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GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter 3: Fateful Decisions — September 15, 2017

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter 3: Fateful Decisions

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Chapter #3: Fateful Decisions


Greeley Colorado

May 27th, 2027-CE


Dale, Lone Wolfe’s father, picked up his cell phone and sat down at the kitchen table as he glanced down at the thermometer. He just added a cold compress to his son’s forehead and took his temperature in the middle of the night. He was starting to recover after talking to his second cousin but now he was taking a turn for the worse. The reading on the thermometer proved it. He knew what he should do but he also knew he had to call and make a case to his wife and to Lone Wolfe’s mother. He dialed Sylvia’s number and waited for her to answer, “He isn’t getting better. I think it is time for you to come home. His temperature is 102.5.”

“That’s lower than it was earlier,” Sylvia stated with a yawn.

“But he was getting better,” Dale protested, “He was down to 101.9 this afternoon. I thought his fever was starting to break but now it’s climbing again. If it gets up around 103 then I have to take him to the ER. You need to come home.”

“Do you know what time it is?” Sylvia questioned in response, “Colorado Springs is over two and a half hours away. I am okay with you taking him to the ER if he gets worse but it would be better if we wait until morning.”

“Sylvia, this is your son!” Dale barked, “Don’t you care?”

“Damn you Dale! Of course, I care. It’s not like I am going to get any sleep while I wonder if you are in the ER but do you want me to be driving around at around midnight on Memorial Day weekend with drunk drivers on the road? With me half asleep to boot? What can I do there in 3 hours that I can’t do tomorrow?”

“I didn’t want you going down there in the first place, damnit!” Dale shouted.

“I didn’t want our son to be alone! Maybe you should have thought about us having another child when Sean was a toddler!” Sylvia shouted back, “I want to give him one summer where he can feel like he is part of a family bigger than the three of us! I know we don’t have time for these what-if games but what is done is done! Like I said, if you need to take him to the ER then take him in. Nothing is stopping you.”

“I think you should be there,” Dale hissed, “You know what’s going on with him! You had this fever at his age before your last talent awakened.”

“Do you think that is going to help at the hospital?” Sylvia questioned in a patronizing tone, “Remember, we don’t officially exist. We are just normal people living a normal life. They will think we are crazy if we start telling them we are psychic and our son happens to be psychic going through a puberty induced awakening of a third ability.”

“This doesn’t happen on my side of the family,” Dale stated in response, “We have abilities awaken during puberty but they don’t cause fever and illness like this.”

“They are also weak as fuck,” Sylvia added, “My Empathic abilities awakened during puberty and they are stronger than most psychics.”

“But you told me earlier that your fever wasn’t this bad,” Dale argued.

“His talents are also stronger and tend to be out of control,” Sylvia stated in response, “Through our combination he has abilities that are rough around the edges. I am not saying don’t take him to the hospital. I am saying there isn’t anything more I can do.”

“He should have his mother there,” Dale stated.

Sylvia sighed, “I will have to wake up the others so they know we are leaving early.”

“You can leave just by yourself,” Dale stated.

“Then me being down here would be pointless,” Sylvia stated in response.

“There doesn’t have to be a point to you being down there,” Dale huffed back.

“Relena and I will be coming up. We will be leaving soon but in any case, I have to let everyone know I am leaving now,” Sylvia spat then hung up the phone.

Dale sighed, “At least you are coming back.”


*        *        *


This dream, unlike the other fever dreams he had before, seemed much different. While they were all vivid and detailed, they all carried some sort of whimsical air about them. This one was different. He was in the back seat of his mother’s car. The rain started to come down. It was unusual for it to rain at night. He wondered why it would rain so late at night. His mother was driving and Relena was in the passenger seat. His mother seemed upset but was starting to calm down. Relena was worried but excited.

“I hope he will be okay,” Relena stated.

“Sean will be fine,” Sylvia stated. Lone Wolfe could feel that she wanted to say more but something stopped her. He cocked his head, wondering what would keep her from saying what she wanted to say.

“Why won’t you tell her?” He asked in response. He knew she was going to tell her that she was going to go through something similar in a couple of months but something wouldn’t let her say it.

“If he will be fine then why are you leaving now?” Relena questioned in response.

“Because Dale asked me to come up there. He is convinced that Sean will have to go to the hospital and something will happen to him there,” Sylvia answered in response, “I know he will be fine. He needs another day or so. The fever is just a little worse than we expected.” They were speaking as if he was not in the car at all.

“Well, I am glad you decided to take me with you still,” Relena stated, “Will I come with if you have to run Lone Wolfe to the hospital?”

“Of course, you will come with if we have to run Sean to the hospital,” Sylvia answered, “Why does everyone insist on calling him by that stupid nickname that silly little girl gave him seven years ago. He has too many friends to be a lone wolf.”

“If he doesn’t mind it then why bother trying to stop it?” Relena questioned in response, “I don’t hear him trying to correct anyone from using it.”

“I don’t hear him insisting on being called it.” Sylvia stated in response.

