If reading something over and over could make your eyes bleed then I would have died of a hemorrhage. I have tried my best to scrub my drafts of TSK for the last several months and hopefully I will have caught most of the spelling errors this time. I wish I had enough money to hire an editor to go through it. Alas, I financially support my family with just my income. Two children and my loving wife make it worth it but it leaves little money after the bills to hire an editor. We also had some medical issues with both me and my wife that has made the monthly budget a little tight. Hopefully that will in improve.

That said; queue the crickets…

Templar: Spirit Killer, Templar Lone Wolfe book 2 will come out on 3/1/2017!

I am happy to have the little sibling of Templar: Order and Chaos on the shelf. Once i order the proofs I will wait to submit the paperback until about five days before the kindle release date so they can be on the site at the same time. I didn’t know create space would post the paperback for sale the moment I approved the proofs.

I thank all of my readers for their support on the first book. I also am very thankful to my family; my wife, my children, and the little sister I never had that made sure I had time to write so I wouldn’t go bananas from the stress.

A little bit about the Templar Lone Wolfe series.

By now you may have noticed that the copyright dates on these novels are a bit old. They were not released right away. I actually came up with the concept of the Keepers of the balance before I was married and had written a version of these novels long ago. It was actually because while I and my friends were playing Dungeons and Dragons that I came up with the concept. If you have played tabletop RPGs then you may understand this; sometimes the dice don’t roll your way. I was having a bad night and thought it would be nice to have a class of characters that didn’t always have to roll. Some hashing out of concepts happened and I came up with a new game, new classes of characters and integrated it into the universe in my head (Ascendant).

Templar was a bit of a departure from how the rest of my novels are born. Normally I dream of something and it sticks in my head. The dream doesn’t want to stay in my head and has to come out. My waking mind brews about it and works it into the universe of concepts in my head. A novel is born. Templar worked off of a concept of a game that I made in a cafe because of a bad night with the dice. Not something that needed to come out of my head.

Years later I learned that I was being laid off (mass layoff) in a job that i had worked at for almost six years. Anyone that has gone through this knows it is a stressful time and the dreams get a bit strange. I thought I hit pay dirt when I found a Mass storage technician job. It wasn’t as good as I thought; it didn’t come with medical benefits and being a person with severe asthma I needed medical insurance. I was working in a job that I liked but I needed insurance. I had to get another job; one that did have medical benefits.

A call center was opening in the town I lived in and I submitted my resume for an IT position there. They filled the position before they got my resume but the IT manager passed my resume to the Resource Management Director. Several interviews later, I was hired as a Resource Management Analyst to open and maintain the call center. It came with a complete benefits package and my IT knowledge helped out both in opening the center and maintaining it.

If you have ever worked in Workforce Management then you know what kind of job I had. that was the resource management Analyst job. You may also know that managing the scheduling and staffing of a call center is a stressful and thankless job. It doesn’t matter if you want to help an agent or not, people will blame your department at the first sign of any trouble. The Call center switches go down; its RM’s fault. Someone missed compliance because they decided to take an extra break to go to the bathroom, its RM’s fault. Someone gets VTO and another person doesn’t… you get the picture.

I started having dreams of Lone Wolfe and the keepers of the balance. In 2012 I also started the process of buying a house. I wrote that draft of Templar: Order and Chaos in 3 months. As I worked in RM, the stress continued to build and I wrote most of the series before I moved onto my current job. Now that I am a Systems Engineer, you would think the stress would be phenomenal but it isn’t as bad as RM. So the dreams have slowed and I finally have time to edit my earlier works. Still get the dreams and still cleaning up and rewriting older novels but Templar found its way into my subconsciousness and had to make its way back out.