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The Second Semester afterward and 2018 outlook. — January 23, 2018

The Second Semester afterward and 2018 outlook.

As most people who know me can attest, I don’t make new years resolutions. I think it is a silly idea to make a resolution to change a behavior or make a goal just because the year on the calendar has changed. we lack the connection to the root cause of the behavior change and thus the reason for the goal and the challenge we set ourselves to falls apart quickly. we rarely keep our new years resolutions without the connection that we need to change that behavior or keep that goal. I wanted to throw this paragraph out there since this is my first discussion talking about 2018. i will get to the why later.

I have finished Second Semester on the site. That means I should have already moved from editing and should be posting a link here so you can grab the free e book copy… well… about that. I have the feeling that 2017 was a hard year for most of us. I saw a lot of blogs where people went through hard times. On the surface, i was rather fortunate. I was laid off of my previous job but through dogged determination I found a job and didn’t have to apply for unemployment. What’s better, this job has a whole bunch of benefits and pays a lot better than my old job. I should be happy and my personal life should be on the ball.

There is a “But” there. Since starting this new job, i have regularly worked between 48 and 60 hours a week. i am on call, there is also a 45-60 minutes commute each way. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for family life or writing. the Writing is keeping me sane but it is taking its toll on everyone here. I feel like i am going to run into a brick wall of a nervous breakdown sooner or later. I need to take a step back and think.

I made some promises on the last page of Templar: Era Walker when it came out last year. promises about when books would come out this year. Before those dates lapse I want to take a moment to apologize. I do not think I will be able to keep those dates. Including Second Semester, I might be able to publish 3 books. I have those 3 books lines up and am trying to edit them: they are Templar: Forgotten and Templar: Schisms. I don’t think Ascendant is in a state to publish yet; to get the size down, i had to cut a lot out of the book and I need to re read it to make sure I didn’y mess up continuity. I don’t want to commit to dates yet but I want to publish those templar novels this year. If Possible, I want to publish Templar Resonance as well I don’t know if I will be able to do that with a Job that eats up a lot of time and has me on call a lot.

About that last chapter of Second Semester: Someone told me that it doesnt fit with the rest of the book. There is a reason for that. The first 2 children of legend stories are prequels for Templar: Order and Chaos. That last chapter takes place after the core story of Templar: Order and Chaos. It is there to signal the end of the children of legend saga hence the name of the chapter “we are children no more.” I wanted to tie it into the rest of the Templar series since the two stories do add dimension to all of the stories that follow it. I had plans for more prequels (spirit killer prequels and templar: darkness post scripts) but with the limited time I have I don’t know if I have the time to write them right now. I have 3 novels that need to be edited and 25 total that are calling my name to be written.

My 2018 statement: I want to deliver more content for my readers. I cannot guarantee that there will be a regular GPFriday blog, I cannot guarantee that I will be posting blogs regularly. I will post when I have something new to share (good or bad) I will shoot for good but if the bad affects my readers, i will share it as soon as I know something. I have a vested interest in my readers.

Thank you for sticking with me and my craziness!

Second Semester Chapter #34: Graduation – We Are Children no More — January 19, 2018

Second Semester Chapter #34: Graduation – We Are Children no More

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Chapter #34: Graduation – We Are Children No More


Greeley Colorado

May 17th, 2031-CE


Through the help of Lone Wolfe, Curtis had managed to score three extra tickets so Angela, Serena, and Lone Wolfe could attend his graduation ceremony. Of all of their friends from freshmen and sophomore year, of the inner circle, only Curtis remained. Robin and Ray had moved away over that summer. Lone Wolfe graduated at semester in his junior year. Jena had got her GED and moved to Montana. Lone Wolfe was determined to support his friend and his friend appreciated it.

Many things had happened since that summer day three years ago. Discoveries of a fireproof book of spells unlocking a larger mission for Lone Wolfe and a band of Keepers of the Balance. Jena becoming a Lilithian and discovering their involvement in the plot with the mages. The mission of the Cataclysms and Lone Wolfe’s private mission to save Serena from her own death and her own usefulness in the mission. Many things had changed. Many things had become clearer since that day long ago.

Lone Wolfe placed his right hand in Serena’s left hand and played with the diamond white gold ring on her left ring finger. Her lips smiled and her chocolate eyes glistened in the spring light, “everything is going to change now.” She said in her silky voice as her hair wavered in the subtle breeze, “Graduation from college next year, finding a house. Finding real jobs. Children. The rest of our lives.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “A life returning to normal.”

Angela chuckled at that comment, “Returning to normal? Define normal? When have we ever been normal? Even before the fiasco in Missoula we were psychics and had our own screwy little problems.” She seemed to fume at that moment, “With all of the things that Jena has done for us, she couldn’t trouble herself with coming to Curtis’s graduation ceremony? For a while I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. Especially with the friends he started to keep near the end after you and Jena moved on with your lives. You two grew up too quickly.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged off the comment, “If you think about it, It was all for the best. It allowed me to not worry about high school during the mission. Now that the mission is over I can focus on College and getting my life together after that.”

