Good evening Readers!

This may be my last post before Christmas so as I get through my writers block, let me give you some information about what is coming up.

Seal color types.

By now you should have seen the different types of seals in use in Templar: Order and Chaos. While I never stated it directly, there are different types of magic at work depending on the seal color which I will list below. These will all be seen by the time Templar: Spirit Killer comes out in March.

Gold: Aspect Power, The use of energy to change aspects of a seal or create a seal spell

Green: Balance Protective Power: Protection used by the Templars which comes from the balance.

Red: Locked Seal, when a templar uses their abilities while their seal powers have been locked.

Purple: Rune Power: when a templar uses their rune abilities

Gray: Five Points Focus powers: when a templar uses their five points abilities

White: Balance Influence; when the balance tries to influence a templar to do something counter to their own will.

Fuchsia: A type of protective power that protects a templar from persistent injury or energy.


New books

Ascendant: Pre Destined Paradox Trilogy (Initate/Trinity Clans/Shadow Fall)

I am currently working on the Ascendant; Predestined Paradox trilogy. Some parts of this more sci-fi series takes place on Earth but the first two books have very little to do with Earth. Less of the hidden world is involved here with the exception of psychics with their abilities. I know i am being vague but I will have more details on it when the trilogy is finished and I am tying up loose ends. I am a bit protective of this series because I have written and re-written the series several times. I feel like the first book of the trilogy is as good as it is going to get. I will have to see about the other two books but I feel like these will be ready to release into the wild soon after the first book does. The series gets stuck at certain points usually when an important character is about to die which is why I have writers block right now.

Templar: Jena’s Blood Legacy

I feel like I have not given Jena enough time with the readers which is why the books following the Trilogy will be Jena’s Blood Legacy. I am still fleshing out the details but the book will center around Jena with limited appearances from other templars from the Lone Wolfe saga. The first book will be titled “Scisms” and takes place in 2038 in the middle of the mage war. You will understand her precarious position once Templar: Spirit Killer is released but there are sure to be fireworks in it. The second book will be “Antediluvian” Which deals with the progenitors of the Lilithian race. I am pretty sure in the second book, if not the first, that I tell the story of how the Lilithians secured their rebirth before the apocalypse that wiped out the old races. In that story, the progenitors of the Lilithian race placed themselves in a deep meditative state and hoped to survive the coming apocalypse. They knew that they would have to be revived so they hoped that one of the new lilithians would find them. I have not nailed down a date in the timeline yet but it will be sometime after 2050 (That is an important year in the Ascendant saga so I try to avoid that date at all costs). There will be more books to come in her Blood Legacy story but they need to be fleshed out first.

Ascendant: Origins

This will be a set of stories set before the Predestined Paradox trilogy as some characters have interesting Stories to Tell. The First one will be “Sora of Phoenix” which revolves around the Celic warrior named Torae Reid. She helped Servolos in the first book of the PD trilogy and there are hints at her back story in that. This centers around her upbringing and what led to her betraying the Celic domains. It delves into the depths of their bio technology and energy that creates their synergy forms.

The Second Story is “Akasha of Spirit” and revolves around the Alpha Tek, and Servolos’s grand mother Akasha. This dives into the war with Kelv’Nen, the species often mentioned in the PD trilogy and gets to heart of the hatred she has with the Primus. A very different Calnisha Commonwealth awaits the readers familiar with the PD trilogy.

Origins will be a revolving door with origin stories of many of the characters but those are the first two that needed their own tales told first. These will come out either after the first two of the Jena Blood Legacy series or after that series has been completed.