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Chapter #11: First Communion


Greeley Colorado

June 28th, 2020-CE


There was a park close to Lone Wolfe’s house called Farr Park. There wasn’t much there to entertain a seven-year-old. There was a climbing wall, some trees, basketball courts, tennis courts, a grass field, some trees, a gazebo and a swing set. It was there that Lone Wolfe sat alone and waited for Scarlet. His friends had left on vacation. There was no one else around for him to hang around with.

Scarlet came around and saw him sitting on the swing set. He looked forlorn and lonely. In the summer heat, she had her red hair pulled back in a ponytail. She sat down on the swing seat next to him, “What’s wrong?” She asked.

Lone Wolfe glanced around, “I hate summer and I hate Christmas. Every time those times of year come around, my friends leave on vacations. They see other friends and family and I am left alone. I have no friends around at the moment.”

Scarlet hissed, “What the hell do you mean by that? I thought I was your friend?”

Lone Wolfe glanced at her with shocked gold eyes, “I thought you were my teacher and I also thought older kids didn’t want to be seen with little kids?”

Scarlet rolled her eyes and sighed, “It’s now clear to me that you can control your telepathy far better than just a few months ago. You don’t know me that well. If you did, you’d know that I will take all the friends I can get.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and smiled. There was still shock in his eyes. He glanced at the rest of the playground and said, “I’m glad to count you as a friend. It seems like you are the only one around right now. So, I have finished my training then?”

Scarlet shook her head, “I wouldn’t say that. It just may be moving to a different phase. As long as you remember your basic tenants. You must never use your abilities against normal people unless they give you a very valid reason not to trust them. Again; that means something like them attacking you. Lies are not enough.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I understand. What is this new phase of training?”

“I have taught you how to control your telepathy so you don’t accidentally read the minds of normal people. You will have to deal with other telepaths, however. That will require you to know how to defend your mind against telepaths and if necessary, how to attack them. You will also need to know some more than basic communication with them,” Scarlet mentioned.

He glanced at her, confusion only deepening in his eyes, “I don’t understand. I thought you were only going to teach me how to control my abilities?”

“That was before,” Scarlet shrugged, “This is now.” She rose from the swing and offered her hand to Lone Wolfe, “Come, I have a new lesson for you but it will take several hours. It is not something for a park.”

Lone Wolfe took her hand and stood, “Where are we going?” He asked.

“We are going to take a walk to my house. My mother is home but she won’t disturb us during our training,” She stated as they started to walk.

“We always conducted our training out in the park or the playground outside of school. Why the change?” Lone Wolfe asked as they walked.

“There are some things that will leave us vulnerable,” Scarlet stated in response, “I don’t think someone will do something to us because we are telepaths but if we are to do this technique it will leave us in a position where an unsavory person may take us away. Who could resist an unconscious seven-year-old and fourteen-year-old?”

Lone Wolfe stopped in his tracks, “What do you mean unconscious?”

“This technique, if we can perform it, will leave us passed out for a short time,” Scarlet stated.

“What technique is this? Is this some form of attack?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

They stopped before a house before she answered, “It is not an attack. It is the exact opposite of an attack. It is perhaps the most sacred thing two telepaths can do with each other. The deepest of links.” She glanced down at him as she fished in her pockets for a key to the door, “There is no accurate word for it in the English language. I am not sure that there is any word for it in any language. Some call it the Bonding. A bond deeper than any bond you have known so far. Some call it the joining, for a brief moment, two minds are joined. I call it a Communion.”

“Have you done one of these before?” Lone Wolfe asked as she unlocked the door, “With anyone else?”

She shook her head and opened the door, “Not yet. You would be the first.”

“Then how do you know what to do?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

She ushered him into the house, “I know how to do it. If you communion with me, you will see how.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and walked over to the sofa. He sat down as she sat down. In the cooler air-conditioned living room, she took out the hair tie and let her red hair fall down to her shoulders. He glanced around the dark room then asked, “So how do we start this off?”