Angela shrugged, “Just remember, you are still living with me for the time being. If things worked out just slightly differently, you could have been living with your father. I am sure that would have been a downer for your relationship. Say nothing about what that would have done for your mission.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Funny how things work out sometimes.”

Serena nodded and adjusted her leather beret which was her grandfather’s much like the triskal in circle pendant that Lone Wolfe wore. She leaned in against her betrothed and smiled, “Probably about time we shut up, your friend and the rest of his class is getting on stage now.” Her eyes widened as she saw the amount of people in gowns gathering on the seats on the stage, “My god, that’s a lot of people!”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I forgot that you went to a charter school. You probably had a much smaller graduating class. There are a couple hundred in the class of thirty-one. Too bad he screwed around most of the time. Curtis is actually pretty smart. I bet if he applied himself he would have been valedictorian but he is about middle of the pack.”

Angela nodded, “At least he is graduating on time.”

Serena shrugged, “Well, he is also a couple of other things most of the other people in his graduating class aren’t. He has some telepathic abilities and he is a telekinetic. He is also a hybrid. He is one of the Templars. He also fought in the battle with you to protect the Lilithian secrets in Montana. No matter what anyone says, he is in a class by himself. Too bad we don’t get medals for saving the world like that.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I’m glad they don’t give us medals and fan fare for things like that. All that would do is paint targets on our back. I can protect you and I from anything that comes our way and Robert said the mages wouldn’t bug us because of my powers but there are plenty of things that would come and get us. Anonymity is something that protects us now. That is why, now that our mission is complete, we are now referred to as the dark. We are now supposed to go into hiding. Wait for the next generation of Keepers of the Balance to rise up and take on the next mission. When that happens then we should be safe. The attention will be off of us.”

A troubled look washed over Serena’s face, “You said that your mission was such a success that it might have cancelled out one of the generations that serve. That means it could be ten years or maybe twenty before the next generation rises up. That means twenty forty or twenty fifty before we see other Templars to take your place. Do you really think we will be safe until then?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Most things will leave us alone. That which doesn’t will be handled easily.”

“Shush you two!” Angela hissed quietly, “The class valedictorian is about to start the speech!”

Lone Wolfe rolled his gold eyes, “Glad I didn’t have to suffer on stage with doing this. I would have clowned out. The same old ‘thus begins the first day of the rest of our lives speech.’ They should get some new lines already.”

Angela waved him to be quiet as a woman in a white uniform approached the stage. She placed a tablet on the podium and glanced out to the assembled audience before clearing her throat and adjusting the mic, “This is a day of celebration for all of us, not just those gathered on stage. Just like prom is a rite of passage that we have went through as children, graduation is a rite of passage that marks us earning our adulthood. With this; we have the ability to leave the nest and fly away to build nests of our own. We have the ability to continue the cycle that will perpetuate our people into the future. Throughout the last two hundred years our culture may have changed but this rite has stayed the same. First it was few, then many as the education became necessary but it is only a step in a larger cycle for us.

“Now our journey truly begins. As your next empties, the first day of the rest of our lives truly begins. We will make our way into the world and gain the experience we need to live. We will eventually pass this experience on to future generations and they will carry the torch on to the next generation as the day of their lives begins. But that is in the future, clouded and uneasy to see. For now, what is clear is this; I present to you the class of 2031!”

The principal came up and presented her portfolio to the valedictorian. She accepted it with a smile and walked off of the podium after moving her tassel to the other side of her hat. The principal walked up to the podium and announced the names as his secretary wheeled a large cart to the front of the stage. Each person walked up to the front, moved their tassel and accepted the portfolio that was handed to them. The audience clapped cordially for the most part. The friends and family of those gathered clapped and cheered louder for each of their members as they accepted their diploma.

Lone Wolfe, Serena, and Angela waited in anticipation as they got closer to Curtis’s name. When his name was finally called, the three of them cheered louder than his three family members that were waiting with equally bated breath. He smiled and nodded to each of the groups as he accepted the diploma. After that it was the anticipation of finishing the ceremony so they could buzz out for a camping trip the four of them had prepared for months.

The waiting was the hard part. It was a warm spring day. It reminded them of how the mountains would feel. They had cold weather gear stowed away in their cars and they weren’t sure how long it would be before the ceremony was over. While the ground had thawed in the mountains, if they didn’t depart soon, it would be night before they got everything set up. It still got cold, close to freezing up in the mountains this time of year.

About half an hour after Curtis’s name was called, the ceremony was finished. The graduating class threw their hats into the air as was custom. Lone Wolfe was the only one of the three that didn’t get to participate in this ceremony before. He wondered at what the custom was about. He decided he would ask later. When he graduated at semester, they offered him the opportunity to sit at the ceremony with the class of 2030 but he declined. He figured if he wasn’t able to participate in other functions after graduating at semester, he saw no point in that ceremony as well. They handed him his diploma after Christmas time that year.

