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Children of Legend

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Greeley Colorado

April 7th, 2020-CE


Sean had a fun time in Colorado Springs with his Cousin Ben and Ben’s daughter Relena. Sean’s second cousin helped him feel normal again which was the purpose of the visit. His mother was happy at the reprieve that it gave her son. However, they could not hide away from the events in the northern half of the state forever. Sooner or later the school district would get tired of the absence and the excuse of the attack wouldn’t hold up. They would either have to move or they would have to return to the school. While moving or changing schools would still be a possibility, they had to see if their son had the resilience to go back.

She expected a fight the night she told them they would be leaving. While she could see fear in his golden eyes, she didn’t get a fight from her son. He forced a smile on his face and reported that he missed his two best friends. As long as his teacher wouldn’t be there, he would be willing to go back so he could see them again.

The bruising on his neck was looking pretty dark after a week but it was starting to yellow at the edges. It seemed to be healing far quicker than even she expected. She was aware that most of the psychic abilities ran on his father’s side of the family and empaths tended to be fast healers, she wondered if he turned out to be an empath when he got older. If he was going to have a third powerful psychic ability it would awaken around this time. If not, the next chance he would get for an ability to awaken naturally would be when he hits puberty.

She shivered as she thought what her son would be like when he hit puberty. She was the youngest of four children. She was also the only girl. Her brothers were all hit particularly hard by puberty. No one likes to go through puberty. It was the debate of the ages as to whether it was worse on the children or the parents but it was never a fun experience for either party. Right now, aside from his wild telepathy, he was a pretty good natured kid. He hoped he stayed that way for as long as possible.

She dropped him off at school and noticed the fourteen-year-old girl in goth clothing and makeup sitting in the back of the classroom. Jena and Sean noticed the adolescent girl right away. Curtis seemed to notice that she was there but only just. The rest of the kids in the class were normal, they possessed no psychic abilities, and they seemed to not notice she was there. The teacher was aware of her presence and beneath the makeup she did resemble the teacher.

The fact that this could be the teacher’s daughter kept Sylvia from either making a scene or using her telepathy to disrupt what this teenage girl was doing. She did feel the need to ask as to why she was here, “May I ask why you are here?”

The girl glanced over to her and replied telepathically, “I am just here to observe and to keep any wild abilities from going out of control. Nothing more. I promise, no harm will come to your son.”

“Be careful, girl, you are playing with fire. Don’t harm my son. If you do then your mother will not stop me from extracting my vengeance from you. I was denied that once. It will not happen a second time.” Sylvia warned telepathically then spun around and left the room. While she did not like the thought of another telepath being in the class, it was better than his old teacher being in the classroom.


*        *        *


Sean had expected to see his old teacher in the classroom when he first walked in with his mother. The idea that she would be there filled him with fear that morning. So much fear that he could hardly eat his cereal in the morning. His stomach calmed down as he headed towards school. Unlike his telepathy, his Clairvoyance was much better behaved. It told him that he had nothing to worry about, he would see his old teacher again and that would be for the best for everyone.

The substitute teacher introduced herself to him after his mother left. Her name was Alexa Henderson. Sean could feel his mind reach out to the teacher and did his best to hold it back but he couldn’t. Suddenly, as his telepathy started to peer into her mind, a wall blocked it from peeking in further. He breathed a sigh of relief for that. Something blocked him from reading this teacher’s mind and he was thankful for that. He glanced behind him for some reason and asked, “Who is the girl in the back of the room?”

The teacher didn’t seem surprised that he could see her. Sean was oblivious to the fact that most of his peers couldn’t perceive her, “That is my daughter, Scarlet. She wasn’t feeling well this morning so I took her with me to school. I just wanted to keep an eye on her.”

“Okay,” Sean stated without a second thought and walked over to his seat.

The lessons proceeded throughout the day as normal. It was around lunch time when Curtis filled him in that only the three of them plus the teacher noticed that Scarlet was in the classroom. The lessons of the day had been so clear for Sean that he had not noticed that the others were ignoring the high school girl in their class. He didn’t know if that was natural or if that was something to be concerned about. He had never heard of a sick high school kid accompanying their parent to school to sub a class. However, he had to admit that it was turning out to not be a normal year at all.

As the afternoon wore on he figured out why he was having such an easy time with the class that day. Something was blocking his unconscious telepathy from roaming the classroom and beyond. The voices of those around him seemed quieter and he could actually concentrate. The only changes in the classroom that day were the substitute teacher and her daughter. As the teacher didn’t seem like an adult telepath, he had met a few, he figured that it was Scarlet.

He turned around when he felt his telepathy was being blocked again and gave the teenager a smile. She glanced over and seemed startled by his smile. It was apparently something that she was not expecting. He glanced forward at that moment and wondered why she would not expect him to be happy that she was helping him with his telepathy. It was the first time he could sit there and not have to try to keep his power contained since he started school. She must have expected him to be upset that she was blocking him from using it, was she thinking that I was actually using my telepathy?


