closed his eyes, Damn it! If it weren’t so windy I could get to her! He didn’t see the flash of gold light that emanated from him but the wind seemed to calm down a moment later as if answering his silent prayer.

“Ah! That’s better,” He said as he looked forward. He raced as best he could to get to her. He didn’t understand why she was still having a problem if the wind had died down. She was still in distress over venturing out into this blizzard.

He reached out to her and projected, “I’m on my way! I will be there shortly! The power went out, I have the feeling that it went out all over town. Everyone in my sympathetic range is starting to panic!”

“Good for them, I would just like to get out of this mess!” Robin projected back, “Thank you for coming to get me!”

He smiled and worked faster to get to her. He saw her about five minutes later and sprinted at full speed to get to her. When he arrived he threw the blanket around her and rubbed her shoulders, “The wind died down so I was able to get to you faster.”

Her amber eyes glanced around. She saw that the bubble of calm heavy snow was just that, a bubble. A few feet beyond Lone Wolfe, in all directions, the wind blasted around just as harshly as it did before he showed up, “It’s only calm around you.”

“What?” Lone Wolfe replied, “I don’t think you are seeing straight.”

She shook her head, “Look, you dummy!”

He glanced around and finally saw what she was talking about, “Weird. Why is that happening?”

She shrugged and shivered, “I don’t know but let’s get back to the house before I freeze to death!”

They took off for the house and made it back about fifteen minutes later. Even though the heat was off, the house still felt warm compared to the heavy snow storm outside. Robin sat down on the couch, wrapped in the blanked that he brought her. Lone Wolfe rested his jacket on her to help her warm up faster.

He sat down next to her and pulled out his phone. From previous power outages he learned that there was a website that could track the outages. He pulled it up on his phone. He felt fortunate that cell internet and voice services still worked. He saw that most of the city had been hit by the outage. He glanced over to Robin, “It looks like most of the city is out of power. The house, here, is well insulated so we will be okay for a while plus We will have heat when it starts to get cold. How abut your brother and your father?”

She shoved his jacket to the side as she started to warm up, “We have crappy baseboard electric heaters. As long as electricity is out, we have no heat as well.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Depending on how long this lasts, that could be a problem.”

“Have any ideas?” Robin questioned in response, “And how do you have heat with a power outage? I understand you have a gas heater but if it was built this century then it is ran off of electric power as well.”

Lone Wolfe waved for her to follow him through the kitchen to the utility room. There he opened up the breaker panel and turned on the phone flash light. He shined it up at the top of the panel, “See that switch marked ‘generator cutoff?’ there is a generator out in the garage with a large propane tank attached to it. My father put it in the house some years before I was born, he was tired of suffering power outages at the worst times. He had an electrician put in the cut off switch and run the lines for the generator but he installed the generator, converted it to propane, installed the exhaust hood and everything else on his own.”

Her amber eyes almost sparkled, “Wow! I am coming here next zombie apocalypse!”

“You’re here for this one,” He smiled, “One of the better places to be. The propane tank should be good for at least a day or two. He was going to install a bigger tank but the one that is in there is the biggest portable one he could get. He has two more that are full so we are set for close to a week. All. If we go any bigger we would have to install a propane tank in the yard and have a service come around to fill it.”

“Why don’t you just do that instead of run off the grid?” She asked in response.”

“The generator won’t power the entire house. We have enough for the kitchen, the heater and utility room and two more rooms after that. The electrician had the house re wired so we can choose which rooms are on with generator power. So after we throw the cut off we have to verify the main is still on and select which 2 rooms get power.”

“That’s still better than nothing. You have food and heat,” She replied.

“If I didn’t come along so soon he would have converted the entire house to propane to use a large propane tank then we wouldn’t have to worry about using gas from the city if some sort of disaster happened.”

“You don’t have earthquakes here,” Robin stated as he closed the box and they walked back through the kitchen, “What do you need to worry about with the gas?”

“You haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing tornadoes,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Those can wreck all sorts of destruction and the utility companies may turn off gas mains in the affected areas after a tornado goes through. He is making it so we don’t have to worry about our safety during a disaster.”

“Makes sense but you don’t have a basement so if this neighborhood is struck by a tornado then you are screwed anyway,” Robin replied.

“You will have to take a look at the garage when we go out to start up the generator,” Lone Wolfe replied. He sat down on the sofa again in the living room, “The question now is what to do about your brother?”