“Well I asked him about it today; I asked him if he wanted to be called Sean or Lone Wolfe or something else and he said everyone calls him Lone Wolfe.” Relena commented.

“That doesn’t sound like an insistence to me,” Sylvia remarked.

“Doesn’t sound like a protest either,” Relena argued, “How about we ask him when we get back?”

He could feel his mother holding back on something. He realized she wasn’t doing it consciously. It was almost as if she was locked into a sequence of events. Something that had been pre-determined the moment she decided to start driving. Instead of saying what she wanted to say, she asked; “What prompted you to ask?”

Relena shuffled in her seat uncomfortably, “Promise not to get angry?”

Sylvia shook her head, “I won’t.”

“I have been having some dreams. I believe I have been reincarnated,” Relena stated, “I believe my real name is Akasha.”

Sylvia nodded and didn’t show any anger on her face. Lone Wolfe couldn’t feel any anger coming from her either. Instead he could only feel understanding, “I believe you.”

“You do?” Relena sounded genuinely surprised.

At that moment, a light from the opposite lane shined brightly on them. Before Sylvia could react. The driver’s side was smashed. Relena screamed in terror, not realizing what happened. The colliding car, still carrying the car with Sylvia and Relena sent the passenger side of the car into the nose of their neighboring car. At that moment, all went black.


*        *        *


Lone Wolfe sat up in his bed, drenched in sweat, letting out a yelp of a scream. He didn’t feel sick anymore. He didn’t feel cold anymore. Everything felt clearer than it had in the past couple of days. He peeled off his sheets and ran out of his room. The hallway was dark, the living room was dark but there was a light in the kitchen. His heart sank. He hoped it was just a bad dream, a nightmare.

He rounded the corner to the kitchen to find his father sitting in the chair. His shoulders were slumped and he hung up the phone and sat it on the table. Lone Wolfe shook his head as he walked around to face his father, “No, dear god no!” Lone Wolfe cried, tears filling his gold eyes as the mournful look on his father’s face seemed to confirm his fears that his dream was a clairvoyant premonition, “What happened?”

His father was shocked that his son was up and now suddenly so lucid, “Sean Wolfe Carter, what are you doing up at this hour?”

“Where’s mom?” Lone Wolfe stated, “Don’t lie, what happened?”

His father’s jaw dropped, “how?”

“I saw it in a dream,” Lone Wolfe replied as more tears came to both of their eyes.

“I just got a call from the sheriff’s office,” His father replied, “They were… killed… A car jumped the median… he hit your mother’s car and smashed it into another car. The driver of the one that killed your mother also died. Relena was in the car too.”

Lone Wolfe dropped to his knees and gave his father a bear hug. His thoughts screamed out for comfort and solace. Anything to stop the pain. His mind did not scream so loud since he was attacked in first grade. He wanted the pain to stop. He wanted to wake up from this dream but he knew that this was no dream.

A voice from the darkness called out to him. He recognized her voice right away, “I am on my way Lone Wolfe. Stay safe.” It was Scarlet. Just as before, she heard his scream and was coming rescue him. This time she was not a child but was master of her own destiny. She was out of his range, somehow, he managed to reach out to her in his moment of desperation. He wasn’t sure how.

He felt something else, after his own sorrow was comforted by that voice in the darkness. The sorrow of someone else. Someone else wanted far more than a voice in the darkness to comfort him. This person wanted release. This person wanted death. This person lost the will to live. This person lost his mate.

Lone Wolfe glanced up at his father, “You can’t leave me now!”

His father sucked in his breath. He grasped his son tightly, “I won’t. I promise.”

After a moment, He released his son and placed a hand on Lone Wolfe’s forehead, “Your fever broke.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and started to walk to the sofa. He didn’t want to sleep in his bed. It was reserved for Relena. If she wouldn’t sleep in there with her body, she could sleep in there with her spirit. His father glanced over to the sofa and stated, “Your mother never told you.”

“I’m an empath,” Lone Wolfe nodded, “That’s what caused the fever. The ability awakened.”

“It seems to have strengthened your other abilities as well,” his father replied.

“Maybe. Or maybe I am too smart for my own good,” Lone Wolfe sighed.

“In the morning, I have to go down to Castle Rock,” His father mentioned, “To…”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I will stay here. Scarlet let me know she is on her way. She will be here in the morning.”

“She is in another state,” His father stated, “How did she know?”

“She heard my mind scream,” Lone Wolfe replied, “we must be linked somehow.”

GPFriday: Children of Legend chapter 2: the Call — September 8, 2017

GPFriday: Children of Legend chapter 2: the Call


Second Semester blog.jpg

Previous Chapter: Second Semester Chapter #1: End of Middle School

Chapter #2: The Call


Greeley Colorado

May 27th, 2027-CE


If there was any respite from the sickness and fever it was the fantastical dreams that the fevers produced in return for Lone Wolfe. He had adventures the likes of which books and video games could never reproduce. He met new people and had new experiences that he could never have in the outside world. Everything was bright and vivid. Smells were enhanced, objects and touch felt so real. He could stay in that world forever.

