After working through several GPF errors and feeling a little bit fried this friday my brain decided to put the two together and make it my own for a friday writing session.

For those not in the know: a GPF is a General Protection Fault. It happens when a computer crashes, most of the time it is from the operating system injecting something into the RAM, when there is no operating system it means there is something wrong with the NVRAM on something on the PCI bus or the EEPROM on the systemboard. In those cases the troubleshooting is pretty intense (for me I am always happy that the prototype at least boots. I can usually get it working from there).

Taking it into my own meaning I will take something from the universe I have built and break it down for you. Some of these were taken from myths and I have given them my own spin on them, others are totally new. What I am covering this week is Psychics, the myth and what I have put into the universe I created.

From Myth and Legend: Psychics come in many forms and flavors. Some read cards, consult runes or bones, the sky, animals or spirits. Mainly We will deal with the ones that don’t use tools to practice their craft. Those can be further split into two categories; those that have it as a form of magic and those that seem to have been blessed, or cursed, with some sort of preternatural power. Usually many witches and wizards have the power to read minds and move objects without touching them. Those require some sort of belief in the ability. The ones that have been blessed or cursed with the ability usually don’t quite believe, one hundred percent, that they have these abilities, they have to grow into the fact that they have these abilities.

From my universe: The above are more or less true. I will save the magic users for later and focus on what I like to call the Genetic psychics. My premise when I created Genetic psychics was half of the human race carries a gene, or a set of genes, that give rise to psychic abilities. this is not a gender specific gene. This is more of a distribution due to breeding over the centuries. Of the people that carry this gene, one percent of them actually have a psychic ability. That would make psychics fairly common among the populace. In order to counter that fact I add a little bit spice to the mix.

Most psychics that you run into are fairly weak. The same genes that create psychics also lead to a host of mental health issues. It is as common to run into someone suffering from schizophrenia as it would be to run into a telepath that really is hearing the voices of others. The problem with that is it would be hard for a human to tell whether the person hearing voices in their head has a mental health issue as opposed to them being a mind reader. On top of that, religions tend to frown upon people with supernatural powers, naturally born with them or not, so most psychics will tend to keep them a secret from others. tales of “exorcisms” and attacks on psychics do abound in this world. For more of a reference on this, see the April IWSG posting in which i post a short story where a telepath did use his powers and was attacked for it.

I did a lot more world building with psychics. That will be covered in upcoming GPFriday articles. I hope to make this a weekly thing. I want to keep this one fairly short. Hope to see you next week!