Robin shrugged, “I am not going back out there.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I don’t blame you. I won’t go any further than the shed and the generator. But you still need to think about Ray. With no power he has no heat and limited in what he can do for food. Eventually, the pipes in your apartment will freeze which means he won’t have water either. While they aren’t immediate concerns we are better off helping him now rather than later.”

Robin chewed her lip in thought, “No offense but I would rather not have him around here if we can help it. I don’t know of anyone who has a car or truck that can get him here if we did.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and his gold eyes lit up, “But I do. I don’t think she would take him here and I don’t know if she would be willing to go get him but I can call her and see.”

“Angela?” She questioned, “but she won’t have power at home.”

“But she does have that travel trailer and it does have a generator and heat,” Lone Wolfe replied, “She has everything she needs and she has an SUV. The power didn’t go out that long ago so she might still be at work and more willing to go out to rescue him. The question is, can we trust your brother in that little trailer with her?”

Robin glared at him, “Yes she can!”

“If it’s good enough for you then it’s good enough for me,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Lone Wolfe dialed the store cell phone to Angela’s store and it rang. He put it on speaker phone so Robin could answer any questions if needed. Angela answered it a moment later, “Secret Cabin Bat phone, how may I help you?” She greeted.

“Bat phone?” Robin questioned, “What the heck? Where did you come up with a name like that?”

“How did you get this number, Robin?” Angela questioned in response.

“Because it’s my phone,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Is my caller ID blocked or something?”

“No, I didn’t even look,” Angela replied, “What’s up?”

“Are you still at the store?” He asked in response.

“I was just closing up. The power is out over here,” She replied, “I thought you might initially have been a customer that saw the note I put up on the front door as I locked the front up already.”

“I see,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Power is out all over most of town. We are fine here. We have provisions and everything but Ray is a different story. I don’t know how the insulation is but apartments in general usually suck. If you are going out and heading home We have a favor to ask. Can you pick him up and take him to your place? I know you have that trailer with the generator and heat so you two will be fine once you reach there.”

“I don’t know…” She started to answer.

“You could also pick up his girlfriend,” Robin suggested, “She isn’t as straight as I am so you might be able to talk her into other activities to keep warm and he will be preoccupied with her the entire time, if that is what you are worried about.”

“Robin!” Lone Wolfe exclaimed.

Angela chuckled slightly, “threesome setups aside, I will pick up your brother. If she is in dire straights, I suppose I can pick his girlfriend up to but her parents have to sign off on this before hand. How are you two in the same place and okay if the power is out where you are?”

“My father okayed her coming over here before the storm so she trudged through the snow to get here. As far as power is concerned; we have a generator in the garage hooked up to propane and connected to the house feed. There is a cut off on the box so we don’t fry the electricians working on the lines up from us,” Lone Wolfe explained.

“You parents were prudent,” Angela stated, “As far as how you managed to get your father to okay you two being home alone, you will have to tell me sometime. However, I need to get out of here before I can’t. Call Ray and let him know I am on the way.”

“Stay safe,” Lone Wolfe replied and disconnected the line.

Robin took out her phone and called her brother, “Hey broseph; how are you holding up?”

“Broseph?” Lone Wolfe questioned.

She waved the comment off, “I know the power is out. I am at Lone Wolfe’s house. His father put in a generator so we are fine here. Is it still warm there?” She waited while he responded, “Good. Angela is on her way to pick you up. She has a travel trailer with a generator, heat, all the bells and whistles so you can stay there for the night.” He apparently interrupted her at that point, “I am sure dad will be okay when he gets home if they don’t keep him at work or anything.” Another pause, “Fine, you let him know where you are and that we are okay.” Yet another pause, “He knows I am here and Mister Carter knows I am here too.” Her brother said any more, “I love you too. Hey; check with your girl toy and see if her parents will let her stay with you before you get picked up, Angela okayed it as long as her parents know.” She chuckled, “Yes, I do think about you in these moments, now get off the phone before Angela gets there!” She hung up at that point.

“Broseph?” He questioned.

“Something I picked up from an old anime,” Robin stated in response, “I use it as a nickname for him when I am on the phone or some such.”

“So what will your father do for power and food?” He asked.

“Without us around he might just sleep in the car,” Robin stated in response, “It will be a relief to him to know that he won’t have to get to us.”