Curtis went to his family first and handed his diploma to his mother. No doubt, the family had plans to have it framed. It was usually custom to do that. Lone Wolfe had his packed away in a box in his room at Angela’s house. He was not sure where Serena had stowed hers away. She was in the process of moving her things into his room.

The three of them rose and started to slowly move toward Curtis’s direction. They wanted to give the family time to say their praise to their son. Lone Wolfe recalled that after the mission he had some close calls with senioritis during the last year. For a while it looked like he wouldn’t graduate. He managed to pull his grades up and passed in the middle of his grade. It was good news and showed that he could do what it took when he needed to. Lone Wolfe wasn’t sure how much of it was Curtis’s own work and how much of it was the powers that Lone Wolfe had given him during their mission. In either regard, it was something that he earned.

Curtis walked over to his friends and greeted them with a smile and received a group hug as a reward. He nodded and said, “okay we have to return these robes so I will be back in about five minutes. Sorry for the trouble.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “It’s fine. You did good my friend. Excellent work!”

Curtis nodded and ran off toward the building with a group of other graduates. It was a sad thought knowing that their tie to this school had now ended. Even though the three of them had graduated before he did, they were still tied to the school because he was there. That time had now come to an end. There would be no more finagling lunch schedules and school schedules to meet him for lunch or pick him up and hang out at the store or a coffee shop. There would be no more after school meet ups to discuss the goings on in the school. No more childhood gossip. Another chapter of their life had come to a close. It was tough for him to realize that they were no longer children.


*        *        *

Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

May 17th, 2031-CE


The sun was starting to set and three tents still had yet to be fully pitched. The sun had made it quite warm for them to set up but now that the sun was starting to make its final descent past the mountains, the breeze brought a chill. The four of them worked as fast as they could in order to set up the tents in time. Curtis looked around for a hammer so he could stake the tents, “Lone Wolfe? Do you know where the hammer is?”

“I believe it’s by the car,” Lone Wolfe stated as he and Serena worked on threading the poles through their tent. With them being the closest to complete they would split up and help the rest get their tents up before dark.

Curtis reached out with his hand once he spotted the hammer and it flew through the air to his hand. Lone Wolfe studied the movement and noticed that there was no gold flash of seal aspect magic preceding his telekinetic move. He arched an eyebrow and commented to his friend, “Nicely done! You seem to have managed using your telekinetic powers on your own! You will have to show others how to do that someday.”

Curtis shrugged, “Not really sure how I managed to do that. I was playing around with my powers on my own with the aspect power you gave me. One day I reached out with my hand and I was able to pull objects toward me like I had used my aspect power. I don’t know why but I now can pull things to my hand whenever I want. The rest of what I should be able to do with my Telekinesis doesn’t work right, why?”

Lone Wolfe thought about it for a moment, his five points seal gave him the answer right away, “Using your aspect seal slowly gives you the knowledge of how to use your abilities. Playing with pulling objects towards you taught you how to do that.”

Curtis cocked his head in confusion as Lone Wolfe and Serena finished getting their tent set up and moved on to help the others with his tent, “Do you think I can do that with other psychic abilities? Ones that I don’t have already?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “Not ones you don’t already have. You can use those powers with aspect magic but you won’t be able to use them on your own.”

Curtis shrugged, “So much for being able to tell the future. Could have won the lottery if I had some of your talents.”

Lone Wolfe chuckled and Serena rolled her eyes, “Clairvoyance doesn’t work like that. I already had him try.”

They hurried to get the last two tents up and helped Angela with setting up the fire pit. There was still a little bit of light left so they hiked up to the clearing. They stood on the hill over the clearing watching the sun set. Lone Wolfe wrapped his arm around Serena and leaned in as the sun sat. Curtis smiled and glanced at his friends. Angela nodded and rested a hand on both Serena’s shoulder and Curtis’s shoulders, “If it hasn’t set in yet.” She stated to gather their attention, “Let me say this. There are no other adults around here. We made our plans on our own. We came here on our own. No one else is telling us what to do. We are children no more.”

Second Semester Chapter #33: The Twin Watchers — January 17, 2018

Second Semester Chapter #33: The Twin Watchers

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Chapter #33: The Twin Watchers


Greeley Colorado

July 15th, 2028-CE


Lone Wolfe hopped into the SUV and buckled his seatbelt in. He knew his encounter with the watchers occurred at about the same time as Jena’s and the twins. The watchers must have gotten to her first and she used her pre-cognition to get across town so fast. He never tried to use his abilities to drive before. For that matter, he never tried to drive before. She glanced around and pulled out of the parking lot.

The urgency was setting in for the clairvoyants. Jena could feel it. It was because of all of the people they targeted, the three of them had the best connections to each other and the twins had the weakest connections to everyone else. Jena blamed herself for that because Robin would stay if she were still with Lone Wolfe. Not only did she mess up their relationship but she also pushed Robin away without realizing it.

