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The June question is: Did we ever say “I quit?” If so, what made us come back to writing.


Since I go insane if I don’t write and my mother proved that this is a life long thing by pulling out a picture book i drew and wrote when I was 3, I never said I quit per se.

I am ashamed to admit it but I am a former smoker. I have been vaping since 2009 (since before it was infamous, before it was cool, before it was trendy, before it was weird, before it was awkward, before a lot of people knew about it). that was the best way i knew of to put down tobacco for good. I have made many attempts to quit smoking

chantix… If you are like me DON’T TRY CHANTIX!!

the patch, doesnt seem to work if you STILL SMOKE WHILE WEARING IT


They resorted to other anti depressants. One worked but it also took away that link in my brain between my creative writing and my hands. It’s called Wellbutron. I didn’t smoke, i didnt crave, didn’t even think about smoking for 3 weeks. I also couldn’t put pen to paper in a creative way for 3 weeks. I couldn’t type a limerick or prose, let alone work on a novel during that time.

This is how my wife learned I really do go crazy if I don’t write. before, she thought I was making it up, i just really wanted to write and just used my mental health as an excuse. Nope, something goes wrong with my thought process if I cannot write. I can try to go without writing but sooner or later I am COMPELLED to write. if something blocks me from it then it is like normal people without sleep. I go BANANAS!

At the end of the 3 weeks me and my wife came to a critical decision. throw the wellbutron away and if I go back to smoking we will find something else. If i have to try anything that messes with my brain chemestry we have to make sure it is nothing like wellbutron, we want that 3 week period to be nothing more than a fuzzy reminder.

at least a few days after the last dose I was able to write again.