The feeling of a cold compress being placed against his forehead scattered those dreams like smoke on the wind. At that point, he could feel how horrible he felt. His head pounded. His throat felt parched and drier than the hottest desert. His body ached all over. He wanted to open his mouth to say something and open his eyes but he couldn’t. All he could do was listen to what his parents said in the background and grow worried as sleep tried to steal him away from the conscious world again.

“I don’t think it is such a good idea for you to leave. He is getting worse. His fever is now 102.6,” His father stated.

“I told him I would go down and get Relena to come back up with me.” His mother answered, “I don’t see another time when we will get the opportunity to do this for him. He was really looking forward to spending the summer with other family. He spent so much of his childhood alone. I would rather not let him spend another summer like that. You are also on vacation. I hate to leave you alone like this but keep an eye on him. Make sure he gets his fluids and gets food and if he starts to get worse then let me know. If you need to then take him to the hospital.”

“Was it this bad for you?” His father questioned in response after a moment.

“No,” Sylvia answered, “But then again all of his gifts, so far, have been stronger and wilder than mine. This new one could be the same way. He also decided to push himself because he was afraid he wouldn’t get to see Relena if he stayed home sick. It could be one, the other, or both of those factors. We will have to wait and see.”

“Could this kill him?” His father asked after a moment. He sounded really worried.

“No. He will get through this. It may get a little rougher but he will make it,” His mother sounded confident. He didn’t hear any more as he fell back asleep into another fantastic dream of wonder before anyone could say anything more.


*        *        *


A gentle nudge on his shoulder and the compress being lifted off of his head roused him from his sleep. This time, he was able to open his eyes but it was all he could do to sit up. He glanced up and saw the blue eyes of his father glancing down at him with concern on his face. In his hand was a glass. He offered it to his son, “You need to drink some water.”

“Where’s mom?” Lone Wolfe asked as he accepted the glass.

He took a sip as his father answered, “She left to go to Colorado Springs. She will stay the night and leave with Relena tomorrow.”

Lone Wolfe nodded. He took another sip of his water. The water seemed to relieve the parched feeling in his throat. He could feel it make its way down to his stomach. Cooling everything it touched. He glanced up to his father and asked, “How am I doing?”

“I just took your temperature under your arm. You are at 102.7. Do you think you can handle some soup?” His father questioned in response, “I made some chicken noodle soup.”

“I would love some,” Lone Wolfe nodded, “My fever is getting worse. Are you going to have to take me to hospital if it gets any worse?”

His father looked worried at that comment, “I am thinking about it.”

“What is this new talent? Why is it making me sick?” Lone Wolfe asked, “If I have to go to the hospital then will them doing something to me take it away?”

“What did your mother tell you?” He asked with a sidelong glance.

“She only told me that she would tell me when she got back,” Lone Wolfe answered, “What about the hospital? Will I lose this new gift if I have to go?”

His father shrugged, “I can’t answer that. I haven’t seen anything like this before.” Before Lone Wolfe could ask or prod anymore, his father went to the door of his room and said, “I will get you your soup. I will be right back.”

With nothing more to do or say, Lone Wolfe reached for the remote to his smart TV and turned it on. He had found a channel and something to watch by the time his father returned with the soup and a tray. He sat the tray down for him and asked, “Do you need anything else?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I should be okay.”

His father nodded and left the room. He watched TV and slowly ate the soup as he was not sure if his illness also affected his stomach. He blew on each spoonful to cool it off and was glad that he was not made nauseous from the food. The soup managed to fill him up and return some of his strength to him as it went through his system. It also made him thirsty enough to finish off the water.

He sat the empty dishes on the tray and watched TV. He had the volume loud enough that he did not hear his father on the cell phone in the other room. He didn’t hear it until His father opened the door to the room, “Relena is on the line. Your mother thought you’d want to talk to her.”

Lone Wolfe nodded, “Hand it over!”

He handed his son the smart phone, “I will leave you two alone to talk. When you are done, hand the phone back to me and let me know if your mom is on the line or if you two hung up. Depending on how long it is, I will need to check your temperature again at that point.” With those words said, his father retrieved the tray of dishes, left the room and closed the door.

Excitement filled Lone Wolfe’s voice as he answered the Line, “Relena?”

“Do you still call yourself Lone Wolfe like you told me all those years ago or do you call yourself Sean again?” Relena questioned in response, “Or do you call yourself something different?”

Lone Wolfe chuckled, “Usually people say hello.”

“You didn’t,” Relena stated.

“True enough,” he answered, “Everyone calls me Lone Wolfe anymore. Jena does, Curtis does, most of the teachers do. Everyone except mom and dad. Hang on, why did you ask if I called myself something different? Do you call yourself something different?”

“Depends on who is in the room,” Relena stated, “Most people don’t get me anymore. I have been having some strange dreams lately.”

“Tell me about it,” Lone Wolfe replied, “Fevers can do that to a person.”

