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GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter #15: First Day of High school — November 17, 2017

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter #15: First Day of High school


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Chapter #15: First day of High School


Greeley Colorado

August 23rd, 2027-CE


Each of the freshmen were assigned a senior to escort them through the first day of school. They made sure that they knew where the freshmen lockers were and familiar with where the important facilities were. They were also there to make sure they could navigate the halls to make sure they could get to their classes. Lone Wolfe was surprised who his senior advisor was today. Her black silky hair and silver eyes made for an easily recognizable combination, “Hey Lone Wolfe, I will be the one showing you the ropes today.”

Curtis’s jaw dropped and Jena seemed surprised as well. Curtis glanced at him and asked, “How do you now her? How are you always so lucky?”

“I would like to know the answer to this question as well,” Jena nodded in response.

“Oh that’s an easy answer,” Robin stated in response, “Remember the picture that got you so bent out of shape, Jena. That was from her birthday party.”

“That was a cute picture,” Angela nodded.

“How many people were at this party?” Curtis questioned in response.

“Why bring it up now?” Lone Wolfe questioned, “You did such a good job of leaving it alone until now.”

“Just answer the question,” Curtis stammered.

“I don’t see how the answer will change anything,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“There was me, Lone Wolfe, Robin and Scarlet,” Angela answered, “About all I could stand for guests.”

“That sounds more like a small get together,” Jena commented in response.

The other senior advisors started to show up. Angela held out her hand, “If you want to hand me your packet, we will find your locker then find your first class.”

Lone Wolfe handed her his packet of information. She spotted his locker information right away and led him down the hall to the freshman locker hall. As they broke away from the main group Lone Wolfe glanced to her and said, “Isn’t it something that you and I are assigned to each other today. It is nice to have someone I know as an advisor.”

“More design than luck. They handed out the list of freshmen to us seniors Friday when we got in early and asked us if we knew anyone on the list. Scarlet told me your real name so I spotted it right away. There were a few other people on the list that knew some freshmen and some siblings on the list too. They just make sure that if seniors know incoming freshmen that we are the ones assigned to them,” Angela stated as they walked to his locker, “Do you need help with your combination?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head and dialed in the combination. He opened it up and was surprised to find it clean. He started to unpack his locker, “Still, it is an honor to have you as my advisor. You could have stayed quiet.”

Angela shrugged as Lone Wolfe started to pack his items into the locker, “You may not want to pack anything you will want to take home this weekend. There is usually some sort of senior prank that locks the lockers at the end of the first week.”

“Thanks for that,” Lone Wolfe stated as he took his cell phone out of his pack and shoved it into his pocket.

“Put your cell phone on silent,” Angela stated, “Even on vibrate, a teacher will hear it an confiscate it. So, either turn it off or completely silence it.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and took the phone out of his pocket. He unlocked it and silenced it all the way before turning the screen off and putting it back in his pocket, “You are very helpful. I am in your debt. How can I repay you?”

Angela gave him a smile, “Don’t worry about it. Just friendly advice from one friend to another.”

Lone Wolfe smiled, “I wasn’t sure you wanted someone like me to be your friend.”

“I was friends with your mother,” Angela stated in response, “Makes sense that I would be friends with you.”

“Thank you,” Lone Wolfe replied.


*        *        *


Their first day went as much as can be expected. The first few classes were spent with introductions to their fellow classmates, book assignments and syllabus handouts for the semester. After that was lunch then more classes. After the laid back summer, it was grueling to get back into the swing of a regimented school life.

Since none of them lived that far from each other, the five of the freshmen decided to walk home together. Jena was the first to break the silence as they split away from the rest of the groups, “I noticed something this morning. You didn’t seem jealous o Angela. Want to tell me why?”

“Lone Wolfe is not her type,” She answered, “I know I don’t have to worry about them. They are okay.”

“How do you know that she isn’t your type?” Jena questioned in response.

“How about you ask Angela that yourself?” Robin stated in response, “You might find out a little more about yourself than you figured.”

“Did anyone notice her eyes?” Curtis questioned, “I never seen anyone with gray eyes before?”

“That is the same thing you said about me,” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “But you never mentioned Robin’s eyes or Ray’s eyes.”

“They are kind of like your eyes,” Curtis mentioned.

“Are you colorblind or stupid?” Robin hissed, “Our eyes are different.”

“They are kind of orange,” Jena replied.

“Same question to you,” Robin huffed.

“They are amber colored,” Lone Wolfe stated, “I would think that if something went a little different with my genetics that I would have the same eyes.”

“Well, something did go different with your genetics,” Jena stated, “Your mother’s eyes are green. Everyone on her side of the family have green eyes. You are the only one with gold eyes. I wonder, sometimes, how you would have looked with green eyes.”

“A little more like you,” Curtis stated.

“Just a little fatter,” Ray mentioned.

“Hey jackass, that’s my boyfriend!” Robin exclaimed.

“So, is that all you know about her?” Jena questioned, “Or do you know more about her than just that? Don’t mention her cup size either, you heathen!”

“Her favorite color is black,” Lone Wolfe stated.

“Thanks, captain obvious,” Jena replied, “I couldn’t tell from her clothes or her accessories.”

“Their birthday is on 12/21,” Lone Wolfe added.

“Well, you would be in trouble if you didn’t know when her birthday was,” Jena replied.

“She likes anime,” Lone Wolfe continued.

“A common interest,” Curtis mentioned.

“Have to have common ground somewhere,” Jena replied, “Can’t carry a relationship on chemistry alone.”

“She loves two different types of flowers that are very hard to get here. A Turkish rose and Egyptian blue lotus,” Lone Wolfe replied.

They waited for a response from Jena but that seemed to shock her. It wasn’t something that she wanted to admit but he did take time to get to know her. It wasn’t just about making out. Instead, it was Curtis that had a question, “How about flowers that you can get here? Something that wouldn’t take a lot of money to get your hands on?”

“White roses, Blue roses, and orchids,” Lone Wolfe answered.

Curtis shrugged, “Well, that’s all I got for them. He seems to be into her in more than just her body.”

“I can’t believe you, Curtis,” Jena sighed, “There is much more than that. What’s her favorite movie? Favorite foods? Books? That’s just tip of the iceberg!”

“I wasn’t aware this was an interrogation but alright,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Her favorite movies are any sort of decently produced science fiction and fantasy movies especially if they have some sort of spirituality or magic in it, She likes Italian food, She loves the dragon riders series of books. Her favorite desert is pistachio ice cream. She doesn’t like camping all that much but I might see if I can bring her out of that phase. She plays video games a lot but is not an avid MMORPG player. She is opinionated and likes to paint a pretty picture of everything with her words.”

Jena dropped her jaw, “Would you like some soda with that shoe leather?” Robin replied with a smile.

“Okay little miss Prissy,” Jena stated as she crossed her arms, “Let’s see how well you know Lone Wolfe. What’s his favorite color?”

“Black,” Robin said with a smile.

“Wrong, it’s red,” Jena replied with a smile.

“Actually, Robin is right,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“You’re just siding with her for nookie rights!” Jena hissed.

“Hey, that’s my sister!” Ray growled.

“You seem to be stuck in a loop, dude,” Curtis commented.

Jena sighed, “Very well, next question; favorite movie?”

“Push,” Robin replied, “A world where psychics romp more out in the open and fear more of the government than normal people.”

“Favorite food?” Jena asked next.

“A recent discovery: spicy tuna tempura,” Robin answered.

“What?” Jena asked,

“We had a date at the sushi shop a couple weeks ago,” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “It was very delicious.”

“Okay, favorite book?” She asked next.

“Dune,” Robin sighed.

“Favorite desert?” Jena asked.

“Cheese cake,” Robin stated.

“Seems like they know a lot about each other in such a short time,” Curtis nodded, “Including some things that you don’t know, Jena.”

“Clearly,” Jena replied, “It seems like you have changed a little bit too, Lone Wolfe. You had a fantastic summer despite the awful start. Has she taught you how to do anything useful with your empathic abilities? She should be able to do that considering that her and I have the same raw talent.”

“How does she know that?” Robin questioned.

“The ability to sense other people’s abilities extends beyond me and Scarlet who taught me to do that. Jena is able to do that on her natural talent and skills alone. If we can let this little rivalry die then we call can learn from each other including the ability to sense other people’s abilities,” Lone Wolfe suggested, “To answer your question Jena; she doesn’t know what to do with my damaged impure abilities. She hasn’t taught me anything about them.”

“Such a shame,” Jena stated in response, “Even if you don’t have true abilities it would be better than nothing to figure out what you can do and develop those to the fullest. Maybe you cannot heal or harm anyone and maybe you have to actually touch someone in order to do it but that is better than nothing. You can already sense the emotions of other people and you have the ability to block empathic projections of other empaths. That means you can develop that aspect of your abilities further. It is such a waste to keep you where you are just because your abilities are not what they could have been.”

“Where was that attitude when I asked you to train me to use my telepathy?” Curtis growled in response.

“Considering how you would use your telepathy if given the chance, I wouldn’t trust you to use it. You don’t have a control problem otherwise Scarlet or Lone Wolfe would have helped you out by now. You want to be able to use your abilities which Lone Wolfe cannot help you with very well since he was taught to use his abilities with other telepaths. You can’t use it with normal people very well without someone to teach you.”

“What was it you said when I asked you what you would use it for?” Lone Wolfe asked.

“I said I would go snooping around,” Curtis admitted.

“Which is why the teacher almost killed me was because of my out of control powers doing the same thing,” Lone Wolfe replied, “If I asked you today if you would do the same thing do you think you would have the power to block me or any one else standing here from probing your mind for the real answer?”

“Well, that’s not very fair,” Curtis answered.

“That’s the point,” Jena replied.

“Who says it is such a bad idea to snoop if they don’t have a good thought for you in their mind,” Robin added, “If it is good thoughts then I would just leave them alone afterward.”

“There’s something wrong about that,” Jena replied, “If they give me a reason to doubt that what they say or their actions aren’t for good intentions then all bets are off but there are no good reasons to go snooping just because.”