She wasn’t broadcasting her thoughts but Lone Wolfe seemed to understand it, “You didn’t do anything wrong. She also made bad calls throughout the relationship and she wasn’t welcoming of you as well. If we were still together she might have tried to talk me into going with her if she wanted this. It would be a lot harder for me to say no if that was the case.”

Jena glanced back and gave him a slight smile. While his words were enough to make her feel a little better about herself, they were enough to dissuade her from the reality of the situation. Too late she realized that there was a pull between them all. Too late she realized that they could have been close friends. Too late she realized the positive changes the two affected on each other. Now they were going to lose them. She was sure of it. Even more sure than the two oracles in the vehicle with her.

They pulled up a couple houses away from the twin’s home and jumped out of the vehicle. They saw five of the watchers with Robin and Ray walking down the side walk. Lone Wolfe and Jena approached, “Hey Robin!” Lone Wolfe managed to call out before his voice choked up. He didn’t realize it would be this hard to talk to her.

Robin seemed to freeze as well. He nodded almost mechanically, “Hi, Lone Wolfe.”

Jena could sense the tension between the two people. She stepped forward and chose to speak instead, “Where are you going with these people?” She questioned.

“They have invited me to join the watchers. I and my brother have accepted the offer,” She replied.

Jena shook her head, “So that’s it, you are just going to leave us?”

Robin refused to look at Jena, “There is nothing to tie us down here. They said they can help my father find a better job down in Denver. The only thing that would stop me would be if someone else would speak up.”

Jena glanced back at Lone Wolfe who had grown as pale as a sheet during the exchange, “I don’t know if you can get him to speak,” Jena replied, “Would the words of anyone else make any difference to you? I want to get to know you as a friend and I am sure that Angela would like to get to know you as a friend as well. How about giving us all a second chance? A chance to be friends together? Friends properly without the angst and BS that came when you and Lone Wolfe were dating.”

Robin shook her head but glanced to Angela. Angela could tell that she felt bad about not including her in more of their activities to date. She glanced back to Jena then back down to the ground, “After everything that happened between us I don’t think that you and I can do just friends the way you want.”

“What about me?” Angela questioned in response, “I hardly know you but I would like to get to know you better. How about giving us all one more chance so we can be better friends?”

Robin glanced to Lone Wolfe, “You are the deciding vote. How about it Lone Wolfe.”

Jena wanted to roll her eyes but she didn’t do it. She fought the urge with every fiber in her being. Instead, to help fight the urge she projected to Lone Wolfe, “No pressure but you have to say something to get her to stay here. I don’t think she will listen to anyone else. She clearly won’t listen to me and she didn’t seem to listen to Angela. Do you want her to stay?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I do but I am not sure if I have the strength to say anything. I am not sure if I even have the fortitude to project what I want to say to her. What do you want me to do? Can someone tell me what to do? She seems to want this. Who am I to stand in her way?”

Robin glanced to him, “Are you just going to stand there and twiddle your thumbs all day or are you actually going to open up your mouth and produce some sounds in a pattern that vaguely resembles language? Remember, I don’t speak caveman so try to shoot for English!”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “What do you want me to say? What do you want to do? Do you want me to tell you that I want you to stay? I do but is that enough to keep you here? Is there anything else that will get you to stay?”

Robin shook her head angrily, “I want you to stop being so fucking wishy washy! Make up your damn mind! Tell me what you want from me! Tell me if you want me to be friends! Tell me if you want us to be more than friends! Tell me if you want to never see me again! Tell me what you see for our future.” Tears started to stream from her eyes, “Do you see us together in any way in the future? Do you?”

Lone Wolfe shrugged. He tried to glimpse the future but it was cloudy. He couldn’t understand why he didn’t have a clear view of the future. She had broken it off with him and at the time he wanted nothing more than to fix the relationship with her and make it so they had never broken up. Now that things had started to heal he felt that their future was starting to divide. He didn’t know how to explain it to her in a way that would make sense. He wanted her to stick around as a friend but he didn’t know how to explain it to her. He shrugged again. He glanced to Jena and saw a worried look on her face. He glanced back to them, “I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t have the power to make this decision. I don’t have the vision to see the future clearly in this case. I feel like you have the power to make the decision here. I would like for us to be friends. I feel like we have a future as friends. I want for us to have a future together.”

Robin’s dark amber eyes showed the venom contained within them, “That’s exactly what I am talking about, Lone Wolfe! I don’t hear you say anything definite! All I hear is ‘I want this, and I want that!’ There is no ‘Yes, silly girl, we have a future together! We are friends or we are lovers in the future but we are together!’ It’s touching that you want us to be friends and you want us to be more than that but you can shit in one hand and want with the other. Only one is going to fill up first.”

“Unless you’re Curtis,” Jena commented in response.

Angela smirked, she couldn’t help it. Jena smirked a little at the comment and it got the attention of the watchers but it did nothing to relieve the tension of Lone Wolfe or Robin. Lone Wolfe glanced down and seemed to shrink into the background at that moment. He wasn’t sure if there was anything more that he could say. Jena placed a hand on his shoulder as she responded for him, “You can make all of the harsh statements you want, Robin. It doesn’t change the fact that you asked him to look into the future to see if you had a future together. If he can’t see it then he can’t give you an honest answer. If you asked him for his desires I am sure he would have responded differently. That is why he gave you the wants and hopes in his statement.”