“That’s right. Sylvia said you are sick. I’m sorry. At least I will be up there tomorrow night!” Relena stated with the happiness in her voice clearly carrying over, “But my dreams aren’t fever dreams. You have had dreams before that were replays of memories. These dreams feel like those, only they aren’t my memories. They feel like something else.”

“Well, communions can do that to a person,” Lone Wolfe mentioned, “You and I had one at the farm when our parents got together when the great grandparents had their family reunion.”

“Yeah, your mom was pissed,” Relena stated, “Somehow, she could tell that we went through it.”

“Everyone could tell that something happened between us,” Lone Wolfe replied, “that and we hid from everyone for like four hours. The latter is reason enough for her to be pissed but she has seen that before. She is the only one there who really had an idea of what happened.”

“What do you think everyone else thought?” Relena asked.

“That feels like a loaded question,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“It could be,” Relena giggled.

“Anyway, we seemed to have strayed from my question. What did you mean about me going by a different name? You also hinted that you go by a different name in other circles. What’s that about?”

“I was getting to that before you diverted me,” Relena stated.

“So, I am to blame?” Lone Wolfe smiled in response.

“You brought up the communion,” Relena pointed out.

“So, I did. Please continue,” Lone Wolfe admitted.

“Well, I have been having some dreams recently. They feel like memories. They are my memories only they aren’t. It feels like I have lived a life before. I lived, I died, and now I live again. In one of these dreams you called me by a name, only it wasn’t you; you were someone else.” Relena explained. She took a breath and said, “You called me Akasha and since then I have been having this feeling that I should go by that name. The few that will agree to it have been calling me by that name for a month now.”

Something with that name struck a chord with him. What started out as funny banter had turned serious. He had heard it before but he swore that it was the first time he heard it at the same time. What was more, she also said it was a past version of him that said it. He was not sure how to reply. Relena ended up insisting on a response, “Are you going to say something or are you going to leave me hanging here all day?”

“Sorry,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You said I called you Akasha? A past me?”

“Yes,” Relena replied.

“Would you prefer I call you that name now?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“Well, it would be awesome if you would. At least when our parents aren’t around,” Relena replied, “I told my dad about the dreams I was having and about the whole reincarnation thing in the beginning and he got really angry! I thought I was going to be grounded. When he did nothing other than insisting that I forget about these dreams, I thought he was going to call a priest and perform an exorcism. I was actually surprised that he allowed Sylvia to come down here. I was even more surprised that he is allowing me to go up there to stay with you guys.”

“Maybe he is thinking that we will straighten you out with our own odd ways?” Lone Wolfe suggested, “Something like your dreams being a cry for attention and wanting to feel like you fit in with something. Lots of people think they have been reincarnated. It’s not very Christian but there are religions that revolve around it. If you see that there are others like you then maybe you will give up on what he thinks is nonsense.”

“Do you think it’s nonsense?” Relena questioned.

“I want to say yes because I haven’t had those dreams but something tells me no.” Lone Wolfe replied. Something else grabbed his attention at that moment, “In that dream, when I called you Akasha, what was my name?”

“I thought you wouldn’t ask,” Relena stated. He could hear the smile on her voice, “I called you Deleous. That is why I asked if you were going by a different name now. I thought you were starting to have these dreams too. You and I usually experience similar things at around the same time.”

The name she gave him for his past life also struck a chord in him. Just like last time, even though he never heard the name before, he recognized it. Yet, He had to admit, it was not his name. He couldn’t start going around wearing it like it was his. He shook his head, “I haven’t had any dreams like that. Maybe this is one thing you will take the lead on.”

“Okay, well, I will still call you Lone Wolfe then and you can call me Akasha when the adults aren’t the wiser,” Relena stated.

“You have a deal,” Lone Wolfe replied.

“Another thing,” Relena stated, “At first, I thought we only ran into just each other in past lives. There are more of us that have lived before.”

“Of course,” Lone Wolfe nodded, “I told you that there are religions around this.”

“I mean that we have ran into more people that have lived before and are living now. You know two of them. Well, three but two of them are human,” Relena stated in response.

“You’ve lost me,” Lone Wolfe replied, “There are only humans. You can’t mean I had a pet that was a reincarnation? I haven’t had a dog or a cat or anything that lives long enough to bond with.”

“Well, more on that later. I mean you know two people that we apparently spent a lot of our past lives with,” Relena replied.

“Now I’m curious, who?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“Jena is the first one,” Relena answered, “You called her Kana in the same life in which we all had the names I mentioned before.”

Hat trick, Lone Wolfe thought as he recognized another name he never heard before. It was starting to worry him that she was able to do this to him from so far away. It was also curious that he had been friends with her his whole life. It seemed natural that they be friends and close friends at that. He was still willing to chalk it all up to coincidence. He had to know if she could pull it off again, “Who is the other one.”

“The one that taught you to control your telepathy. Scarlet. In that same life, you called her Shima with the moniker of ‘the Mentor’ which is weird because she taught you in this life too,” Relena stated, “Didn’t you say she is going to college to become a teacher?”