“Didn’t think about that,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Yeah, as long as it is one person, a car will do. Heat, power, and if you are in to toys, there is a lot that can be had to make it a living space,” Robin replied.

“I wonder what my dad will do?” Lone Wolfe questioned, “If there is no power at work they should let him go soon.”

Robin pouted, “No offense but I hope not! This was supposed to be a day for us to be alone with each other.”

“While I want that as well, this is my dad we are talking about. Your dad knows you are safe and so he won’t take any risks to get home to you two. No offense but I would like to do the same with my dad,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Robin sighed, “I guess you have a point but he knows you are safe here. Why would he try to get here if he knows you are okay?”

“Because you are here with me and we are under age,” Lone Wolfe pointed out.

“Argh!” Robin huffed in response, “Fine. Call him.”

Lone Wolfe called his father’s cell phone. He was not expecting a response but soon after he got an answer from him, “Hey dad. How is it at work? Do you still have power there? Are they letting you guys go?”

“We still have power here. We are running off of generator power for the time being. They are not letting us know. We are ‘mission critical’ so we need to remain on call. They are getting ready to close the roads anyway. It’s coming down so fast that the plows can’t keep up with it and that is saying something. Greeley may not be very good at doing a lot of things but they are good at keeping the roads passable. No it looks like I will be staying here. Did Robin make it to our house or did she turn back and head home?”

“She is here with me, do you want to say hi?” Lone Wolfe replied.

“No, that’s okay,” His father sighed in response, “I won’t be able to make it home tonight and while I want to have you send her home, I won’t do that to anyone in this storm. You will need to sleep in my room tonight and she will sleep in your room.”

Lone Wolfe knew that his father really had no control over what he would do when he wasn’t around but he had to act like he was going to follow the rules. He felt a bit of Robin was rubbing off on him, “What! Why can’t she sleep in your room?”

“I trust you more than her,” He replied, “You can sleep in the living room if you like or she can sleep in the living room but I figured that she would prefer a soft and warm bed.”

“Fine,” Lone Wolfe sighed, “you win.”

“Before it gets too cold in the house, you will want to start the generator. I would suggest you do it soon. It already dropped over a foot and a half since it started and the weather maps show it won’t let up soon. Make sure you and her keep an eye on the outside vents for the generator otherwise it will fill with carbon monoxide and choke the generator. Once that happens, you will be in real trouble. The vents start about three feet up so if the snow count doubles then You will need to dig it out.”

“Got it,” Lone Wolfe stated.

“You might want to go out soon,” He said.

“We will,” Lone Wolfe added.

“Stay warm,” His father said, “I will be home sometime tomorrow or later. I will call you if it is later.”

“Okay, stay safe,” Lone Wolfe stated and disconnected the line.

She glanced at him, “What was that about?”

“Dad wants you to sleep in my room and me to sleep in his room tonight because he won’t be coming home. He said his work is mission critical right now so he can’t come home even if he wanted to. He knows you are here but there is nothing he can do.”

“So we get the place to ourselves?” She said in an excited tone.

Lone Wolfe nodded but he glanced towards the kitchen, the utility room and the back door beyond, “Yes but there are caveats with that.”

“You aren’t really going to sleep in his room without me?” She asked dejectedly.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I don’t plan to sleep in his bed at all! Don’t worry, I just placated him to settle the tension. What I mean is, we will have to step outside to start the generator. If it snows too much more, we will have to go back out and clean off the vents that feed the airflow to the generator. If we don’t do that, it will consume the oxygen within the garage and make it toxic enter.”

“Good thing the garage isn’t attached to the house,” Robin commented in response.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I have the feeling that was one of the reasons why my parents chose this house when they bought it. Plenty of houses have attached garages but he wanted to use it for something other than to store a car in.”

Robin nodded, “I can understand that we will need to do it and we will need to if it gets higher but what about if we are asleep and it gets covered?”

“We will have to sleep lightly,” he replied.

She walked over and tossed him his jacket, “Should we start now?”

Lone Wolfe nodded and shrugged on his coat, “Better now than later.” He walked through the kitchen to the utility room and shined a light on the breaker panel.

Robin stopped him before he started the process of throwing the cutoff and asked, “What if the power comes back on while we are running on generator power?”