“I have to agree with Jena on this one,” Lone Wolfe replied, “If they give me a reason not to trust them then I will read their mind but aside from that it is against the rules to go snooping through their personal thoughts. That’s like going through their diary!” Ray blushed at that moment.

Curtis glanced to Ray that had to weigh in on the conversation, “What do you think about this Ray?”

“Well,” Ray seemed flummoxed by the recent conversation, “I guess, now that it was mentioned, that going through people’s minds would be like going through their diaries. Maybe we should think twice before doing it.”

“Maybe,” Robin stated, “Wait, you got stuck on Diary. Have you been reading my journal?”

“There it is,” Jena smirked, “That is exactly what invading someone’s privacy feels like.”

“I can’t believe you Ray!” Robin replied, ignoring Jena, “Just ask me and I will tell you! You know that!”

“I want to make sure you and Lone Wolfe weren’t doing anything you weren’t supposed to. Turns out, he is a gentleman.” Ray replied, “I didn’t think I could trust you for a straight answer.”

“You could have asked for a serious answer and I would have told you,” She replied.

“Yeah, the question would go something like this; ‘Robin, are you and your boyfriend having sex?’ how would you respond to that and expect me to believe you?” He commented in response.

“There’s just no reasoning with some people,” Curtis shrugged.

“Have I lied to you before?” Robin questioned in response.

“I guess not but this would be different,” Ray stated.

She crossed her arms, “So, what you are actually saying is if you were to get yourself a girlfriend, you would lie to me if you had sex with her and I asked you.” She glanced back to Jena, “I changed my mind Jena, I may not like you that much but apparently I cannot trust him with anyone I know personally.”

The remark caught Jena off guard, “thanks, I guess?”

“Well I have to part ways now, best of luck on that argument,” Lone Wolfe stated in response.


*        *        *


Lone Wolfe was getting ready for bed. He was unsure of putting his phone on the charging cradle because usually the moment he did, she would send him a text message and he would just have to grab it off of the charger anyway. As luck were to have it, his phone vibrated twice. He glanced at the phone two text messages? What is she sending this time? He opened the first one, “Ray’s blunder gave me an idea, details in picture.”

He downloaded the picture, “Feel free to read my journal if you dare.” Was the message attached to the picture of her. She held her journal open against her topless figure. It covered everything it needed to but the hint was clear.

Lone Wolfe sighed. He typed, “I love you, good night, sweet dreams.”

She sent back a message, “the first time you say I love you to someone you should say it face to face!”

He quickly texted back, “I’m sorry, my first time doing this. Do you want me to take it back?”

He could almost feel her sigh as she responded back to him, “No, it’s fine. I love you too. Good night. Sweet dreams.”

He put the phone up on the charging deck cradle and was just about asleep when he heard the screen to his outer window come off. A moment later the window slid open. Lone Wolfe sat up at the same moment Jena poked her head through the window. She had been doing this for a couple of years now. How moments like this manage to not make it through the communion with Robin I don’t know. Maybe they do and that is why Robin hates Jena so much. Jena pulled herself onto his bed and closed the window without so much trouble. She sat down on the bed and he smiled, “I would ask what makes you darken my doorstep at this time of night but that’s not really a door step. What makes you darken my window?”

“The real question you should ask yourself is how I manage to get out of my window considering I live on the second story of the house,” Jena answered with a slight smile.

“I have never been to your house so I didn’t know about that obstacle,” Lone Wolfe replied, “But considering it was you it is probably a little bit of planning with a ladder and maybe a good explanation if you get caught.”

“Close,” Jena nodded, “There is a lattice outside my window. I am sure that my father will probably take it down if he finds out I’m sneaking out some nights to see a boy.”

“So that’s why there is no pattern to your visits,” Lone Wolfe nodded.

“Well, there would be no point for if we had the same parents like real siblings,” Jena replied.

“True,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Would be kind of nice if there was some way of getting one of us adopted into the other household without the other losing their parent or parents that would be nice. Still doesn’t answer my question, what brings you here?”

“Well,” She laid down next to him but didn’t cuddle up next to him like Robin would have. She reached out with her foot and gently nudged the window shut, “I was thinking we can try that bond.”

“The communion?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response, “You do know that takes hours, right?”

“As long as I am out of here before the morning and back to my house before I have to get up it will be fine,” Jena replied.

“Don’t you think we should do this on a Friday when you don’t have to worry about being up on time for school? I mean, if I don’t get up until the morning then I will be fine but you will have to be up and hike in the middle of the night for a while before you get back to the house and back into your bed and back to sleep. You will be dead on your feet tomorrow.” Lone Wolfe argued.

“Do you not want to have a communion with me?” Jena questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I do. I just don’t want to see you dead on your feet tomorrow. It will be my fault if you did that. If mom was still alive I might be able to get something across to her and maybe let you stay the night but my dad will castrate me for just having you in the room.”

“I appreciate you thinking about me but I am already here. If you want the communion then now is your shot,” Jena replied.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I would like a communion with you.”

He laid down and gazed at Jena. With his telepathy, he reached for the light he saw within her and was drawn in. The communion happened a lot faster than it happened with Robin or Scarlet. Jena did seem to have a handle on this as she sounded like she found time to do it with a few people more. It still surprised him.

His memories, the ones he managed to keep of Relena, Scarlet, and Robin flew into her pretty quickly; from his point of view. Each one seemed to get a commentary from Jena as they came by. Jena’s commentary seemed to be focused mainly on how they initiated the communions. With Scarlet’s two communions, she called the initiations pedestrian. With Relena’s communion, she said it was pretty standard and common despite all of the sneaking around they had to do in order to perform the communion. She called Robin’s insistence on physical contact disgusting.

After his memories were done with the transfer, it was her chance for the transfer. It was at this point that he realized what felt different about memories that he received from Jena normally and memories he received through the communion. He had seen some of these memories before but this was the first time he got to live those memories.

After her own memories were done playing out came the memories and thoughts of the others she had communions with in the past. They each had fascinating data about the world of psychics. The first thing he learned surprised him. He knew psychics were rare but he didn’t have an idea as to how rare.

Psychics occur commonly in families which is why they felt common to Lone Wolfe. In reality, the amount of families was rare. The amount of psychics knowns in the world equated to about one in two-hundred. What seemed to throw off the number was their predilection to congregate in larger cities. Smaller towns tended to only have a handful of psychics while larger cities have more.

Telepaths were the most common of the psychics and clairvoyants were the rarest. Of the people that she had contact with, several had theories about dividing the abilities into evolutionary traits and recessive traits. They all agreed that telepathy was an evolutionary trait which was the reason why there were so many of them around. They also represented communication which was an evolutionary trait of humanity as well.

Empathy was a hard one to nail down because they could fall into both categories. They felt stronger emotions than normal humans and felt the emotions of others around them as well. Some of the ones she was with also knew about empathic bonds and thought that such a deep bond was a recessive trait.

Psychokinesis and telekinesis seemed to be recessive traits. Those abilities were exceedingly rare and their use tied to the emotional state of the user. The use of the abilities was not restricted to emotions with the other abilities. With each generation, there seemed to be less and less of them.

Clairvoyance proved to be a problem. The amount of people left with the abilities lent itself to the belief that it was a recessive trait. There were only a few families left with the trait. However, in today’s age with forecasting and data analysis, the people that possessed the abilities were exceedingly useful. They were surprised that genetics had not yet caught up with their reality.

With the information Jena had, she had her own opinion as to which was evolutionary and which was recessive. Three of the abilities had their own twist that allowed them to interact with another person, psychic or human, that the clear recessive traits did not have. Telepaths had their communions. Empaths had the deep emotional empathic bond, and Clairvoyants had the perfect moment.”

Lone Wolfe shot up in the bed, “Perfect moment?” He had never heard of the term used by that before. He glanced back to the clock. Several hours had passed since the communion started. Since he was able to wake up, it was clear the communion was over.

Jena was asleep next to him on the other side of the bed. I don’t want to wake her up, she looks so peaceful but we are both dead if she doesn’t make it home without getting caught! I don’t want to wake you up… Lone Wolfe thought to himself. He gently nudged her shoulder to rouse her.

Her green eyes opened up and glanced at him, “Good morning.” She yawned.

“Yeah, if you don’t go home now then you will be dead to the world tomorrow,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I would rather you stay here and sleep but we would be grounded for the rest of our lives if that happened.”

Jena broke her gaze with him, “So you don’t want to talk about the communion then?”

Lone Wolfe laid down next to her. It was an interesting question. Something that had not been asked to him before. It made sense to talk about it and digest it. It might be why she was able to retain more of what she wanted from the communion than he was, “I do. That was something I had not done before.”

Jena nodded, “I could tell. If you try to process it all yourself then you will end up losing a lot more than you would if you tried to talk about  it.”

“I would love nothing more than that,” Lone Wolfe replied, “But it doesn’t change the fact you have to get back to your house and get some more sleep before school. I don’t want to you wearing yourself out. We can do this again sometime, properly.”

Jena sat up slowly, “Okay, under one condition; I know you have a question. You have to ask me about it before I go.”

“You learned that clairvoyants have something special they can do with each other just like telepaths can. Whoever you learned it from called it a perfect moment. What is it and how does it work?” Lone Wolfe asked.

Jena smiled, “I thought you would ask about that. I am glad that came through the communion. You already know part of it. You used it when you were fighting the delinquents the day you met Robin and Ray.”

Lone Wolfe blushed, “You saw that.”

Jena nodded, “I did. A perfect moment is like a dance between two clairvoyants. One person trying to lead without leading and the other one trying to follow without following. You use your pre cognitive powers. Somewhere along the way, something clicks and time seems to come to a complete stop. No one has ever seen it so it is kind of hard to explain.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “So I will have to find another clairvoyant to do this with? Will be hard to find one of the same level as me. I am not sure there is one out side of the family.”

“Never said this one was tied to your power,” Jena stated as she headed to the window. She opened it and turned back to him, “Empath’s don’t need another empath for the bond. For clairvoyants, it might just be skill. If that is the case you already know another clairvoyant to have a perfect moment with.”