*        *        *


It was when the young boy turned around that she figured out what was really going on with him, he can’t control it! She thought to herself. It wasn’t that he was trying to read the minds of those around him. It wasn’t that he was letting his mind wander. It was that he was actively trying to restrain his abilities and he couldn’t do it on his own. He needed help with doing it. The real question now was, why wasn’t his family trying to help him with controlling it.

It wasn’t unheard of for a psychic to be born with wild abilities but it wasn’t common either. Such children needed to be taught how to control their abilities at an early age. His abilities were acting like those of a telepath who had just awakened at the age of two or three when their speech was starting to develop. His abilities were powerful, His abilities either surfaced at birth or around two or three. His parents had to know he was a telepath. Why didn’t they help him control and contain his abilities?

It wasn’t a question of them being normal people with a gifted child. His mother used her telepathy to contact her to maintain her camouflage around the rest of the children. She knew how to use her abilities. She could have taught him to control his abilities. She had to know what was going on.

She cracked the ghost of a smile. If his mother had not used her telepathy, Scarlet would not have been able to find her in the din of the rest of the voices in the world. Now that she had, Scarlet could find her no matter where she was. She had to know why his mother had not taught him how to control his abilities yet.

She searched the static for the mother of the boy, it didn’t take her long to find it. She was close, in regards to geographic location. When she did, she projected to the telepath, forming a bond so the telepath could speak back, “Forgive my intrusion but I have to ask why you do not train your son to control his telepathic abilities?”

“You are the girl at the school, the daughter of the teacher, how can you project from so far away?” his mother projected in response.

“I am different from most telepaths. I don’t have a range. I am more connected than have a range. The few telepaths who know about what I can do call me a range-less telepath. Now that I have answered your question, can you answer mine? Why don’t you train him to control his telepathy? I thought you weren’t a telepath when he was attacked. When you projected to me this morning you made it clear that you are a psychic so you could have taught him how to control his abilities by now.” Scarlet answered.

“He will learn to control his abilities eventually,” Sylvia responded.

“Is that how it worked for you? Were you a late bloomer? Are others in your family late bloomers too? From what I have seen today; he has struggled to contain his telepathy all day. The only reason he hasn’t caused another incident today is because I have been helping him contain it. As soon as he figured it out he flashed me a smile, a silent thank you.” Scarlet responded.

“We all learned how to control our telepathy soon after it surfaced,” Sylvia commented.

“Did his abilities surface recently?” Scarlet asked.

“No, they surfaced when he was two, he was born with his Clairvoyance and that has never been a problem for him. I imagine the only reason his telepathy was not a natural born ability is because of his Clairvoyance,” Sylvia answered.

“With all due respect, I am looking at another child that was born with two abilities. If you believe that a child can only be born with one ability and have another one surface later then you are wrong. His female friend is a natural born telepath and a natural born empath. By the time you were his age, could you control your telepathy?” Scarlet commented in response.

“Yes, I was able to control my abilities at his age,” Sylvia admitted. Scarlet thought she could hear his mother actually sigh when she made the projection. The thought of that made her smile slightly.

“He’s not able to control it. He is struggling. Why don’t you teach him to control it? Without the control, he is a danger to himself and others. He needs to have that control.” Scarlet questioned.

“I don’t want him to end up like so many other psychics. I don’t want him to have the teachings that allow him to manipulate others and abuse his abilities at will. I admit, he needs to be able to control his abilities but I don’t want him to abuse that control.” Sylvia replied.

The response surprised Scarlet. She didn’t know that there were other psychics who shared her point of view. She figured that she was in the minority. Most of the psychics she had met had been willing to mess with humans at will. Most of them had bad experiences, like Sean, attacks and ridicule at the hands of normal humans. It tended to make them bitter as well as afraid of normal humans. The thought that at least one of his parents thought that their abilities were not something meant to be abused for no good reason. Still, it was no excuse to not teach him how to contain his wild abilities, “So, don’t teach him anything more than the basics. Teach him how to contain the abilities and not read the minds of others.”

There was a long pause before Sylvia responded over the bond, “I have been trying but I don’t know how to teach him how to control his abilities. I don’t want to use my abilities all the time. I am afraid that it will teach him it is okay to use them all the time as well. I don’t know any other way to teach him.”

Scarlet nodded, “Let me teach him. I will teach him how to control his abilities and how to defend himself against other telepaths only. I won’t teach him how to use his abilities against normal humans.”

“I find that difficult to believe. Aren’t you using your abilities against the others right now?” Scarlet stated.