“My father had this light installed a few years back,” Lone Wolfe replied and pointed to what looked like a breaker next to the cut off switch, “When we throw the cut off switch, this will monitor the city feed. If power comes back on, it will light up. We just go out, turn off the generator and switch the cutoff back to the city feed.”

“Your father thought of everything,” She stated, awestruck.

“Actually, someone else thought of it but he did implement it,” Lone Wolfe replied.

He flipped the cut off then flipped off the main and all of the circuits below it. He flipped on the main and heater circuit, “Lets see. My room.” He flipped the switch for his room, “We may want the kitchen for right now. The bathroom is part of the utility room.”

“I was afraid I would have to pee in the dark,” Robin smiled.

“Better than camping out in that mess,” Lone Wolfe pointed to the snow and turned off the light on his phone. He pulled the curtain covering the window over the back door, “Wow, it’s coming down out there.”

“The faster we do this, the faster we can warm each other up later,” She smiled and opened the door.

Snow and wind blasted then and erased the smile. The quickly headed out into the cold and closed the door. Lone Wolfe held his hand in front of him and led the way to the back of the garage to the door. He took out his phone and his keys and unlocked the door to the garage. He opened the door and held it open with his foot as he fumbled with his phone to get the light on. He shined it inside to reveal a stairwell that led down to the bottom of the floor. She looked inside, “It goes down?”

“Dad dug it out and re paved it later. He put in a little shelter further back. We go in here if there is a tornado. The generator does power this area but we wouldn’t count on it solely in a tornado. It wasn’t the best solution but it was what he could do on his own at the time.” Lone Wolfe stated as he he headed down the stairs. She started to follow him but he held a hand out, “Stay there and keep the door open. Just in case something goes wrong.”

“Goes wrong?”

“There is a possibility that the propane could leak and the generator could spark which would cause a small explosion. If you come in and the door is closed, it will be contained and make a bigger boom. If you stay there then there is a chance the wind will keep it from building up. I understand if you want to wait in the house,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Absolutely not!” She replied, “I am going to stay here with you. I will keep the door open, though.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and shined the light on the large red generator and the three man sized cylinders next to it. One of them was hooked up to a hose, “Dear lord! Are those the propane tanks?”

“Yes,” Lone Wolfe answered.

“How much do those weigh?” She asked.

“A lot,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Probably more than me.” He reached up and grasped the knob of the tank and turned it on. They heard a slight his as the regulator on the hose kicked in. He then turned his phone to the generator and found the start button. He pressed it and the generator kicked to life, “No boom.” He breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s not really funny,” Robin commented.

“Not meant to be,” He added.

He hit another button on the generator and it throttled down, “Now we have power.”

“Why did it change in pitch?” She asked.

“Because the motor now has a load on it when it was just idling before.” He stated and walked towards the stairs, “Now let’s get inside.”

They locked and closed the door then hurried back inside. When they got inside, they heard the heater running and saw the light on in the kitchen. Lone Wolfe didn’t know that Robin had flipped on a light before they headed to the utility room. She glanced back to the breaker panel before he closed the door, “Why is there no other light on that little box you pointed out?”

“There is no power coming from the city,” Lone Wolfe answered, “It’s not that sophisticated. It only lights up if there is power from the city. It doesn’t display a message or anything.” He closed the panel and flicked off the light in the utility room.

They walked into the living room. Without much thought, Robin flicked the lights on in the living room but they did not come on like she half expected. She turned them off and glanced back to Lone Wolfe, “Kind of weird to have lights in one room and not have them in another room.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “The generator was the biggest that he could get and convert that wouldn’t go through propane so quickly.” He crossed the distance to the window and looked out the window, “Wow, I can’t see our foot steps that we made to get in the house initially anymore.”

He could feel her worry. It wasn’t coming through the telepathic link anymore. It felt stronger than it should. It wasn’t her empathic abilities projecting to him, it was something different. He wondered if it was the empathic bond that he had heard about before. He glanced to her and asked, “What’s up?”

The question seemed to catch her off guard. Her amber eyes didn’t show any fear, “Who says I am worried?” She questioned. If he blocked out the fear he was feeling, that he knew was coming from her, he could tell that she was actually trying to block her empathic projections and telepathic projections.

“You are,” Lone Wolfe answered, “I think we are empathically linked now.”

“How did that happen?” She asked, “I don’t remember forging that bond.”