He laid down as she slipped out of the window. She shut it behind her as she slipped out and replaced the screen a few minutes later. Lone Wolfe laid down on the bed and thought for a moment. Angela was a clairvoyant. He could sense her raw power was not as potent as his or any members of his family. It made him wonder if she was from a different family of psychics or maybe an older split off of the same family. If the former were true then it would mean that there were other clairvoyant families out there. If the ladder were true then he wondered how long it would be before his family would begin to lose their clairvoyant power.

— November 15, 2017


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Previous chapter: Chapter #13 After Party

Chapter #14: Reunion at the Pool


Greeley Colorado

July 16th, 2027-CE


Lone Wolfe stood in line behind Ray and Curtis. They were waiting for the pool to open. This had become fairly normal and ritual for the twins and Lone Wolfe. The club bus would drop them and the club workers assigned to the group off and they would wait in line where they would get in at a discounted rate. The process was new for Curtis and Jena, who got back from their family vacations. He could feel seething emotions from behind him as Robin and Jena stood next to each other. No one needed to be empathic to know that those two mixed like oil and water. He glanced to his blue eyed friend sporting a tan from his time in the sun in California and saw that he noticed it too, “I didn’t think it would be this bad,” Curtis whispered under his breath so only the boys could hear it, “I wonder if they are going to break out in a brawl at any moment.”

Lone Wolfe shivered, “I hope not.”

“My sister can get jealous,” Ray commented quietly, “She doesn’t like Jena because you and her have known each other for a while.”

“Try our entire life,” Lone Wolfe replied, “We are friends. At least, I thought we were.” He glanced to Curtis, “It isn’t just Robin. What did I mess up with Jena?”

“Well,” Curtis chewed his lip in thought, “I thought you two might be dating material once. I was surprised that you had a girlfriend other than Jena when you told me about Robin.”

“Thanks dude, big help with that comment,” He replied as he felt the anger begin to boil over.

“So, Robin,” Jena commented from behind them, “Exactly how did you and Lone Wolfe first meet?”

“That’s the third time you asked me that,” Robin sighed in frustration, “And this will be the third time I will tell you this: we met while we were headed to the club.”

“Funny he would be walking up twenty-third avenue,” Jena commented, “I would have thought he would have headed down thirty-fifth avenue.”

“Maybe you don’t know your friend as well as you think,” Robin huffed in response, “You’ve both been back one day and you think there is a conspiracy against you! I bet you were planning to make some sort of move when you got back. Too bad you are a string bean, flat chested girl instead of a full-bodied woman like me!”

“Can we knock off the mud-slinging?” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “How would you like it if I started calling your brother obscene names? I already told you that Jena is like a sister to me.”

“Can you explain to me, dear brother I never had, why I found out about your mother’s death and you dating her in the same text?” Jena retorted.

“Why are you pissed at me?” Lone Wolfe asked in response.

“You didn’t send her the picture, did you?” Curtis questioned, “That would do it.”

“No,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You think there’s empty space between my ears?”

“Picture?” Jena stammered, “What picture.”

Curtis started to fish out his phone, “Don’t add fuel to the fire, please?” Lone Wolfe sighed.

Curtis pulled up the picture he sent his friend after their first date. He showed it to Jena. Jena glanced at the picture and spun around to fix Lone Wolfe with unsure eyes, “Just what were you two doing when you decided to take this picture?”

Robin smiled and blushed, “Guess.”

Jena instead handed the phone back to Curtis and grabbed Lone Wolfe’s back pack. She went straight for the pocket that had the phone in it and pulled it out, “What are you doing, stealing his phone!” Robin shouted in response.

“Relax, she doesn’t know the password,” Lone Wolfe stated, “And my fingers aren’t going anywhere near the fingerprint scanner.”

Jena smirked, “Let me show you the problem with biometrics,” She stated and held her finger just above the sensor. The phone unlocked, “And I’m in.”

The four of them were astonished that she was able to trick the sensors, “Just how did you do that?” Curtis questioned.

“These fingerprint scanners don’t actually scan finger prints but registers capacitance based off a unique finger print. Part of an empathic power is the use of capacitance. A skilled empath can fake the capacitance of a profile. That is assuming they are familiar with the person they are hacking. Just like most of us, he is left handed and since the sensor is located on the front, he used his right thumb as a profile.” Jena explained, “Now, let’s see what else you have on your phone.”

Lone Wolfe blanched and Robin blushed, “Lone Wolfe! You have to stop her!”

Lone Wolfe reached for the phone but Jena jumped back. She stopped and blushed when she found a picture, oh god, which one did she find? Lone Wolfe asked to himself. Was it the picture in her night gown? The one in her underwear? The one where she covered herself with a towel in the bed? The one from last night where she posed with the shower curtain after a shower? Which one?

She turned the phone around showing the picture Scarlet had taken from the birthday party, “What the hell is this?”

Robin cocked her head in confusion as the blush disappeared from her face, “Wait, you are bent out of shape over that?” Robin smiled, “That was from a friend’s birthday party. Don’t we look just so cute in it?”

“You’re not helping,” Lone Wolfe stated, “If you notice, Jena, that picture wasn’t taken by us but by someone else and sent to me. Robin is right, that is from a birthday party. We fell asleep cuddling on the bed after a telepathic communion.”

“A what?” Jena questioned.

Lone Wolfe projected the process to her. She shrugged, “Oh, you learned how to do that bond. Took you long enough.”

“What does that mean?” Lone Wolfe asked.

“I learned how to do that a long time ago,” Jena stated in response, “I didn’t know if you could do it or if you would be willing to do it or I would have been able to find some time for us to try it long ago. How else do you think I know all of that techno babble about the fingerprint scanner? But that still doesn’t explain this picture! Who took it?”

“Scarlet,” Lone Wolfe squeaked.

Jena blanched, “You mean, she already knows about you two and thinks you two are cute enough to take these shots?”

Robin smiled, “If it helps, she walked into that trailer we had all to ourselves.”

“Robin!” Lone Wolfe hissed, “What’s wrong with you? Her head is going to pop like a ripe zit!”

He glanced to Curtis and saw that he, like Jena, was totally pale, “What did I do to you?”

“Oh, teach me great master!” Curtis exclaimed.

“What?” Lone Wolfe asked and Robin chuckled in response.

“You two had the whole trailer alone!” Jena chided, “Did you and this floozie do more than just the bond?”

“No,” Lone Wolfe answered, holding to the spirit of the question.

“Yes,” Robin answered at the same moment, answering the letter of the question with a smile.

Jena tossed Lone Wolfe his phone and walked off. Lone Wolfe and Curtis exchanged worried glances. Robin’s smile faded, “What happened?” She asked.

“You broke her,” Lone Wolfe stated sternly, “Satisfied? You took your little game too far!” He glanced to Curtis, “Do you think you can go after her? If I go she might do something rash.”

Curtis nodded, “Sure thing buddy.” He chuckled, “To think, for once you have the greatest stories to tell us about your summer vacation. I may just stay behind next year and see your antics in action!”

Lone Wolfe shook his head as his other best friend took off after Jena. He fixed Robin with a sidelong glance, “What is with you? You don’t like any of my friends. I can feel that you don’t even like Curtis. Our kind isn’t exactly top of the food chain right now so you don’t have a lot of choices with the psychics. I don’t know about where you come from but for Greeley, this is about it for Psychics.”

“Simple reason why I don’t like your friend, Curtis,” Robin stated, “He isn’t a psychic.”

“You want to try that again?” Lone Wolfe asked in response, “I can assure you that he is a psychic. His abilities are just weak and hard to get to work. Once you learn how to sense other people’s abilities you will be able to tell what he is.”

“While you are usually right, I think you are making this one up just so I will like him,” Robin protested in response.

“Have I led you astray yet?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

Robin shook her head, “No, I suppose you haven’t.”

He crossed his arms, “Next question. What is between you and Jena?”

“She just bugs me,” She answered, “I will try to curb it. I don’t know anything more than there is something with her that bugs me.”

“The fact that she is both an empath and telepath have something to do with it?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“It might, now that you mention it,” Robin huffed in response.

Lone Wolfe nodded and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “You know that the most common combination of psychic abilities is telepathy and empathy. You are going to run into a lot more people like you. Heck, even I have those abilities.”

“I hate it when you are right,” Robin sighed and wrapped and arm around his waist.

A moment later, Curtis and Jena showed back up to their previous spot, “I’m sorry for what happened earlier. How about we all start over and try to get off to a better start?”

Jena shrugged, “Why are you the one apologizing? I would think that your girlfriend need to be making at least one of the apologizes.”

Curtis glanced over to Ray, “You know you have seen pretty quiet all day. What makes you so pensive?”

“Just trying to stay out of the war path,” Ray commented, “You can try to force an apology out of her but once she has locked horns with someone like Jena it is usually game over until one of the two leaves the area. If Iwere to say something then I would just get hit with an Ire bomb from one of them as well. I live in the same house as one of them so I don’t want to make the rest of my week a disaster by pointing out anything that Robin wouldn’t like.”

Curtis smirked, “So you let Lone Wolfe do all of that for you, eh? It’s weird how you are usually more somber than she is.”

Lone Wolfe glanced between both Robin and Jena before he stated, “I think if you two can put aside your differences then you two could probably become good friends.”

Jena crossed her arms, “I don’t think that is likely.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I know we got off to the wrong foot but how about we all agree to start over and give this a shot?”

“Hey guys! The line is moving!” Ray called out.

That seemed to kill the argument right there. Lone Wolfe’s mind was filled with memories of previous summers where he, Jena, and Scarlet, had swam and played their strange version of Marco-Polo with their telepathic powers. He glanced to Jena with a smile on his face and said, “Scarlet is ahead of us in line. She thought swimming would be a good idea. We can do our special games of Marco-Polo again.”

“That would be fun and we have a couple more people to play too!” Jena stated, trying to look on the bright side.

Curtis tensed up at the mention of that game. He didn’t possess enough telepathic abilities to play the game with them. The last time he played, when they were seven, he couldn’t hear the minds or thoughts of the others around him. On top of that, he learned that they could all tell where he was during the game and everyone except for Lone Wolfe tried to avoid him to keep in him the game longer.

