Short week, maybe a short fuse, here is an extra short for the Templar Series.

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Chapter #1: Unusual Children

Children of Legend


Chapter #2: Trinity of Teachers


Greeley Colorado

March 31st, 2020-CE


The detective glanced at the monitor in the room. It was hard to believe that the raven-haired woman in the room was teaching a class of first graders barely hours before. The look on her face was that of a crazed lunatic. She wondered what would have happened that would have made this woman snap. He glanced down at the manila folder in his hand. The police report contained within said she tried to kill a small boy. One of her charges. He couldn’t understand what that student could have said that would have made her snap.

He sighed and turned the handle open the door. He sat down at the table across from her. In here, he knew that everything was being recorded. There was no need to take any extra devices in with him. He glanced into her disturbed eyes and asked, “Why don’t you tell me what happened?”

“He read my mind!” He screamed at the top of her lungs, “He knew everything!”

The strength and fury of her words took him back and startled him, oh boy! She has gone off the deep end, He thought to himself. “How, exactly, did he read your mind? Did he manage to hack your social media accounts and get a glance at what you put on there?”

“No, he got inside my head!” She cackled crazily.

“Like, with psychology? Is the kid a bit of a prodigy?” The detective questioned.

“No, like a freak. He knew things that no other person could know!” she hissed.

“Okay…” The detective stated as he rose from the chair, “I am going to have a talk with a few people outside of this room and see if we can get you in some comfortable place to stay.”

“No!” She yelled at the man, “You don’t believe me! You have to meet him then you will see! You will see that he is not like the others. He can read minds! If he can read minds, then he can control them!”

The detective nodded as he grabbed the handle of the door, “I assure you, Miss Leeks, that as a part of this investigation, we will have to meet this Sean Carter. Until then, don’t worry about us. We will get you some place to stay.”

He walked through the door, he could still hear her screaming until the door latched all the way. He could see his partner standing by the door, “Someone has definitely gone off the deep end in there. I would like to have some of what drove her crazy.”

He shook his head, “I wouldn’t. She went off the deep end.” He glanced back to the room then back to his partner, “Listen, I would rather not have to bring the kid back in on this one. He has been through enough. Can you get a psyche eval done on her? I think she is due for a room with padded walls about now.”


*        *        *


Across town a teenage girl gazed out of her window towards the mountains that obfuscated the setting sun on the cloudy day. She wondered if it was going to rain. She cracked open the window to let the cool evening air waft in. It smelled like it could rain. A chilled breeze blew in and she closed the window. It was just as likely to snow as rain. Her dark red hair partially covered her green eyes. She glanced down at tablet in which she recorded her inner most thoughts. She was often lost in a sea of them; the vast majority were not her own, she liked to make sure that she knew who she was from moment to moment.

She was talented, much like the boy who was much younger than her, but just as different from him as well. Where his abilities raged out of control, they had a limit of range. Her abilities did not dive as deep as his did but she was constantly trying to swim in an ocean of thoughts, drowning in a sea of voices.

Most telepaths fell into one of two categories. Some operated with touch; they heard no voices until their skin comes into contact with the skin of another individual. Most telepaths were ranged telepaths. Their ranges varied from a few feet to several miles and if the conditions were right they could extend those ranges further. She was different. She didn’t have a range and her powers didn’t rely on skin to skin contact. It was as if someone plugged her mind into the whole of humanity.

To her, the world would flood into her mind and often times sounded like a buzz. She figured it was better than what the other telepaths with long ranges heard. Often times she wouldn’t hear the individual voices, just the general volume of the world. To telepaths like the young boy, the voices came through as a bunch of one way conversations. It was as if they were sitting in a room packed full of people with ear muffs on, they could hear the subtle surface thoughts of those all around them.

