Good morning everything, it is the first Wednesday of August which means it is time for another Insecure Writers Support Group blog post. It is a very friendly site with very friendly people: you can find them here:

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I feel like I answered the first question before. I go it easy when I see grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Not everyone can afford an editor and even the best editors can mist stuff. It doesn’t matter how many eyes are on it, it will be missed. As long as the story is good, I will keep reading. I have a hard time reading on a computer screen so I prefer a kindle. It is easy on the eyes like paper. I can read for longer on those screens than a computer, tablet or phone screen.

Writing: That one is pretty simple: music and chai tea followed by copious amounts of other caffeine sources. Preferably, some peace and quiet too but that isn’t always possible.

Editing: That is a hard one. Persistence. That is the best practice for me. Just be persistent and keep working at it.

That’s it; see you next month!