Well, today is in DESPERATE need of some good news. The second edition text of Templar: order and Chaos has been out on Kindle for a little bit but I have a new cover and I have changes in review for the second edition Templar: Order and Chaos on Createspace. the covers for both the E-book and the physical will now match AND they will now have the second edition text in print. Here is the cover for Templar: Order and Chaos going forward. it is much better than the garbage that was available through the kindle cover creator and through Createspace.

Templar- Order and Chaos.png

Additionally: there is a new One liner and Synopses for both the E-Book and the Physical editions:

“There are forces in the modern world that could unwittingly destroy it, fortunately, there are some talented people to defend it.

For Lone Wolfe, he wondered if his biggest problems were the strange dreams of a person he had not yet met or the strange powers that he and his best friends seemed to suddenly possess. He never imagined that he lived in a world wehre arcane magic existed and Vampires were more than fiction.

Jena would like Nothing more than to stay in her home town but other forces have other things planned for her. She falls head first into a world of Lilithians and their dark ways pulled along by lust in intrigue.

If the world is to be saved, these two, trusted with the secrets of the Keepers of the balance must find out what draws the mages and Lilithians together before both sides inadvertently end the world.”

The ebook edition is available on Amazon now (old cover is still on there last I checked but the text is new): https://www.amazon.com/Templar-Order-Chaos-Lone-Wolfe-ebook/dp/B01L4XZ920/