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This month’s question: What is one valuable lesson I learned since I started writing?

The first thing that comes to mind is that we each have our own different writing styles and that style can make some people fall in love with our world and our writing and it can grate on someone else’s nerves.

A good example of this is me and my best friend. She is a fellow writer. We have different writing styles. She could like my work, she does like what i put into my world but how I write, my writing style, drives her nuts. During the re-write of Templar: Order and Chaos, I was having a wording problem with a sentence. My wife didn’t have an idea how to fix it. My mother in law, an English major, was not available. I turned to the next best person for help; my friend and fellow writer. She told me how to re-write the sentence and naturally, she fell into her own style when she told me how to re-write the sentence.

I shook my head and told her “that doesn’t work, it doesn’t fit with the entire paragraph, the tense is different, the flow is different. there isn’t one shred of me in that sentence.”

She read the paragraph and told me how to re write the paragraph. Again, she fell into her own style with it. I shook my head and said that doesn’t work, “We write so differently that anyone reading this would be able to tell that someone different wrote that paragraph.”

All she could do at that point was shrug and say, “I tried. You are on your own.”

God bless the editors. I don’t know how they can edit other people’s work and keep their own individuality out of editing other people’s work but they do it well! I just hope that I will make enough money someday to put a professional editor on retainer.

Now my wife likes my work. I have heard from friends of my writer friend that they love my character development. It seems to be the biggest stumbling block is my formal written language. an English major friend of mine said it was actually refreshing to see that in writing but it could drive some people nuts.

As for my wife; what is driving her nuts right now is GPFriday is only dropping one chapter at a time of Children of Legend; the Serial about the main characters of Templar: Order and Chaos before they grew up.