If there is one thing good about being sick, it is the fever dreams. Wild, vivid, intense fever dreams. Some people are afraid of them but that is where i can get to the inner core of what my imagination has to offer while getting a reprieve from whatever illness struck me down. This time it is strep throat. Bleh… strep. better than the flu as I dont have to deal with my asthma flaring out of control. worked from home today so I wouldn’t get my co workers sick (family gave it to me otherwise it would have been the other way around). I didn’t go to bed with a fever last night but as the dreams became fantastic, i figured that i was getting one.

That being said…

My brain decided to give me an alternate reality dream for the templar lone wolfe saga. my own subconscious writing its own fan fiction…why brain why!

It got me to thinking, in between upgrades to systems I was doing from home, about posting a “Childhood of Lone Wolfe” story here. If you have read Templar: Order and Chaos and get and read Templar: Spirit Killer then you will have hints at what I am about to write. This will be more of an episodic chapter like system. I will write a chapter and post it on here, when I run into writers block with the current stories. This will be the complete dossier of the characters of the saga as well as meeting some characters that you have heard about in the Templar Lone Wolfe saga (Scarlet and Relena to name two). You’d get to see the tragedy that happened in his family first hand (This is where my subconscious wanted to take a nice spin off from the series).

Stay tuned!