Robin gave them a curious glance, “What so special about this game you speak of?”

“It might be better that we show you,” Lone Wolfe replied. He glanced to Jena then back to Robin, “I think Jena can project it to you better than I could. Would you allow her to show you?”

Robin sighed, “I guess.”

Jena glanced at him with an unsure look then glanced to Robin. She showed Robin how the three of them would play in the past. As she projected those memories and the instructions to Robin, the dark amber eyes lit up with a certain amount of delight in them, “I think that will be fun but won’t Curtis be left out of this game.”

Curtis hissed, “They play this game for a while every summer.” He commented in response.

Lone Wolfe glanced to Jena, “Maybe we could play something else. I don’t want to leave Curtis out of this again.”

Curtis glanced back, “It’s fine. Unlike you two, I can make friends whenever I want. I will just get to know some of the other club members while you all decide to play.”

“You might be better at making more friends but at least Lone Wolfe makes friends that count,” Robin sneered.

“I can’t argue with that,” Curtis stated, “After all, he has me and he got you and Jena.”

“How is it that he can always look on the bright side?” Robin asked under her breath.

Lone Wolfe shrugged. He knew since he was being trained that he could see the spirits of the people around him. Spirits like Scarlet and Jena all seemed to have that nesting doll resonance going on showing their past lives. He noticed that Robin and Ray also seemed to have that same thing going on. Within Curtis he saw something very different. He wasn’t sure how to describe it. It was like staring into darkness. A darkness that seemed to stare back at you. It seemed unusual that with a spirit like that, Curtis could remain optimistic in most situations.

Robin glanced to him, “What are you thinking about?” She asked.

Lone Wolfe couldn’t explain it but he felt a connection to all five of his friends. Curtis seemed to be a bit different but the others all felt familiar in a way. He glanced to her, “Your mother called you the queen of discord once, right?”

“Yeah,” Robin stated.

“There is something familiar in that title,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Well duh! We had two communions, remember?” Robin stated in response.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “It is something different than that.” He glanced to the front of the line where he envisioned Scarlet would be as the line moved forward, “Mentor,” He breathed. He glanced to Jena, “Separation,” he stated to himself. He glanced back to Robin, “Discord.” He glanced to her brother, “Gemini.”

“What the heck is that all about?” Robin questioned.

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I don’t know. I just feel connections and feel something. I don’t know what it is that I am feeling, though.”

Robin smiled, “You can be strange sometimes.”

“If I were normal then I would be really boring,” Lone Wolfe commented as they made it to where they could pay and make their way in.

Ray, Curtis, and Lone Wolfe headed into the male locker room while Jena and Robin made their way to the female locker room. The guy’s all wore their swimming trunks as shorts so they only needed to take off their shirts, retrieve their towels from their bags and stuff them all into a locker. Lone Wolfe made sure that his phone made its way back into is back pack. He didn’t want to jump into the pool and find out that he just ruined his phone. He didn’t back anything up yet and figured it would be a good idea to do it tonight. Until then, he had to keep the phone safe.

He took out the lock after he stuffed his shirt into his bag and retrieved his towel. He packed his bag into the locker and just about locked it when he realized he forgot his key. He took out the key and snapped it to the holder on his trunks and then closed and locked the locker. He turned around to his friends and said, “Shall we go out and wait for the girls?”

Curtis nodded, “I can’t wait to see what Robin looks like in a swimsuit.”

“Hey, she’s my girlfriend. What about Scarlet and Jena?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“Well, Scarlet is fine,” Curtis nodded as they made their way to the pool, “She did blossom into a lovely girl but I have seen her in a swimsuit before. It will probably be the same black bikini she wore last year. As far as Jena is concerned, I have seen her in that white split suit before too. I don’t know if she will fill it out any better this year. Puberty has been fairly light on her. As for Robin…”

“You do realize she is my sister,” Ray commented, “It’s bad enough to have one guy drooling over her but a different guy?”

“I guess I would feel that way if someone was ogling my little sister,” Curtis mentioned, “But I don’t have to worry about that for another couple of years. She is only eleven.”

“Surprised that your parents didn’t drop the both of you off at the club,” Lone Wolfe mentioned as they waited out by the pool.

“She didn’t seem convinced that it would be fun,” Curtis commented, “Don’t tell me that you are getting eyes for my little sister now too.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “Of course not! I haven’t even met her. I just thought that your parents like to make the best of their time alone and this seems like cheap day care to a parent.”

Curtis shrugged, “Well, she didn’t want to go. I’m not going to try to convince her otherwise.”

Scarlet was the first to walk out of the girls locker room. Just as Curtis stated, she was wearing the same two piece black suit she wore for the past couple of years. It did accentuate her slender form and compliment her green eyes and wavy red hair. He glanced over to Ray, “To bad I am not a few years older,” The male twin replied, “You don’t know what you are missing, Curtis. That there is a total babe standing before you.”

“I’m not sure you are her type,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“What makes you say that?” Curtis questioned.

“No reason,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Oh yeah, the party.” Ray commented.

“How much do you two share about your daily lives?” Lone Wolfe blanched.

“She keeps a journal,” Ray mentioned, “What she doesn’t want to share I can usually get out of that. You made that a lot easier to do since she is always with you now.”

Lone Wolfe blanched, “Why do I have the feeling my days are numbered?”

Ray gave him a sly smile, “Have you seen your death yet?”

“That’s not funny!” Jena stated as she walked out of the girls locker room. She was dressed in a white one piece suit. It was split down the center to just below her navel.

Lone Wolfe glanced to both of his friends standing before him and noticed that both of them had dropped their jaws, “So, being away for a summer did some good for her?” Lone Wolfe commented with a smile.

“Want to pick your jaws up off the floor before the flies climb in?” Robin stated as she walked out, “Looks like only Lone Wolfe is not blown away by that suit of yours, Jena.”

Both scarlet and Jena turned around to get a glance of Robin as she walked out into the light. Her gray bathing suit contrasted with her dark amber eyes and brown hair. It was a two piece suite which showed off her voluptuous figure well. Curtis couldn’t summon the strength to close his mouth and Lone Wolfe couldn’t help but blush a the sight of her. Jena and Scarlet crossed their arms. Scarlet replied, “I think she might be bigger than me!”

“So unfair,” Jena nodded.

“Guys! That’s my sister!” Ray commented.

“I can divorce that fact from my head,” Curtis mumbled.

“She’s dating me!” Lone Wolfe added.

“That I cannot separate,” Curtis replied.

“Well, what are we waiting for? A stiff breeze?” Robin questioned.

“Maybe for something else stiff,” Jena stated with a smirk.

“Not sure what that was but evil could fit that,” Robin stated in response.

“Time for the pool,” Lone Wolfe stated as he turned around and walked briskly to the side of the pool and jumped in.

Ray jumped in behind him, “Jena doesn’t look too bad either,” he commented as he followed Lone Wolfe in.

Lone Wolfe shrugged as Curtis jumped in, “You could have a shot with her.”

“You mean it?” Ray questioned in response.

Robin growled and jumped in right as Curtis surfaced. Lone Wolfe glanced at her and projected, “I thought Jena dating your brother would at least allay your fears about her having some sort of other emotional attachment to me?”

Robin glanced around then smiled, “Lone Wolfe, you know all her secrets, you should have the keys to her heart.”

“It’s amazing how fast your opinion can change when it works in your favor,” Lone Wolfe commented in response.

Curtis swam over, “What are you talking about?”

“Lone Wolfe is going to setup Jena and Ray,” Robin proclaimed.

“Why not your best friend?” Curtis stammered.

“Come to think of it, I think he would be a better choice,” Robin nodded.

“Why?” Ray growled.

“He’s not you,” Robin stated in response, “I would eel better if she wasn’t dating my brother.”

“Come to think of it, if you insist that you two are twins from different parents then how come you are okay with her dating someone else?” Ray questioned in response.

“I am not going to begrudge her the experience of all of these emotions just like I have,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“What are you four plotting now?” Jena questioned as she slipped into the pool.

“We are trying to figure out who to fix you up with,” Robin smiled.

“You are forgetting something important, aren’t you? Figured out what that is yet?” Jena questioned in response.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “You three, in your plotting, forgot to ask her what she felt about all of this. It is something like Ray trying to set up Curtis with Robin without asking Robin what she thought about it. Well, best of luck to you three.”

“What about you helping us?” Robin questioned.

“Here’s a good start, ask her if she is even looking for someone then ask what she is looking for,” Lone Wolfe stated as he drifted over to where Scarlet slipped into the pool.

Scarlet glanced to him and said, “You know, mixing those two may not work well. Despite what you think, both Jena and Robin are very territorial.”

Lone Wolfe crossed his arms. His main concern was with the growing argument between Curtis and Ray. It seemed like his old group of friends and new group of friends were mixing about as well as he would expect. He didn’t know what to do to get both of them to get along and he didn’t want to chose between the two groups. He glanced back to scarlet as the two of them started to move toward the middle of the pool and asked, “What makes you say that. I didn’t get that impression from either of them.”

“I don’t mean territorial as in they both have their own stomping grounds but something like possessive of their friends,” Scarlet clarified, “If friends are territory then they are territorial in that regard.”

“Jena doesn’t seem possessive of Curtis and Robin doesn’t seem that possessive of Ray,” Lone Wolfe commented in response.

“Then they are possessive of you,” Scarlet commented.

To prove both of them wrong, Jena and Robin squared off against each other, “Curtis! Stop calling my brother names!”

“Then tell your brother to stop talking crap about him!” Jena replied.

“Looks like we were both wrong,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I hope that they can figure out a way to get along. I don’t want to choose between both of those groups.”

Ray crossed his arms, “Hard not to do when he is a wannabe psychic hanging out with you and Lone Wolfe all these years and has nothing to show or it!”

“Now that’s just mean,” Lone Wolfe shook his head in response.