Robin shrugged, “If that’s true then I guess this is where we part ways then.”

Lone Wolfe shuddered, “Goodbye Robin. I will always cherish the time we had together. You helped me out when I needed it the most. You were around when I needed someone around more than anything. You made last summer the best summer ever. You made the last Christmas the best Christmas ever. I will never forget that. Thank you!”

Robin stopped and the anger bled away from her face in that instant. She wasn’t aware of what he still felt of all of those experiences. They weren’t soured by their breakup. Instead, they seemed to retain their vibrancy and color in his eyes even as he recounted them to her. For a moment, she thought about staying behind. She thought about changing her mind and staying. She could have been wrong about her own thoughts and feelings.

She glanced to each of the watchers then back to her brother, “Ray, what do you want to do? You have been pretty quiet about this entire thing. You have yet to weigh in about what you want to do? Do you want to stay here with our friends or do you want to join the watchers? I was not sure if you wanted to join or not. You have been following my lead this entire time.”

He smiled and glanced to the watchers, “You have two powers and I only ever had one. I feel like I have always been the third wheel in this situation. I would like to be something different this time. They can teach me how to use my telepathic powers properly. I can be something better with the watchers than I can if I just stayed here. I would like it if my friends came with me but they all seem determined to stay where they are.”

The five watchers glanced towards the three psychics standing betfore them that were trying to convince their new charges to stay. Lone Wolfe could tell that they were trying to decide which one of them should speak. He thought about using his powers to block their telepathic communication. That this point it would just be showing off. He had done it to one group and they had left. That was when everyone thought they were a threat.

After a moment, their chosen representative chose to speak, “You may have turned down the people sent to find you and talk to you but it isn’t too late to change your mind. You are all friends and you can be friends together with the watchers. We can give your families the same promise we made hers. We can make sure they find good jobs and are relocated to better areas in Denver.”

Angela crossed her arms and shook her head defiantly, “Right there, sir, is an insult! I have no family. The home I live in has been in my family for four generations! I am the fifth generation to live in the house! You can’t find many heirlooms like that anymore. If you take me to Denver, you take me away from my roots. I prefer to stay here. You offer me nothing of value by taking me away from here and to Denver. I refuse to join your order. You claim to watch us but you knew nothing about my family home? I find that hard to believe!”

Jena took a step back, “My home has been here and it has always been here. I cannot just pick up and relocate so easily despite what you may think. I turned you down once, not just because of your creepy methods of recruitments but because you ask us to move so far away. I would like to remain friends with Robin and Ray and they sound like they won’t be that far away. Maybe we can keep in touch through text and the internet. I can’t just leave here though.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and took a step back, “I feel the same way as both Angela and Jena. My father worked hard to make the home we live in his home and something that will keep us safe for years to come. My mother is no longer here but there is a piece of her in that home. You ask us to just give that up which is impossible.” He glanced to Robin, “You have spent time in that home during Christmas. During the time when most of the town didn’t have power, we were warm and comfortable thanks to all of that planning forethought of my parents. If my father and I leave that behind, he will have to start all over by going to a different home. We may not be able to build that again. I can’t ask him to throw that all away. I don’t think he can.”

Robin nodded and looked defeated, “I also cannot deny that my brother wants this more than I do. We don’t have the roots here that you three do. We weren’t born here and don’t have your attachments. Maybe you are right and we will have contact through text and the internet. We will have to see. I guess it really is goodbye.” With those words, the twins and the watchers walked off to leave the three other psychics alone on the sidewalk. No one said anything even well after the twins and the watchers had disappeared. The twins, themselves, had become the watchers.

Jena placed a hand on Lone Wolfe’s shoulder. She could feel the pain coming off of him. They all felt some of the pain that he felt but he took the brunt of it. It was certain now. Robin had left. She would not be coming back. She would be a watcher. He may see her again but they would never be the same. They wouldn’t be the children they were when this began. They would be something different.

Second Semester Chapter #32: The Watchers — January 12, 2018

Second Semester Chapter #32: The Watchers

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Chapter #32: The Watchers


Greeley Colorado

July 15th, 2028-CE


Jena could sense something coming with the storm. She didn’t know if that was something she got from Lone Wolfe or if that was something she could sense on her own. She didn’t know what to make of it before she saw several figures roaming the streets. They seemed normal enough at first until she noticed that all of them had psychic abilities. They were fairly powerful psychics as well. They were stronger than most of the average psychics as well. She glanced at them and couldn’t help but think Lone Wolfe, what did you and Angela do while camping? This many powerful psychics being around so soon after you two come back from camping cannot be a coincidence.