“As you have learned over the past couple of months, telepathy is tied to a couple of other senses. We will look at each other. We will see with both our sight and our telepathy. We should see something within the other, a light. We will reach toward the light and pull it into ourselves. We will feel tired when the light is pulled. If you flinch at that point, the process is broken and we will have to start over.” Scarlet explained.

Lone Wolfe nodded and took a deep breath. He glanced into her green eyes, “Ready when you are.”

She glanced at him. Soon after, he saw a light within her, just behind the eyes. With his telepathic abilities, he reached out towards it and felt the warmth of it. He started to pull it towards himself as she did the same with the light she found within him. As she described, he started to feel tired and weak, as if he had stayed up too late watching TV and shows on the computer. He sucked in a deep breath and lost his concentration. At that moment he flinched, letting go of the light within her.

Her eye lids snapped open. They both felt fully awake again, as if they had been hit by adrenaline. His face flushed red, “Sorry. I must have flinched.”

She shook her head and smiled, “it’s okay. We can try again.”

They again glanced at each other with both their eyes and their telepathy. They wrapped their abilities around the light they saw in the other. As they started to pull and he started to feel sleepy, he started to panic again. He sucked in his breath and his gold eyes widened in panic. The panic caused the connection to be broken for a second time.

He scratched the back of his head, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I am doing wrong.”

“This is an exercise in trust. One of the telepaths will flinch if they don’t trust the other one. I trust you. If you need time, we can do this some other time. I can figure out something else to teach you,” Scarlet explained.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “That’s okay. I do trust you. I just feel weird when we start the process.”

Scarlet nodded, “That is normal. That is why I didn’t want to try this in the park. We are safe here. My mother is home and will make sure nothing happens to us. If this place doesn’t work, we can go back to your house.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “There is no one at the house. I am not allowed to have anyone over when they aren’t home.”

Scarlet blinked for a second, “Wait a second. You are a seven, right?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Yes.”

“You don’t have any older siblings?” She questioned in response.

He nodded again, “Correct.”

“How could they leave you alone at home?” She asked.

“They can’t afford a baby sitter or daycare. They say as long as I make sure I am safe, I can go to the park. They make sure I have breakfast and that there is a lunch in the fridge that I can eat or heat up in the microwave. One of them is usually home in the afternoon for dinner,” Lone Wolfe mentioned, “None of my family lives in the city. The only thing they could do is send me away to stay with family for the summer but Relena and her father are on the farm getting ready for harvest. While my mother and father trust Relena and her father, they don’t trust the rest of the family. They don’t have a lot of choice in the matter,” Lone Wolfe explained.

She was starting to see why he hated the summer. There was no one around for him to associate with. She started to see why he was so mature for his age. She didn’t know, yet, how long this had been going on. She was suddenly afraid of something else happening to him. Something that was out of his control. She had to help him out, “This won’t do. You are far too young, in the eyes of normal people, to be left alone. If the police would have caught you wandering the streets by yourself they would have taken you away from your parents. They wouldn’t have accepted not affording child care as an excuse. Until I can find something more permanent, I am going to show up at your door step and baby sit you from now on.”

“They can’t afford a baby sitter,” Lone Wolfe protested.

“I never said I would charge,” Scarlet mentioned, “I said I would make sure you are looked after. Your parents must be worried about you. When we find something that will work better for everyone then they can make the choice at that time. One way or another, I will be calling your parents tonight to make the arrangements for tomorrow.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and sighed. He sat back on the sofa and glanced away from her. She saw worry on his face, “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I’m afraid that they will be upset when they find out about this,” Lone Wolfe stated, “your mother is a teacher.”

“I will tell her that your baby sitter up and quit on them,” Scarlet stated in response, “if you think about it, I have already been looking after you somewhat. You can just look at it as we will be spending more time together. If you don’t like thinking of me as a baby sitter then maybe you can think of me as a big sister or something.”

He glanced back at her, his eyes seemed to warm up to her, “Do you mean it?”

“I’m an only child too,” Scarlet nodded in response, “Even if my mother gets pregnant now, the kid will be little until I am off to college. If I am to have anything close to a little brother, you are it.”

