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August: Feels like that time of year — August 17, 2019

August: Feels like that time of year

I finally have my wife back home! It feels like life is starting to hit a new sort of normal. While things are up in the air, I can take a breath of fresh air and start on some overdue projects.

Templar: Black is done. I am using this process to start editing Templar: Resonance to try to get it out this year.

I have created a Discord writing site, you can find it here if you are interested in joining and chatting or if you are a fellow writer and want to chit chat and share what you want:


Hopefully the above link works. It feels like that time of year when things might work and suddenly just stop so if it stops, you can also find it on by looking up Writers TRANSmission.

Thats all for now. Have a great fall!

July Updates, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. — July 4, 2019

July Updates, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

It is late at night when I started writing this. I imagine that most of you were watching fireworks at this time. I am huddled in my basement with my stereo on full blast listening to music from my doc and writing my novel at this point. I have complex PTSD and the boom and cracks of the fireworks reminds me of a traumatic event. I have to avoid shutting down so here I am.

To say it has been a month is a bit of an understatement. My wife is still in a recovery hospital from her knee surgery and we are not sure if she will be released in a week or towards the end of the month. Her father suffered a heart attack a couple weeks ago. He is doing okay but he needs to take it easy.

Despite the above, there has been some improvements in life. I did enjoy my private day with my wife today. we were able to nap next to each other for the first time in over a month. it was a nice reminder of something we took for granted for 15 years and stirred up fond memories of when we dated (trying to sleep on a twin bed and holding on for dear life). It was a much needed emotional recharge on my part.

I cannot wait to see if my town will have a Pride Fest. I know that it is a little late since pride month has already past but since I was unable to catch a ride to Denver Pride, it would be nice to get to go to a Pride Fest of some form.

I hope to have Templar: Black done soon. I might be able to have a delay long enough to edit and hopefully publish Templar: Resonance. I will update when I am finished with Templar: Black with further details. Depending on when I get that finished, I will also jump into Templar: Obsidian (Jena’s half of Black September) or I might have a free ebook series of chapters to start posting on the site. In either case, I will update further if I can get that done.

Templar Series update, Transitions, Positive Changes — June 8, 2019

Templar Series update, Transitions, Positive Changes

Sorry for the long length between updates. A lot has happened between this and other updates. The most important stuff will be shared here first. That relates to the Templar Series updates.

I have not had a chance to get Templar: Resonance edited yet. I will get on that when I can find a good stopping point but I cannot make any promises on when that will happen. Until I can get free time, I cannot promise a release date. I assure you that it and following novels in Shaman songs and Jena’s Blood Legacy are done, but things are happening in my personal life right now that need my attention. you will see below

I still need to finish the Black September saga as that is a good pause for Shaman Songs and Jena’s Blood legacy. Finishing Black September will allow me to work on getting edits on the books already finish as well as working on the Ascendant series. Everything is in one universe so there is a timeline that everything runs in. that is why I want some Ascendant books to be released in line with the later Templar books.

Enough about the plans about the series that seem to turn into long term plans. Let me explain what has been delaying everything in my personal life.

My wife needed knee surgery near the end of May, she is still in the hospital from it and will continue to be for quite some time. it was not an easy surgery and there were issues with it. this is the fourth surgery on that knee and her seventh total knee surgery. as such, both of us have been going through a lot of separation anxiety in the past couple of weeks as I have to stay home and take care of the animals and she is stuck in the hospital. normally, a person in our position would be able to take our children and go see her daily except I have seizures and should not be driving. that makes me housebound. because of my seizures, the grandparents have been taking care of our children as well in case something happens to me. i see them and talk to them, just like i talk to my wife but i am still stuck to my house and whatever is in walking distance which is a lot of houses.

