Nothing like pulling in a release date to make me happy

Templar- Era Walker.png

Originally: I was going to release this on 3/1/2017. That would give me time to make sure edits are in place and the cover is ready to go. That actually is all done now. I could pull the trigger and publish it now but I want to do something special. My son’s birthday is 10/22 so I intend to release it on that date for him. It would give him a surprise and a present that no one else could give him.

without further ado: the synopses and hook for the back cover and amazon:

Go home, light the beacons, take the last keeper to the rift; what could possibly go wrong?

For Lone Wolfe; just getting there will be hard. In his long life, he has ended up far from Earth and the location to his old home has been lost. If he is to get home and light the beacons letting the United Terran Expanse know that Earth is safe again, he will need a ship and crew to get him there.

He already has that ship, Harmony, and he has a crew made up of people he knew from their past lives. The issue is there are problems with the crew including a girl with no identity of her own and a potential spy reporting every move he makes to the highest levels of the UTE. Add to that an immortal human and the risk of a certain spirit awakening and even with the ship and crew, they may not survive the journey to Earth.

It also doesn’t help that the Lilithians stand in the way. Between the lost home planet and the UTE lies the Lilithian Reaches. He has to safely cross the Reaches before he can think about getting back to Earth. Doing that will endanger his crew of humans, some question his human identity and that of the immortal; Reina.

Micca is the ship’s engineer. She knows everything there is to know about the hardware of the ship. She can keep it running no matter what the captain requests of her. The problem is something stirs within her spirit. Ashara wants to awaken and demand Lone Wolfe’s secrets. The spirit within is willing to strand them to get it. Lone Wolfe must take her under his wing and show her the light and dark of his past in order to win Micca back. Doing so may alienate his best chance to get back to Earth.

There is also the rift to contend with…