The beginning of a recent interview i had:

interviewer: “We went to highschool together!”

Me: “Okay…”

Interviewer: ” We were in computer science class together.”

Me: “Really?”

Interviewer: “Did we pass?”

Me: “I assume so?”

Enjoy this latest chapter of the Children of legend series

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Chapter #5 Holistic and Connected

Chapter #6: Extending the senses

Chapter #7: Stairs of Rocks


Greeley Colorado

April 9th, 202-CE


Angela raced into her grandmother’s holistic shop after she got off of the bus from school. She had hoped to see Scarlet in there today but it seemed the shop was only partially filled with other customers. Her grandmother was checking out one of the customers. She had to wait for the customers to leave before she could address her grandmother with her request. She wanted to blurt out the question right away. She was afraid she would forget it all day. She had forgotten about it in the morning before she went to school.

Instead of being a rude middle school child and risking the sale of goods. She took a breath to compose herself and walked towards the back of the store where she sat down her backpack and waited. She sat down on the school and cleared her mind of all thoughts. She figured if she meditated for a bit, she could remember the questions she needed to ask when the customers were gone for the day just as clearly as she did now.

She closed her eyes and let all of her thoughts and emotions go. The world melted away. It felt amazing as she felt a rush of energy enter her. She didn’t feel this way before. She wondered if this had something to do with choosing to meditate now and letting go of her feelings after her mother’s death or if this had something to do with the visit from the odd spirit from the night before. Either way, she let the thoughts go and let the energy flow through her as she meditated.

She didn’t know how much time had passed before her grandmother had turned to her, “I was thinking about lighting a cone of incense. I know you like dragon’s blood. I just got some in. Would you like me to light that?”

Angela came out of her meditative state. It felt like she had just come out of the bath and had been blasted dry with cold air. She nodded, “I would like that. Thank you.”

Her grandmother took out one of her cone holders and lit a purple cone in it. After a couple of moments, she blew out the flame and let the ember disperse the smoke into the air, filling the place with a familiar sweet and pungent smell. It was when she noticed the black edge just below the glowing ember that she remembered the first of her questions for her grandmother, “Grandma, do you have a rock of coal, some silver, and some gold that I can have?”

Her grandmother turned around and seemed shocked by the question, “What do you need with that?”

“I was going to assemble some spirit stones for my room. I know that having elements for the colors work better than just having rocks of the colors. They don’t have to be big. Just a little piece of gold, silver, and some coal will work for me,” Angela replied.

“Who told you about spirit stones?” The elder woman questioned in response.

“I had a dream about it last night,” Angela replied, “In it I was told that it would help ward against unwanted spirits and would help with astral projection. It would give me an anchor to do that so I can get back to my body if anything happens.”

The elderly woman gave her grandchild a small smile, “It seems like your Clairvoyance is starting to grow if you gleaned that information from a dream. That is what it is for. You do know that you are not supposed to play with them. You sit them in a place and leave them there. Only think about them and nothing more. I have another question for you; Do you know how expensive gold is?”

“Very expensive,” Angela nodded, “I didn’t know if you already had some.”

Her grandmother shook her head, “No dear, at over two thousand dollars an ounce, I can’t afford to just have that stuff lying around. Silver doesn’t come cheap either.”

“We can substitute other things for it, it will just take some time for the stones to start working like they should,” Angela replied.

“We have iron pyrite in the store, will that work for your gold?” Her grandmother questioned.

Angela nodded, “that will work.”

“That will just leave something for silver. We have some hematite magnets that we sell. That should work for silver. Would you like to try that?” Her grandmother suggested.

“I will try it. Like I said, it should work, it will just take longer for it to work,” Angela agreed.

“For coal, you can’t just pick it up in a store casually anymore. We do sell some obsidian. If you can wait, we can stop by a rock shop and see if they have some coal,” Her grandmother offered.

“If we are substituting the other rocks then we can substitute the coal with obsidian,” Angela answered.

Her grandmother smiled and went through the store. After a couple of moments, she returned with three sets of stones. She handed the nine stones to Angela. Angela took the stones into her hand and seemed puzzled by the number, “I don’t understand. I just needed one of each color. Why did you hand me three?”