“Neither do I,” Lone Wolfe replied, “But I can feel the fear coming from you and I can tell you are doing your best not to project it.”

“What if they don’t fix the power tomorrow?” She replied after a moment of thought, “What if they don’t clear the roads tomorrow? What if we are stuck here, by ourselves, through Christmas?”

“It could be two days or three days but we have provisions for food for a month stowed away in this house. If we have to, we can set up a propane heater in the house and camp out in the kitchen with the propane tank from the grill outside. My father and I planned for things like this. You are in one of the best places to be in this town.” He assured.

“What about my brother?” She questioned.

“Angela is just as prepared as my father is so he is covered as well. Curtis and Jena are out of state so they aren’t dealing with this storm right now,” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “If it gets bad enough they will open up a shelter for everyone else and they will start making wellness calls to places to make sure people are okay. How about you call Ray? He should have been picked up by Angela by now and can tell you about how things are out there.”

She nodded. Lone Wolfe waved for her to follow him to his room, “Why are we going to your room?”

“I can see the corner of the back of the garage from here. If the snow is not drifting up against that part then we may not have to go out to shovel it off or at least shovel it off as often as needed,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Robin nodded and they headed into his room. She shut the door behind them as they entered and sat down on the bed. He opened up the curtain and glanced out the window, “We are in luck, It is drifting away from that side of the garage so we should be okay.”

“That means that if it gets too high we will be trapped in the house as the doors are facing the wind,” Robin shuddered.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “It is a possibility but the snow will act as additional insolation at that point so we should be okay heat wise. We can also get out through my window by the bed.”

“Good idea,” She nodded. She took out her phone.

Before she could dial her brother’s number, Lone Wolfe interrupted, “You should put him on speaker. I want to hear what he says.”

Robin sighed, “Fine!” She dialed his number. When he answered she put it on speaker and said, “Hey Broseph! Where are you?”

“I’m in a car headed to Angela’s house.” He answered, “Thanks for checking in, Sissy.”

“Taking you a while, is that because you managed to pick up your girl?” She asked in response.

“No,” He responded, “Her parents would not let her go despite the fact that she would be warm and have food secured. I guess some parents will sacrifice safe and secure to make sure they have no chance of their kids having a little adult fun.”

“Nah, wouldn’t have happened anyway,” Angela stated from the background, “Despite what you were thinking, it would have just been 3 people in the trailer.”

“That is, assuming we get there before spring!” Ray commented in response, “I think I could walk there faster.”

“So get out and lead the way,” Angela commented in the background, “Just remember it is a lot warmer in here than it is out there. You also don’t have the experience of driving in this crud. If I don’t go slow we will get stuck or run into something. I don’t have any contact with the road right now.”

“You two take it easy and send a text when you get there,” Lone Wolfe stated over the line, “I don’t want her crying because her broseph is hurt and I don’t want to lose a family friend either.”

Before Ray could respond, Robin hung up the line and gave Lone Wolfe a playful glare, “You were supposed to be quiet.”

“You weren’t quiet when I called Angela earlier. Turnabout is fair play.” Lone Wolfe replied.

Second Semester Chapter 19: Birthday Party — November 29, 2017

Second Semester Chapter 19: Birthday Party


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Previous Chapter:

Chapter #19: Birthday Party


Greeley Colorado

December 18th, 2027-CE


Lone Wolfe was surprised that Robin and ray invited Jena to come along for their birthday party. He wondered if it was actually a suggestion of ray or if she thought that if Jena was not there that Lone Wolfe would not show up either. In either case, he felt fortunate that all of his friends had been invited to join her for her birthday party.

Robin and Ray would like to have had their birthday part on their birthday but considering that it was a Monday they didn’t feel like trying to round up their friends on a Monday. A Saturday would work. Most of their friends outside of the small group of psychics had parents departing for Christmas parties and the start of Christmas break. Through some miracle, neither Curtis nor Jena were departing until Tuesday which meant they were free for the party.

The twins elected for a single birthday party at the bowling alley considering that their father did not have a lot of money saved up due to the move earlier in the year. They selected the bowling alley and several lanes because that was the best they could do for entertainment for the small group of people. Lone Wolfe walked in, leading the trio of friends, all with presents in hand. He sat them on the table next to Robin and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Having a good day, my dear?” He asked.

“Only going to get better now that you are here,” Robin replied.