Lone Wolfe smiled but the smile faded quickly, “Thank you, I appreciate it. There is one problem, though?”

It was Scarlet’s turn to be confused, “Oh?”

“Jena thinks of me as her brother,” Lone Wolfe stated in response.

“I don’t see the problem. You two are like twins in a way. If she would let me, we all could be a happy family but I would have to get to know her first,” Scarlet noted.

“You will have to ask her,” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “I can’t speak for her.”

Scarlet nodded, “I will ask her when she get back.” She glanced over to the clock then back to her charge, “Are you ready to try again?”

He nodded, “I am ready.”

The looked at each other again and reached out for the light they found within each other. Again, Lone Wolfe felt sleepy as they both pulled on the light they found in the other. He fought his panic as he continued to drag on the light. He let the light he was pulling be his entire world. He let it consume him until there was nothing left of the world around him.

It was as if their two minds were slammed together. Two minds joined and became one. Two individuals became one. Memories became disjointed and jumbled. The mind couldn’t discern order or who was who anymore. Thoughts became distorted; They couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. The was no way to call for help, there was no world around them anymore. All that was there was the one mind, one set of memories, one set of thoughts, and one set of emotions.

They watched as the mind started to assemble itself the best it could. There was a young child on the first day of school. She was not dressed in black and done up in pale makeup and dark eye shadow. She looked much like any other child was. Her red hair was not straight, it was wavy and curly. In her head, she didn’t hear hundreds or thousands of voices, she heard a constant buzz. Every now and again a voice would float up above the minutia and become clear. The other kids made fun of her as she sat there with a blank look on her face. The buzz in her head made it so hard to concentrate on what was around her.

The buzz was ever present. Only now did all seem quiet. The girl was now older. The girl was being bullied by the other children, being called names, being called retarded because she didn’t respond like a normal child, she was always lost in her thoughts. They started hitting and kicking her, she didn’t understand why. She didn’t know how to defend herself from her attackers. She eventually lashed out with her telepathic abilities.

The children fell down and screamed in pain. Some grabbed their heads. One of them started bleeding from the nose and ears after a few moments. She kept up the attack until one of the teachers grabbed her. The pain stopped for the other children. With no other explanation, she was suspended for fighting. She didn’t understand, she didn’t touch them. She only used her mind to defend herself. They were hitting her.

Her mother took her to a doctor. The doctor diagnosed her with attention deficit disorder and prescribed some medication to her. The medication only made her feel hyper and made it so she couldn’t sleep. The buzz got louder and almost hurt. She complained to her mother and acted out in class. The doctor said she had Bi polar disorder and put her on Lithium.

The lithium made her numb and smoothed out the sound of the buzz. It also made the buzz louder. She felt numb. Didn’t feel anything. Didn’t want to do anything. Instead of getting better, becoming normal, she became worse than before. She wouldn’t answer at all and it would take many desperate attempts to get any reaction out of the girl.

“No! I don’t want to be showing you this!” A familiar voice screamed in the mind, “Why are these memories playing out? I want something better! There are so many other good memories in my life! Why these?”

The images continued. The mother took the daughter off of the medicine and took her to the psychologist. There, the daughter revealed to the psychologist that she could read minds. She delved into the mind of the psychologist and revealed his secrets. The psychologist called her a liar then kicked her out of the office. In tears, the daughter told the mother about her powers and learned of her real father.

She started a quest. She used her gifts to reach out to other psychics to learn how to use her abilities. Learn to quiet the buzz and to find out what happened to her father. She became a gifted telepath but she never found out who her father was. She wondered if her father had gifts like her, able to reach out to others around the world when other telepaths could not. If he had that kind of power, he had learned how to mask himself from her. She thought she would have found him by now.

The memories transitioned to that of two children playing at the sandy beach of Horsetooth reservoir. Giggling and splashing each other with water as they went about. The girl there, with green eyes and reddish-brown hair just below chin length looked a lot like Jena, only a couple years younger.