Curtis growled and ducked his head down. Despite the years that had passed, he recognized that look. He had seen it before seven years ago before he launched the book at Mrs. Leeks head using his telekinetic powers. Most of the time they were non existent or extremely hard to control but when he got angry, almost to the point of losing himself to rage, the power within his ability increased dramatically. Lone Wolfe jumped towards Robin and Ray, “I have seen this before! Not good!”

Scarlet followed after, “What is it?”

“You remember our first communion when you saw the memory of my attack. Curtis launched a book at the teacher. He did it without having the book in his hand!” Lone Wolfe replied, “I think he might do something like that again.”

“What can he grab here?” Scarlet questioned.

Curtis reared back to launch water in a blast with his hands at them. As he pulled his hands back above the water, he noticed that the water seemed to follow his hands and he could feel the water despite his hands being above them. Curtis pushed forward creating a massive crested wave in the middle of the pool. It crashed down on the four of them; Ray, Robin, Lone Wolfe, and Scarlet. It pushed them down and back before the water rushed back and pulled them back past to where they were standing before.

Lone Wolfe and the rest of them stood. Scarlet was astonished by the power of the wave. Robin and Ray looked nonplussed by the action. Lone Wolfe burst out in laughter and faced his friend, “Woot! Curtis, that was awesome! Do that again!”

Scarlet tapped Lone Wolfe’s shoulder, “I think not. Look around.”

Most of the swimmers around them looked terrified of the event. As the freak event died down, most of the swimmers went back to what they were doing before. Robin swam over to them, “What was that? A kinetic blast or did he manipulate the water itself?”

“Hard to tell from my vantage point,” Scarlet answered.

“I know from seeing similar things before that he was probably manipulating the water,” Lone Wolfe replied, “He is a telekinetic and a telepath. He has trouble using both abilities but if you piss him off it tends to trigger a boost in his power. Good job.”

“I guess I should believe you,” Robin stated, “You haven’t led us astray yet.”

“I don’t lie if I know about it,” Lone Wolfe replied.

He glanced to Scarlet and noticed an odd look on her face. He glanced back to the rest of them and said, “I think Scarlet needs to talk to me about something. I will be back in a bit. Try not to kill each other while I am gone?”

Robin and Ray nodded. Scarlet and Lone Wolfe swam over to the nearest ladder to climb out of the pool, “I would have thought that you would have tried to take Angela here today? Did she not want to go?”

Scarlet climbed out of the pool, “Social anxiety. There would be too many people here today for her to come.”

“How can she get along running a store then?” Lone Wolfe asked as she followed her out.

“Difference between someone one has to do and something one wants to do,” Scarlet replied, “Sort of like school. She has to go to school so you will likely see her there as well.”

“Do you think you will see her again before you go back to Yale?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

She shrugged, “I don’t know. I was worried that she would grow some sort of attachment to me but she wanted a one night stand. I tried to figure out why so I tried to start a communion with her but I cannot because her abilities are different from mine. There is something about her that is keeping her from forming attachments. I told her that you and I are good friends and to keep an eye on you at school this year so don’t try to push her away or anything.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I know. You seem relieved that she didn’t want a commitment, why?”

“What you said in the pool,” Scarlet mentioned as they headed to the convenience stand, “Something didn’t come across in our last communion and that seems clear now. I won’t become a teacher in middle school. I am going to become a college professor.”

“So you won’t be back to Greeley ever,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Scarlet shook her head, “That’s not true. I plan to be an Anthropology teacher at UNC or maybe Aims. It will just take me a while longer to get there. It might take another four or five years. I will try to come back, when I can, on the summers, but I may not be around all the time. Just try to remember that you do have other friends around for you.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “No problem. Thank you for everything you have done for me so far.”

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter #13 After Party — November 10, 2017

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter #13 After Party


Second Semester 5.png

Previous Chapter: Chapter #12: The Party

Chapter #13: After Party


Greeley Colorado

July 15th, 2027-CE


Lone Wolfe headed out to the trailer. He glanced up at the sky and realized that it was really late at night. Following close behind was Robin. None of the four of them were interested in sleep but if they stayed there any longer then people might start getting tired. They didn’t want to block the adult’s fun and games. Looking at Robin’s outfit, she looked as if she were planning on the same thing as the adults after all. Not ruining his trust with Scarlet could be harder than he thought.

He glanced back to Robin as he opened he door. For some reason, it was harder to say what he meant to say. He wondered if it was the look in her eyes, the longing and happiness in them, or if her empathic abilities were not being blocked anymore. Either way he took a breath and said, “Clothes stay on this time. No funny business or I will knock on the door and go back into the house and you can stay out here.”

Robin closed the distance between them and pressed her body up against his back, “It’s not like they could find out. Who would know?”

“We would know,” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “despite the fact that we use our link to share our dreams at night and that can keep our powers active, our defenses are still weak or down while we are asleep. I guarantee you that Scarlet will find out while we are asleep and that will doom us in the end.”

“So we just take shifts snoozing and wake the other up when we start to feel Scarlet waking up,” Robin suggested.

“What do later?” Lone Wolfe questioned, “if we deceive her now then what will happen when she finds out later?”

“You have a range of two miles, she can’t have that much of a range and eventually she will stop looking,” Robin stated.

Lone Wolfe sighed and opened the door to the trailer. He stepped in and closed the door after Robin stepped in. He pulled out the sofa which caused it to unfold into a large bed, “Look, Robin. It is time I told you what is different about Scarlet’s telepathy. It doesn’t matter where you are; she can read your mind. She doesn’t have a range. She can peer into the minds of anyone at any time. If you have been knocking on her mind then she knows your voice and can find you anywhere. She knows my voice.” He sat down on the side of the bed, “The only way your plan would work is if you erased my memory of the event and if you didn’t try to break into her mind.”

She sat down next to Lone Wolfe, “That’s not possible. I have seen a lot of telepaths in California. They have always been one of two different types or a blend of the two. Ranged telepaths or touch telepaths. That is all that has ever been. She can’t be a range-less telepath.”

“Well,” Lone Wolfe scratched his head, “She was in another state and felt my mind cry out when my mother died.”

“You two share a link,” Robin stated, “Not as deep as ours but it is there. That increases the range a lot.”

“Yes ut the link wouldn’t have made it go all the way to Connecticut,” Lone Wolfe replied, “If she has a range then the sympathetic range is thousands of miles long.”

Robin’s eyes widened and she paled so much that her amber eyes appeared to look the same shade as Lone Wolfe’s gold eyes a that moment. A sympathetic range was the range in which a telepath could hear the minds of all the minds within the range. Beyond that was the range they could push their abilities to which was about thirty times the range of their sympathetic range. If they meditated and concentrated, they could double that maximum range. A link could double that. It meant; even if Lone Wolfe was wrong, Scarlet could find anyone no matter where they were on the planet.

She glanced down at the floor, “That is harder to believe than the first option. I would rather believe that she didn’t have a range.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “Either way, there is nowhere to run if she wanted to find you.”

Robin sighed as Lone Wolfe maneuvered himself against the wall. He glanced towards the head of the bed where there was a small closet. He opened it up and found some pillows inside. He took them out and put two of them and put them against the corner of the bed. He tossed the other two to Robin. Robin glanced down at the bed as Lone Wolfe spread out on the side of the bed against the wall. She glanced over to the table across the trailer, “Do you think the bench seats at the table turn into another bed?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I am sure they do and I can help you out with it if you want. Or there is enough room on the bed that you can lay down next to me.”

Robin blushed, “You are okay with that?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “As long as there is no funny business.”

“I won’t,” She stated as she laid the pillows down next to his and laid down next to him. She held his hands and moved in close, “but don’t you think this will look weird to them?”

“For a moment, it will make Scarlet scan my mind and see that we did nothing,” Lone Wolfe replied, “What I have wanted to do is have a communion with you and stay asleep, let it merge into a dream as well.”

“I would like to try that as well,” Robin nodded. She leaned in and kissed him passionately. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her. She wrapped her legs around him, holding him tightly and rolling partially on him which pinned him against the wall. He didn’t struggle, he didn’t mind. As they embraced, they reached for the light and the faint light of the trailer’s outdoor lights faded away.


*        *        *


The light of the first dawn streaming in through the window awakened Robin. She could feel hot breath against her neck and arms around her side. She remembered at that point that she was with Lone Wolfe, cuddled up against him in the trailer. She felt something warm and clothed poking her on one of her thighs. She blushed and gently nudged him, “Um, Lone Wolfe?”

His gold eyes opened up barely, “Ugh.” He muttered.

“You are poking me,” She squeaked.

Lone Wolfe shook his head and yawned, “No I’m not. My hands are wrapped around you. You wouldn’t be so quiet if I were trying to tickle you.”

“I’m not talking about your hands,” Robin squeaked.

Lone Wolfe’s eyes opened wide and he blushed. He glanced around and said, “I’m pinned between you, the wall, and the bed. One of the three needs to move so I can move away from you.”

“Weird,” Robin stated as she unwrapped her legs from Lone Wolfe and pulled her arms away, “I thought I was the one against the wall or a moment.”

Lone Wolfe rolled over to face the wall, to hide his embarrassment, “I didn’t say I wanted you to roll over.” Robin stated.

“A little embarrassed right now,” Lone Wolfe squeaked.

She pressed her body up against his back, “Don’t be. It means you are attracted to me.”

“Or whatever higher being that created the male body wanted to make sure we didn’t roll out of bed in the middle of the night,” Lone Wolfe commented with a yawn.


“It’s a kick stand joke,” Lone Wolfe said.

“It’s weird how we keep shifting traits when we have a communion,” Robin commented, “Normally, I would have been making silly jokes but now you are.”

“We will probably go back to normal eventually,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Are you so sure about that?” Robin questioned, “You joke more now than you did before.”

“Normal people also pick up personality traits of people they like and bond with. We do it faster because of the communion. It would be a bit more natural if we didn’t ue our abilities and that deep of a bond.”

Robin nodded, “Please roll over onto your back.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and rolled onto his back. She cuddled up against him and said, “So we have had two of hose communions now. What will happen to us if we go through more of them?”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“How about we try again and find out?” She asked.

