Like the fog rolling in, this date, 6/30/2017, looms large in my mind. Those closest to me know why.

Thank you to those I worked with at HPE for the memories, I will cherish the time I was there. The time was far too short, I would love to have stayed there longer. There was so much left unfinished. May the project continue in our absence, I can only say so much in a public forum but I know you will carry on without us, you will find your way when the fog clears. I believe in you all!

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Chapter 4: the offer

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Chapter #6: Extending the Senses

Chapter #7: Stairs of Rocks

Chapter #8: Spirit Sight


Greeley Colorado

April 10th, 2020-CE


Sean glanced down at the blindfold in Scarlet’s hand and shook his head. Memories of yesterday were still fresh in his head. He did not want to have another repeat of yesterday, lying on the ground about ready to puke from the vertigo he suffered from peering through someone else’s eyes. He would rather learn other techniques to control his telepathy. He noticed that the voices in his head did seem quieter today and he didn’t have to concentrate as hard to keep his ability from wandering around. It seemed to be working but he still didn’t want another experience with the blindfold.

Scarlet approached him and he backed up, “I promise I won’t hurt you,” She stated as he approached, “We still have a couple of things we need to try with the blindfold.”

He shook his head and continued to back away from her, “I would rather skip the rest of those lessons. You know what? Between the music and what I learned yesterday I think I might be able to control my telepathy without any more lessons. How about we call things good?”

Scarlet shook her head and continued to walk forward to the boy, “No, Lone Wolfe, you still have much to learn before you can control your ability. I promise that we will get all of the blindfold stuff out of the way first then we can concentrate on other things.”

Sean shook his head and continued to back up, “How about you teach me the other stuff first and we come back to the blindfold stuff later?”

“I won’t forget about the blindfold training,” Scarlet mentioned, “If we put it off till later, you will still have to go through it. It is better we get it out of the way now. You won’t have to look through anyone else’s eyes again. You won’t have to get dizzy and sick. If that is what is scaring you then you can be assured that you won’t have to do that.”

Jena called out to her friend, Curtis happened to catch a cold and was missing from school today, “Come on Lone Wolfe, don’t you want to have complete control of your abilities like I do?”

Sean sighed, “My name is Sean, not Lone Wolfe.”

“Well I am going to call you Lone Wolfe while you are my pupil,” Scarlet smiled, “But she is right; I know you want to control your talents. The sooner we get past this, the sooner we can move onto other things.”

Sean sighed, “Okay, let’s try it.”

He stood still and allowed her to cover his eyes with the blindfold. She wrapped it around his head, still taking care to make sure it was comfortable but making sure he couldn’t see out of it. She walked back from him and said, “What you are going to do now is reach out and try to feel the minds of Jena and I. Try to see how far away we are from you and try to see if you can use us to make sense of your surroundings. You won’t be going into our minds but using us as beacons of sorts.”

“I don’t get it; how will I be able to make sense of my surroundings from that?” Sean stated in response.

“You might surprise yourself if you try it,” Scarlet stated in response, “Just see if you can do the first part. We will move on after you try.”

He reached out with his mind and could feel both of the telepaths right away. In the sea of voices, he couldn’t discern distance before. He thought it would be the same this time. He waited for anything to come out of the noise that would tell him how far away each of them was. He found that as he concentrated, he got nothing so instead of concentrating, he let go and waited for the information to come to him naturally.

It came slowly. It was like he was concentrating on the wrong part of his senses. Like discerning voices in a crowd, if he listened and didn’t force it, he could start to tell where the voices were coming from. He noticed that Scarlet had moved in that short time from right in front of him over to Jena’s right. He glanced in her direction but with the blindfold on, he still couldn’t see her directly. He couldn’t tell how far away she was from him. She could be standing right in front of him or she could be right next to Jena.

He waited, patiently, for more information to come. He noticed that Scarlet was walking around. His head followed her even though he couldn’t see her. He still couldn’t tell how far away she was from him. She could be very slowly walking around him, just out of his reach, or should could be further away than from where Jena was standing.

“Is he tracking you?” Jena asked aloud, “Is he figuring out what you wanted him to do?”

“Maybe,” Scarlet stated, “Hard to tell at the moment.”

Their speaking gave him a clue. Their voices sounded like they came from different distances away. He wondered if it worked the same way with the telepathy. He expanded his senses even more to see if he could hear their inner voices the same way heard their conversation. After a moment, he could hear differences in their inner monologues. One did sound closer than the other. The difference was more pronounced with their minds than it was with their voices.

He felt the other voices around him and they all felt like they were coming from different directions and at different distances. He couldn’t tell where he was enough to trust walking without bumping into something but he was getting what she was talking about.

“Is everything okay? You are looking around frantically,” Scarlet called out.

He glanced back to her and was about to respond when he gasped. Where there was darkness before he now saw something in the darkness. Two figures, one closer to him than the other. Each of them were a very pale blue with shimmering colors within. They looked like Jena and Scarlet.

“What’s wrong?” Jena questioned.

“I… see you!” Lone Wolfe answered.

“Is there a hole in the blindfold?” Scarlet questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “No. I see you but it isn’t like before. You are all blue and have different colors swirling around.”

He squinted and walked towards Jena. He studied the figure he studied before her. Within the shell of Jena, he saw other figures. The outer essence had her eyes open, the others, many-many others, all had their eyes closed like they were sleeping. Jena blushed but he couldn’t see that, “What are you doing, Lone Wolfe?”

“I am studying you,” He replied, “Inside you there are others. Many different forms of you. All different but all you.”

“I don’t get it,” Jena stated.

Scarlet approached and said, “I do. He is looking at your spirit. He is seeing your past lives. He is a true telepath.”

“A true telepath?” Jena commented in confusion.

“Another word for it is a Pure telepath. True telepaths are those that can also communicate with ghosts and spirits. It seems that Lone Wolfe has this power and now is able to tap into it. I have never seen another person tap into it with a living person, however.” Scarlet explained.

Lone Wolfe turned his attention to Scarlet and studied her spirit. He saw the same dense layer cake patter inside of her as he did inside of Jena. Inside the shell of the pale blue spirit there were many different versions of her all with their eyes closed. He glanced up to his mentor and questioned, “I see the same thing inside you. There are many different versions of you. They all look like they are sleeping. Why?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. I don’t know a lot of telepaths that can peer into the inside of other people to see their spirits. Maybe you are seeing past lives.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged then held up his own hand into what should have been his view. He saw nothing. He frowned, “Why can’t I see myself?”

“Probably doesn’t work that way,” Scarlet mentioned, “You may have to find someone else with that talent or teach someone what you just learned.”

With how hard he fought the other two instances of being blindfolded, he suddenly found himself with a strange question wanting to escape his lips, “Do you mind if I keep this blindfold? I want to study this more.”

Scarlet shook her head, “You can keep it.”