“I think I’m going to get diabetes tonight,” Jena rolled her eyes and sat her present down on the table next to Lone Wolfe’s, “you two are too sweet for your own good.”

“Well, it will get worse here in a minute,” Curtis smiled, “Amanda is on the way. Her father is dropping her off. Ray also has his main squeeze here as well.”

“Angela should be here shortly,” Jena added, “That should round out the party.”

A moment later, Angela came in with some presents and sat them on the table, “Happy birthday, you two. Thank goodness it is also Christmas break. I managed to find some festive birthday wrap. You aren’t the first friends of mine that have December birthdays so I know you would like something that isn’t winter theme or Christmas.”

Both Robin and Ray returned her smile with genuine smiles of their own. Lone Wolfe smiled at her, “I managed to find some as well. I can’t believe they don’t have birthday wrap available all year.”

Curtis glanced down as the door opened, “I could only find snow flakes.”

Amanda walked through the door next and sat her presents down on the table, “Happy birthday.” She said cordially. Her presents were wrapped in Christmas wrap.

“At least you did better than your girlfriend,” Lone Wolfe sighed.

She crossed her arms, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Christmas wrap for a birthday present?” Jena replied.

“Would be cute in July but this is December,” Robin stated.

Angela shook her head, “Nah, that would just be sad. Screams, ‘crap! I forgot to go to the store for wrapping paper!’ I would prefer birthday wrap.”

“Now that the experts have weighed in,” Jena stated, “How will the order of tonight’s events go?”

Everyone glanced to Robin. She blushed and shrugged before she said, “Well, I know that Angela has a job to get to so I don’t think we want to delay getting birthday gifts open and cake and stuff.”

Angela shook her head, “Don’t worry about the shop tonight. I put up a note to close up shop for a special event. You have me all night. Whatever order you want is the order we can go with. Don’t make any special exceptions for me.”

Robin nodded, “Okay. We can all get shoes and divide up into teams then?”

Lone Wolfe nodded as did everyone else. Immediately, Jena had a question, “I assume this will be a couples teams. So Ray and his girl on one team, you and Lone Wolfe on another team. Who all is going to round out the teams?”

“I call Jena!” Both of the twins said at the same time.

Curtis frowned, “Oh sure, don’t mind me. Amanda and I will just go find a corner somewhere and make out while you guys play with your balls.”

“Oh how cute, you pout,” Robin smiled.

“Well I can’t spontaneously split into two people and don’t forget whoever gets me gets Angela on their team as well,” Jena replied.

Lone Wolfe smiled, “The twins should rock-paper-scissors for it.”

“We will be here all night!” Ray protested, “We think more alike than you give us credit for.”

“Well,” Jena tapped her lips for a moment, “How about Curtis and Amanda bowl on Robin’s team? Less animosity all around right there.”

Ray shook his head, “Now that I think about it, how about I take Curtis. There hasn’t been enough compadre bonding between me and Curtis anyway.”

“Fine, Jena and Angela on my team then!” Robin stated in response.

“Can you explain to me how you two became fast friends?” Lone Wolfe projected to Jena in that instant.

“I have been spending a lot of time with Angela recently and considering Angela’s orientation she has the impression that we are an item. The truth is a bit more complicated than that but to keep it smooth sailing between all of my friends, I have yet to correct her on her assumption,” Jena replied.

“Are you two an item?” Lone Wolfe questioned, “If you are, you managed to keep that a secret from me.”

Jena shook her head as they headed to get shoes, “No. She has been trying to do too much at once and I have been trying to keep her from running herself to exhaustion. I am sure you heard the rumors on how I carried her to the nurse’s office at school a few weeks back?” Jena replied.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I thought it was a rumor but now that I think about it you managed to get me into the car at the end of eighth grade so you could carry her a short distance. You must have used your empathic powers to do that. Impressive!”

Jena smiled and nodded, signaling her thanks as she traded her shoes for rental bowling shoes. Lone Wolfe shrugged off his boots and received a pair of bowling shoes in return. He followed Jena back to the area the twins had occupied and started pulling on and tying his shoes on. They were quickly reunited with Angela and Robin. The other four quickly followed up behind them and all had their shoes tied in a matter of seconds.