Lone Wolfe shook his head “I would love nothing more than to try that out with you but we cannot do it right now. The reason why I only had one communion with Relena was because there was only a few times were we could isolate ourselves for long enough to have a communion. During one of those times we had plenty of time to try to shot gun a couple but after the first one we could no longer see the light in each other to initiate a second communion. There has to be some time between communions.”

“Bummer,” Robin stated. She yawned and interlaced her fingers with his other hand, “Maybe we can catch more sleep before they wake up.” Lone Wolfe nodded. Both were asleep before they realized it.


*        *        *


The sun was shining thought and the inside of the trailer was starting to heat up from baking in the morning light when Lone Wolfe opened his eyes. He could feel the phone vibrating in his pocket. From the pulse of the vibrations, it was a message of some sort. He glanced to his left and saw that Robin was still asleep. She lifted his head up and glanced to the booth like kitchenette table across the trailer. He saw Angela sitting on one side of the table and Scarlet seated at the other side of the table. Both of them looked sick and like someone put them through a tumble dryer. They had the windows in the kitchenette and the curtains closed. Knowing that the trailer had a cross breeze to keep it cool if the windows were open, he understood why it was getting hot.

Scarlet forced a smile on her face and said, “Morning, sunshine.” Her voice was softer and quieter than normal. It also seemed to carry less stress with it.

He rested his head back on the pillow, “You look like death put through a blender. Did you at least have fun last night and remember it?”

“Yes but could you keep your voice a little quieter please?” Scarlet replied, “This hangover is threatening to kill me.”

“I will only because Robin is still asleep. Never drink unless you are prepared to pay or it the next day,” Lone Wolfe replied with a quieter voice, “Good to know you had fun and remember it, however. Just try not to dwell on it the next time we have a communion.”

“About that,” Scarlet replied, “I don’t think there will be any more communions between us.”

“Why not?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“Too many things that have happened recently which I don’t want to share with you. It’s mainly because you are too young,” Scarlet replied, “I don’t want to add to your troubles.”

“Scarlet is convinced that you two didn’t do anything last night but I would have thought that you would have converted this into a bed and one of you would have been sleeping on it,” Angela replied, “You two were cuddled up next to each other. It looked sweet but suspicious.”

“I have no doubt that Scarlet went through my memories while I was sleeping and found out the truth,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Scarlet nodded, “You had another communion with her last night and you two talked about having more. I commend you for holding back all night but I don’t want to add my memories to your troubles. She seems driven to be with you.”

Lone Wolfe sighed, “I didn’t know you would be upset by the communion.”

“It’s not that,” Scarlet replied, “It is the fact that you are going to have to deal with a lot of temptation in the months to come and I don’t want to influence you one way or the other.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Did you two try a communion too, last night?”

Angela nodded, “She told me how it works and walked me through the process but we couldn’t get it to work.” She seemed to be brought down by the experience.

“I don’t understand,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“There is too much of a difference in our abilities,” Scarlet stated, “Apparently, if there is too much of a difference then it won’t work. So, it is more than two people just being telepathic.”

“Their abilities have to be compatible,” Lone Wolfe replied. He felt his phone vibrate again, letting him know that he had at least one message waiting to be seen. He tried to carefully unlace the fingers of his right hand so he can get his phone out of his right pocket, “I wonder who sent me messages over night?”

“Well, I was at least one of those people, if not the only one,” Scarlet answered.

“What did you send me?” He questioned in response as he slowly tried to pry his phone out of his phone out of his pocket without waking Robin up.

He heard a slight chuckle escape Angela’s lips followed by a wince of pain, “Too bad you don’t have your phone out, it is almost as cute as when you found them asleep earlier.”

Lone Wolfe stopped fishing for his phone, “I take it that is what this is? Another candid shot of the two of us snuggled up and sleeping?”

“Yes, you were too adorable to not get a picture of,” Angela stated, “I saw the pic of the fourth of July as well. You two were cute in that one.”

“I guess I deserve that,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Although it is a little unsettling to know that you keep those pictures of us.”

“I don’t look at them,” Scarlet mentioned, “I just don’t ever erase anything. When I run out of space I just sync my phone to my computer and transfer the files over to that.”

“So you mean there’s more of these photos floating around!” Lone Wolfe exclaimed.

“Not so loud please,” Scarlet groaned.

“We have company,” Robin stated, “What’s all the fuss about?”

“Nothing,” Lone Wolfe stated.

As both of them sat up and rested their back against the closet door and wall at the head of the bed, Angela added her own response, “We were saying that you two are cute when you are asleep like that.”

“Glad we can appease your voyeuristic interests,” Robin yawned and stretched, “Next time we should switch rolls. You two can sleep in and us two can barge in and take candid shots of the two of you.”

“That would not have ended well,” Scarlet stated.

“You could have locked the door,” Angela commented.


“You know, they make these things called locks and they build them into the handles of doors,” Angela verbally jabbed, “If you use the lock then people have to knock on the door to get you up and no more worries of random people sneaking in.”

“Yes but then you would be pounding on the door and then I wouldn’t have gotten another photo to cherish,” Lone Wolfe stated as he fished out his phone and pulled up the message with the picture. He showed it to Robin and received a smile from her.

She liked it so much she asked, “Can you send that to me?”

Lone Wolfe nodded and sent the picture, “Tonight I will send you an extra special picture.”

“Just make sure you are wearing something,” Lone Wolfe stated in response.

Robin nodded, “I will.”

“So I want to get one thing straight,” Robin asked, “Except for Scarlet, we are all heading back to West at the end of the summer?” Angela nodded and Robin continued, “So today is your eighteenth birthday, what happened? Did you flunk a grade?”

Angela shook her head, “My mother started me off late. It was because I was small for my age as a kid. She didn’t have me skip a grade. I wish I did now. It would have been a lot easier for me considering recent events.”

“Just get your GED,” Robin suggested, “Then you can do what you need to do.”

Angela shrugged, “I would just assume not pay anything that hasn’t already been paid and go through my last year. The fees were paid before I got my emancipation.”

“Why didn’t they wait?” She asked in response.

“DHS had to rush it through because of my grandmother’s death. Once it was reported there was so much time to get he ball rolling on things and I had no other family around to help out with it. That is why they rushed it through. So I can take care of all o the affairs. I needed to be able to sign like a legal adult.” She responded.

“Wouldn’t they just let you since it was so close anyway?” Robin asked in response.

Scarlet shook her head, “She wasn’t a legal adult then so if there was some sort of contract dispute then their contract was null and void because she cannot legally sign a contact.”

“That’s lame,” Robin stated.

“Well,” Scarlet shrugged, “it protects both parties.”

“Speaking of parties, now that this one is over, when are you taking us home?” Robin questioned in response.

“As soon as I can get the numer of the Mach truck that hit me,” Scarlet replied.

Second Semester Chapter #12: The Party — November 8, 2017

Second Semester Chapter #12: The Party

Haha: I managed to get hit with inspiration: There will be 2 chapters per week for a while. I will file them under GPFriday even if they come out on Wednesdays. Enjoy!

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Previous Chapter: Chapter 11: Re Assembling Life

Chapter #12: The Party


Greeley Colorado

July 15th, 2027-CE


As was planned, Scarlet smoothed things over with the parents before picking up Lone Wolfe and Robin on the night of the party. She got their permission to watch them and keep them out all night. She was not sure what was going to be going on at the party but she had a feeling that things may heat up between her and Angela. She was not against the idea as long as Angela was not looking for a commitment of sorts. With that in mind she had to make sure that nothing like that happened between the two adolescents. She had no doubt that Lone Wolfe would behave himself but she was not as convinced the same thing could be said for Robin. Since their first meeting, she was starting to see that the instigator of their activities was often times her and not him. That worried her. She worried that they could become poison to each other before too long.

She picked Lone Wolfe up first then went over to pick up Robin. She knew that his father would be okay with him staying out with her and Angela all night but purposefully neglected to tell his father that Robin would be at the party. It would wreck their plans if he forbade them to stay the night or for him to go out because Robin was there. She hoped that this little breach would not backfire and Lone Wolfe would not betray her trust. Again, it was not specifically Lone Wolfe she worried about when she thought about it.

They drove to the northern edge of town where they found the house easily enough. They wondered why there were three cars there if there was only two people supposedly living there until recently. Scarlet wondered for a moment if maybe she had misread the situation and Angela was throwing a party with more people. She wondered if there was nothing to worry about and she would be able to drop the kids off after all.

They pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. Scarlet was not pleased with the outfit that Robin chose to wear this time. The spaghetti strap shirt was on the verge of see through and she was not wearing a bra this time. Her skirt was also far shorter than it had been the fourth of July. Lone Wolfe had decided to dress nice for the occasion, contrasting with what his date had worn. It made Scarlet wonder if she was not the only girl in the car that misread what was going to happen tonight.

The three of them climbed out of the car and headed up to the porch where Scarlet rang the doorbell. It didn’t take long for Angela to answer. She was dressed much the same way as Robin, only white instead of black, “You showed up!”

The smell that came off her breath, the antiseptic smell, told her that Angela had found whiskey in the house. She had started the party early, “Hi Angela…” Scarlet’s voice trailed off, “I didn’t know there would be drinking at this party.”

“Not for the kids but you and I can!” She smiled, “Sorry I started without you. I thought you weren’t going to come.”

Robin crossed her arms, “How come we can’t drink?”

“Because you are still kids,” Both Scarlet and Angela replied.

“Let them be,” Lone Wolfe stated, “We can still have a good time. You ever watch people get drunk. It can be kind of funny watching them when you are sober.”

“Hey, Lone Wolfe’s got it!” Angela smiled, “You and I are going to become fast friends!”

“So, I saw an extra car here,” Scarlet stated as Angela ushered them inside and closed the door, “Is there someone else here?”

“No, just us,” Angela stated, “You can see why I started drinking.”

“We were on time,” Robin stated dejectedly.

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Angela stated.

“I am used to being bailed on too,” Lone Wolfe stated, “There have been a few birthday parties in which I invited friends and no one showed up.”

“Competition with Jena?” Robin sneered.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Lone Wolfe replied, “That has happened once or twice.”