“You are starting to scare me, Akasha,” Lone Wolfe replied. Again, same name and same result. This time it almost seemed to explain the odd friendship between both Lone Wolfe and Scarlet. The pull to mentor and befriend a stranger with uncontrollable powers. She could have locked his telepathy away and the world would have been better for it. Instead, she went for the harder route. She taught him how to control it.

“Curtis is involved too,” Relena stated, “Only he wasn’t human in that life. He was something else. Something darker. You saw it in him. In our communion, I could tell that you saw something darker in his spirit but you couldn’t tell what it was. I couldn’t quite catch it in my dreams either but I know he wasn’t human in that life. I know because I kept seeing him again and again in different lives. Also, there is someone we haven’t met yet in more recent times that has been showing up like that too. Her name sounds more normal. I bet she would still look like she is our age; ever see someone that looks like a French girl going by the name of Miranda?”

Lone Wolfe laughed but it was more of a nervous laugh. Part of him felt like she was setting him up for a joke at the last minute. The name was too normal for it to be a reincarnation. Especially with the last couple of names he just heard, “You are joking, right?”

“I don’t think so,” Relena stated, “I remember this in several more recent times.”

“Well it is impossible to know if I have seen this Miranda before. While not a common name, it is certainly not a strange name like Kana, Shima, Deleus, or Akasha.”

“True,” Relena stated.

“Anyone else I need to be aware of?” Lone Wolfe questioned in response.

“Well there are a lot of people. There are two more that come to mind but I don’t think either of us have met them yet. I am sure we will run into them eventually. You didn’t run into Curtis right away and you only met Scarlet seven years ago. We are bound to run into the others eventually,” Relena replied.

“Without you around I will not have a way to tell who they are,” Lone Wolfe stated in response.

“With any luck, I will be there when you meet them,” Relena stated in response. She squealed after a moment, “I can’t wait to actually meet Jena, Curtis and Scarlet. I have seen them through your eyes from the communion we had but now I will actually be able to meet them! I will be able to get to know them! I am so excited!”

“I hate to burst your bubble but Jena and Curtis are leaving tomorrow for their family vacations of their own. Scarlet should be back next week, though. One out of three isn’t bad, right?” Lone Wolfe replied.

Relena sighed in frustration, “I guess. Maybe the other two will get back before I have to head back home. If not then I can see about coming up there again for a break or something?”

“They are all upper middle class so they take vacations every break they get,” Lone Wolfe stated in response, “If you get a break, they will get one too and they will go on vacation then as well. They aren’t like us poor folks.”

“We aren’t exactly rich down here,” Relena protested.

“Bullshit,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You will get to see how the have-nots live while you are up here. I am sure you will be fed up with it by the time you leave.”

“I doubt it,” Relena argued.

“I will put it this way,” Lone Wolfe stated, “One of us will be sleeping on the couch while you are here.”

“At least I will see what you have stashed in your sock drawer,” Relena chuckled.

“Socks,” Lone Wolfe stated dryly, “All I have in the sock drawer is socks.”

“Well, I will just have to come up there and find out,” Relena replied, “Anyway, I am being told that I have to get off the phone now. I will see you tomorrow night. Get better soon. I don’t plan to be cooked up in the house all summer.”

Lone Wolfe smiled, “Goodbye,” He said instead of his customary till next time.

“Goodbye,” She replied and disconnected the line.

Lone Wolfe took the phone into the living room where his father worked on a program on the computer. He handed the phone to his father and said, “We are off the phone. It sounds like both mom and Relena will be coming up here tomorrow night.”

His father nodded and smiled, “That’s good news. Now it is time to take your temperature. Sit down on the couch.”

Lone Wolfe sat down on the sofa as his father went into the bathroom to sanitize the thermometer. He came back in and handed it to his son and said, “Put it under your arm.” Lone Wolfe nodded and slid it into his arm pit and hit the button to start taking the reading. After a few seconds, it beeped and he took it out and read it, “It says 101.9.”

His father smiled, “That’s good. Maybe you will be better by the time they get back.”

IWSG: Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn’t think you’d be comfortable in?? — September 6, 2017

IWSG: Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn’t think you’d be comfortable in??

IWSG Badge





I am sure this topic will get me booted from the rolls. You see, several iterations of a novel series of mine back when I asked my beta readers for input i got something interesting. The male half thought i did pretty well, they had varied input and diverse answers of what was done well, what was missing and what could have been done better. My female audience on the other hand ALL said the same thing. My novel had points that drove them crazy. I would get to steamy romantic moments then cut scene and move on to the next plot point. I was missing the relations: that action, the birds and the bees. You know….

They told me I had to fill in the blanks for them.

I was not comfortable with this.

I had never written a coupling scene before.

Don’t get this next bit wrong but, in regards to the plot, I didn’t see a point.

So i wrote a scene.

They said I wrote pretty well. What surprised me was they said I did well on the first try because I had no idea what I was doing.

Still doesn’t make me feel comfortable writing them…

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter #1: End of Middle School — September 1, 2017

GPFriday: Second Semester Chapter #1: End of Middle School

Each chapter will have a link to the previous chapter. This will eventually end up in an ebook as well. Enjoy!