The lanes powered up while the teens all scoured the bowling alley for bowling balls that best suited them. Lone Wolfe waited for random balls to be flying from some of the more ditsy members of the group but fortunately for them, none of them let go of the balls long enough to let them bounce down the seated space.

The twins sat down at the terminals and entered their names into the computer at position one on each side. Robin took the left and Ray took the right. They decided the order of their team from there. Robin had Lone Wolfe go second, Jena go third, and Angela go last. Ray had his girlfriend go second, Amanda go third, and Curtis go last. With the balls in the return and everyone ready to go they started the game.

The twins were actually pretty good with lane etiquette, Robin allowed ray to roll first on his lane to which he rolled a seven. Robin stepped up next and rolled a five followed by a a gutter ball. The second roll only seemed to upset her more. She glared at Lone Wolfe as she stepped off the approach and said, “You better roll better than that!”

Lone Wolfe rose, “Don’t blame me for your bad roll,” he said with a smile.

Lone Wolfe waited behind the approach as Ray’s girlfriend stepped up to the approach. She grabbed her ball and fed her right fingers through the holes. She hocked the ball down the lane and managed to get three followed by 3 more. Lone Wolfe wondered how many more right handed people were waiting in the wings. He knew Curtis was right handed and was safe to assume Amanda was right handed as well.

Lone Wolfe shrugged and grabbed his ball as he stepped up onto the approach. He took careful aim and took care with his step and form as he went about it. The ball sailed down the lane and knocked all of the pins over earning the first strike in the game. He smiled and played it cool as he stepped off the approach. It made it look like Robin was more excited about his throw than he was. She gave him a hug as if the throw won him the game as Jena took the approach.

Lone Wolfe sat down and Robin leaned on him, “You looked like a pro when you threw that ball. Anything I should know? Use your special talents to channel a professional bowler nearby?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I bowled in a league a couple summers ago. Jena did too. We learned a lot in the league. That, and my father doesn’t do anything half assed. If I thought it wouldn’t throw anyone off I would have brought my bowling ball bag and shoes. Jena probably thought the same thing. Then we would have been split between the teams. Looks like you might have the winning team.”

Curtis stepped up and bowled right handed. He scored nine on the first shot and missed the second shot. Jena bowled left handed which made the third left handed person on the team and also managed to bowl a strike. With Angela being up, Lone Wolfe glanced to Amanda who picked up the phone with her left hand and plugged her right fingers into the hole. He glanced back to Angela and noticed that she was bowling left handed. He smirked, Fantastic! The right handed people are in the minority here!

Robin and Jena leaned in to whisper to Lone Wolfe, “What’s so funny?” Robin asked.

“There are more left handed people here than right handed,” Lone Wolfe commented in response.

Jena smiled and nodded, “It is probably the amount of psychics here.”

“But Curtis is a psychic,” Robin pointed out as Angela picked up a spare, “Why is he right handed?”

“Don’t know,” Jena shrugged as Robin rose, “but he is one of the weaker psychics here so that could play a roll in it.”

Robin shrugged as she walked up to the approach. Lone Wolfe leaned back, “That is kind of like the chicken and the egg; are we left handed because we are special or are we special and ended up being left handed as a result?”

Jena shrugged, “Find me a right handed psychic that is as powerful as we are and we can put that theory to rest. Before you say anything about your mother and her side of the family think about this; most of them were probably ambidextrous and learned to be right handed as a result. You can use your right hand whenever you want to.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “True and so can you.”

The bowling game ended pretty much as the psychics on Robin’s team expected. With two people that learned how to play in a competitive league on one team it didn’t take a clairvoyant to figure out how the game was going to turn out. After a couple of games, the teenagers all returned to the table with presents for refreshments and to watch the twins open the gifts they received.

It was about that point that Jena projected to Lone Wolfe, “Get up and go to the bathroom. I am going to subtly send Curtis your way so you two can talk about the thing that has been bugging you. I know you haven’t talked to him yet.”

“Did you scan his mind without permission?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response but got up to walk to the bathroom anyway.”

“By Scarlet’s rules, he is a telepath and fair game. Doesn’t matter that he is a badly trained telepath that doesn’t pay attention to what is going on in his own head. I will send a projection to him in a moment. I am sure it will be quite an experience for him,” Jena projected back as he walked away.