I don’t think this would be a big deal but I have been going through HRT for the past 3 months. What is HRT, you ask? It is Hormone Replacement Therapy. I liken it to Puberty 2.0. my first puberty wasn’t as bad as it is this time. Maybe my memory is foggy, a symptom of the seizures, or maybe it is because this time around it is fresh but it has been a chore. they just increased the Estradiol so I feel extra different now. more like myself but more like 35 going on 16 now. reining in long forgotten knee jerk reactions is tiresome as well as the constant craving for protein and milk and sleep. the body is changing and i am changing again. it makes concentrating on anything a chore.

Recently, a person in our lives that was going to help with the life changes after surgery moved out. we thought it was going to be a problem but we saw that she had been a negative influence on our lives for a while and a lot of positive changes had come from it. until the surgery, our lives had become a lot easier to manage and the children quickly learned from our positive behaviors and modeling as opposed to behaviors she presented before.

One thing to note, she had posted online a one sided account of everything going on in the house. I am sure it was meant to be hurtful as well as self serving. I wont state everything, but I will say these rebuttals; lying to our faces throughout the whole event was also hurtful. heel stomping our phone and saying you will pay for the insurance then not is also a low blow. destroying my case for my 3 traditions tarot deck, and not replacing it is cruel. Don’t forget, you have also run both of my cars into cars and stationary objects through the years, and left me high and dry recently when I had a life threatening allergic reaction and no working vehicle to get to the hospital. You have distorted events on a public forum without giving anyone on this side an option to input their side of the story; just to make you look like an angel. I will admit, no one is perfect, maybe hurtful things were said, maybe things were misinterpreted, that happens all the time with everyone.  That said, have a good life. If we never see each other again for the next several lifetimes, it will be too soon.

Current Works in progress and hopeful projections for 2019 — January 24, 2019

Current Works in progress and hopeful projections for 2019

If you know me, you know that my current WIP is way ahead of what is currently published which might be a good thing because I can tie in stuff and if I have time I can push a lot of books out if I need. No need to keep any fans I might have out there waiting for the next book if I don’t have to.

What I am working on right now:

There is a trilogy of books that I am working on right now. the first book in that Trilogy is done. This spans both Jena’s Blood Legacy and Shaman Songs. It is the Black September Trilogy. The books are Templar: Reformations which is already completed, Templar: Black which I am working on now, and Templar: Obsidian which I will work on next. After that I will take a break from the Templar series for a bit as Black September does close some story lines. I also need to work on some other books that are in the backlog. I know what you are going to say about the two last titles, those are the same color. Black and Obsidian take place at the same time but one takes place in Shaman Songs and the other takes place in Jena’s Blood Legacy. So much happens in one month in the story line that the Trilogy had to be split between the two arcs. Reformations kicked off a chain of events that boils over into a full blown storm that Angela has to deal with one half of and Jena has to deal with the other half. When the editing on this is said an done, you will have fun with the story especially if you follow both series which was meant to be read in a back and forth method. I have a timeline order in the back of both book series that outlines the recommended reading order if you choose to follow both series and it will outline how to follow the series.

Hopeful projections.

Not a lot of firm commitments here. Between writing and editing, there is a lot to do this year.

I want to push out Templar: Resonance, the first Shaman Songs book. After writing Templar: Black, I will edit Templar: Resonance and prepare it for release. I am not committing to a release date yet. I will have more details on it later.

If my brain can handle going long enough without writing, I will start my edits for Ascendant. this series has waited long enough without getting released. It takes place in the same universe as Templar but has been a series I worked on long before Templar. it went through many title changes and rewrites. I want to get the Predestined Paradox Trilogy of Ascendant out. After that, while I take a break on Templar, there is a few Ascendant books I want to push out as this does have a book series too. this one doesn’t have multiple series to follow and put together in a timeline. Just one series. There are a couple Origin stories I want to tell but those can come later.

The books I want to release are as follows but no firm commitment. I want to get to at least two:

Templar: Resonance

Ascendant: Initiate (Predestined Paradox #1)

Templar: Awakening

Ascendant: Trinity Clans (Predestined Paradox #2)

There is a high possibility I may only get to the first 2 leaving the other two for next year.

That is it for now. I will give more updates as soon as I have them!

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