“Not all it’s cracked up to be, sharing a birthday with someone else,” Robin stated in response, “That’s why it sucks being a twin sometimes.”

“I know,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You have seen some of my memories of my mother so keep that in mind when you see Jena. They look alike.”

“Green eyes and reddish-brown hair?” She asked in response.

He nodded, “And a slender build.”

“That also matches your cousin,” She responded.

“That matches most of the family. It’s almost like I was switched at birth,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Only, my mother never let me out of her sight after I was born and I had the fever when my empathy surfaced just like she did.”

“Well I am not sharing my birthday with anyone that I know of,” Angela stated, “except for you three which I invited!”

“Why did you invite the three of us?” Robin stated as she marched over to the sofa and sat down, “I don’t think you wanted anyone other than Scarlet over here.”

“That is not true,” Angela stated, “I would have wanted the three of you over here in any case. I am just a little smitten with her, that’s all.”

“Smitten with who?” Robin questioned.

Angela crossed the distance over to Scarlet and pulled her down on top of her as she sat down on the chair. As she gazed up at Scarlet, she replied, “Who else is the only other person in the room not taken.”

Scarlet kissed her on the forehead then rose up from Angela’s lap, “While I am more than willing, it is a little early for those games. How about we plan on things we can start of the night with. Something the four of us can do together?”

Angela nodded, “I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.”

“Clearly,” Robin mentioned.

“Can you not be rude?” Angela snapped.

“Can you not exclude us?” Robin retorted.

“Okay, how about a little get to know each other session?” Lone Wolfe replied as he sat on the sofa next to Robin, “I know the four of us here are all psychics. How about we all go around the room and tell everyone what we all are?”

“You seriously going to turn this into an AA meeting?” Robin questioned in response.

“Got any better ideas?” Lone Wolfe asked in response.

“We could find some other spot in the house and leave those two love birds alone?” Robin suggested.

“What will you two be doing while we are alone?” Scarlet questioned.

“Well we are all getting along like mixing oil and water,” Lone Wolfe sighed, “I could use a drink. Do you have any soda?”

Angela nodded, “Yes but I will not mix anything with it.”

He shook his head, “By drink I meant I am thirsty.”

“Well I could use something stronger,” Scarlet mentioned, “Since I don’t have to drive, make mine with some whiskey in it.”

Angela nodded, “A woman after my own heart.” She walked into the kitchen and returned a moment later with two glasses of soda which she handed to Lone Wolfe and Robin. Robin seemed miffed that she didn’t get to have any alcohol like the adults.

Angela disappeared again and returned a moment later with two glasses. They looked like they contained soda but the color was just a touch lighter than the one the teenagers had. She handed one to Scarlet, “So if we are All telepathic, what does Alcohol do to telepathy?” Robin questioned.

“For some people, it tends to amplify the ability or makes them lose some control of the ability. For others, it can deaden the ability temporarily,” Scarlet answered as she chugged the drink, “I tend to be part of the latter.”

“I take it you drank before?” Robin questioned.

“Yes,” Both Lone Wolfe and Scarlet answered.

“How do you know the answer to that?” Robin asked, wide eyed.

“She is the one that taught me how to communion,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I had a communion with her before we met.”

“How come her memories didn’t transfer over to me?” Robin questioned.

Scarlet chugged the entire glass of alcohol laced soda down in one shot and handed the glass back to Angela, “Can you give me a refill and hold the soda please?”

Angela nodded, she was not sure what was going on anymore but the conversation had taken a troubling turn for the friend and mentor of the youngster on her sofa. While she left to get her new friend more booze, Scarlet asked, “Did you have a communion with Robin? When did this happen? That was kind of fast.”

“Shortly after we met,” Lone Wolfe answered with a slight blush on his face, “I didn’t know you would have a problem with it.”

“You do know you have to trust someone pretty well to have a communion with them,” She answered, “I didn’t know you were so willing to trust her so quickly.”

“She saved my life,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I tend to trust people that save my life.”

She cocked her head in confusion as Angela returned with a glass full of whiskey, “How did she save your life? Come to think of it, I never heard how you two met.”

Scarlet accepted the glass of whiskey as Lone Wolfe sat forward to explain, “Well, that is the story of how we met.” Scarlet took a swig of whiskey as Lone Wolfe said that. He gulped and continued, “After my mother’s death and out communion I was looking for trouble. I was looking to feel something, anything! I was wandering around, close to Island grove. I could telepathically sense a group of gangsters holding up a person for their money so I decided to intervene. I was holding my own until they called for more people. I got cocky and used my power to hold a guy who was trying to fire a gun at me. Another one stabbed me. Robin and her brother, Ray, came to my rescue, using their telepathic powers in an attack to usher them away. She used her empathic powers to heal my stab wound. That is how we met. That is how she saved my life.”

Just like she did with the soda, Scarlet downed the whiskey. Angela was the first to speak, “The one you went to save, did you manage to save him?”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I got him to bolt at the first chance.”

“What kind of question is that?” Scarlet questioned at the same time.

“I didn’t know you were trying to save someone. I thought you either picked a fight or they were beating you down for something,” Robin stated at the same moment, “I didn’t know you were risking your life to save someone else.”

Lone Wolfe glanced to her, “I didn’t think it needed explaining. You saved me without thinking about it.”

“Because you are one of us,” Robin replied.

“We are all human!” Scarlet exclaimed, “We are not different from the other humans out there and I know because I can feel them all!” She glanced to Angela, “I need another drink.”

Angela glanced up at the elder psychic, “Don’t you think you should go easy on the liquor. I mean, I started the party early but you are going a bit fast. Let the alcohol catch up with you first.”

“Have you heard a word those two kids have been saying?” Scarlet protested in response.

“You have to admit, we are different from the rest of them,” Angela nodded in agreement, “Like it or not.”

“Just like a blind man is different from a person who can see,” Scarlet stated, “Doesn’t make the blind man any less human or make the one who can see any better!”

“But it does make them different,” Angela stated in response. She took the empty glass and went into the kitchen.

“Why do you think you are any better than the rest of humanity?” Scarlet questioned in response.

Robin didn’t have an answer. She glanced away from Scarlet at that moment. Scarlet had to ask another question, “I know what they did to Lone Wolfe out of fear. I am pretty sure you know it too. He either told you by now or you saw it in your communion with him. They were afraid of me; they drugged me and called me a freak, said I was schizophrenic. The stuck me in an asylum for a while. I know they did all of that out of fear. I don’t hate them for it. What did they do to you Robin? I want to know what they did to you to push you over the edge and make you think that we are superior to them?”

Robin glared at Scarlet but Lone Wolfe could feel that below the seething exterior lay fear of ridicule and misunderstanding. When she spoke, Scarlet already had another glass in her hand, “Not all attacks against us are physical.” She stated, “While it sucks that Lone Wolfe was nearly killed by his teacher because of what he was and you were tortured because of your talents, I just got all of their quiet and precious momentary jabs and thoughts that they thought no one could hear. They thought they were smug and high and mighty because they could keep the truth to themselves. That is where they are wrong! That is where we are better! We can say what we mean and do what we mean! I don’t hold back! Lone Wolfe doesn’t hold back and you don’t hold back! We are out in the open, we live free and we are free!”

“Are we free?” Scarlet questioned in response.

The question caught everyone off guard. Angela grabbed her glass and swallowed its contents in one gulp, “I think I need a refill now.” She mentioned and walked back into the kitchen, “I don’t think I want to be sober for this conversation. If I knew it was going to be like this I would have offered the teens something too.”

“It’s not too late,” Robin smiled.

“Not tonight,” Scarlet chided.

“Do as I say and not as I do?” Lone Wolfe shook his head, “Kind of hard to preach when you are drinking like a fish.”

“Hey!” Scarlet exclaimed, “Why are you being mean all of a sudden! Did you get that from her?”

“I was mean the moment this world took my mother from me!” Lone Wolfe hissed, “The moment some punk got drunk like you are doing right now! The moment they decided to that they were okay to drive after having too much to drink!” He rose to his feet as Angela entered the room again, “What none of you remembered when I came here tonight was how my mother died! What none of you remembered was what killed my mother! None of you were sensitive enough to how I felt about you all drinking tonight!” He pointed a finger at Angela, “Were you going to go driving if we hadn’t shown up and potentially throw your life away needlessly? Deprive us of getting to know you as a friend?” He pointed a finger to Scarlet, “Did you think about what you were doing as you were pounding those drinks down?” He pointed a finger to Robin, “Did you think about how I would feel?”

He glared at all of them, “You asked if we are free, Scarlet. I can say that Robin and I are potentially the freest people in this room right now. We are not being ruled by a desire to throw inhibition to the wind! We are not ruled by baser desires! We are not ruled by a drive to destroy ourselves!” With that thought and knowing preternaturally that the trailer was unlocked, he stormed out of the house and headed straight into the trailer.


*        *        *


It was about an hour after Lone Wolfe had stormed out into the small trailer. He had started up the generator and sat there with the lights on laying down on the sofa staring at the ceiling. The night was supposed to be fun but it descended into chaos from the moment they entered the house. He had thought that since Scarlet had known about how his mother died, she was there the day after it happened, that she would have been more sensitive to it. Since Angela knew a bit of what happened to his mother, he thought she might have been smart enough to know better. Also, the plan was to keep him separated from Robin when it was time for everyone to get rest. It would be much easier to do that sober than drunk.

When the adults insisted on drinking, he didn’t want to ruin their fun but didn’t want to drink either. He appreciated the fact that they were trying to keep them from drinking. As the debate quickly heated up, he tried to gently nudge Robin away from joining in but she kept on insisting. It became clear that he was the only one that wished to abstain from drinking. It became too much when everyone started to complain at each other.

Now, he felt bad that he lost his temper and blamed all of them for what happened to his mother. He knew they had nothing to do with it and they didn’t mean to make a slight at him by drinking or wanting to drink. They probably didn’t event connect that they might be making me uncomfortable with the booze, he thought to himself.

A knock at the door disturbed his thoughts, “It’s unlocked.” He stated flatly and sat up.