Around her wrists, covered in fishnet sleeves, were multiple rubber bands. Typically, they were used by cutters to help with the sensation of the subtle sting of cutting. Something to relieve the stress in a situation. She used them when a voice started to appear out of the ocean of buzzing noises. She reached for a rubber band now as a voice did start to rise up above the buzzing sea.

She realized it was her mother. Her mother was not a telepath. Her step father was also not a telepath. It made her an aberration. Normally, it would not have been possible for such a powerful telepath to have been born from such normal people even if one of them did carry the gene that allowed for psychic powers. Her mother provided her the answer for that.

Her mother had a one night stand with a man just before she met the man who raised her, the man she called her father. She couldn’t remember anything about the man. She remembered the night perfectly except for details about the man. Just as soon as he arrived in her life, he had left with no trace.

She got up from her bed and walked down stairs. She snapped the rubber bands on her wrists as she walked down the stairs. Each time she did, a voice that had risen up above the din of the background noise had faded back into the ocean of voices. She had heard the cries of the boy’s mind as he was choked, the screams of the teacher who choked him, and the aftermath. She didn’t need to read her mother’s mind to know what was going on.

Her mother stepped through the door, “How was your day, Scarlet?”

She brushed her red hair out of her eyes as she reached the end of the stairs, “The same as always. How was your day?”

Her mother gave her an unsure look then shrugged as she sat down her purse and shrugged off her leather sport jacket, “I have a potential long term assignment starting today. They will need a substitute teacher for some time until they find a replacement teacher at a school. Apparently, a first-grade teacher attacked one of her students today and is now in jail. I will be filling in until they find a replacement.”

“Unless they decide to make you the replacement,” Scarlet replied, “It wasn’t an apparent situation. The boy read her mind, the teacher reacted bitterly. She is Christian and didn’t like the boy or his parents from the beginning because they were pagans.”

Her mother shrugged and went into the kitchen to start dinner, “My child, why do you always ask questions to which you know the answers to?”

“Makes me seem more normal,” Scarlet replied as she followed her mother into the kitchen.

“What is normal?” Her mother replied, “Everyone is different, everyone has secrets. While they are all different, they all have a commonality to them. The one thing that is the same with all of us is that we are all human.”

“Some of us seem less human than others,” Scarlet mentioned and looked down as she grabbed the pots. She already knew what her mother needed. As she sat the pot on the stove she glanced back to her mother and said, “I want to meet him.”

“I am not sure if his parents will arrange a play date with a teenager,” Her mother replied, “He is seven. You are fourteen.”

“You can call me out of school one day and take me with you to one of the classes. I can sit in the back and make myself not apparent to most of the people there. Only the boy and his friend will notice me because they are like me,” Scarlet mentioned.

“Why do you want to meet him?” She questioned in response.

“I get the feeling that he didn’t mean to read his teacher’s mind,” Scarlet answered, “I want to see if that is true. His abilities could be wild. He might need some training. If they aren’t wild then someone might need to seal his abilities away if he doesn’t want to control them.”

“What makes you think his parents haven’t tried to train him already?” Her mother questioned.

“I don’t know. I haven’t tried to read his parent’s minds yet,” Scarlet mentioned, “I only read their minds because I heard him cry out during the attack. He could be like me; his parents don’t have telepathy but he does.”

“You seemed to have been able to deal with that well,” Her mother mentioned as she started to fill the pot with water and vegetables, “Your abilities are well controlled and you seem to be well developed as well.”

“He is not coming along as well,” Scarlet argued, “By the time I was his age, I could control the telepathy and make sure I don’t read the minds of those I don’t want to.”

Her mother sighed, “Well, it will be a couple of days before he gets back. His mother decided to take him to see some family after the accident. She decided that he needed some light after the darkness he faced.”

“That’s probably the best for him,” Scarlet nodded, “Do you think I can train him if he needs it?”

“You want to be a teacher?” Her mother smiled, “If you can manage to swing with all of the key players then I don’t have a problem with it. Just don’t lose sight of your own schooling while you take this boy under your wing.”