So I followed the advice of a friend and purchased a domain. the domain name was cheap and was surprisingly easy to remember and common. I should have been prepared for the torrent of phone calls and emails offering web design services. After all; the moment I bought a house I started getting offers for refi’s and the moment i registered my first copyright I have been getting offers for publishing services, why not getting another set of emails and calls for services I don’t want, and don’t need, from people I don’t have a use for as soon as ICANN publishes my information when i purchased the domain name.

In case my bragging has not been subtle enough, I am a System Engineer, I went to college for CIS, I have been working on computers and coding in one form or another since I was seven. Not only am I in the IT field as a job and career, it is a personal hobby of mine. I could build a web server, install XAMPP, get a class C IP from my ISP, register the pointer with IANA and ICANN and setup a web-server on my own and make it look however I want to. The reason why that hasn’t been done already is the same reason why I don’t have a professional editor on retainer; I am the only one in the household with a job and the budget doesn’t allow for a 14U rack, PDU, server, switch, and MSA to get a small VM farm off the ground (yes VM farm because I would set up the server on a VM with a template in the wings in case it crashes or someone hijacks it, i can have the template cloned and deploy my backups to the clone. I have had enough crashes happen at work that we have this down to a science).

Assuming that I did have the money to have a web designer do this stuff for me, why would I? I love doing this stuff, I wouldn’t have anyone do it for me if I had the time to. Not only that, I know enough people at work that have far more talent than I do, If I didn’t have enough time for this project but they did, I would hire them to do the job for me, give the cash and resume builder to them. They would be familiar with what I want anyway.

In short, I would like to have no more web designers contacting me. I do not wish to have any more offers today. I have what I need.