When the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful…

If you thought it was spring then welcome to Northern Colorado where on 5/18 and 5/19 we are enjoying a snow storm! This is how you can be fried and frozen at the same time!

Today’s light reading feature from the Other World: Telekinetics.

Telekinetics are a more modern development but there are some older references to people being able to move objects with their mind. As was stated in the last reference to Psychokinetics, they can be confused but I separate them for a simple reason; Telekinetics are able to manipulate objects with their mind as if they had a pair of individual hands.

In my world: telekinetics do manipulate objects with precision. This separates them from psychokinetics as a psychokinetic can launch an object into the air or across the room by changing the state of potential and kinetic energy in the object. A telekinetic can make an object hover in the air, dance, perform surgery… if they are strong and disciplined enough.

Telekinetics are at a disadvantage in my world and I got this idea as a kid watching Carrie (Yep, I watched horror movies as a little kid. That might be why they have no affect on me now). Telekinetics are prone to only being able to wield their abilities when their emotions run high. Powerful and Volatile emotions like Anger and rage fuel their abilities. They often find their abilities are fleeting when they are calm. They have to find a proper state of mind to control their abilities. Most telekinetics are prone to flying off the handle in a rage. there are few that are powerful and calm at the same time.

Next time, we will conclude the psychic series by covering Clairvoyants.