Long ago, Jena had figured out a way to hide her presence from other telepaths. The only person she could not hide her presence from was Lone Wolfe. She figured that was because they have known each other since they could remember. She noticed that they walked right past her as she sat at the bus stop. They hardly gave her a glance, either they haven’t noticed me or they are looking for someone else. I swear they are looking for Lone Wolfe. I could warn him but then they would know that I am just like them and really good at hiding.

She shook her head. She knew she had another way to warn him. She took out her phone and sent him a text message, “There are some people wandering around. I think they are looking for you after your camping trip. I know they are looking for someone with psychic abilities because they are all really powerful psychics. I have seen ten of them so far!”

It didn’t take her too long to get another message from him, “Are you sure that they are looking for me?”

“What else would bring out so many powerful psychics? The timing is right; you and Angela had to have done something on the camping trip and brought them out of hiding. They are really interested in finding you.” Jena replied over text message.

“You are going to lecture a clairvoyant over matters such as timing?” Lone Wolfe questioned over text message. She could practically hear him laugh as he typed that message. She did have to admit there was a certain amount of humor in the circumstance.

She put her phone away and rose from the bus stop. She had planned on seeing Angela at the bus stop today and see how their trip went. Lone Wolfe had missed some summer school but was able to make up the homework from it so his plans were still on schedule. For some reason, they were still on their way towards where Lone Wolfe lived and the school. Why would they be going to our neighborhood? She questioned to herself. The groups split into two at that point and one headed to the school and the other headed towards the neighborhood.

“Lone Wolfe! They are heading for you! I am following them and they are heading for the school. They are also heading down our neighborhood.” She texted in response

She got a response a moment later, “that’s strange that they are heading down both places. If they coming for me then why are they heading down both streets?”

Jena shrugged and sent a response, “They have to be tracking you. They wouldn’t know that you have summer school so they are seeking you out telepathically. Too bad I don’t know that little trick Scarlet taught you. You might want to use it now.”

“I assume you are using your own special trick to keep yourself hidden from them,” Lone Wolfe replied over text, “Otherwise they would have noticed you by now. Maybe they split up because I am not the only target. Crap! The twins!”

“What should we do?” Jena panicked, “There is only one of me and there are two groups of them. If you use your trick then they will notice me and if you don’t, they are going to come for you!”

“You get to safety. My trick won’t affect her empathic powers, you can use yours too. They can protect themselves. I can protect myself. Those guys are the ones that will be in trouble,” Lone Wolfe replied.

She could feel her telepathic powers cut off at that moment as Lone Wolfe used his power to neutralize all telepathic powers in the area. The people in front of Jena stopped and started glancing around. They were not used to having their powers taken away in such a fashion. Jena had experienced it before.

Jena turned and ran from the mysterious psychics. She hoped, despite the feelings she had for Robin and Ray, that they would be able to fight the mysterious psychics off. She didn’t know what the psychics wanted with all of them but she didn’t want to stick around and find out. As she headed back to the bus stop, her blood ran cold. She was only aware of the people that had come after them on this side of town. She had no idea if there were people that were going after Angela.

She slid to a stop at the bench and hoped that none of the mysterious people that sought Lone Wolfe and the twins had followed her. Instead of wasting time with a text message, she called Angela, “Angela! There are people after Lone Wolfe, the twins, and possibly you! You might want to close up shop!”


*        *        *


Angela had enough time to hang up the phone with Jena before several people walked into the door of the shop. While she was not as proficient with telling people’s abilities as Lone Wolfe and Jena was, she was starting to pick up on psychics in general. All of the people who walked in were psychic and all of them felt like they could be stronger than her. Angela shook her her head and did the only thing she could thing of.

She thrust her hands forward and for the first time ever, she used her shaman magic against someone. A burst of wind flowed from all around her and shoved one of them out of the door and slammed the door shut. The other two that had made it into the store were thrust back against the wall with force. She saw more people outside and kicked the ground. The concrete in front of the door raised up just enough to jam the front door shut.

She glanced at the two of them as they struggled to their feet and caught their breath, “Okay you two, who the hell are you and what do you want with me and my friends?”

The man glanced to the woman and they struggled to remain upright, ”The clairvoyant didn’t say that any of them was psychokinetic.”

Angela cocked her head in confusion. They mistook her blast of air with a psychokinetic blast of kinetic energy. They knew all of them were psychics and that seemed to be the entire point of their visit. She took a step forward and held her hands high in the air, “I will repeat myself only once more; why are you here for me and my friends?”

Both of them raised their hands in defense, “Oi! We aren’t here to hurt you! We just want to talk!”

Angela lowered her hands, “If you just want to talk, then why did you come in force. I see there are four other peopl with you. My friend reported that there were ten people looking for her and her friends. Seems pretty interesting that you would send seventeen people after five psychics.”

“In case of attack,” The man answered as he tried to find a space furthest away from the shaman, “As you are an indication.”

“Well, The backdoor is locked,” Angela stated and kicked down with her foot again, “If it wasn’t hard for you to get by before, it is now.”