No words were spoken but plenty was being communicated. Images from the girl with green eyes about times at the beach with her uncle in Florida the previous summer. Smells of briny air mixed with sea foam and water-logged plants filled his mind. He had never seen an ocean beach before and the image filled him with wonder. Unlike the lake, the beach from the girl’s memory was crowded with people sunbathing and others playing in the water.

His next memory was that of the farm, running through a field of golden wheat that climbed up to his neck. A red head with green eyes was chasing him, laughing. They were playing tag in the field of sandy smelling wheat. It was almost harvest time. The air felt hot and dry. Again, nothing was said but plenty of thoughts were being communicated.

At some point along the way, the voices and thoughts stopped. The memories stopped soon after. There were two personalities inside of one physical mind. The body decided that this could not be. Something had to be done. One personality had to assert itself and become dominate. The question for the conjoined set of personalities was which one?

The mind reached out to the body which lay dormant. It was young. Far younger than one of the personalities thought possible. It was also the wrong gender. It was a boy, not a girl. It helped figure out who the dominant personality should be. It was the young boy, not the teenage girl.

The memories of both individuals came into order, those of the girl started to fade except for the harsh dark memories that both had recalled in vivid detail. All of the memories the boy had lived, good and bad, were relived and ordered in the correct sequence. From birth to just before the start of the joining, the memories all seemed stronger.

It was soon after Lone Wolfe’s memories fell back into place that he could feel his body. There was a cool breeze blowing over him. Compared to how it felt earlier, it brought a chill to him. He shivered. He opened his eyes. It felt like a grand undertaking to do that much. When he did and his eyes finally came into focus, the light had changed. It was far darker than it had been earlier.

He glanced at the clock, almost three hours had gone by. He didn’t feel like he had been out for that long. At the same time, he was surprised that the entire experience of reliving all of those memories and emotions only took a few hours.

“Welcome back,” Stated a voice in a stern tone. He recognized it immediately.

He glanced over to see his mother glancing over at him, “Oh crap. What time is it?”

“Well, it’s after six,” She stated, “I called over here figuring you would be over here. Her mother is panicked because she couldn’t rouse you two. What were you thinking?” His mother questioned in response.

“She wanted to show me something new,” Lone Wolfe stated, “She called it a communion. A joining of minds. She said there isn’t a word for it in English that gives it proper meaning.” He glanced over and noticed that Scarlet was still out. She looked like she was asleep. He glanced back at his mother, “Why is she still asleep?”

“Still putting her mind back together, I assume,” His mother stated, “That was a stupid thing to do, Sean!”

“Wait, what?”

“I know what you and Scarlet did. A complete joining of minds like that. It is traumatic to the mind. It destroys the ego and personality of those involved. They have to put their minds back together after one of these ‘communions.’ You could have told her mother beforehand. You go catatonic when you start these communions.”

Lone Wolfe shivered, “Why is it so cold in here.”

“I covered for you two,” His mother stated in response, “I suggested that if she turned down the air conditioning that you two would come out of it eventually. I think she cranked it down all the way.” She glanced bitterly at Scarlet, “I think your training with her is at an end.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “She still has more to teach me. I don’t think she knew about being cata… cata…”


Lone Wolfe nodded, “That.”

“Either way,” Sylvia commented, “You are done.”

“She also mentioned that I am too young to be left alone. She offered to babysit for free,” Lone Wolfe mentioned, “Either here or at our place, it doesn’t matter. She said if the cops catch me alone that they would take me away. Don’t let them do that!”

Sylvia sighed, “I can’t afford a babysitter.”

“That’s why I can do it for free,” Scarlet stated weakly.

Both of them glanced at her, her eyes were barely open but she was glancing around. Her words only seemed to anger his mother more, “Do you think I will trust you again after this?”

“I don’t think we will be doing this again,” Scarlet mentioned, “I didn’t expect this.”

“Please give her another chance?” Lone Wolfe pleaded, “I need to finish my training.”

Sylvia sighed, “Okay but no more shenanigans or the training will stop.”