“It is always best to be prepared,” The elderly woman stated, “I have a set in my medicine bundle. You may want to start assembling one of those for yourself soon. One set will be for your room. The other set can be for traveling to other places and one to keep with you at all times. You can have more than one set. The set for your room is the one you do not want to disturb. That is why I gave you multiple sets.”

Angela smiled, “Thank you, I didn’t think about that.” She divided one set from the others and placed that set in a pocket in her backpack and zipped it shut. The other two set she kept in her hand and drank in the scent of incense as the cone burned down.

As the cone burned halfway down, Angela remembered her other question, “Grandma, what is No-if-Ra?”

“Where did you hear about Nwyfre?” her grandmother asked in response.

“From the dream,” Angela stated, “I know it is an energy but what is it exactly?”

“You have seen those sci-fi movies?” Her grandmother questioned, “The ones from the late seventies and early eighties that had a second trilogy that served as a prequel in the early two-thousands. The force that they describe in that set of movies is Nwyfre. It is the energy that binds and connects all things together. It is what shamans channel. You can learn to channel and block it as well. Learning how to use the spirit stones will be a good start.”

“How will those help?” Angela questioned in response.

“I have told you before that we believe that everything has a spirit. The ground has a spirit, buildings have spirits, cars have spirits, those rocks have spirits,” Her grandmother mentioned, “You can affect it all by using and channeling Nwyfre. However, you cannot enforce your own will if it goes totally against the will of the spirit you are trying to influence. You don’t know how to channel Nwyfre yet but everyone channels a little bit of it in how they perceive the world and react to it.

“By placing the stones in set spots in the room, not moving them, but constantly thinking about them and referencing them in your mind as a sort of step ladder; you start influencing how they will react. You aren’t casting a spell but they will start to change their influence to bend to your will. It is true that having three elements will be easier to bend to your will than those mixed elements of stones in your hands but they will do the same thing eventually. The stones will become tied to your Nwyfre flow and spirits will see it as a ladder and be nudged out of your personal space. You will be able to project easier around that space and you will find your way back because you are connected to it. Without doing anything special, you have channeled and affected reality subtly.” Her grandmother explained.

Angela smiled, “Cool.”

“Don’t expect anything to happen overnight since those stones are not pure elements,” her Grandmother cautioned, “Give it a couple of weeks or a couple of months.”

Angela nodded, “I will.” She glanced down at the iron pyrite in her hands and noticed how similar it looked to pictures of gold she had seen in her geology text book from her middle school science class and asked, “Why do elemental stones do better than these stones?”

“The elements know what they are and what they can do. Carbon is a very versatile element. It can conduct electricity in certain conditions and it can exist as a liquid and as multiple types of rocks. Silver is said to have properties to disrupt certain types of magic and purifying properties. Gold does not rust and keeps is luster after many years. You leave those rocks in the ground and come back in a few centuries and you will still have carbon, silver, and gold. It is easier to influence their Nwyfre as a result. The elements you have in your hand are less clear in their roles and thus their Nwyfre is harder to influence as a result.”

“I heard in the dream, that if I had to, I could take some rocks and paint them black, silver, and gold, and use them the same way?” Angela questioned, “Is that true.”

Her grandmother smiled but shrugged, “to a point. They will do if you have nothing else around and needed something but you are trying to get ordinary rocks to do something they cannot do normally. That is an example of trying to enforce your will. It may work for a short time but the effect is weak and will actually fade with time.”

Angela nodded and gave her grandmother a genuine smile, “I see. Well, I don’t have to worry about that now since you gave me these extra stones. Thank you for that.”

“Well that depends,” Her grandmother stated, “Anyone can use spirit stones, not just us. If you have a friend that has nightmares or thinks they are being harassed by ghosts, you could placate them by giving them a set of spirit stones. Since you don’t have a lot of money at your disposal you can paint a few stones and give it them with the same instructions. If the painted stones start to work for them, you can tell them to get some better stones to take their place.”