Second Semester blog.jpg

Chapter #1: End of Middle School


Greeley Colorado

May 26th, 2027-CE


It had been over seven years since he saw the mysterious Nicole Lyla. After that day, she disappeared and only he and Jena remembered that she existed. Every other trace of her disappeared. There were unanswered questions. Why was she searching for them? Why did no one remember that she existed except for Jena and him? Would they see her again?

He had little time for that. He cleaned out his locker. It was the last day of middle school and the last time he would see the place that he spent the last three years learning new things. He would be moving onto high school next year. His friends would be moving with him to the same high school. There was excitement. There was also a feeling of foreboding. He didn’t understand why he felt that. He couldn’t understand why he felt an unusual kind of loss.

Jena walked over to his locker while he filled his backpack with the items he collected over the school year. Her pack was filled to the brim with everything from her locker. Like him, it would empty throughout the day as they turned in their books to their teachers, “Are you ready for another summer of fun?”

Lone Wolfe didn’t answer. A pounding headache was starting to form that morning. He found it difficult to concentrate on anything but the most basic of tasks. She tapped him on the shoulder, “Hey, are you okay, bud?” She asked.

He glanced over to her, his gold eyes showed the pain and distraction from the headache, “Yeah. Sorry, I just have a headache.”

Jena placed a hand on his head. She was determined to take away the pain. For some reason, she couldn’t pull the pain out of his head. She could see the pain in his eyes. For some reason, she couldn’t get to it, “I don’t understand this. Either you are blocking my empathic abilities or I can’t reach it.”

Lone Wolfe shrugged, “I don’t know. My telepathy doesn’t seem to work right today either. Sometimes the voices of the others are louder than ever and sometimes they are barely a whisper. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Maybe you are getting sick,” Jena suggested, “You should probably see a nurse.”

Lone Wolfe chuckled which made his head ring with pain even more, “What can a nurse do that you can’t? Besides, it’s the last day of school. If they send me home now I won’t see you again until we start at West in the fall. I will make it through the day and then we can start our summer vacation.”

Lone Wolfe finished shoving the last of his things in the locker and shut the door. He zipped up the back pack and threw it over the shoulder. He managed to hide it well but the action caused a wave vertigo that almost sent him flying backward into the hall and onto the floor. He had no other symptoms other than the headache, at least nothing that had surfaced so far. His gifts always acted strange right before he got sick. He wondered if he managed to catch the flu right before summer vacation. That would put a damper on family plans if that was the case. It would be the first time in a couple of years that his mother had a vacation planned in the middle of summer. He didn’t want to miss that just because he was sick.

Jena seemed to pick up on that thought as he walked toward his class, “Shouldn’t Scarlet be out of College by now? Isn’t the semester over?”

Lone Wolfe nodded. It wasn’t much of a nod as he didn’t want another wave of dizziness to overwhelm him. Since she started in college three years ago, he had not seen much of her except in the summer. The two had become close like cousins. She was studying to become a teacher. That wasn’t surprising since she took him under her wing seven years ago to control his telepathy.

“I just realized something,” Jena commented, “We are now as old as she was when she started teaching you to use your telepathy.”

“Yes,” Lone Wolfe replied, “You are right.”

“Is she still teaching you things about your telepathy?”

Lone Wolfe shook his head and almost regretted it, “No. We are pretty much just friends at this point.”

Jena gave him a devious smirk, “Maybe you are hoping to be more than friends?”

In his current state, he couldn’t figure out what his oldest friend meant by that comment, “I don’t know what you mean by that. My parents can’t adopt her, her mother can’t adopt me. I don’t see how we can become actual family.”

Jena shook her head and chuckled, “Never mind. Well, see you after school.”

Lone Wolfe nodded and regretted doing so right away.


*        *        *


As the day progressed, Lone Wolfe started to feel even worse than when the day began. What was a bad headache turned into a throbbing, pounding, vertigo inducing menace. It became impossible for him to concentrate. Despite the spring warmth in the day, it felt like someone had turned down the temperature outside. No one could tell from his sweating, however, as he nearly drenched is clothes with it. He was convinced that he had a sudden case of allergies as he started to sneeze and his nose ran so much he had to steal a roll of toilet paper from the restroom to keep his face clean.

As he headed to his last class, he developed a cough. He sat down at his desk next to Curtis. The blond haired blue-eyed boy gave him a weary look, “dude, you don’t look so good. You should see the nurse.”

Tired gold eyes glanced back at Curtis, “Why bother? Last class. I will go home after this.”

“They could call your parents and you wouldn’t have to walk two miles home,” Curtis advised.

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “Why bother. It would take one of them out of work. I will be fine.”

Curtis pulled out a smart phone and started texting someone. Lone Wolfe glanced over to the phone, “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Texting Jena. I want her to walk home with you. Since we walk home in opposite directions, someone has to keep an eye on you,” Curtis answered.

“She doesn’t live close to me either,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I will be fine. I will make it home.”

