So before I get to the title of the post; I will hopefully have some free e book promotions going from now to July 7th. Definitely for Templar; Order and Chaos and hopefully for Templar; Spirit Killer if the updates go through in time. the links are below:

Templar: Order and Chaos

Templar: Spirit Killer

Feel free to read and enjoy. I made the free promotion as a celebration of personal good fortune. I hope you enjoy. The second book is still going through another round of content editing so bear with me. I did upload some revisions which is why it may not make it in time for both books to be free at the same time.

That being said: About the title.

You may have noticed some tweets and some mentions in my blogs in recent weeks about work. There is a story behind that. Right after we got back from our Memorial Day holiday, I and a co worker were delivered some bad news. This was followed by a number of people getting the same bad news. We found out we were being laid off.

IT was a sad blow. I enjoyed the last nearly three years at HPE. I enjoyed the worked I was doing, I enjoyed the people I was working with. We were doing good work. Times change, The business changes. Priorities at the top changes.

I will miss the people I worked with at HPE. I will miss the work.

That said. it did cause a lot of stress. From waking to sleep, I spent the month of june applying for jobs, working, making calls, and trying to find gainful employment after my end date with HPE. I tried to make it so I wouldn’t have to rely on unemployment. Writing took a backseat to this. It just about drove me insane. I found that employment finally. I won’t have to file for unemployment. I should be able to take a short vacation, just like my family wanted, and be back to work in early July.

See you next month. Enjoy the books!