Lone Wolfe waited outside the bathroom and kept the smirk he would have had from making it to his face. A minute later a confused Curtis walked his way. He fixed his friend with a confused blue eyed stare and said, “Jena sent me over here? I think it was Jena. She nodded her head in your direction when I glanced at her but it didn’t sound quite like her.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “It is called a telepathic projection.”

“Want to tell me what this is about?” Curtis questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe took a deep breath, “It is about Robin. Jena and I are convinced that the time is coming that she is going to ask me to take our relationship to that next level physically. I am not sure what to do about it. I talked to Jena about some parts about it and she helped me with what she could but I also need your help.”

“You have been moving faster than me on this,” Curtis replied, “I don’t know what you need my help for?”

“I don’t think I am ready for that yet and I don’t think she is ready for that yet either,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Curtis fixed him with a side long glance, “Are you sure that is what the problem is? You aren’t having any other issues like confusion as to whether you like girls or not?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “If my dreams are any indication, I like girls. This is taking about an emotional state. I don’t think we are mature enough for this.”

“That is just what the adults say,” Curtis waved off the comment with his hand, “Don’t listen to them, why would god and nature make us ready before we are mature enough to handle it?”

“Because we were animals and we have evolved into what we are now and are capable of asking harder questions and thinking ahead,” Lone Wolfe answered.

“That was a rhetorical question!” Curtis sneered. He shook his head and said, “The point is if she wants it then what is the problem?”

“The problem is we aren’t mature enough yet,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Sometimes it’s like I am talking to a brick wall with you.”

“Maybe you are just afraid that you won’t be any good,” Curtis suggested.

“Sure, you go with that,” Lone Wolfe nodded.

“No one is good their first time around,” Curtis replied, “You will learn as you go.”

“How about maybe diverting her from going that far?” Lone Wolfe asked, “Any ideas on that?”

“Sure you don’t have a personal problem with girls in your personal relationships” Curtis questioned.

“When I am in Robin’s arms I am the happiest person alive,” Lone Wolfe replied, “When she kisses me, someone could kill me and I would die a happy man. That is the honest truth. I love the feel of her skin, the look in her eyes when she looks at me, the feel of her hair, how she smells, how she tastes and everything about her.”

“Okay, point taken,” Curtis stated, “You are into her. Different question; how far have you gotten with her?”

“She is not a video game to compare notes with. You aren’t going to get a blow by blow of our time together,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“I don’t need specifics. I just want to know if you two have gotten past making out or not,” Curtis replied.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “Not really.”

“Then you could be blowing this out of proportion,” Curtis stated, “She may not want to go all the way but go further.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe you are right.”

“One more thing,” Curtis said with a smile, “Buy a box of condoms. Not saying anything will happen but it is best to be prepared.”

Lone Wolfe sighed, “Sure.”

Lone Wolfe started to walk away and Curtis pointed to the bathroom, “I really do have to use the bathroom so I will meet up with you back at the table.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Remember to wash your hands.”

“Yes, mom,” Curtis sighed as he walked into the bathroom.

Lone Wolfe walked back to the table and sat down between Jena and Robin. He projected to Jena, “Well that went just like you expected with one exception. He accused me of being gay for a moment.”

“Leave it to him to have that kind of typical reaction,” Jena shook her head in response.

Robin glanced to the both of them and cocked her head inquisitively, “What are you two plotting?” She asked.

“Who says we are plotting anything?” Jena questioned in response, “In fact I would suppose that you and Lone Wolfe would be the two plotting things.”

Robin glanced around to make sure her father and brother were not in earshot, “I don’t know about Lone Wolfe but I know that his father works during the break. My father works too and I plan on sneaking over to his house while they are working.”

“Good thing you let me know. I was going to just bum around town during the break,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I know Jena was keeping Angela company and keeping her from working too hard during the year. I could keep the vigil up during the break to make sure that she actually gets some rest and relaxation.”

“I don’t need a babysitter,” Angela joked, “Company at the store is always accepted, though.”

“What made you think Jena was plotting something?” Lone Wolfe questioned?

“She randomly nodded,” Robin stated in response.

Jena shrugged, “Sometimes I think to myself. That doesn’t mean anything different than anyone else.” She glanced around, For a moment I thought you were catching a lot of valuable skills from your repeated communions with Lone Wolfe. You have learned how to control your empathic abilities better than when we first met. How long will it be before you start to sense the abilities of others around you? How long will it be before you can start to tell when someone is projecting around you?

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