The door opened and Robin walked through. She closed the door behind her. Her face looked very remorseful and her eyes looked like they could erupt with tears at any moment, “Lone Wolfe, I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable earlier.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and glanced down. He didn’t mean to bring her to the verge of tears like that, “Apology accepted. I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to lose my cool like that. I didn’t mean those things I said.”

She sat down next to him, “It needed to be said.”

He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in close. She almost melted into him at that moment and managed to let out a chuckle, “after you stormed out I figured out that I might have been the inadvertent cause of this whole mess.”

“How so?” Lone Wolfe questioned.

“Well,” She blushed, “After you left; Scarlet and Angela started bawling and pleading with each other not to break up with each other, then re assuring themselves that they wouldn’t. A few moments later the cycle would start again.”

“I wasn’t aware they were dating,” Lone Wolfe mentioned.

Robin nodded, “That’s the point. They aren’t. We are.”

Realization washed over his face, “You were empathically projecting your feelings the entire time. The jealousy and the anger.”

She nodded, “after I realized I was doing that I walled it up again and they started to stabilize. Usually it doesn’t affect psychics so I’m not as diligent as I am around normal people.”

“Alcohol does affect psychic abilities,” Lone Wolfe mentioned.

“Yes, so for the time being I have to be on guard,” Robin stated.

“I wouldn’t break up with you just because of a little spat,” Lone Wolfe commented.

She smiled, “It’s nice to hear you say that. It still felt that way though.”

“I’m sorry,” Lone Wolfe mentioned.

“It’s okay,” She stated and rose, “Water under the bridge, Come back inside?”

“I’d rather not be around the drinking,” Lone Wolfe stated.

“They finished the alcohol,” Robin replied, “At least all that they poured before you stormed out. They’re pretty toasted right now but that will make the evening more fun.”

Lone Wolfe sighed, “As long as no one has to drive anywhere I guess I will relent.”

Robin smiled and nodded. She led him out of the trailer and back to the house. Inside, Scarlet and Angela were cuddled up on the love seat watching a movie on the TV. The look of their eyes told them that they were three sheets to the wind at this point. They glanced up at him and said, “Welcome back, we are sorry for what happened earlier.”

“Apology accepted but I do have a demand to make,” Lone Wolfe stated to the both of them.

Angela nodded, “We won’t drink anymore, we promise.”

“It’s not just that,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I want Robin to stay with me tonight.”

Scarlet shook her head. Her eyes continued to bounce a little after she stopped, “No way! We said it earlier, girls stay in the house when its bed time. You stay in the trailer.”

“So, let me get this straight,” Lone Wolfe replied and closed the door, “we are going have a night of celebration which I know at least two of us, if not all four needs, followed by which you will usher us teens to bed so you two can go screw. Mind you, you have been drinking already. You won’t know if she is asleep or not. You were already affected by her empathic powers once tonight and who says it won’t go both ways. Assuming you can wait until she falls asleep, you want to give her wet dreams? If she is awake, you want to drive her crazy? Her range doesn’t extend from the trailer into the house so you can have your fun without torturing Robin.”

“But what’s to stop you two from having sex out there?” Scarlet questioned.

“Better question,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You are assuming that we will, what if we don’t? Assuming we do I will ruin my friendship with you, Scarlet, and will probably screw up any chance at friendship with you, Angela, just to take advantage of one opportunity. I will lose the ability to go out on all future dates for the summer if not longer; however, you won’t own up to my father that you blew it by getting drunk amongst other things. So, the consequences are actually worse because it’s not a matter of a parent telling me no but losing two friends over a potentially dumb move. Now, if I don’t do anything then I gain your trust and respect which means I can come to you in the future, when I am ready, telling you that, and maybe you will treat us like adults then. Believe it or not, I am aware we have been dating for less than a month.”

“I don’t know,” Angela replied, “Girls, man. The temptation is strong.”

Lone Wolfe smirked and wrapped his arm around Robin’s waist, “I know. Just like anyone you are attracted to. Warm, soft, you want to touch…” He grabbed her posterior gaining a surprised yelp from Robin then moved his hand back to her waist, “You want to grope, kiss, cuddle, nuzzle, smell, and anything else. However, I am not ready yet.”

Angela glanced at Scarlet, “What do you think? Will you give the dude a shot?”

Scarlet shrugged, “He does have a point about Robin’s empathic ability. If it works like telepathy then it does go both ways. We would be torturing her. Keeping her here means no nookie for us.”

“Hard to tell who the adults are here,” Robin commented.

“Don’t you start,” Lone Wolfe smirked.

Scarlet nodded, “I will give you this one chance, don’t let me down.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I will do my best.”

Robin rubbed at her stomach, “I’m hungry, anyone else hungry?”

“Pizza!” Angela smiled, “I want pizza!”

Lone Wolfe and Robin glanced at each other and chuckled. Lone Wolfe nodded, “Sure, order a pizza.”

“Make it two,” Scarlet noted.

“There’s a teenage boy in the house, you might want to make it three!” Robin patted him on the back and commented.

“Hey, don’t blame me if you are starving!” Lone Wolfe exclaimed jovially.

Angela took out her phone and navigated to a pizza site. She made an order and glanced at everyone, “It should be here in about half an hour. What shall we do until then?”

Lone Wolfe sat down in the kitchen, “I think I will sit in here and wait for the pizza.”

“I have a question for our resident expert at Empathic powers,” Scarlet stated as Robin followed him into the kitchen, “Telepaths have their ability to communion with each other. Do Empaths have something similar?”

Robin pulled out one of the seats and sat it next to Lone Wolfe as she thought about the answer, “Well, if I remember correctly, there is an empathic bond that can be formed with an empath. I am not sure if it is like a communion, thought. I have never tried it.”

“Why not?” Angela questioned in response.

Robin blushed, “Well… It is a bit more intimate than the communion that Scarlet mentioned. It isn’t something you would do with just anyone.”

“Does the other person have to be an empath or psychic like both parties have to be telepathic for a telepathic communion?” Scarlet questioned in response.

Robin shrugged, “I am also not sure of that. I would imagine it helps if the other person is empathic.” She glanced over to Lone Wolfe and gave him a sincere smile, “That might be a small part of why I am attracted to you. Male empaths are somewhat rare.”

“I wonder about that. They could be rare or they could just be weaker,” Angela stated, “They could also be better at blocking it out.”

“I never bothered to try to find out,” Scarlet mentioned, “There aren’t a lot of us around so it’s not like I can just ask a random guy on the street and ask ‘hey, are you an empath?’ and expect a response. Most of the time they would confuse my question for a that of an emotional response of some sort.”

“That is true,” Robin nodded. She glanced over to Lone Wolfe again, “Speaking of rare, do you think there is something similar for Clairvoyants? Something like telepathic communions? If so, what are the rules for that?”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I am not sure. Never tried anything like that. I wouldn’t be sure how that would work anyway. Despite the fact that there are a lot of clairvoyants on my mom’s side of the family, not a lot of them are open to the idea of exploring their abilities. That makes it so I am on my own in learning how it all works.”

Angela jumped off of the sofa and launched herself across the living room and into the kitchen. She stopped just short of running into him. She was so close that Lone Wolfe cringed and ducked backward. The chair tipped backward and slammed into the table. He almost pushed the table across the kitchen but it stopped and narrowly kept him from spilling onto the floor, “Whoa! What’s with that reaction?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“Better yet, can you give him some space? Have you heard of a personal bubble?” Robin questioned in response, “I thought you liked girls?”

“I do like girls but I have never met another clairvoyant outside of my family before!” Angela nodded. She backed away slightly. Enough that Lone Wolfe was able to sit up straight but not lean forward like he was before.

“That’s not actually true,” Lone Wolfe replied, “My mother was clairvoyant. That means I am the second.”

Angela opened her mouth to ask a question but a wave of anger coming from Robin stopped it. It wasn’t the anger at them bonding. It was as if she knew what Angela wanted to ask. She did want to ask if she was clairvoyant then why did she die in a car wreck. She should have known that someone would have happened that night and left later or did something different. She could have stopped at a gas station or grabbed a meal or something to divert fate. Either Robin had asked that question already or she sensed that she was going to ask it. She glanced at Robin, “Were you reading my mind then projecting your anger at the prospect of my question?”

Robin sat back and folded her arms, “What if I was?”

“I didn’t sense it.” Angela mentioned, “You must be a gifted telepath.”

Robin smiled, “You must be average or slightly below average.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say,” Lone Wolfe stated, “For that matter, that was impolite to look in on her thoughts then project your anger with your empathic abilities.” He glanced over to Scarlet, “I am surprised your aren’t lecturing us for this.”

“Well, you saved me the trouble,” Scarlet stated in response, “Besides, normal humans cannot defend themselves very well against telepaths. Other telepaths, on the other hand, can perform very well against other telepaths if they pay attention.”

“Kind of hard to do when she is drunk,” Lone Wolfe commented in response.

“That was her choice,” Scarlet replied.

“Hey, you’re drunk too,” Robin mentioned, “How come I can’t sense you as clearly as Angela.”

“It’s called composure,” Scarlet replied.

“Back to the question,” Lone Wolfe replied before the situation could again escalate out of control, “What was it, Angela?”

She glanced between Robin and Lone Wolfe, “Are you sure you want me to ask you that question?” she asked in response.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “I have a feeling it will be a painful question but go ahead and ask it.”

“If your mother was clairvoyant, why did she not see it coming?” Angela asked, “I mean, she should have seen that coming and done something to prevent it.”

“Well, you are clairvoyant as well so you know the answer to that already,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You don’t always see the future or you see something different.”

“But it was her death,” Angela replied, “She would have seen it!”

“I have not seen my death yet,” Lone Wolfe replied. She glanced around to the other people in the living room then back to Angela, “No one else aside from us know what it is like to know your own death is coming. I am sure you have not seen your own death yet. Usually it will be some sort of a natural death but your life can be taken by a surprise event. Someone can take your life through an accident. Every day that you don’t wake up knowing a way you could die in the future is a day of freedom. Cherish that.”

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