Ah it’s friday night. You finished a rough project at work and finished a novel, your brain aches but you enjoyed a rare night out with your family. now its time for light reading so you can let your brain crash.

Suppose for a moment that you were working on a project at work, a couple days in, your boss tells you that the project has gotten the attention of Technologists, sales engineers, and solutions architects and no pressure but make sure your documentation is extra polished.

A telepath would probably feel the anxiety in your mind climb to new levels, if you weren’t used to that attention, but what would an empath feel.

Some say that Empaths are the the opposite side of the telepathy coin. The mythology on Empathy is scant, this is more of a modern invention using the old greek work Empathos which means to know how it feels. That sums up the psychic ability of Empathic ability; to know how someone is feeling physically. Some science fiction (including me) take it a bit further and say that they could heal or harm by touch or sometimes by thought.

So physical anxiety: they would feel the negative adrenaline rush, the shaky feeling as cortisol pumps through my system. They’d feel my stomach churn, suddenly becoming empty as if I hadn’t eaten anything at all for a week. They’d feel my blood pressure drop (I suffer from really low blood pressure and I figured out a long time ago that it sometimes DROPS when I’m under stress). They wouldn’t have a clue why I am feeling the physical onset of anxiety but they would be feeling it.

I would also go on to say that the average empath could influence physical emotions as well. They could cause someone to feel anxiety when none exists, they could cause someone to feel repulsion or arousal at the drop of a hat. They could cause someone to feel sick or feel better even if they aren’t sick or don’t really feel better. The strongest among them could actually heal or harm with a touch, maybe do it from a distance.

In a world where they wanted their existence concealed it would make perfect sense that if someone got too close to the truth that a telepath could wipe out memories of finding the truth or geas a person to go away. It would also make sense to make the human suffer anemia or get stricken with a flu or get hospitalized with an unknown illness if they got too close to discovering the truth of an empath. It would also be more convienent if they could do it from a distance “i had nothing to do with john getting sick, must have been something he ate, maybe someone poisoned him.” one could say.

next up: Telekinesis. Stay tuned.