“I’m not convinced you will make it through class,” Curtis stated.

Lone Wolfe took out his book and sat it on the desk, “I will make it, you watch. You will have to owe Jena an apology for this.”

His phone beeped. He glanced down and read the text message before glancing back at his best friend, “She said she would be glad to escort you home. You lucky dog!”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I don’t think you get it. She will walk me home and give me grief the entire time about how she will get in trouble with her parents about taking me home. When we meet up at West in the fall, she will let you know that you were wrong and I was fine all the way home.”

He put his head on the desk and let the cool feeling of the hard surface soak into his face. He thought it was weird that his body was freezing but the feeling of the cold faux wood surface felt good. That seemed to take up most of the time as the students were called forward to hand in their books. He didn’t hear his name called but Curtis decided to do him a favor and take his book up for him anyway. Before he knew it, the period was over and Curtis was nudging him, “Hey, it’s time to go home. It’s not too late for you to go to the office and tell them you need a ride home. You could borrow my phone and call your folks.”

Lone Wolfe rose slowly and grabbed his back pack. Even though it was lighter than before, it still felt far heavier than it should, “No.” He groaned, “If I call them then my mom won’t take me to Colorado Springs to spend time with Relena.”

“Is she your girlfriend? I didn’t know your mother would take you to see your girlfriend!” Curtis chuckled, “What will Jena think about that?”

“She’s my second cousin, you idiot!” Lone Wolfe sighed.

“No, Jena is your friend,” Curtis smiled.

“Relena is my second cousin, at least you got Jena right,” Lone Wolfe replied.

Jena entered the door way with her bag slung over her shoulder. Her green eyes glanced over to him and a worried expression washed over her face, “Should I call my parents and get them to give us a ride to your house? They wouldn’t mind.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “I’m fine to walk. Just feeling a bit under the weather.”

“Okay, well let’s, get home while you can still stand.” Jena replied.

Lone Wolfe nodded and gave a short salute to his friend, Curtis, “Have fun. See you at West this fall!”

“You too! Try not to catch anything else while you are in the Springs!” Curtis chuckled in response.

“I wonder if there is such a thing as smiling disease?” Lone Wolfe attempted to joke as he walked towards Jena. He glanced back at his friend one more time. He caught something in that moment but as he walked away from Curtis, it faded quickly, “If there is such a thing I think he has it. There is something different about him.”

“I think you have a fever and I think it is making you delirious,” Jena stated in a worried tone as they walked through the hallway.

Lone Wolfe didn’t say anything as he walked through the hallway. He glanced around at all of the people as they gravitated towards their cliques on the way out of the building. What he felt from Curtis he started to feel from some of the people in the other groups. He wasn’t sure what it was. He was also sure that the boys and girls that felt these jumbles of feelings were not sure of what they felt as well. Some of them teased and laughed the same way as Curtis did. Some of them stayed silent and somber. Some didn’t seem any different than before.

He glanced to Jena and asked, “What am I sensing here?” He asked.

Jena glanced at him with a confused look on her face. She was not sure what he was referencing as they walked through the halls towards the exit. Lone Wolfe had Clairvoyance and Telepathy. Jena had Telepathy and Empathy. As far as telepathy was concerned, both of them could sense the same things. She didn’t feel anything unusual out of that. She didn’t know how his clairvoyance worked so she didn’t know if he was referring to that. He couldn’t be sensing anything else out of the ordinary. He was either picking something up that she couldn’t feel or he was hallucinating.

She shrugged, “I don’t know. Like I said before, I think you have a fever and you aren’t feeling right.”

She placed a hand on his head and it felt hot to the touch, “There is no more thinking about it. Not only do you look like death warmed over, you feel like it too.”

As Lone Wolfe pushed open the door, the air outside felt like a blast of cold air. It was slightly cooler than average for this day but not enough that the air would feel chilly to anyone else. That more than anything else helped convinced the boy that his friend could be right. He slowly nodded, “Okay. You are right. I was hoping that I could finally go on vacation. This stupid fever and cold came on just to ruin it all!”

“Maybe your mom can reschedule it?” Jena suggested, “it’s not like a plane trip, right? You are just driving down to Colorado Springs. You will probably be better in a couple of days so you can just go then.”

Lone Wolfe shook his head, “It won’t work. It took a lot just to get the both of them to get their vacations to sync up. If they cancel their vacations now, they will have to work for months just to get it to work again. That means I will spend another summer here in Greeley, by myself, with nothing to do and no one to hang out with.”

“Well, there is always next year,” Jena suggested, “Maybe you just need to rest tonight. Who knows, you could be better in the morning and you can still make the trip tomorrow.”

Lone Wolfe had a feeling that he would be worse off tomorrow. He shook his head as they walked down the road, “No. I caught something. I won’t be better tomorrow.”

“You are being pessimistic,” She suggested.

“I am clairvoyant,” Lone Wolfe argued, “I know this. I will be worse tomorrow. I could suggest that you would stay the night but I am also sure that will fly as well with your parents as it would with mine. There is no guest room in our house so there would be no place for you to stay. With me being sick, they won’t have a guest over anyway.”