They glanced at each other before the woman commented to her partner, “unusual control of her psychokinetic abilities. How is she able to pull upon the ground like that? Isn’t that something that a telekinetic should be able to do?”

Angela cocked her head in confusion, they still haven’t figured out what I am doing. They have only been told that we are psychics and nothing else. That is true of the younger teens but I have other powers. What are they and why are they here? “I thought referring to someone in the third person while they are standing before you is nothing short of rude and psychokinetic’s get very upset when they are treated poorly. How about telling m who you are and why you are here?”

The both of them nodded, “We are watchers.”

“Decided to do a little more than watch, didn’t you?” Angela commented as she placed her hands on her hips, “Now, why did you decided to do a little more than just watch people like me and my friends? What made you move from more than just stalkers to actually doing something about it?”

They both shook their heads as they responded, “You misunderstand. We didn’t seek you out to abduct you. We want to find you and your friends to ask if you could join us.”

Angela Cocked her head again and walked back to the cash register, ”Why should I believe you? There are seven out there right now. You have two groups of people after my friends. To me, that looks a little bit more like you are trying to take us away quietly instead of asking us to dinner.”

“We were initially going to show you that there are a lot more people in the world like you than you know,” The man commented in response, “The Clairvoyant guide who sent us here told us that you haven’t seen a lot of psychics outside of your group of friends.”

Angela shrugged, “Your clairvoyant should have come himself. Aside from that person and my friend, I haven’t seen other clairvoyants outside of my family and his family. He should have made the overture to see us himself. As far as the rest of the psychics are concerned. I am familiar with this number that Jena told me about; one in two hundred. For every two hundred people on the street that I pass, I probably passed a psychic along the way. I know we aren’t alone. Maybe you should be sending smaller groups to not freak out the local population.”

She sighed and sat down on the stool. She glanced at the two of them as they tried to figure out how to get out of the building, She glanced to them and asked, “So what happens now?”

The female watcher shrugged, “I take it that you do not want to join.”

Angela nodded, “I bet you can also say the same thing about Jena who warned me that you are coming as well. So where does that leave us? Those of us that don’t wish to join?”

“We will leave in peace,” The female replied.

Angela glanced around. The other five watchers were gathered around the front door trying to figure out how to un jam the door. She hopped off the stool and glanced to the back door. She stomped her heel and the concrete around the back door slid home as it had never been disturbed. She couldn’t see it from her angle but she could feel it. She glanced to the front door and said, “Have them move back.”

The woman glanced to the glass door and the five people gathered on the other side of the door backed off. Angela took a step forward and stomped down with her foot again and the concrete blocking the front door also shrank back down into the ground as if it had never been disturbed in the first place.

The woman glanced down in awe at the floor. Since there wasn’t even a mark that the floor had been disturbed by a power she glanced between her colleague and the shaman before replying, “That cannot be a psychic power doing this to the floor. Psychokinesis and telekinesis would have left the concrete disturbed. Yet, the floor looks better than when you moved it. What are you doing to the floor?”

“A little test for your clairvoyant overseer,” Angela stated instead of flat out answering, “You are right, I am not just a psychic. I am also something else. If you want to know what that is; ask your clairvoyant. If he is as powerful as my friend, he might know the answer to that question. Now out before I show you what else I can do with my powers!”

They wasted no time in getting out of her shop. When they rejoined the others they made a hurry of moving out of the area. Angela didn’t let her guard down until she was sure they were gone. After that. She wondered if she should close up shop and rescue her friends. She found herself grabbing her keys and locking the front door before moving to the back before she had time to process that fully.


*        *        *


Jena raced away as three of them spotted her, “Wait! You are Jena? We just want to talk to you!”

Jena shook her head as she ran for it, “Get away from me you creepers! I want nothing to do with you! Just leave me alone!”

“But we are just like you! If we could use our telepathy we would show you!” They replied as they followed her.

Two miles, I just have to get two miles away from the school then I can use my own powers against them! Jena reminded herself as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She didn’t understand what they wanted with her and she didn’t want to know either. All she wanted to do was get away from them and make sure they didn’t have a chance to get to her before she could get past Lone Wolfe’s sympathetic range. She glanced back and noticed that one of the three chasing her were gaining on her, “Fire!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, “Fire! My god, can’t you all just leave me alone! You are like a fire on my ass!”

“We just want to say our peace then we will leave you alone if you still want nothing to do with us!” The man protested.

Jena shook her head, “Not accepted! Just go away!”

The man reached out and managed to grab her shoulder. She closed her eyes and screamed, “Just leave me alone!” At the top of her lungs. She didn’t see the gold flash that emanated from a symbol at her feet. The man let go.

She opened his eyes. The man and his companions stood there with blank stares for a moment before walking away. They didn’t seem to recognize her nor did they seem to remember why she was so important to her. They walked off as if they had nothing more to do with her at this point in time. She blinked and her panicked green eyes slowly changed to confusion, “What just happened?” She asked, more to herself than anyone else, “I don’t think I used my telepathy against them. I can’t sense the minds of anyone around here. I wonder if the panic I felt broke through somehow?”

