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The topic this month: Have we taken a really old story and reworked it?


The first major novel I ever decided to write when I was in high school. It went by the really campy title Tekno Warrior: Predestined Paradox Volume 1: Initiate. Wow, that is a long title. It was actually a follow up to Tekno Warrior: The Clans of Cybertrin; A book I am in the process of re working today (At the Epilogue)! I decided to re order them into a trilogy with Initiate first. Why? In the Clans of Cybertrin I introduce a character named Servolos and she was a legend among her people. I wanted to have some mysticism around the teks at that point in time but after writing the Clans of Cybertrin I realized that Servolos needed her own Origin tale. Initiate was born at that point. After several dreams I hashed out the profiles and outlines then started to write it up. Fate seemed to be against me; my computer crashed, hard drive died, floppies died (anyone remember 3.5 floppies)?

Eventually it was finished. I re wrote it several times after that and tried to get it published the traditional way. The title was way too campy for anyone to take my query letter seriously and they didn’t like the 312000 word count (I had a lot to say on that one. It only got worse from there). I let it sit from 2006 to 2015 where I decided to brush it off. The universe I dream of is called the Ascendant universe. I needed to get rid of the old campy title and after a lot of thought, I decided this series needed to have that name (after all they are descendants of humans and the main characters go through some sort of ascension).

Predestined paradox, the name of the trilogy, still sounded good. Initiate still sounded good. Those titles stayed. The only one that still carried its original name. The Clans of Cybertrin became the Trinity Clans, In the shadows became Shadow Fall. I am happy with how this latest rewrite came out. It is a bit on the large side, I may have to break it up into two books, yikes! but I am satisfied with it. Never give up on work you believe in!

Since I published Templar; Order and Chaos and Templar; Spirit Killer will come out today, I need to edit, revise, and publish Era Walker and Forgotten before I can do some final work on Initiate. I hope that you will be able to see it one day (Probably 3/1/2020, I like publishing books on 3/1).