It’s Friday, you’re feeling fried from a long and hard day of work, looking for a bit of light reading where you don’t have to think. You’ve come to the right place!

Telepaths: The very name conjures up impressions of people who can read the minds of others and control the actions of people around them. It’s almost biblical in proportion and it is where our journey of psychics starts off.

From myth and legend: It seems to be as old of legend. People being able to read the minds of others. Being able to control the thoughts of others and being able to control the thoughts of others. It is the power that everyone secretly fears the most. It is for the reasons that someone can always know all of your secrets and control your thoughts.

Mediums: Mediums are those that can communicate with spirits, both those of the dearly departed as well as demons and other creatures that have never lived to begin with. They share the rank with telepaths in the myth and legend of witches and wizards that can read minds and control thoughts if only that they are lumped together with those that practice magic. usually they appear separately in myth.

In my world: I have lumped them together under the umbrella of Telepathy. The spiritual aspect of telepathy is being able to communicate with the spirits of the departed and with the spirits locked away within living beings and places as well. Telepaths in my world can usually read minds and sometimes plant subtle suggestions but rarely can they do more than that. Usually they can do more with each other than they can with the normal people around them.

Psychology has perhaps done the most to allow telepaths to hide from other people around them than it has done to actually expose them. Those who have learned about their abilities and learned to control them have also learned about all of the sub vocal communications that humans tend to do. Humans have also learned that people can communicate so well with that, people can seem to “read each other’s minds or intentions” without actually being telepathic. Any time a telepath slips up they can blame this sub vocal talent as a reason for knowing what someone was thinking. That only serves to muddy the waters and make it harder to figure out when someone was just reading between the lines and when someone was reading someone’s mind.