The ordeal wasn’t done yet, she reminded herself. There was still the twins and Lone Wolfe that still had to deal with these mystery psychics. She took off running for their neighborhood where the twins lived, “I’d rather not put myself in danger just after getting out of it but if Lone Wolfe has any chance of putting things back together with Robin, she has to be saved. Lone Wolfe only has to deal with two of them. Maybe I can pull some miracle off and do what I just did to the other three to the ones heading after the twins.”


*        *        *


Lone Wolfe had managed to excuse himself from class and waited in the hall way for the people who sought him out. He leaned against the wall with arms crossed and when he saw to men approaching him, he called out, “I don’t think you have a hall pass. As a matter of fact, I think you are a little old for school.”

“Are you the one blocking our telepathy?” The one on the left questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I am. Level playing field. You tried to surprise me so I surprised you. A little even considering that you decided to have more than one of you versus just me. I hope you don’t mind. Before you go any further, you should know that I am really quick when I use my clairvoyance. If you decide to make this physical, you will have a hard time trying to either catch me or land a blow on me. I can also knock you out in an instant. What brought you to me?”

“A week ago, our clairvoyant advisor told us that he sensed a massive disturbance in the mountains northeast of here. In that instant, he could see that the people responsible for that live in Greeley. We were sent to find the two clairvoyants and their psychic friends and see if they wanted to join the watchers. We are an order psychics. We watch the interaction between humans and psychics and try to keep the two worlds from colliding in war. We try to learn as much as we can from our psychic abilities as well. Your disturbance in time was powerful. It told anyone with a touch of clairvoyance that two clairvoyants were in the area. No one had seen a perfect moment like that in a long time.”

Realization washed over Lone Wolfe’s face at that moment, “You have been watching Jena and I for a while now. I recognize those words. She was the first one who coined them.”

Both of them nodded but it was the one on the right who responded, “You have no idea how hard it is to find another compatible telepath that could communion with her. One that we could also trust with our secrets. It ended up being a daughter of one of our members. One who we knew would join the order when the time was right. We figured we would approach you and the others when you turned eighteen.”

“You and your friend figured out how to create a perfect moment, one powerful enough to almost stop time,” The other one added, “That kind of power was troubling. We had never seen that before so we decided to approach you now. We see you have other powers as well. We have never encountered another telepath that could block our abilities so completely before.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head. He figured that there was a reason why Scarlet didn’t show back up in Greeley this summer. She was planning to eventually return to the town after she got her degree. She usually returned home after summer break started for her. He had been wondering what would have kept her from returning. If they were after powerful telepaths, she would be on their radar.

“Pretty rare talent,” Lone Wolfe nodded, “Surprised you didn’t find anyone like that before, considering you found Jena so quickly. Why did you rush your time table?”

“We are not the only order of psychics,” The Watcher on the left replied, “There are other orders of psychics. In truth, if we were the only order, we would let psychics find us and conduct our research in the shadows with no one to interrupt us. As it stands, there are other orders that won’t operate like that and are actively recruiting. If you ended up on our radar then chances are that you also landed on someone else’s radar too. There could be a government organization that will want to study you and your friends for their powers. There could be another order that has plans for humanity. Considering how most psychics view humanity in general, how do you think they will react with powers such as yours at their disposal?”

Lone Wolfe shivered at the thought. Still, he didn’t want to join any order. He had his own plans for his own life and didn’t want to yield for anyone. He didn’t quite know why, yet, but he knew he had to finish what he started with school before it was too late. He shook his head, “I still don’t want to join your order or any order of psychics for that matter. I just want to live as a normal human in a normal world of normal people.”

“Can you say normal in that sentence a little more?” The watcher on the right smirked, “We understand. It is a rarity that we find people like you that want to live with normal humans despite what they have been through. If you feel that way, we will leave you alone.”

They turned to leave but Lone Wolfe needed to know something before he left, “Wait!” He called out and forced them to stop, “What about the rest of my friends? Will you leave them alone?”

They glanced back to him “You would enforce your own will over theirs?” They questioned in response.

He felt a pang of fear go through his body. While he was sure that he did not want to be a part of their world he couldn’t be sure about the rest of his friends. He might be the only one that wouldn’t join their order. He shook his head, “No but if they don’t want to join, will you leave them alone?”

They nodded, “What do you take us for? The government?”

The two watchers turned to leave at that moment. When they were clear of the way Lone Wolfe started to head back to class but something told him he should go back to the parking lot instead. He wished that his assignments for the day would be done and the teacher had excused him as he started to head for the exit. The door caught the sunlight at just the right angle as he opened it and the blinding blaze caused him to close his eyes. He never saw the gold flash from his feet that granted his wish for him.

He stepped out into the parking lot and saw a familiar gray SUV sitting in the parking lot. The windows in the front rolled down and hands waved out of the SUV, “Hey beautiful!” Angela called out, “Looks like you made it through your encounter with the watchers. Let’s rescue the twins now!”

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