“I am blocking the others from noticing me because me being here would get my mother into trouble. When your son was attacked, he called out for help more than just with his voice. I heard him and learned about him that day. I had to see if he was really untrained or if he was purposefully using his abilities. Now that I see that is the former, I see he needs to be trained,” Scarlet replied.

It again took a long while for the adult telepath to reply over the bond. When she did reply, Scarlet could tell that the adult was not thrilled with the idea of her child being trained, “I will let you train him for now. If I notice him doing anything that I deem not appropriate with his powers then I will put a stop to your training immediately. Understood?”

Scarlet nodded, “Thank you for the chance to train him.”

Scarlet was about to break the bond when Sylvia spoke through it, “Before you break the bond, you and your mother will come to our place for dinner tonight. I want to meet the both of you before I make my final decision about you training my son.”


*        *        *


The human body is controlled by electro chemical reactions. Those reactions create patterns. Science is beginning to figure out how to read those patterns. They have created MRI machines and CT scanners, EEG’s, and so forth to read it. Psychics have very subtle differences, minute differences that are still too subtle for those devices to pick up. A talented telepath can pick up on those differences, however.

Scarlet was one of those gifted telepaths. She couldn’t take all of the credit for it. Since she was tapped into the collective unconscious of human kind, she was also tapped into the best and brightest of psychics. Some of those had figured out how to read the subtle differences between those who had psychic abilities and those who did not. Others had figured out that there were still differences between telepaths, empaths, telekinetics, psychokinetics, and clairvoyants. She took that knowledge a step further and could figure out how potent an ability was.

She knew, by looking at Sean and feeling the vibrations of his electro chemical reactions, that he was a very gifted Clairvoyant. He was also one of the strongest telepaths that she had come across. She felt that he may have one or two other abilities awaken later, they would be far weaker than the other two that he already possessed.

When Sylvia came to pick up Sean from school, she invited Scarlet and her mother over for dinner that night. She made sure none of the other students were around before she stated, “Your daughter told me what she wants to do with our son. We want to discuss it tonight.”

Alexa Henderson nodded, “I don’t know when you had a chance to speak with her but she told me she wants to teach your son how to control his telepathy.”

Sylvia cocked her head in confusion. This woman’s mind was open and there was no sign of any telepathic ability, “You aren’t a telepath. Is your husband a telepath?”

“Her father is a telepath but my husband is not her biological father,” Alexa explained, “We are both normal, if that is what you are referring to.”

“We used our abilities earlier today. She asked me about teaching him then,” Sylvia explained, “I didn’t know neither of her parents weren’t telepathic.”

Scarlet was sure by the softening of Sylvia’s expression that this fact actually helped her. Many telepaths were taught how to use their abilities by members of their families. Usually, techniques as well as prejudices were passed down from one generation to the next. Sylvia seemed determined to stop this cycle from continuing in her son. Perhaps she had not received any form of family training either. It would be interesting to see if the boy’s father had any sort of family training.

As the two mothers conversed, Scarlet studied Sean’s mother. She possessed powerful Clairvoyance like her son. Her telepathy was powerful as well but not as powerful as Sean’s abilities. Scarlet started to develop a theory, if the boy’s father did not have as powerful telepathy as he did then he would be an aberration. An aberrant would have a problem controlling their ability. Their power is somewhat different from the norm. It is possible that when the boy got older his children would have the same telepathy but without the problem or they could have telepathy that resembles their grandparents.

Scarlet’s mother drove from the school over to Sean’s house. They followed his mother as she drove. The trip only took a few minutes. When they were home they found, his father had just arrived. The three adults conversed in the kitchen as Sean’s father cooked the dinner and left the children in the living room to entertain themselves until the dinner was ready.

Scarlet glanced over to his father as he prepared the food, chopping up the vegetables, and meat before adding it to a wok to cook. She studied his patterns as he worked to glean what she could about any abilities he possessed. He was telepathic, about the same level as his wife, he possessed empathic abilities that were slightly weaker than his telepathic abilities. He possessed some telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities. She wondered if he knew about those abilities because his demeanor suggested he lacked the hostility typically associated with telekinetics.

Sean sniffed at the air and his gold eyes glanced towards the kitchen, “Smells like Chinese food. Stir fry.”

“Both of your parents are psychics?” Scarlet questioned.

Sean nodded, “I guess so, aren’t yours?”

She shook her head, “They’re normal.”

He glanced down and looked for something to do, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I hear you have trouble controlling your abilities. I can help you with that,” Scarlet offered.

For the first time since she had met him, he glanced up and gazed straight into her blue eyes. His gold eyes, more than anything else, was the thing that unsettled her. It was almost as if a wolf was gazing at her, sizing her up. After a moment he asked, “Do you really mean that?’

She nodded, “yes, I will teach you how to control your telepathy.”

He smiled, it was the first time she saw the smile of a seven-year-old on his face, “I would like that.”