Jena was about to open her mouth to say something but Lone Wolfe glanced over to her, “Don’t even suggest me staying at your house. They won’t let me go to your house when I am like this.”

“Your mom knows I am an Empath, right?” Jena questioned.

Lone Wolfe nodded, “She knows you are like us, yes.”

Lone Wolfe tripped and stumbled at that point. He fell face first onto the concrete and just about knocked himself out on the sidewalk. He tried to push himself up but the vertigo from such a fast fall plus the knock on the head from the stop made the world spin around him. He couldn’t tell what was up and down anymore. It was all he could do just to gather his feet underneath him. He couldn’t stand, “Ugh,” he sighed as he tried to get up and stumbled forward.

“Lone Wolfe!” Jena cried. She scrambled to his side. Her voice seemed to echo in his head bouncing around from left to right and front to back. Each time it seemed to bounce around the inside of his skull it caused pain. She knelt down in front of him. He could smell the meaty smell of blood, “Don’t try to move, you are bleeding!”

His vision started to go out as she reached for him. He could feel her embrace as the world spun faster and contorted. He hoped that he wouldn’t fall over on her and cause her to tumble to the ground. If he was bleeding, like she said, he hoped he wouldn’t get his blood on her flowery blouse. Soon after all he could see was darkness. All he could hear was a ringing in his ears. He tried to call out but he couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t feel.


*        *        *


Lone Wolfe opened his eyes to see the ceiling of his room and two pairs of green eyes glancing down at him. One Belonged to Jena, who seemed worried, and the other belonged to his mother who also looked worried but less so than his friend. He tried to sit up but his mother gently placed her hands on his shoulders, “Don’t try to move. You smacked your head pretty good. You don’t have a concussion, thanks to the gifts of your friend, but you need to take it easy for a while. You should have told me that you were sick this morning sweetie. You overdid it.”

“I didn’t want to miss us going to Colorado Springs to see Relena,” Lone Wolfe replied, “I have been looking forward to it all spring. Besides, it is the last day of school. I had to return my books.”

Sylvia shook her head, “I could have returned them for you. I would have stayed home and made sure that you were okay. If you didn’t overdo it at school today then you might have been okay or maybe a little under the weather tomorrow and we still would have been able to go.”

Lone Wolfe looked panicked, “I didn’t think about that. But it would have looked bad for you to miss work right before you go on vacation.”

“You let us adults worry about work,” Sylvia replied as she brushed her reddish-brown hair out of her eyes and forced a smile on her face, “Now you are running a fever and you need your sleep so I must now tell you that you have to say goodbye to your friend, Jena.”

Jena glanced to Sylvia with a worried look on her face, “I am not confident that I got rid of his concussion. Shouldn’t someone stay and make sure he stays awake for the night to make sure that he will be fine?”

Sylvia smiled and tapped her forehead, “I have every faith in your abilities, my dear. I also have the same gift to peak into things that haven’t happened yet like my son. He will be fine and he no longer has a concussion. That is how I was able to get off of work early and find you two on the sidewalk after he passed out. Now, he does need sleep so it is time for you two to say goodbye. You will see each other again. I promise.”

Lone Wolfe gave his friend a smile, “Until next time,” He said.

Jena rose and forced a smile on her face, “Have fun. Get better.” She said then left the room.

Sylvia said nothing and waited next to his bed until Jena had left the house and was on her way home. She glanced down to her son and said, “She is a strong Empath. Stronger than I. I would have had to take you to a hospital with the fall you took.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that I pushed myself that bad. I just didn’t want to miss going to see Relena.” Lone Wolfe replied.

Sylvia nodded, “I know. Your plan of keeping this to yourself might have cost you that trip. I have a way to make it up to you. You will have to stay here to get better but I can go down to Colorado Springs tomorrow to see my cousin and her daughter. With luck, I can convince him to let her stay up here for the summer. You won’t be able to go to the Springs but you will have a summer with your cousin. How does that sound?”

His face lit up with delight, “That sounds awesome!”

Sylvia returned his smile, “Now, once you get better you will be sleeping on the couch but I am sure that she will be okay with sleeping on the couch until then. Maybe we can arrange a camping trip or something later in the summer. I know someone who’s granddaughter likes camping and maybe later in June the two families can all go up camping together. It would give us all some space away from this cramped house.”

She rose to leave then turned back to her son, “You have a 101.2-degree fever. You don’t have a normal sickness. Something is happening to you. I will explain it to you in a few days when I get back. I have the feeling that you won’t process it right at this time. It will be an exciting time. A new beginning. We can discuss it in a few days.”

She flicked off the light and shut the door to his room, leaving him in the fading twilight. She also left him with questions. If he didn’t have the flu, then what was causing him to be sick? If it wasn’t a normal sickness then why couldn’t Jena take it away? Why was it an exciting time? Why was it a new beginning? He had no time to ponder those questions as he quickly succumbed to his tired feelings soon after.

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